New technology “A Cheap and Simple Combination Method To More Reliably Improve Most Conversational Distractions” By Machine (and Replace Them More Often With Healthier Conversational Events).

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Conversational distractions are estimated to be draining 57% of the money in the economy. If you don’t want it to be draining your business, here I offer a combination of three things,  AN, Antinoise with a new method of AN I’ve discovered plus how combination with AR Augmented Audio may much boost your reception.



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My idea was to first remove all the external noise, with jamming and shielding combined with my improved method, this is the AN Antinoise and this is unobtrusive in the conversation and more reliable and durable than expensive AN; but much cheaper! Then the use of AR Augmented Reality takes the external words being said and essentially filters in any words you may like, and may help you think of just the right words to wedge in the conversation where you like via the web or other source.

I had known for a while as I’ll say, that there is some cheap AN that really does work. The problem beyond this then, is about listening. If I want to be a good listener and be polite so I don’t lose my relationships but can’t hear most of the good words in conversation, this would never work with someone like mom, and what about that darn feline, dogs have owners felines have staff!

AR and speech recognition would seem to be much reduced without a way to block all the rest of the unfiltered sound with the AN so you can then use the AR to listen more on your terms, to listen as you like, and in more inspirational ways..


  More About AN and AR combined below. The more basic AN sound attenuation method I discuss here involves a combination of both shielding and jamming;

For jamming I use three things; special earstops combined with candle wax for a real tight seal.

In addition for jamming to limit distractions I use special earphones (“Aftershockz”) that are around the head and in front of your ear. They send the sound through the side of your head and blend with the wax and plugs without a huge loud sound, they go inside the plug and blend there with the sound. These are something like an earbud (I once tried stethescope plugs with the small area with the sound plugged in via earbuds on the outside. Compared to the Aftershockz and the wax with the earplugs, this was almost worthless, it had to be too loud so it wasn’t as worthwhile as this.).

For shielding, I’ve found with much experience that good noise attenuation can be had at a store like Goodwill, yes Greatwool or Merely Amazin Wool at any rate!

I bought some coats with the poly end ties that are about the size for a real good earstop. These are like “toggle buttons” yet they have a line to cinch the coat and you can simply use a shoestring around your shoulders that has the ends tied to both plugs and through the holes in each plug, and the knot that makes it so you won’t lose them in 29 years is sewn also and I wear my plugs non stop.. (The smoothness and solid shield this allows are both much better for both comfort and sound stopping than anything else I’ve seen in 30 years!)

This way you never lose the stop, a real issue with ear attenuation, it’s no good if you can’t find the plug if the dog is barking. 20 years ago I woke up once more there was noise in the middle of the night. (Studies show if you hear a truck roar by it raises your blood pressure for hours even if you’re asleep… The noise may be causing you physical and emotional harm.)

Second, for a good shield I combine the plugs with candle wax, this forms a real seal, and if you think of earwax, you may remember some events with the way it stops Spot or at any rate conversation with the gossip up the road well. As I say the problem here isn’t having the best shielding around; it’s also being able to have a conversation via the AR. I’ll show you how in a second.

I’ve used candle wax from the discount store, however Wellness Mamma recommends something more like beeswax since it’s safer than the presumably harmful compounds in the soft paraffin of these candles. I believe this is true and since the only wax I’ve found that really works for this is candle wax of this type, the only way I use it is with water blended in with clay like bentonite food grade clay, a great detoxifier, and the wax works almost as well and better than any other type of wax I’ve ever seen in a flower patch and no loud buzz in my ear!

To use I just put a ruler inside the high votive candle from the discount store that’s cheaper, and twirl it around; the wax stays on the ruler and it’s easy to get the right amount with your other hand  to fit in your earwax. Or I just either put the clay in my ear with a cotton swab and then the wax, or I put the clay in the candle jug and then on my finger up and into the side of my ear, and then press in with my other finger to minimize the aim of meditation where you sit around doing nothing for hours!

I found that the wax only stays in your stop for about three days, it itches a bit, so to maintain the wax I use my cell phone timer with the label of each event as reminders once in a while when I have the option to remember to not forget to use the wax. The itching stops with use of clay and I found the clay forms a mor solid plug with the wax that doesn’t itch and stays in like for weeks.

For itching I love Mitactin, an anionic surfactant deep skin cleanser, that’s great for itching like eczema. It removes all the food the excema germs can find which is like staph in 87% of ezcema, washing with soap and water is nowhere as deep to cleanse as mictactin, it’s patented! Surfactants are like in dishwashing liquid. You can get a bottle for like 10$ from Walmart. I tried washing the eczema and many other things and washing just gives ezcema more food since it’s got heat and water, deep cleansing with Mictactin is much better, it’s called All Stop like it stops parasites, and I’m a fan if Mictactin!

Irregardless ignore this wordstop! This is the first phase of cheap simple AN for editing the audio, first the wax, then the plug.

A way to much boost the shielding I found is to combine shielding with the plugs and wax with jamming around via head phones called Aftershokz, these go around the back of the shoulders with the solid band and up and over your ear on both sides with the sound travelling from the outside of these “earbuds” into your ear from in front and outside your ear.

This provides the jamming. For conversational distraction, you’ll find you need both shielding and jamming for complete attenuation when you like..  In my early research of years I was often detoured by this problem; and way to jam the sound has to otherwise be as loud as the sound and this is “a constant loud noise” hardly much improved over, noise!

The beauty of improved shielding by the plugs and wax is that if you use the Aftershox like from Amazon for long term audio relief, you only need about half as much jamming to stop the distraction, and the sound of the FM foam I use blends in with the sound not so much in the ear where it sounds MUCH better. I can listen for hours, like indefinitely without discomfort. Click here for the Aftershokz page on Amazon, or see link at the bottom of this page. We lived by the shore in the tropics (like 3/4ths of the world does now) so the constant sound of waves is soothing if not too loud. This sounds like a low level like a waterfall, not a huge roar. (Even so I recommend that you see your audiologist before you try this).

The source of the Aftershokz audio is just from an FM foam recording from my boombox to the SD disc of my durable MP3 player, mine is an LG 500G and it costs about 10 or 20 on EBay. I got a lifetime supply like for 100$ I was so impressed with the durability, and neat features like Bluetooth like for dubbing this or other recordings. This issue of durability is important for viable AN since if you had an old cassette it would last 3 months not 3 or even 30 years. I recorded just a half hour FM loop and then dubbed it to other LG 500 G’s fast and easy with Bluetooth, I have one or two LGs devoted just to the FM jamming so if it unrecharges, I’m also cured of falling asleep a month.

You may think the Aftershokz might not work or be worth the 30$ or so. To prove this, simply put in the wax and plug, and start chewing gum, this makes a loud enough sound inside you can hear like 1/6th of a conversation or other sound where you may want more control. Indeed, I use unflavored gum (flavored gum may be poison if you ask me while I chew!) for any short conversations where I want control like e.g. in stores (did you know in R and D 3/4 of those who go in stores feel good, but only 1/3 leave feeling good.). Like if the boss says no headphones on the site, or like you go in the library, and you hear awesome shushing sounds! (Aftershox beam the sound inward, so even in a library the FM sound can’t be seen anywhere from A to AZ..)

For sound attenuation like all day, you may get tired of chewing in an hour, might harm your teeth, so here the Aftershox may be the best way for more soothing relief. And unlike clunky muffs or loud FM foam sound you can sleep without the earcup and your head up above the cushion.

You may wonder why I say this reduces 99% of noise when the jamming via the headband is with considerable sound. This is because noise in physics is defined as changing sound. The sound is somewhat up, but the noise is much reduced. For conversation, this is more than enough. This is why it’s good to make the FM recording to jam with a cheap voice recorder like the LG 500G has this way it’s more smooth and random, so it sounds good and not so rough.


As much as I know the above is real AN. The only other way in my years of search was over the ear clunky gunshot muffs with earstops like R 34 NRR, or AN headphones which even if viable for hundreds is still going to meltdown and it’s not so easy to blend in, like why the boss wonders! So this method of jamming and shielding is a real way to solve this first phase of “cheap audio AR”. Most AN costs more than 100 and didn’t work for me, and methods like soft earplugs seem more than a complete ShamWow. For me the clunky ear muffs that crash in a year (AN Earplanes for 70 at 17 a use!) were just foam junk that was a clunk.. Only R34 or higher is of any value and the above method is more blessed than anything even an oil rich cheese sandwich!

And if you like some music, you can listen to a second set of phones around your ear with a second audio source. Even so while research shows listening to music like when you read doesn’t improve memory or concentration, leaving earstops in also increases noise sensitivity. So I imagine using speech to text with the custom edits and then text to speech to listen as you like through the phones, this may be a cure for loneliness in the outbox..And of course for common loud noise you can wear usual type AN headphones over the earstops. The method above is mostly for more conversational control, like around the house or like for visits.


If you are a boss and reading this you may like using these methods to save 57% of your employee money lost to conversational distractions, after all you are the world’s nicest boss right.. I’ve seen audio systems for 10’s of thousands that may not do as well as these methods of shielding and jamming for 20$..Even so AN combined with AR seems best…


How To Use The AN Method As Above With Audio AR Augmented Reality

By this I mean, AR using a speech to text app to edit out what you should have the option of deciding might be conversational spam or not. Simply find software with a search like “blacklist for words” or something like “word replace” or “speech to text, custom dictionary” in the Google App store or elsewhere. Many of these apps are cheap or no cost. I went through about 5 junk software apps, such total junk 3 of them had no way to even start since they would say say a contact name, and then not recognize what I said or any way to eneter the contact name elsewhere I could find. Another app in the Google store for android features “Eve” what seems a true personal assistant of cybering up level, level on up! with a picture of a pretty lady. “The year 2037 has arrived” yet this seems the off off broadway college of software coder who just want to be paid, so far so blessed! The Eve app was actually with poor recognition and if you type in help it sends you to a worthless link page none of which click or open, and no way to reset my reset for life!

Then I started to think (I’ve done so months and months!) if since I know several languages I could just translate away most of the puns, so I got some translator apps, and these really do work and are simple. If you don’t know languages you may want to try the Google Translate app in Google play like SIRI and just use the word delete option while using SIRI to dictate. The Google Translate app works for iphone like 5 or higher ios 9.0 or higher. You can get an iphone 4s like mine with ios 9.0 on Ebay for about 50$. (Be sure to get an unlocked iphone or it may not work if you buy used. Most later iphones don’t need to be unlocked.) You can know if your iphone has Siri by pressing the speech control button and Siri says, “How can I help you?”. One good thing about the Google translate (English is where you are perhaps) is you can get the language packs, a download goes anywhere out in the country of rural languages that makes it so you don’t have to have a cellphone contract or risk harm to your cellphone by malware if you use it just for this purpose. Like 1/3 of cellphones and computers are removed to trash recycle each year because of problems like malware. This can be expensive and without the web connection, the iphone might last 30 years and not cost like 1000. Another advantage this has is reduced risk of web overuse or  something much like autism, it’s reducing grey matter and neurotransmitters. Research shows in surveys 1 in 5 say they use the internet “almost constantly” and 27 million are estimated to be internet overuser in China. I believe this is mostly due to slow modems and this creates randomness which is known in to cause gambling overuse behaviour. So to limit any risk I use my mouse and Wifi wire in the Timer box I got on Amazon for about 60$ as I say here or see link at end of page about this important method of saving eyes and other value like weight loss!


Of course, about speech recognition this isn’t worth much without a viable speech AN method, a net isn’t much for fish if all the fish go by.  As above however, using the shielding and jamming method is an easy solution I’ve devised, this is real AN for speech, higher than NRR 36, unlike any other method for speech since AN doesn’t work for speech as you may know since AN is a slower cyber method that only finds sounds that are slower and more regular at lower frequency. Speech is higher, faster and it changes more so the AN in use won’t find and stop the speech, AR in 2018 isn’t for conversation yet, AN earbuds are worthless yet cost 100.

UPDATE, PS..About the word block, I’ve found it may only be for PR by Google or other software vendors. Language translation is one other method, even so I’ve found that just using the note (speech recognition) feature in my iphone (iphone4s some earlier iphones don’t have this) adds a nice element of randomness, you could call it “life” in the sense that like is often more in suprises and creativity, the opposite of life or creativity would seem like inactivity or death. If you know what to look for like contradictions and like the good side of life to make your life more celebration, like in comedy, the randomness here can be a great boost to your conversations by introducing the element of more life. There are some classic ways of doing this as I say on my site, How I built My Own Comedy Machine, and Saved! This may not be as easy as having it 100% machine powered, but it’s real. Click Here For My Comedy Machine How To Link.

This seems to be soon to be viable, this would seem like the most basic level of AR. It introduces the somewhat magic method of speech recognition in the conversation. It’s so much a spiritual event that even just basic AR like this may be of real worth for millions of people. And in the future by the simplicity of word block and higher speed chips, no not chips off the old word blocks!… there may be as much value for most who use it as the change in computer illustration from the 1990’s to 10 years after. Remember computerized art then? It was like cardboard cutouts, yet by 2010 it was amazing. Lance Winslow in his future concepts site (Ezine Articles) says the AR eventually may be so real you won’t even know you’re not in the city in the country. So stay tuned to AR it may be soon that the great value of Custom Dictionaries are viable as you see on this site. Addictive behaviour, bad behaviour, debt, pleasure in life, all may be improved with AR.

Since the basic method as above of viable AN and AR combined seems almost here yet not yet, another method than creating your own software may be to contact people on websites that make custom electronics for a fee and ask them to make some of these AR/AN marvels for us. The basic components of the method are there, the AN and a bit of modulation of some of the software and electronics would make it viable. Even if you aren’t involved with the machines, if you might want a cash machine where you recieve more than you send by helping the economy in a real way, if you have enough money, all you may need to do is ask “makerbots” and you may have a real solution in a month or so. Epictetus in ancient greece was saying, “It’s not what happens in life it’s how you change your reaction in 2500 years!” While he was calm and waited, here in the 2000s if you’ve waited is a way more swift and swooft solution than they had in ancient greece!


Conversational Distractions At Work

While studies show 20 percent of employers think conversational distractions are a problem, 70% of employees say they think so, and it’s easy to see just adding the “Conversational AN” and AR plus a bit more like a complete omission of the comments some employees might make e.g. about embarrassing or offending  habits to the other employee on the job in the cubicle as they say to another in the office may be of great value.  (“They say” sometimes though not always the worst liar in the world.). This level of filter would perhaps not just remove some of the bad words from the readout, this might remove all the words by that author, U R the editor! Use of biometric sensing, by the speech ID to see who’s saying what may be the only other way to remove the worst of these type of events in the office with the science here in 2018.  While the puns can be removed, problems that are more complex like with “content” can’t yet be edited this way, since current technology doesn’t well filter for content other than puns or like curse words. This method of speech print ID would be most viable for more complex events, so the employee could either be instructed how to remove what they want for maximum office comfort, or they could ask the employer, who would make sure they had the bosses interest also in mind and also weren’t removing the more valuable events.

I understand that business is worth it to bosses, (what’s worth the rent, right..) and with the more recent cutting of costs most are involved in, the employer may think if it’s them or the employee whose business comfort comes first, then the conversational distractions are for the employee to pay if in doubt, this is breaking no law. Even so employers are only reacting to the change and they would often like to more have the employees comfort in their reach, since a healthy business also is made strong by healthy satisfied employees, reducing problems like employees changing jobs out of disdain for the noise. Each reemployment often costs businesses thousands. The real reason conversational distractions are costing businesses so much is only because employers have no alternative before methods like I speak of here, not because they weren’t hoping to find them. 57% is a lot of business and the golden rule isn’t just about gold, it’s about life.


Conversation Distractions In General

I once read in Reader’s Digest that “they often expect a holiday like the first Thanksgiving!” where “a bunch of strangers sit around and act like savages” I think they say this because the automobile makes even relatives strangers so they act this way more often than otherwise they would.

“The absent are always wrong” is the old saying, and this may be the cause. Yet in a conversation as in chess, the most common tactical method by far is the “pin or pun” So if you simply edit out all the more unpleasant words before the holidays or other such events, this will take most of the bite out of events like this. Even so deleting all the words of some of the people you see by the speech ID wouldn’t be the golden rule, A dog needs to bark for good health, and your brain gets exercise by being at least as wise as the dog, what dog rhymes like you in Nashville! For more offensive events like at the holidays with antacid (remember her? she’s uncle acids wife!) the best method might be to use the speech ID to find the ant or aunt (I luv Aunt Bee) and then build up the filter with the speech ID and the the wordblock list for that special relative at Christmas. Most verbal traps are puns or cliches, like stock scenes in movies. Even with the worst verbal events, the words are often simple. A velodrome is a velodrome, a velo wheel is around the arena! This is because the idea is that common words are more than enough to often cause stress to the defender, even they know this.

I would think this method of viable AR and AN might save more marriages and business relationships than the house that cash built, and research shows the holidays it seems are when the most weight is increased. If you look at pets, the deeper in the city and the more noise, the more overweight they are. I realized my cat was overweight if I had to lift the cat up on the pet treadmill, and it was too heavy, and I jog also and cheer up the feline!

For the most powerful use of this method speech recognition might find just the right words for your special relative you love the most and other words for your business associates. These methods may help you find comfort with relatives who agree, and strength with people who disagree.

About this AR/AN method I just say if someone asks, “I’m a bit deaf”, but this may be improved over deafness which Edison liked, the outventor said it let him concentrate on his labor of love. He had the idea for WWW, As Seen on FM!

Audio AR like this may involve more than just replacing words, it could be used with a comic in place of words like fat or dumb or “luxury sized or a good cure for insomnia”, and there are now cheap ways to set up an automatic link to a web URL for the given video input, these are called “auras”, so this could add a lot of inspiration in lots of ways when the audio is used instead of video as the source of the insert. Software these days enables comic creativity where the two machines improvise comedy based on what the other machine says. There are all kinds of other words that may help sooth your listener, science, the good words you want to send (euphemism you can find them in a thesaurus) or whatever you or they find of value, all the good in life for you and the world is what I dream of.

Soon there may be video editors that automatically may beautify your neighbors if they seem hostile or ugly. It’s been found that the road you live on influences how much you weigh, so this may be of value for neighbors who feel bad, essentially a way to enrich any neighborhood.

It’s been said by a rich lady, one of the Vanderbuilts I think (I know it must be true!) “the city would be alright, except there’s so much you don’t want to see, and so much you don’t want to hear” Then she goes back to her rich estate in the country. For the rest of us, soon there may be audio and video much like the rich that adds to our strength not causing harm..

Aftershokz Amazon page Sorry if the store is out of stock, If it’s in stock they have it, right! The Aftershockz what’s worked well for me so if you like the method, you can try for others like this, there are many other sellers on the web!  Good Luck..

Kitchen Timer Safe For Weight Control and other Important Value,Click Here

How I Built My Own Comedy Machine, and Saved! Click Here


My Comments On The Cancer Tutor site About Graviola for Cancer

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This site is for information only and isn’t designed to diagnose, treat or cure any health issue. Do not self diagnose. See a qualified health professional before making any changes in diet or lifestyle.

please be sure to also read and understand my complete disclaimer, Click Here or see link below.


PLEASE NOTE; This is an archival post. While herbs like graviola and Una De Gato may have value, the best value for me by far has been by Avemar with reduced Vitamin C by using methods like aspirin or decaf coffee. Avemar by this method recently removed a tumor from my foot which is Stage IV cancer. Cancer in bone “is considered to be unsolvable”. Side effects from the other herbs try as I might were nowhere near the value of Avemar. For this reason, please disregard other posts than this link where I discuss reducing Vitamin C for Avemar as I have done more recently. It really works, or so far it has for me… As I say on the link, it says or said on the insert to keep taking Avemar till your condition completely disappears, and this statement seems also to have disappeared from later inserts I read with my Avemar order! This seems to be for legal reasons by the Avemar company. In truth we might expect it to not be a perfect defense. Avemar at best may only slow cancer down for many, so a doctor’s influence is always recommended. Even so I believe even if the Avemar company has stopped this claim, no doubt we may be a lot better off with Avemar, and it has been so well researched, the claim of reduced claim might say it isn’t going to remove it for some, even so for most it might be more optimal. What the Avemar company is saving is in order to save us, and they have to save themselves to go on with this. Even if they make no claim to the absolute value of Avemar, I believe the Avemar claims are mostly true based on all the science even if the Avemar company won’t admit it for the defence of the business they are in and so for our defense. The most important thing I’ve learned seems to be that Avemar is now half the cost on Ebay, and that limits on vitamin C with doctor’s advice and value may be the best overall if you opt in. Again, Click Here to see my  Avemar post about improving its power and absorption by Vitamin C control and other methods. And here at any rate is my archival page about graviola if you like to learn more about it, or if you can’t afford Avemar (Hope they may lower the cost more soon for us!) and for general knowledge about cancer, thanks for reading me, I have large words where my eyebrows are aware!…

I had been taking graviola for years and I had found it not to be super strong, even so it was of value, though not as much as a method like Una De Gato, “UDG”, or better yet, Avemar with methods of reducing vitamin C.

On the Cancer Tutor site there are several claims that are probably true, and others I may seem more aware of!

On the start of the site, Click here (or see link below as I type and type, I’m calm and I will wait!)

the claim is made that graviola is not for late stage cancer, even so they don’t say why. This might be because graviola is not strong enough for late stage cancer since it only removes 47% of the cancer… There is no comment given, so luck for me depends on how rich!

On my other graviola post “Bad News and Possible Triumph” Click Here or See Link Below, I note that graviola would be of more value if it didn’t cause neuropathy (nerve damage) only to one type of cell, a nerve cell, right.. The l dopa neurons.. Graviola would be awesome and much more powerful against cancer if the active compound, aconecous acetogens, was also not causing the nerve damage, this would raise the viable worth of graviola a lot.

Graviola works by targeting ATP the main energy currency compound of life. Cancer cells use 10 times more ATP and graviola shuts down just the cancer cells (and just the l dopa neurons) without any known harm to other cells other than causing low blood pressure and low blood sugar which are often healthy.

Even so neuropathy as it is, is a major limit about how much graviola is available. Yet the Cancer Tutor site doesn’t mention neuropathy as the  graviola’s main limit and this limit has been well known in research. It harms no other cells than cancer cells and l dopa neurons and seems close to victory if a way could be found to stop it from causing the neuropathy. This seems like deja vu about patent savvy in  R and D in hopes of finding a strong way to shut down cancer. Most methods ever tried in the history of oncology caused problems like toxicity to other cells yet this harms only these neurons, as I say on my main graviola page, so there may eventually be simple ways to stop the harm and help the great power for good.

One thing that’s well established, as on the Cancer Tutor site is that graviola interacts with many other foods or herbs that may reduce its power, this was what I found in my early days of using graviola.

So here are three strong limits to using graviola as it is here in 2018, and soon will be 20 40 vision if my optometrist finds Bitcoin! First it’s got neuropathy, this was why some graviola vendors were shut down by the FDA, so many people were having nausea and symptoms like nerve damage at the high doses the vendors claimed were without side effects they were stopped.

Second it’s not as powerful as other methods I use like Una De Gato, or best I’ve seen, a bit of UDG with Avemar with reduced vitamin C all day (not just in the 2 hours before and two hours after the Avemar as they recommend) as with aspirin or decaf coffe.

The third limit about graviola is that it interacts with many other food or methods used for other purposes as well as oncology.

Other cautions for graviola on the Cancer Tutor site are it’s not for pregnant women, (the fetus for pregnancy is likewise growing fast and it’s believed the graviola may cause harm to higher energy cells of the baby). And graviola is not for those with Parkinson’s (due to the l dopa neuron effect other than the alkaloid free graviola) and only for use with cancer (this is because the stomach lining has high energy cells the graviola may otherwise think is cancer, so probiotics are recommended and these are common cautions, and here I accept the Cancer Tutor site’s opinion).

Una De Gato is stronger than chemotherapy yet doesn’t have much toxicity, although research has shown that UDG has CNS toxicity and I found this to be so long term till I started taking it with Withiana, a strongly neuroprotective herb.

MY GENERAL METHOD FOR UNA DE GATO; UDG/Withiana (also known as Ashwaganda)/Chamomile

If you think of using the following Una De Gato method I originally believed it probably wasn’t viable for brain, kidney or UT cancer, but may help with cancer of other areas like lung, liver, or cancer in your arms or legs or other areas outside your brain or kidneys or UT. Originally I believed this was true, even so it seems to have much helped with other areas like my shoulders where I hadn’t even yet used the method. While this is the method I use, this may or may not work for anyone else. It’s important to see your doctor about this for best results also..(Also as I say here or see link below, Avemar with low Vitamin C seems better than UDG due to problems like adjusting if you miss a dose, and Avemar is generally a lot more comfortable than UDG for me, Una De Gato causes problems like weight gain in research,  so these days I only take super low dose UDG only with withiana since UDG even at this level is great for energy. UDG seems viable for even severe tiiredness like CFS Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and not as good for cancer since at the high doses needed for cancer it would cause neural harm. Avemar doesn’t have this problem for cancer and without Vitamin C so much it’s more powerful for cancer. Beware of the Juicy Juice squeeze! It has far more sugar concentration than real veggies, and it’s considered to be empty calories. The Vitamin C they add in is “solid image work”, most juices like this are junk food.

So these days since Avemar is twice as cheap at 100$ a month when you buy on Ebay and since reduced Vitamin C much boosts Avemar’s power, I only take UDG at super low dose with ashwaganda etc. for energy not so much for cancer. Higher doses of UDG are not as viable for cancer.

To me the Cancertutor claim that graviola is the only known way to stop MDR Multiple Drug Resistant cancer seems like they are ignoring what is known about Avemar, if the general claims are as advertised to completely resolve the issue. And Opdevo and Yervoy the immune boosters also seem to be more viable than graviola. With a 50% cure rate, while much more expensive than Avemar.  While much depends on the strength of your immune system and how far the problem has advanced and Avemar isn’t a guarantee, they say it completely repairs even a severely damaged immune system. Even so if any real improvement comes for graviola or UDG it may be of value in addition to doctor’s care and other methods like Avemar with lower Vitamin C as I say Here or Click on the link below.


While general toxicity is low by most reports Una De Gato for cancer is known to cause kidney and UT harm presumably by way of neurotoxic influence since 50% of e.g. renal issues in general health are known to be caused by nerve damage there. While strong against cancer and nontoxic in general I found that Una De Gato also causes something like mild depression and overeating in research, as well as abdominal discomfort as has been found. These seem to be caused mostly by the low levels of neurotoxicity. I found this out by taking neuroprotective herbs which totally relieved the neural symptoms. For this reason, I took a low but constant dose of Una De Gato (this reduces the stress or harm it may otherwise cause) to stop the cancer and withiana (an adaptogenic herb which means it helps many ways without itself causing harm, e.g. ginseng is an adaptogen). The UDG dose is one cap in a 32 ounce bottle with water with a snap top cap so the most I can spill is a safe amount, look out ahead for sleep on Mondays, one bottle of POA (the “good”Cats Claw) is a lifetime supply, sure hope so with Avemar and the nurse’s celebration! I dip my finger (not a claw!) in just a small bit from the tip of the snap top cap and repeat. I used three doses at a constant level 3 AM and 3PM. I take the withiana by mouth one half a 450 mg dose for general defense, and then I blend the second half of the withiana cap with dishwashing detergent since it’s got adhesion and makes it time released or with water and then apply it to my lower back where the UDG otherwise causes neural harm. The rest I use with each AM and PM on my shoulder to shield my brain and on my UT area since by the neural harm it otherwise causes, the UDG causes damage without withiana there. While this works well to reduce the neural symptoms like bloating, since withiana is strongly neuroprotective of 80% of neurons in stress research, even so I found that withiana is not nearly so soothing after like a month as withiana at the same time with chamomile tea, I use it right on my torso for reduced dose. Chamomile is also neuroprotective, and this has worked much better for me for neural comfort with UDG. Chamomile has been found to have no side effects other than low blood sugar at higher dose and also a feeling of calm, you may find serenitea! This greatly relieved my feeling of general Una De Gato edginess, and the UT or renal symptoms I had, presumably all three are from the same neurotoxic cause of the Una Da Gato. While this wasn’t a severe problem, I’ve used UDG for 4 years now, common use is where common sense seems aware, and not being edgy while using a powerful health method like UDG for me at any rate seems a real advantage, and more relaxing to know my CNS isn’t being toxified.. This method seems of value to basically shield my UT yet the Una de Gato is unshielded elsewhere and stops the cancer, and for where the UDG is shielded like my UT area by the Withiana, the Avemar is still defending for me there. So my wager is that the Avemar will outrun the cancer ever reaching my UT or renal area since Avemar has been well researched.

Using the Ashwaganda as a general and exact shield  makes it so I can take more Una De Gato without these toxicity problems apparent. Use of the same method with the graviola or other herbs harmful to both cancer and UT or other areas may be possible if the harm is partially neural a common issue with many anticancer methods like graviola or Una De Gato, provided in both cases the kidney or brain cancer isn’t itself a problem and provided the graviola had enough power in rotation to offer a way to counteract the cancer’s tendency to get resistance to Una De Gato combined with Avemar. Avemar is the Nobel Prize aura winning find of the Hungarian doctor who found Vitamin C.. so I found shores on Miami Beach! As I say I believed this method may be most of value with other cancer than kidney, UT or brain cancer since the withiana shields these areas from the UDG toxicity, so it seemed they must be shielded from the cancer by some other method. However I found that this seems to allow more of the Una De Gato to “see through” the withiana/chamomile “shield” and Avemar plus Una de Gato has seemed to remove 9/10 of my problem. So while the unshielded area like my foot that was hurting are improved and this may buy time for the Avemar to finish it off, other areas away from my shoe zone of walking were also improved. I’ve tended to want to use the minimum ashwaganda and chamomile with the maximum Avemar and minimum UDG for best effect I can tolerate, I can tolerate much better than the pain of graviola with this method.

One problem is that while Una de Gato is stronger than chemotherapy for cancer, chemotherapy often has small influence on survival rates for stage IV cancer. Even so if reduced in time, the problem may never reach that level. For the alt health part of the method, Avemar and or graviola or UDG plus the withiana chamomile shield combined with doctor’s care might be the best hope for late stage cancer. Graviola is the only known way to stop MDR (multiple Drug Resistant) cancer (Other than methods like Avemar?) and I can say that the neural symptoms without this shield method using withiana and chamomile are nowhere near as comfortable as using the shield method with Una De Gato. While it seems to work well with Un a De Gato which is comfortable I haven’t yet tried the shield method with graviola. It seems to work well with UDG and it’s comfortable, this is a major elephant in the room for lots of other alt cancer methods discomfort they don’t mention. (Elephant? What Elephant?) For earlier stage cancer, Una de Gato/Withiana/chamomile and Avemar plus my doctor’s care are what I’ve opted in for. See your doctor no doubt before trying any change in diet or lifestyle.


Some of the things listed on the Cancer Tutor page seem harmful as protocols, perhaps chief among them and general or colonel pandemonium somewhat about DMSO which I tried once years ago. It’s an industrial strength solvent, and I absorbed all the chemical  debris around and it made me feel real uncomfortable and by change in my herbs in general like UDG, like the toxins from the sheet of my bed, presumably the chemicals used to color the blanket, heavy metals in my rug, most have them like me and don’t notice (later I learned it’s  a good or great first aid by clay and water a cheap detox sponge) and so on. DMSO is also known to cause permanent UT damage to the bladder. It caused me some “permanent harm for perhaps a while” and  because of this I hadn’t considered DMSO of any worth since then. I’m thinking however of buying more DMSO after many years since I threw it away and researching it at super low dose after perhaps dividing it up with something like flour or dishwashing detergent and applying it with a tiny dose by dipping it in a narrow wire and then adding it dermally the hopes of shielding my UT with the ashwaganda, or using local cleansing there with the clay and water. Some sites say DMSO is a sort of extra way in against cancer. As it says on the cancertutor site the value of DMSO is its super solvent power. (A solvent, like water  the cosmic solvent, is something that makes other molecules more permeable; that same toxicity by absorbing IN the molecules around like a sponge, is the same power DMSO might have in theory as they say against the cancer with a good basic method IN like graviola, Avemar, or Una de Gato, and conventional methods; it gets much more of the anticancer methods into the cancer cells. The original ancient greek word for cancer is like a crab, the constellation, the crab, a solid mass that is more impermeable, it grabs on. So improving permeability may be of real value.) Of course, see your doctor about this.

A compound related to DMSO perhaps in promotion on the tutor site is MSM, I’ve tried it but noticed no change much in my blemishes, perhaps I haven’t tried enough. (You may say that it’s been proven MSM has all the advantages of DMSO since it’s derived from DMSO but without the absorption of all implosion events, even so for me MSM seems to have no effect at all.) In essence though, DMSO or even MSM might make cancer therapy stronger provided the bladder damage might be reduced such as with ashwaganda if like much of these kinds of problems it’s caused by a neural event.

I wonder even so if DMSO like MSM is of no worth here as it says on this webmd site, (click here or see below) Webmd says DMSO doesn’t work and can cause harm and delay in getting more preventative care that has real value.


“The American Cancer Society says there is no evidence to support the use of DMSO to treat cancer. Using it that way could cause serious delays in getting proper and effective treatment”.

Two Other Methods Mentioned on The Cancer Tutor Site

The Cancer tutor page seems to imply that hydrogen peroxide is good for cancer and this is improbable as it says on Web MD where more than 10 people a year die of thinking hydrogen peroxide is worth much for cancer, Webmd says it does nothing against cancer and it causes physical permanent damage to the body. This was indeed my one experience with hydrogen peroxide. Here’s the link or see link at end of page.

The Cancer tutor speaks of maple syrup against cancer, even so I’ve gotten no results  with this.

One thing is about taking graviola every 6 hours night and day if it’s like Protocel as the Cancer tutor author states on the site, and this may be true, but this alone is enough to make me favor my current method, of Avemar and UDG with the withiana, or for more feeling good with a bit of some passionflower to finish off the mild neural discomforts that might remain. (Passionflower acts like benzodiazapine, a fast way to shut down the insomnia “talk show” if you or I have insomnia, or herb edginess great to relax, good for restless legs but it’s non habit forming, etc. Passionflower cautions/warnings, Click Here or See Link At End of Post..). I can’t imagine waking up at 1AM or PM each morning!.. In colonial days they all got up at 12 AM and stayed active an hour or so and then went back to sleep, this was well known and this “second sleep” I assume was caused to reduce harm by predators in evolution who would snore so loud! “Second sleep” might have improved survival for us in evolution to be more aware. Even so these days I think of this as like the alarm clock bed of the 1800’s that wound up and drops you out of bed when you want, if you want more sleep!..

The Cancer Tutor holds that all conventional methods like surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation remove tumors, yet none of them prevent the spread of cancer. While 2/3 of cancer drugs also cause metastisis, I think of any effective method like Avemar as preventing the spread of the cancer. After Avemar and Una De gato, I stopped having blemishes. I was having new ones each day. Avemar gets in deeper and deeper over time. Older blemishes don’t go away as fast. The cancer has the advantage and the immune system wakes up over time to the older solutions needed. Even so for the newer blemishes, if they all or most shut down, this is a good sign. Avemar may help you reach your goals with more comfort, and Una de Gato also seems essentially to slow the advance of cancer, the mutagens of smokers in circulation are much reduced with UDG. Cancer is only cancer if it spreads, and Avemar with low Vitamin C may help this in a definite way. We would say Opdevo or Yervoy certainly stop the spread of cancer if they cure it!

One thing well known about graviola is that it’s the only way known to prevent MDR (Multiple Drug Resistant) cancer from returning. For this reason the Cancer tutor seems to imply it should be the most important method used for those with MDR cancer,  even if most other treatments don’t go with graviola well as Cancer Tutor says. Yet the other problems above seem to reduce the worth of graviola and it only stops 47% of the MDR cancer. So presumably if the neural harm is reduced by my Una De Gato Method above, and much care is involved in choosing the methods used with graviola for the MDR to improve its power not reduce it as many things will, graviola might be an important part of the solution. Perhaps this was an early post without more saavy that they may have improved more recently with improved knowledge on the cancertutor site.

More recently, the advent of methods like Opdevo or Yervoy the 200,000$ immune boosters may cure much of cancer.

Also it says right on the Avemar bottle about “How long should you continue Avemar?” And they say to “Take it for several years until the problem completely resolves”. If this is non PR promotion, at first it seemed of worth to just make my own Avemar bread, as on the patents it’s essentially just german powdered bread, and “it has the toxicological profile of bread.” I note on my site about the Avemar Bread computation, it seems you’d have to eat and make 4 loaves of Avemar bread a day to make your own, far (8 times) above the RDA for bread… Click Here or See Link Below..Avemar is now down to about 100$ a month on Ebay if bought direct from Hungary, and by buying Avemar you are essentially putting in your economic EU vote to reduce the cost more by supply and demand. I buy it 20 days ahead each month since it arrives up to 20 days after I order it. And you can buy more to simplify and save more than if you buy just a one month supply on Ebay.



It might seem it would be good to be rich, just Opdivo or Yervoy and all is well and well meaning, yet “utopia” means “noplace”, the rich die too eventually (or who knows what money might buy, we hear so much about it!) so I think of how to be cheap and rich, or rich at cheap any rate, my life is rich in blessing… Opdivo and Yervoy even with the cost with more research has been found to cure only 1/10th of the cancer patients and half of the people involved had to quit the treatment because of side effects.

You may say these methods seem so tough; Opdevoy or Yervoy and only a 10% cure rate and large risk of bad side effects plus the cost is 200,000 or more, or risk of some nerve damage or lack of value for the UDG/Withiana/some passionflower method I use with the Avemar plus doctor’s advice and care, or other methods. But there are not yet usually easy solutions for cancer. As in the success of science, the best we can do here in 2018 it seems even if we don’t always know why is often more of value then just not hope of finding the events and without cause. If events are what we see, whatever our lot in life, make more of it, is my real science college yell.

So it’s natural to want control, as so many say creativity can’t achieve creativity and experiment combined. Yet this is what Einstein so often hoped to achieve, to think and control by the idea of his worth. If we seek control, soon Einstein may return, well maybe being alive has more merits, we’re out doing Einstein when we clean! And cancer may be simple, so I had a sort of revelation moment that we may control cancer one day if indeed as Einstein believed in the unified field, perhaps cancer is simpler than it looks.

To me the UDG and other herb method plus my doctor’s advice method above seems the best if the Avemar vendors aren’t lying, at any rate a way to slow the problem down.  I sympathize alot, and there’s a possibility I list here, other than Avemar or these other methods or on the link below, of harnessing what’s called abscopal cancer, a rare type of complete cancer cure that may outdo even Opdevo or Yervoy. If there’s no easy method yet that doesn’t mean there never will be. On the link I’ll show you why I’ve always believed cancer is one illness not many and if cancer is “an inside operation” and we’re receiving the randomness from the inside of the cell, that’s all it is, randomness mostly. In computing random number generators are considered real important like for computer simulations. I would say more than half of life is in randomness, life is in constant flux. So a cancer cure might be possible by going inside the cells copying machine, the RNA transcriptase, the cancer copying molecule that proof reads all the copying of the randomness and reduces it to a more regular signal the immune system can much more easily find and remove. Inside as in the abscopal cure it might be much simpler than all this “recieved knowledge”.

And  reducing the graviola toxicity seems possible to stop harm to the l dopa neurons as I say on the other link below. This seems simple, and as I say sooner or later graviola may be a real cure also. I don’t agree with all the Cancer Tutor site says, even so graviola may be the best if well improved as I say.

Here’s the Cancertutor Site link

My main graviola page Go Here


Web MD Ashwaganda Cautions Site, Click Here

Webmd passionflower cautions site

A pubmed site about withiana’s neuroprotective ability even against lead poisioning

Click Here

While this Wikipedia Site Quotes the American Cancer Society link that holds no evidence that Una De Gato is of worth against cancer, in the next sentence on this Wikipedia page, they also say “animal and other studies may show promise”. There are also many other sites I’ve seen that say things like UDG e.g. dramatically reduces mutagens in the circulation of those who smoke.

This Sloan Kettering site says that indeed Una De Gato is good for cancer e.g. click the link “for healthcare professionals” clinical summary.

Improving Avemar Absorption  With e.g. Aspirin or Coffee May Help!

WebMD site About The Danger of Hydrogen Peroxide

Webmd Cautions about DMSO

Why Avemar Bread May Be Best Left To The Avemar Biz, So Avemar Driving On The Right Is Left To Us!

Why I Believe It’s Possible Abscopal Cancer May Eventually Be A Cancer Cure.

Click Here

Why Making Your Own Avemar Bread For Health May Not Be as Viable as, Well, Avemar…Plus, “How I Reduced My High Blood Pressure”

February 14, 2018 - Leave a Response



First Please consider My Complete Disclaimer, Click Here or See Link Below. Thanks!

Here in 2018 Avemar Bread it seems may be the next big method they may save via the wave. Here I want to be a real me with the zoom and look at the cost compared to the value of Avemar Bread.

Sites like the Denver Naturopathic site name the recipe for this type of Avemar bread, like for cancer reduction or other powerful health benefits, a “wheat germ poolish”.

Other sites like netcelebration sites ask how via lots of gossip and quiet solid gold shouts if Avemar bread might be achieved, and some say Avemar might be simple, as in “you might just or just might drop a drop light like an automotive light in your oven and it stays warm enough for 24 hours to ferment the wheat germ by the brewer’s yeast-and vwalah you have your Avemar bread”. Others on the sites say Avemar seems like a long shot that just the right combination of heat, what bread and memorization of what (I’m aware of what) will give viable Avemar bread and this seems so.

Other sites say if you look at the Avemar patent site, it seems simple. As the prose of the pithy memo says and goes, “it seems all they’ve done is padded the basic process with extra steps like washes.” After all if you look at the patent they say several times the active ingredient is A250 and this is found in all Avemar samples in all nations no matter the general method used, it’s always A250 in 2.5 to 3%. (click here  for the patent or see link below.)

So far so good!

It seems anyone making bread like this might ask, how much Avemar would be in Avemar bread?

If we look at a common bread label one slice has 20 grams if you also count the water which is about 1/3 or 1/4 (and Avemar bread would have about that much water). So 5 slices are 100 grams and the 5 servings might have that 2.5 to 3 grams of Avemar. The recommended Avemar level for my weight “is 10 tabs a day.” The tabs are rather large and not that heavy, you can say that 10 tabs of most solid stuff might weigh about an ounce. An ounce is 28 grams, so five slices of bread might give you a mere 3 grams of real Avemar. The RDA of bread or grains is 6 servings, so if you wanted to stretch and you might gain some weight with yoga you may consider say 10 slices of Avemar bread, about half a loaf of common bread you buy at the “a rather bit inconvient” store! But that half a loaf would only yield 6 grams of Avemar at the most, and out of the 28 grams in the ounce recommended you only have about 6/28 or about 1/4 more for all the trouble of baking and eating lots of bread. LOTS of bread. And you may really want your defence in the hands of the pro chefs who make Avemar, there are other molecules than A250 in the Avemar tabs. To me 25 more a month doesn’t seem too much if it’s sound, and higher res AM radio!


More Below…

…Here I want to detour a bit and talk about Avemar or other bread and blood pressure, this is about eating much bread, bread has phytic acid (as on the Weston Price site link below). This counteracts mineral absorption and with cancer more than 60% die of starvation because the cancer kills not by tumors as often as just taking up all the energy resources your body needs. Phytic acid absorbs minerals and puts your body in mineral starvation mode, harmful to teens but not most adults, with most of us with cancer it may be more important. If you opt in for making your own Avemar or other bread, you may want to consider taking an enzyme formula with phytase, the enzyme that counteracts phytic acid, and I have at any rate. Or you can eat rye bread which has more phytase and has the complete amino acid profile, unlike wheat which has phytic acid and isn’t complete. Rye makes you lose weight perhaps this is why and wheat makes you gain weight. Rye also has definite improvement for male UT health in just days not years like for saw palmetto. Rye makes permanent or at any rate definite improvements in prostatitis, by most general measures of prostate health.

And aflatoxin which is common in bread causes liver cancer, and even though you could imagine taking something like clay as they say with water (clay with water is much cheaper and more powerful to clean out toxins like aflatoxin) the clay itself will absorb out prescriptions and the Avemar itself, and so on. Use of clay with other OTC’s etc. hasn’t been severe with me, and I’ve tended to notice only moderate or mild reductions in OTC power with clay, and so on. Even so see your health care advisor if you want to use the clay as a reset button for your health.  Another way to reduce bread toxins if I were making Avemar bread at any rate would be to take vitamin K2 which reduces risk of liver cancer 67%, even so this isn’t a guarantee. Use this site at your own risk, for information only.

To unclog your arteries if you have high bp, more rye and enzymes like phytase remove the phytic acid to then also absorb more D3 and many important minerals like magnesium important to heart and health in many ways as on the Weston Price site, then the K2 or “Activator X” is absorbed and all the fabulous value of Activator X is in reach. So many of the heath issues of aging are about lack of The Activator as I’ve found with lower BP and as it says on the Weston Price site. Eg, it’s believed 87% of coronary artery disease is caused by lack of it. The Activator takes the calcium out of your heart, joints, kidneys, teeth, brain, and UT and returns it to your bones where it belongs. Most of coronary artery problems and high blood pressure are believed to be caused by the stiffness of calcium otherwise petrifying your arteries and veins.

If you find your blood pressure is up even while taking lots of K2 or Activator X as Weston Price named it, this may be because you aren’t absorbing the Activator which needs D3 to absorb, which needs reduced phytic acid as above. The D3 to absorb it needs low phytic acid which needs either reduced grains nuts and beans, or at any rate increased rye flour with phytase or an enzyme formula with, enzymes! (I’m certainly not giving up wheat bread, it’s a good way to resist junk food, it’s what most junk food is made of but without the fat, salt, sugar, cholesteral and other junk, so wheat bread with all the flavors it goes with so well (think tacos, maple syrup like waffles, mustard, ketchup, beans, milk, juices, V8, bread) goes great with them all. If like 1/3 of all you eat might be bread via golden RDA radiance it’s valueable to stabilize diet binges.

A healthy artery not clogged up with the calcium problems with “age” has 20 to 60 times more Activator X. (Weston Price was a 20th century missionary doctor who went to Africa and visited the people and found lots of it and almost no heart disease, kidney disease, stroke, emotional problems, or arthritis etc.) So you need to eat green leafy veggies or a suppliment for Activator X plus a D3 supplement or like fat fish once a week in winter, plus reduced bread, beans and nuts, and/or increased rye flour plus enzyme(s) (phytase). People with cancer are almost always low on enzymes. For nutrition like the Activator X method I buy cheap spinach powder on Amazon, a much cheaper green formula than when you pay a lot more for these rich veggies. One spoonful with water or moist flavor is the same as a can of spinach yet no yoik as in in the NE. This blend in with water is a good way to reduce the bitter flavor of many healthy or otherwise uncomfortable to eat but good for you foods. Spinach like many other green foods also has NO2 which won the Nobel prize for lowering blood pressure, cash calms more if they win a prize!

As in life, I believe in eating more for value than comfort. Even so common sense tells me to eat in reasonable comfort. Bread goes with many other health foods for flavor and satisfaction, and water helps reduce bitter flavor like of OTC’s or herbs so I can stay with the healthy way of the Mediterranean Diet or a moderate level of common sense. With no meat in the Mediterranean diet, what will a Mediterranean eat! Spinach also needs rye so you may want the enzyme method of rye and more since spinach like beans and grains also has phytic acid which I counteract with rye blended with water and flavor, I could never drink a pound of powder! And spinach has lots of vitamins and minerals to make you feel good with the Activator. Here’s the link to the Weston Price site about K2 and it’s value like lowering high blood pressure and more or see the end of the post.

Note that while wheat and other bread is highly satisfying with other foods to resist/pass by junk food, I consider it only a resource to be conserved, not a panacea, or a fountain of edema! If you eat more than the usual RDA, you will toxify, and your resource will be wasted and you’ll have to reduce the bread you save (By the way it’s so cheap you can “comfortably” cut your food bill by 1/3rd or even 2/3 sometimes,  especially if you buy like rye or ground flax from the healthy food outlet and blend it with the other foods, even so I find the wheat bread with othe foods to be much more satsyfing (The cost I use sometimes can be as low as as low as 5$ a day, 4 for the healthy other food, milk, veggies, fruit, plant oils for more comfort via calories and good health, and like 75cents for the bread).


Also note that while the K2 D3 and phytase method may be important, using other herb/methods is important to further improve blood pressure and heart health, and no doubt, your doctor’s advice. I use e.g. ribose, a sweet sugar that gives heart energy, polycosanol to dramatically lower bad cholesterol, celery seed, fenugreek, nattokinase, K2 and no doubt D3. How to remember to take all these? I tie them and other herbs for health with paper tape or you can use heavy transparent tape for visibility in what I call “Health Packs”. I lost my first blood pressure cuff, haven’t found it since, it must be flexing around, yet I just bought a second Lot Fancy cuff from Wal-Mart online. The second cuff I tied to inside my shelf so I sit on the bed and save up more. Since my heart health is much about the cuff, I also put my heart health pack in the shelf beside it for memory. And paper tape is also a great way to sort small stuff in shelves or boxes, so you search, find and clean at 5x the rate, (Click here or see link below).
Another valuable way to get control of OTC’s or improve any sort of complex problem solutions in general is (The Comedy Machine also no doubt!) by using an AZ index with cross referencing, and a sub index to bring up your available solutions fast in high resolution, as if Betsy ever sweat a day in her life! And custom edited by you and Angela! Click here for more about this Tool Box A-Z method which seems a 20 minute setup for powerful health power if you also use the internet in combination of writing in the A to Z (so it’s “real” and will never crash) or see link below for more.

I also want to say that the phytase method wasn’t as valuable for me for lowering blood pressure as nattokinase. This is the fabulous food used in Japan for 100’s of years and it reduces Alzheimer’s by 90% as seen in the rates of Altzheimer’s in Japan.  Nattokinase  reduces systolic blood pressure by 20 points in a week, and as I say on my other page, it also dissolves fibrin a sticky substance around each cancer cell that also clogs up your circulation as you get older. Cancer cells have a much thicker fibrin coat and by using nattokinase this is more removed and your immune system if much boosted by methods like Avemar has a better chance of finding the cancer and destroying it with the fibrin coat removed.

As I say here on my nattokinase page (or see link below) about Avemar! Cautions about nattokinase make it important to use only under a doctor’s care; It causes bleeding if used at too high a dose, and it’s not a cancer cure since like most methods in oncology it like burning out a tumor, cutting it out, or other methods, it also stresses the cancer so may come back 10 times more strongly if used in higher doses. This isn’t surprising since in the history of oncology, few of the substances tried were harmful more to the cancer than the person with the cancer, and indeed 2/3 of the drugs in use against cancer are carcinogenic. As they say in toxicology the dose makes the poison even so and for this reason I use a moderate level of nattokinase each day if my blood pressure is a bit high. Other methods that don’t cause this reaction by the cancer are Avemar itself and ginger may be a good method to help speed the defense. Ginger stops about 57% of the cancer without this type of harm. It actually tricks the cancer cell into destroying itself. Ginger is not for use without a doctor’s care.

To simplify you might want to eat rye bread for the phytase as above with nattokinase and K2 under a doctor’s care for this advantage, and I also use Avemar. Or for the K2 and nattokinase you might want to stomach tofu, I like non food sources of my sources since you can gain weight by eating some food sources since like tofu it has fat and often “has bad flavor”. (A simple way to counteract most bad or bitter flavor herbs or foods is just to take with some jam or jelly but this has calories also.) Note that the source of nattokinase and K2 and also some powerful phytochemicals that boost chemotherapy 5-10x are in fermented soy, as in tofu. Unfermented soy is harmful as in junk food. Currently I’m taking 2 caps (2000 Fulmeric Units each) nattokinase per day but only if my blood pressure is high. If you have a bleeding disorder or other health issue, nattokinase may not be advised, see your doctor before use.


First The Good News

…About Avemar by the above it seems the real cause of why Avemar bread is not so viable as we may hope isn’t because the Avemar company is withholding care or information as some have claimed, the real reason may only be that like sugar or salt or lofat dishes you may see sold in stores, “you won’t see these sold in stores”, it takes machines on an industrial scale with giant pressure or vast reverse osmosis machines as for low sugar or low salt food, or for Avemar bread economys of scale may be something the consumer can’t match. And another problem is about the mega doses of vitamins A and D in wheat germ, handling them while you knead the bread may cause liver and kidney damage. That’s the bad news.

The good news is the economy of scale may bring down Avemar as it may already have on Ebay if you buy it direct and are willing to wait 10 or 20 days for it. The price on Ebay is now down to just 100 a month or so. Or better you can buy more and save more on Ebay. And I have no real 70’s bowl, and a drop light!

The above is just general and I may be somewhat wrong in how much Avemar is in bread you might make, even so if you keep buying the Avemar, you’re essentially voting for more value, I bought a ticket to the World,  and I Hope I’ve returned with Avemar and More Gold Bread, Investment Diamonds, and a Deed to A Condominium in Fla…


While making Avemar bread may be of real value for prevention of cancer and other health advantages, it may not be as viable as real Avemar when used as medicine.

Here’s the Link To The Weston Price Site about K2

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About Avemar and Nattokinase

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Why Use Alternative Health Methods In Addition to Doctor’s Advice?

January 21, 2018 - Leave a Response

New research seems to show that survival rates are higher using Conventional Methods than for those using Alternative treatments like for cancer.

And then the doctors go on to say on some websites that this is evidence they should be paid more, this seems so surprising, naturally Doctors want sympathy also! If we look at what the doctors are saying, this seems true except there is no need to use Alt Health methods alone. Almost any Alt Health site, my own inclusive hasn’t decided it’s either or.

People are leaving doctor’s visits in droves these days, and doctors kill half of their cancer patients with the treatment. Here also I ask, what about those who are denied care because of their looks, there should be an option like the internet so they receive sympathy and of course the sweet RN also needs love and hugs!

A lot of people have found the leading cause of debt is doctors who don’t forgive as much as they hope, and we hope they do. Living within our means should be improved, and Benjamin Franklin said that debt is when someone who is owed controls the future of the debtor.  Yet research I assume “not caused by doctors”  finds that a poorer person who goes to the ER with a broken arm is 20 times less likely to be offered pain relief, and the doctor is more likely to offer amputation and more common to diagnose poorer people with more illness than they have in research.

Therefore the 2018 studies are not just evidence alone that doctors should be paid more as they may assume. I don’t always read sites by and for doctors, but it seems a false dilemma that it’s either Alt Health or doctors. And other research done before has shown that Alternative Health care just as effective and much safer than conventional methods. Perhaps the older research was done by professionals like doctors these days who weren’t cutting down on some luxuries. And if the survival or cure rate hasn’t been improved by conventional methods, Alt Health like Avemar combined with Conventional care is probably better than either alone. So cutting costs isn’t out of the question, what’s to doctors to doctors, and from Alt Health might be an added way of control in the overall events. Doctors shouldn’t have all the wealth and luxury, save sum for us! Perhaps now that Avemar “formerly rejected as Alternative” is at half price on Ebay now the doctors can claim their method Alternative combined with Conventional Care is better than both or either also as survival and many other measures start to increase because not all of us think it’s either or all about Alt versus Conventional care as it is now at any rate. If doctors may not be averse to any real improvement about health, it’s good to know doctors are real. Avemar may sooner or later improve the survival/recovery rate for cancer so much that for most who start with Avemar here the Alt Care may win, if the claim on the Avemar package that it takes just several years for the problem to completely dissappear is valid, this is Nobel Prize science. Yet this was Alternatitive Medicine before, so now the doctors may want credit for what they tried to stop. Fulton on the day his steamship was launched and the doubter says, “It will never start!” and it does and he’s running up the shore saying, “It’ll never stop!”

A Simple Cheap Fast Method to Dramatically Reduce Shelf Clutter;

January 20, 2018 - Leave a Response

How To Clean and Find Your Stuff at a 5 Times The Rate, Yet Having More Of Your Stuff In Reach Without Throwing As Much Away..Knowlege! From “an Inventor Named, Me!”

I searched for ways over the years to find my healthy food and herbs for health and other stuff on the shelf. I thought of using A to Z labels on my shelves, and this wasn’t much of worth, it was still cluttered and my shelf would need constant resorting. Then my absolutely live method absolutely real yet 2001 way was to try putting my herbs for alt health in the AZ yet in jugs like juice jugs or larger jugs with the handle by cutting out an access area with a flap in the side of each jug for the area above in the shelf with shears and then use the AZ with a label on each jug lid to match if I had two or three say, ZZZ’s. OTC’s cure insomnia, right!

“Wow” the cheap jug is durable, has a handle and is mostly visible, and it would seem simple if I search by just go to say R and the use the handle Wow! ” Like, just one hand!” to hold up to the light and look inside the jug since it’s transparent. Seems simple. How many sides does a box have, right an inside and an outside, so I  believed this would boost my cleanup like 3d in higher powers at a higher rate. Yet as months passed I found this would still take constant sorting to keep all the jugs and worlds and stars aligned. And it was real tough to remove the labels from the sides of the jugs, they couldn’t be steamed with a chrome diesel..  Another problem and solution (“since for each problem there’s a solution and since the cosmos is up”) was about how the juice jugs also take up considerable space in the shelf. Like zip locs they were often the wrong size, and the zip locs won’t snap shut. Even if you can get the large zip locs you need even if the right sort, these like storage boxes can be expensive real estate,  and they wear out fast, with a bit of wear or a bit of flour or use by wrinkle they are more opaque.. I imagined a way cheaper than these and with higher visibility and also more optimal about size.


Paper masking tape for binding stuff like socks is my solution you can buy from the discount store. It’s cheap, easy to use, and it has higher visibility than a Cheeze Sandwich in Cheddar in the county of “whey”! (I don’t worry about the look, I use the bands all inside shelves or boxes and some outside as I say below. The feeling of organization and control when I see the storage area is worth a lot more than the look no one will see but Aunt Betsy and her cat Muffy, and what does Muffy count, with code sorted adhesive bands Muffy may cut and use with one claw!)

I began with my health herb jugs. I used just common 3/4 inch tape and taped my OTC jugs both by like type of use and also for the more unimportant herbs by the same letter. If you have a set of say 10 herbs for heart health and you band them around this reduces the search confusion by 10 or 20 times if you have lots of OTC herbs like me and also the clean up is much improved. And using this method with the AZ labels on the shelf and often some in jugs is a higher speed hybrid method. I bought two of each type of OTC, say aspirin or B vitamins for the health pack and one for the AZ so I can find them in and out of order. This makes it much easier to know when it’s time for a refill of the OTC and as the ancients believed the invention of writing was a way to extend the mind, just as in research they find! what you own the brain thinks of as an extension of your world. This will often be like owning 2/3 more stuff. I found four sets of good boots, new cellphones and several valuable OTC’s that were out of reach, a Visa Debit for 40$, some new slacks and coats otherwise not found by using this the first day. (For a method to make learning about your OTC’s interactive e.g. as a way to stretch your mind by the machine with writing also, by use of the calendar of your cellphone you own CLICK HERE or see this link at end of the post.) I had a set of the shoes and they were the same name but different size. How to find which were which? Tape them together. Not with twine or duct tape. Twine is slow and too permanent and tough to cut and tie. Duct tape is so adhesive it damages the shoe. Paper tape is fine at least if I leave 4/5ths in the box and just use 1/5th when of value.

The OTC band method is also of more value compared with like pill boxes or even computerized pill boxes. As an inventor I once devised a sort of pill box assembly line you simply pour the pills in each funnel, and vhwalah, by the pill counter it automatically sorts your pill box with just the right OTC’s. Yet yeah if you have 10 of these a day to sort like vitamins in the pill tray, woe, you have like a half hour or an hour of boredumb a week ahead, and I wasn’t looking forward to this. But if you have the bottles already filled, it’s ready to go and you aren’t stuck sorting pills. Later the patented box I got from CVS with the slide out tray might seem to be an improved idea. And people would say, “Hey, Cool! an improved pill box”, but one spill and like all my herbs and OTC’s are ascending unceremoniously up to the afterlife in comic shouts with exercise for more fitness! And bad luck if you want to either find out what your actual herb or OTC is to change midway or if you have more OTC’s than will fit in the pill box box that hour. If you spill over to the next box, how do you know if it’s for the right hour, right.

If you have lots of shoes or OTC’s that look much the same, like if you buy from the same brand, a solution is to merely use another bottle say an unusual brown or orange bottle, or like an olive oil bottle, these are good to ID the OTC’s you use, the rest say for your rest mass in energy. Einstein said if a cluttered shelf is the sign of a cluttered mind what’s an empty shelf the sign of? Well if Einstein didn’t like to clean much and he said the secret to creativity is hiding your sources, how would he hide the cosmos? If you outdo Einstein at cleaning so your landlord celebrates, you’ve found a way! Most of my bottles are of the same type (I’ve been buying from Swanson health for about 15 years they have a large inventory and good herbs at the lowest prices, often the only way I could afford the best herbs as in R and D.) but there are just enough of unusual sort so its viable. Another trick to find your herbs combined with these other methods; use different areas like in boxes or shelves around the house with each pack of OTC’s etc. and just memorize the area, this works well. Since the health packs are by subject or the time when I take them, I use some of these ideas for where to put the health packs. For example I tied my blood pressure cuff in the shelf with a twine to where I sit and take my bp and never lose my cuff since it’s more cyber and not so giant like grandfather’s cuff was, and since this is as about blood pressure, that’s where I put the pack to lower my blood pressure of that type. Or to remember to take herbs at bedtime I tape them to herbs I already would take then in the same box.

I often buy my herbs in sets of two so I have one in the health pack and one in the AZ jugs. This way I can find them for use like blood pressure and also if the OTC has other use.

Don’t worry if you aren’t finished using the tape binding method right away, it took me about 2 weeks to get use of this method for my one bedroom apartment, about 60 boxes. How many times before I look for something in the shelf and I had to do without since it would take more cleaning to clean up the clutter back in the shelf or box. Yet using the tape band might take just the effort of a few searches and then it’s decluttered for like 10 or 50 times more..

I would often have spills out of my icebox and like oatmeal boxes are a nuisance about this. If you tape the jugs together and also tape the containers closed this will allow stacking them in places like the shelf where they would fall down otherwise, and as I say below the tape is so cheap its disposable for use about like stopping spills this way. This tames zip loc clutter by both securing the sides and above at just the right seal, since the zip locs often seals that don’t lock, while you want to get the right tape that isn’t so sticky it tears the zip loc when you later remove it for access, the zip locs stack in a more regular way without so much space. And you may find you can consolidate many things that were separate, consolidating like a magnet as you go, all my herbs in separate jugs of the same “sort” if they are the same (other than say herbs that may have other best if used by dates). This is one way to simplify since you don’t have so much of the same to sort through. I found out just how many B vitamins there are in AZ I wasn’t using!


The paper tape band method has many shelf storage uses. Remember wires? What are they? Eh? Right, yet like me you may have old gold audio that cost a lot and didn’t work and if like me you are without the Biltmore and you find you threw out the RV and then find years ago you had a real use for it, you may see these sites that would say if you spend more than 30 minutes a day decluttering, you have way too much stuff and you should toss it out. If you think of decluttering as cleaning, and you bind stuff up you’re cleaning just at 5 times the rate, so it takes 5 minutes to clean the kitchen not 30 it’s much improved. So sorting is higher up than decluttering, and you get to keep more of your stuff and the find is also as much as 5 times the rate. Sites say I see type “most people want the uncluttered look for their house, yet without losing your stuff”. I always wondered when cleaning how my neighbors could be so clean yet not spend all day just cleaning and they wouldn’t say, even so while they may have their own tricks, this is my special method they may not have.

Housecleaning has been linked to depression so you want to minimize it and this is a real way to achieve it. (If you’re too tired to clean and your landlord says you must you might like Activive, and all natural nonedgy energy booster, that reverses 97% of fatigue symptoms, and does things like reverse enzyme deficiency, common with fatigue. Activive, which is FDA listed, can even control the severe fatigue of CFS. The company that makes Activive is Hello Life. Click Here for the Hello Life site or see link below.)

Why throw so much out, outfits, wire clutter or entertainment?  Using paper tape is a way you can reduce wire clutter a lot like for Iphone chargers or even wired headphones.

To achieve this take the wire with both ends where the plugs are and the other side is where the middle of the wire is bent with flex. Now measure 6 inches from the plugs and double and redouble the wire to this end point a few times. Now you have wire with the plugs and the bundle. Simply loop the tape around the bundle and if you like take the ends and just wrap them around the bundle for compact storage. I use the foot of wire at the ends to charge my media device by just putting it in a bowl on my shelf and the wire reaches up to the plug so a foot of real wire is all I need. To band more wires like for storage, once you’ve banded them separately, you can also band them in combination.

While I don’t recommend use of paper tape for extension cord clutter due to some risk of fire (you might try bunching up the cord in a zip loc and taping it to a nail up under the shelf for looks as I do for my site manager’s celebration, just knew she might!) for computer cord clutter like USB pesky wires plugged into the main frame it’s a great solution. I merely leave the line out plugged in and leave it and the other USB wires like charging wires with the plugs over the edge of the edge of the shelf at almost the same distance and then wrap the paper tape around it, this is all it takes for me because for all the clutter confusion you may find to your delight all you need after years of aid to confusion is just two or 3 of the most important wires bound. Scooby Doo wins anon..

A good value here is about old wires and old stuff you might use but not what you use in general these days. This is how to make use of the famous the 20/80 rule… I look at my shoes, and look at life; most of the shoes you use only 1/5 of the time, much of life is like this. And so the story goes, why not remove your shelf of the other 4/5ths? This sounds like the above about clutter; if I spent thousands on what I own and “what” was just what I hoped for and it still might be of worth why should I remove it? Just being in the area of whats of worth for you or me. I have rich and famous relatives also like all the rest!

My more complete method involves putting the banded stuff in like tote storage boxes that are like 5 each from the discount store. If you’ve ever had a landlord say you must clean you may realize tote boxes are a fast way to store your stuff like outfits without so much constant sorting. This involves the look but the problem is about how to find what’s inside the box without my aunt Rose when she says “love your memos. Just wish I had ESP to read them!” If your landlord says to sort and you own much stuff in the shelves, this would seem much is out of reach.

I tried inventory, and like with the OTC jug method it would take constant sorting inside the boxes. I tried memorizing the inventory but using bands of tape inside the boxes is of higher worth here. You’re sorting often by like type and this simplifies the search by removing much of the noise caused by the 4/5ths of the stuff you might love but don’t use. Each item like the OTC has its own configuration and it just took me a few days to learn the most valuable areas and you get more and more control. And because it’s more compact like the space storage method As Seen on TV you get more storage area both to sort with and just to find it well. This is much cheaper than creating more space, what a reach for implosion! There’s also more area to sort your shelf, more computing room inside the shelf also.

One good thing about tape bands is the method can be used for both this hour and a month or years ahead. It’s so cheap you can band things like your outfit for storage and just tear the band off and discard it in a few days when you wear the outfit. The cost is 1.3 cents/ft or about 10 dollars a year. I had my blue jeans in storage and don’t wear them that often (“Action wear” is more durable, has pockets that are warmer like for with the hood and look just as good and don’t stain as much and have more stretch and superwicking comfort like from Goodwill, action wear is outselling blue jeans by like 10% a year.). All the blue jeans and other action wear around in my closet often made finding the right pants a challenge, yet if you band each pair they will store well and you can find your best outfits at higher speed, they are “more permanently folded and neat” and if they are also inside a box or shelf for looks the band is just for reducing clutter and handling and it’s alright.. The outfits I wear more often are not so banded and the banded jeans and other pants are just piled up and don’t clutter my best jeans in the search, this is the advantage of the band here.. Even so you can use the bands for temporary storage since the cost is so cheap. For my good outfits I just fold the rest.

One good trick I used before was just to thread the arms my best shirts and light coats above through the wires of the shelf of my closet, they make a line down to the floor with the outfit so it was easier to find all my coats and shirts fast by the line they make. This improved it over methods of days gone by and allowed easy access and storage without a degree in rocket science needed to operate the storage, this couldn’t be done without the net! (Even so I’ve devised a clothes sorting machine where you toss the stuff in the box and then a cheap wire sniffer finds if the outfit is clean and then uses a magnet both in the outfit and the arm then separates the clean from the dirty or the blue from the dirt! For more inventions and opportunities for investment by me, Search Charles Frederick Lawson in the Impama website.) This method was tough to loop the outfits through the wire, and they would remove access to stuff below them in the closet, and it was for access only because while it worked reasonably well for access, it still looked cluttered enough to need the closet door closed. When I used this method all my good outfits were or are in easy reach since I use the hall closet for slacks and the bedroom closet for shirts. And then just shut the door so it looked good.

The tape storage method also helps reduce visible clutter. Often most of the extra clutter like shoe clutter outside the boxes where you might line up your shoes or like the line method of sorting my coats I tried are only by lack of a way of summing up a solution. If you both have more space to store more shoes or coats in the box and you can find them in the box all unified by the tape instead of separate boxes, you can move the items like for shoes you don’t use in winter and it cleans visible clutter well also. You see sites that say, “all of us want a house without clutter” and then they list how to throw away your stuff without a sad song, I need no contract with CBS! Because you control how you clean, sort and find well, you’re at a higher level of depth… And this makes it so visible clutter is reduced yet you keep what you own.

More recently than I wrote this, wright! I realized the above method of making a line of the item for an easy way out of clutter by looping it through the wire of the shelf isn’t as good as rolling or folding and then tape all the outfits in rolls, and then in the box, the ends of all the items are in easy reach end up, no clutter, and it looks good and if you like, use a tote since you now know where it is by the general method of binding much of what you own like your outfits this way you are in business.

As an artist I was looking for a simple way to get control of my jugs of paint. They’re of standard like 2 ounce size. I had them all in bowls but this with the brushes seemed to take 30 minutes to clean up. I combined them of like hue in sets of odd or even numbers and then fit them upside down in the five inch high box. And like the outfits the base of each bottle gives a reliable readout unlike labels that are often just a name and not the hue of the paint and in contrast with the other paint. For some of my art hope you like Click Here or see link at the end of this page. This also works for my pens and brushes, first I bind a few by like type, and then bind them in larger binds by rubber bands then when I’m finished I put them in a black cloth bag like from the Discount store and then move the edge of the bag down to lower than the brushes and then use black duct tape around the outside to cinch the bag. This both stores and gives access to my brushes and the hues of the utensils in a beauteous sort of way.

For markers I have a lot, I used like bags or boxes before. These days I use 4 poly shoebox lids bound by duct tape “hinges”, two box lids are for blues and greens etc. and two for reds yellows and oranges etc. Only a side has the hinges so they simply fold open flat for high speed access. For storage, I just stack them in my shelf area with just three inches or so used and they are all stored and cleaned fast and easy. For this I don’t use much tape since it’s tougher to untape the markers or brushes than other stuff, but it works for fast use and cleanup.

While we’re on the subject of fast cleaning of shelves, I was considering an expensive digital easel, yet the above methods of tubes in the box and clamshell use of poly box lids put painting in much better reach and alive is so alive! I want to also mention another way to make fast work of the rest of sorting these shelves like around my kitchen sink. This might have seemed formidable by older methods I’d used, but these methods like with tape are 5 times faster, even so you still may not think the most of scrubbing your shelves clean for 10 minutes like with a towel (which even so is much higher speed than a paper towel, and cheap if you just reuse it with it’s much higher absorption and easy clean in the washer for stuff also like scrubbing walls or rugs, or your bathtub. Beats Scrubbing Bubbles all to heck (and Consumer Reports retorts!) if you use the towel while the bath is wet to remove the buildup.). As I say on my other posts, reducing use is often much easier than constant cleaning. E.g. throw rugs over a base rug wall to wall if the spot rugs are dark enough (I like mine with some light decoration for a beautiful mysterious look) this reduces the rug cleaning time dramatically because the stains don’t show on the main rug, and they aren’t damaged, this can save you thousands.

Reducing use has many uses! I don’t use many of my sinks or closets, yet they’re real  clean. The apartment where I live isn’t my property, and in order to not cause damage I might later have to pay a lot for and to pass the inspection by the realtor, I just reduce the use, e.g. of the walls, and I don’t have to clean them more than once a year. I don’t use my stove, no stove to clean via other like canned or uncooked food. And so on.

There are perhaps three ways to clean your offwhite walls; One is Diatomaceous Earth. DE  is just the offwhite color and it’s got supersharp silica small abrasion, that removes the top layer and not the paint as much and it is MORE ALLPURPOSE! It being mechanical scrapes off many more types of stain, so you don’t need a whole set of cleaners for each type of clean, and you can use gloss white all over, and so on, as I say on my other post. (Click Here or see link below) Contrary to what it says all over the web, there is an easier way to clean your walls.

About the kitchen shelves I use the poly box lids one for each area otherwise scrubbed sort of like antimicrobial place mats except the air space underneath is far more antimicrobial.. I use the poly box lids like place mats on the shelves around my sink except much easier to clean; simply tap it sideways and spray it in the sink with the sink sprayer, the food particles go down the tube. One hand to clean, no need to drag out the towel and buckets and cleansers. I also dry it with one hand with the towel I loop over the cabinet door below my sink so it’s in easy reach. You may like the stove trays that cover the stove like this, with patterns like ye old French booze hangovers, they have handles like a serving tray, but turn out to cost 70 to 120 or more even on Ebay, so I cheaped on oota that zone and am just using a medium large box lid to cover my stove in lighter weight. If you use this method as they say on the Ebay/stove top/ biz/ booze cover memo, be extra sure to unplug and don’t use your stove with this method! This is also part of the reducing use by not using my stove much, if you plan on using your range, this might not be for you.

About tape there are miscellaneous uses of this method. You can tie your screwdrivers together, since you may have many you don’t use.  To reduce the clutter in my box I use opposite ends so they don’t counteract, or I have two can openers. Good can openers are tough to find so one rolls well but leaves some of the lid uncut while the other cheaper one cuts well yet will wear out fast costing me.  I could never find them both yet if I tie one on one side and the other, it’s always the most optimal.

Note that you can use combinations of these methods with the tape, the AZ shelf method, boxes like totes and  boxes in the boxes I use cheap jugs like juice jugs cut out as I said above like for subsorting OTC’s with an ABC label on each jug lid to match the shelf AZ method. And you can now much more easily do inventory when you’re finished, if it’s in the storerich you have it! If I was a bank I may code all my boxes of cash so I don’t have to carry them around!

Another good use of paper tape “sort of!” is messages.. If I have two jugs taped together and I only want to use it not the other yet so it’s with reduced ability of being putrid, tape one lid shut so you always use the other first. And by leaving some tape with more length, you can then mark the tape with permanent marker on this label. This is because rolling up the stuff sometimes reduces your ability to say what it is or what it’s for, and sometimes this can be important.

While not perfect, taping seems superior superior to zip locs or boxes for many uses and in combination with the other methods all is what! You can also use leftover box lids as more vertical spacer/dividers inside larger boxes so you get twice the computational power at the same cost if what you’re exchanging is information, not just stuff..

While paper tape is super to use, just rip it both for use and removal with one hand, even so it’s not transparent like for labels of the herb bottles. So where of value I use the paper tape, and the transparent packing tape is of more cost and value where visibility is needed. And for many items you band, you can just write the name like the herb name calling, sometimes OHH and AHH, on the outside of the band with permanent marker. (To keep from getting the marker on my hand if I handle it much, I just use a bit of transparent tape on the outside for best results.) Even so unlike with other decluttering methods you usually won’t have to label, saving time. Labeling itself is a time hog, Disclosure; I’m 10,000% real! For binding pairs of socks or shoes like I did you can also use wider paper tape like 1 3/4″. Duct tape often won’t be of worth because it’s got so much adhesion it can cause damage. Even so duct tape where usable is twice as cheap compared to paper tape for the cost because you can buy the same roll of duct tape for 2 bucks and tear it at half the width, so it’s 2 times cheaper; to save more gently remove the tape and then save it for when you use it for something the second time like binding your outfit and so on.  As above different types of tape, color code, duct, transparent, or paper tape have their own values for these cleaning sorting methods, depending on use.

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How To Make Your Cell Phone Interactive To Educate Yourself About Herbs or any Complex Solutions You May Want to find With Time and More if You Want, I Have In Months! Click Here..

How To Clean Your Walls With DE, Diatomaceous Earth etc, and Avoid “The Wall Loop From Heck”!

More About Avemar, Graviola and Una De Gato For Cancer

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One thing you’ll note about this post relative to my other posts is, it’s simple. Avemar, the nurse, and maybe one or two herbs. I searched for lots of cheap ways to hope to counteract the problems other herbs caused, and Avemar is the most simple result I’ve used in more than 10 years with cancer. Even so Avemar vendors advise that you take it and other herbs only under the care of a qualified health care professional. This site is somewhat more ancedotal than science and isn’t medical advice and not intended to diagnose treat or cure any disease. Please read and understand my disclaimer Click here or see link at end of post. Do Not Self Diagnose.

As I’ve done this site it’s been always with the best wisdom I had at that time. Here with the cost of Avemar, more people like me may have essentially a general change in their situation about Avemar. Searching through the other herbs and methods was tedious. Even so I found at least the useful herb Una De Gato and graviola and learned how I improved my best most ut, no worst ut can’t fall out of the cosmos!

They lowered the price to half the cost or less for Avemar this year (2018). My current favorite alt health method is Avemar (Now less than 100$ a month on Ebay) with perhaps some low dose of graviola with the neural defending herb, ashwaganda, or rotation with or the herb una de gato also with ashwaganda since both primary herbs for cancer cause neural toxicity. The graviola leaf was said by some to be non neurotoxic, and this turned out not to be true, the best with graviola has been, well what!

I tend to much favor Avemar with Una De Gato/ashwaganda over other methods, Avemar is no longer so expensive and it really works without the neural discomforts or any side effects other than some edginess when I sometimes miss a dose an hour. And I tend to favor graviola or Uno de Gato (The strongly anticancer herb that’s stronger than chemotherapy)  because I found over about 2 years UDG has general neural toxicity issues long term or high dose, this was generally unknown and so Avemar may save me from this. Even so I still use low dose Una De Gato, like during the time I wait for the Avemar to arrive from Hungary, it’s real welcome! Short term research has shown little harm from Una De Gato and it’s much cheaper than Avemar and it’s given me fast pain relief when Avemar is arriving. Or perhaps, graviola, the only known way to prevent Multiple Drug Resistant MDR cancer from returning.  Una De Gato from my own experience is much more comfortable about side effects like edginess, weight gain, or cost of another Avemar! if I take it with the recommended dose of withiana also known as ashwaganda, the strongly neuroprotective adaptogenic herb. This is what I seem to have found, the UDG Una De Gato is strong against cancer yet it’s also a slower neurotoxin, and Withiana has seemed to counteract this with the recommended dose, two 450 mg caps twice a day are indeed a strong shield for neural health yet it seems the Una De Gato is much the same against the cancer. Otherwise I Don’t Recommend Una De Gato without withiania. It causes neuro toxicity over months or years including harm to renal health. While using Ashwaganda at lower dose seems to  counteract most of the neural harm, Ashwaganda at the recommended dose according to the vendor (Swanson Health) flax oil etc is the only way I’ve found that is enough to counteract it long term. This of course isn’t a complete list of possible side effects of using Una De Gato this way. Even so the research shows both herbs to have few side effects and low toxicity in general, except for neurotoxocity.

While this method also seems to work for graviola a powerful anticancer herb that’s 10,000 times more powerful than Adriomycin, a popular anticancer drug, like Una De Gato, I use a much lower dose than recommended because of the neural discomforts, and because of the super strong power they have. I’ve learned that graviola or Una de Gato at a higher dose with the optimal dose of withiana is better for reducing my pain..You may want to try the withiana at low dose with the Una De Gato and then raise it to remove more of the cancer as I have. This may not always work but it has helped a lot for my own health. Even so due to a combination of neural harm even with withiana, I don’t ever combine Una De Gato with graviola, even while both seem to go well with Avemar. And of course all situations are special, Cher says so when she sings!

Almost all ways to harm the cancer in oncology that have been tried (Avemar one important exception) are also harmful to the body some other way. Even so for my own improvements so far in addition to my doctor’s care, I started to use the UDG like on my legs where it hurt for awhile, with 1 dose of the Ashwaganda by mouth. Instead of taking the second dose of ashwaganda by mouth I’m using it as a shield on my lower back/renal area and also on my UT area since it causes the symptoms of the neural harm here. To make the ashwaganda stay where it’s of worth on my skin, I used petroleum jelly, and more recently just dishwashing liquid “Dawn” since it’s much cheaper and presumably safe for my skin with only one ingredient, anionic surfactant number one! While this method may work well for my legs or arms or other areas farther from my UT or renal zones, it won’t work as well if I had kidney cancer. Another problem here is while the cancer is stopped in my arms or legs if in the long run or walk, because of the reduced herbal defense for my renal or UT area, and the cancer moves into this area, only defended by the Avemar yet not the UDG or graviola by way of the ashwaganda, the cancer may move into these areas and the shield of the ashwaganda may not be viable there. Even so if the Avemar is what the sellers claim, the Avemar may outrun the cancer by that time, I’m relatively new to Avemar. By this type of reason, you obviously may want to ask your doctor for the most optimal option here. No one made up this set of events, they are given by nature, and some problems are tougher to solve than others. I was a war baby, so mom won WW 11!

I found that Avemar is by far the best long term, a great comfort rating compared to most other herbs. Combining Avemar with the graviola or Una De gato separately no doubt! may be a faster way to solve this. (Una De Gato seems harmful to many types of neurons, while graviola harms only one type of neuron the l dopa neurons, and this has seemed easier for me to counteract with Withiana Click Here or see link below. Graviola is an herb that is said to be 10,000 times stronger against cancer that the popular anticancer drug Aromycin, and harms only the l dopa neurons somewhat and the cancer cells more by selecting them for ATP, the main cellular energy source all cells use and cancer cells use 10 times more) Avemar might be good enough as they say on the bottle to take it for several years until “the problem completely disappears” if this isn’t just hype from the Avemar vendors. To me a few years is much better than the 15 I’ve waited. Avemar’s toxicological basis is like bread or beer.

It seems deja voos all month months ago this is the result of the improved Avemar value and my long experience. Almost all other herbs of perhaps 40 I researched either don’t work and have side effects, and graviola seems to have a safer profile other than the Avemar. If I take too much graviola sometimes (it just takes a tiny bit from the cap say 1/8 inch to stop my pain) I can reset after a day or so when the neural signs start (like mild confusion, general discomfort or like not being able to temporarily remember an 800 number, right it’s 800 thousand in biz saved is a Visa earned!!) while withiana helps a lot  after the graviola has gone in and stopped the blemish discomfort at any rate. Even while graviola prevents MDR cancer from returning more often, it was more uncomfortable for me than Una De Gato With ashwaganda. This may seem rather a risk but not considering that doctors kill half of cancer patients with cancer treatment, and 2/3 of anticancer drugs are carcinogenic and so on. And since the Avemar works quite well a low infrequent use graviola or Una De Gato/withiana with doctor’s care has been enough for me. Graviola and Una De Gato with withiana respectively with all due respect! with Avemar seems considerably better than the risk of constant incurable pain of the cancer etc, this is an important event in my life and it seems also true that if the Avemar is in the general right direction, a bit of a nudge now and then with other herbs like graviola  or methods may be most optimal. For example if I don’t have enough money at that time it’s important to have a second level of defense like Una de Gato or graviola plus ashwaganda and other methods to perhaps hope to reduce harm and pain. Better than Avemar alone for me has been the advice of doctors plus graviola or Una de Gato at low dose with ashwaganda, clay and flax to maintain neural health, flax builds neurons fast. I get ground flax powder from my local health grocery store far cheaper than oil or caps and it has lignans the main anticancer ingredient in flax. The flavor is much better tolerated with water and other flavor you might like, flax seeds are bad flavor so much I tried the oil for years but ground flax is far cheaper with its brain building and anticancer power, I searched for a way to eat the powder and the wave plus flavor makes it 57 flavors!

For years before Avemar came in reach I used graviola two days out of three, and now with Avemar I take it as needed. Of course it’s advised to use caution when operating machines. Graviola seemed to be a sort of  necessary evil before Avemar and with the possibility of Avemar removing itself and the cure it’s easier to still be involved with graviola or Una de Gato with what seems to be  this hope of real victory with Avemar in sight. Certainly the best way for me about graviola to the degree I still am involved with it has been to take just a bit of graviola with the ashwaganda. The first day the risk of the neural symptoms are less in general and not nearly as definite. So I wait the first day while the graviola is stopping my pain, and then on the second day I cleanse out more of the graviola before the neural events start. It was always 48 hours till the graviola is out of my system, the first day more moderate, the second without ashwaganda and clay more a challenge, year in, year out, 48 hours each time I used it. Graviola seemed the best for about 2 years before Una De Gato and then on to Avemar. To reset the graviola on the second day I used bentonite clay soaked in water a great cleanser (that’s been used for thousands of years and even to cleanse out radioactivity) that absorbs out the toxins fast including the graviola combined with the withiana also called ashwaganda, a strong neuroprotective herb with few known side effects (adaptogenic means, it has many helpful effects yet without harm to the body). Withiana is soothing which is a real relief for me from graviola at these times if I take a bit much. The clay acts as a reset method to cleanse out the graviola if I have a bit much. It has seemed optimal that I take the low dose graviola and wait while in day one the graviola does it’s anticancer work and then cleanse out the second day before the neural symptoms otherwise may show up. I’ve taken graviola hundreds of times and while it was nauseous each time on the second day before I learned this about clay and ashwaganda, it was common to give relief from my pain, especially with Avemar. Note that there are many other ways to reduce or heal neurotoxicity for example B vitamins or flax.. Click Here, or see link below for more about this in general.

I’ve read sites that say no way is Avemar going to be powerful enough to much counteract the cancer they have, but they may have only tried it at low dose for shorter duration because of the price then charged. Avemar has been well researched in thousands of studies and  was found with the inspirational GPS of the Hungarian scientist Albert Szent-Györgyi who’s well known as the Nobel Prize winner who discovered vitamin C.  I personally have much praise for Avemar more than graviola and much more than UDG or other methods long term. I’ve been in only mild pain for years, and I hope or expect it will completely resolve. Even so if you don’t have the money for 3 or more years of Avemar, as I say on my other posts you might want to consider other herbs like graviola or Una De Gato, I hope not even so. Another option I’m researching is making my own Avemar bread as they say how on the Denver Naturopathic site. When Avemar is short seems like a good time to see if Avemar bread is viable, if it’s absent why wait?

PS as of 2018 Feburary I’ve decided Avemar bread is out of reach compared to just buying more, complete comic math bread count, click here or see link at end of post. I never have to know math with my feline muffy around! Avemar bread is so round you’d have to eat more than a few loaves a day, plus toxins. Just 6 grams of Avemar in a loaf, and you might need 30 grams. Actually my estimate on the link may not be so if the usual 10 tabs of Avemar recommended is more like 1/2 oz instead of 1 ounce, so you’d only have to eat 15 grams worth, still 3 loaves of Avemar a day, with bread toxins like phytic acid and aflatoxin, as I say on the link, why is it named, I don’t know!

Avemar has been far the best for me, but not yet enough. The vendors say to take it till the problem completely resolves, yet if you look at many sites with different types of cancer often the result is merely prolonged survival rates. This is why I considered Una De Gato or graviola with my nurse’s cute hugs. Even if I have to lower the dose below 1/3 sometimes due to cost of Avemar for weeks it’s already seemed to program my immune system in 6 months even so I take it no doubt continuously since lower dose may have problems that are tougher. If I had started out years ago with Avemar if it had been cheap, serious as a comic I believe I wouldn’t have had a more tedious process of trial and error and neural symptoms with other herbs without, it seemed a solution in sight. Or at any rate if I have or had more severe cancer my chances may be a lot better than anything else all else the same with Avemar.

So health care with your qualified health care provider and Avemar may be first for me or you; other herbs are more a boost at most. Graviola or Una de Gato with withiana may be the second level up to a faster resolution. Another reason I’m researching the graviola is because it lowers blood pressure, oil costs so much, I feel so well!

Here’s the Life Extension Site About withiana, it shields neurons 80% and is itself strongly anticancer, Click Here..

Here’s e.g. the Sloan Kettering Site about Una De Gato

Here’s my Page About Why Avemar Bread Seems Unviable, other than a half a tablet of bread for like preventative medicine, not eating 6 loaves a day for medicinal use, But Why It’s Not All Bad Buying Avemar Helps Bring The Value Up Or A Roll Rising In The Cosmos!

Here’s The Link About Graviola

And here’s my older site with ways I used to counteract neurotoxicity with graviola or Una De Gato. If you like (like me! Hint! Hint!) read on where it says;



How To Remember And Compute Well With Cheap Machines

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A Verb About Herbs

Food is Food and Medicine is Medicine, let your dish be your life, so says Hippocrates, no he’s not dead even after 2500 years! He’s a PhD on FM stations.

One problem about taking supplements like soy flour, ribose, or other boosters is about timing. You want to think of food as food and medicine as medicine otherwise you may gain weight when you take your medicine as needed yet it has calories or even fat. Another problem is about taking some herbs only once a week. And what about reading your comic book or encyclopedia or remembering to practice music and to unplug the phone to perhaps limit business costs yet allow your wife to call? Research 100% not web research, finds most reading not as much for pleasure, so here’s a simple way you can read more and energise more otherwise than the implosion of the web.

You may read about why behaviour apps like for weight control don’t work. In research the poor millionaire asks for money by the bus and the strangers give twice as much money to the beggar earns more when they add the words, “but you can accept or say no if you want”. The apps don’t seem to work because you have to fit its agenda by changes more when it says you must eat or not eat.

You may have tried a schedule with like a calendar in the old days like most I assume, and you usually won’t continue with it. The reason would seem to be because all day we are constantly changing, for example your blood pressure in your arms or legs is changing all day. Like a budget, sometimes you can afford to buy somethings sometimes other. Often you are limited by other events. If you allow a more flexible schedule where you do what you want because you like it more when you can afford it, this gives you more life and celebration., you opt in or out, and if you miss it you find it on the next go round, the event isn’t just absent because you opted out sometimes, this is what tracfones were made for millions of auroras ago.

If a confined schedule thus seems more unviable, instead I used my tracfone calendar (not the alarm which has just a limited number of alarms and no way to name the alarms) to suggest what to do all day. I use the simpler alarm beep which also lets me have it my way, if Aunt Betsy has 257 stations, so be it! This is good for like soy flour (combining like with no fat milk for flavor cancellation, bread, or even decaf coffee, works for other herbs also). I have a whole list of supplements like foods I paid for but couldn’t remember to take, ribose, soy flour, decaf coffee (as I say green tea, ginger and chromium are a feel good combination. I was searching for a time release method to feel good all day by this like put the herb in my ear with the earstop since like 75% of herbs are skin permeable, how to put tea in my ear, right! The timer lets me schedule for many times a day, solving the problem.). One thing about Avemar is you aren’t supposed to take it within two hours on either side due to possible interaction like e.g. vitamin C. The LG solves this and makes it so the risk of other interactions is reduced as you take the herbs at other hours. You can list herbs that goeswith for value here also. With the calendar you can schedule different days of the week and remember important events, and you can take any day or month off off just by turning off the phone. (This hour of rest is often recommended for most herbs and suppliments for cleansing). And if you have interactions like say allergies, you can go back and find the cause, then either remove or change the time and so on.

One problem is if you use a lot of the alarms it’s more complex and even if of use a bit annoying, so I found that if I just stop the tracfone and I bought another LG501c then if I alternate one day of simple alarms and one day of more alarms, I don’t miss the alarms of most import. Another method is just to activate and deactivate the complex alarm all day, while this may much better than no alarm, with the complex alarm onky you may miss some important alarms.

You can get a tracfone for like 10 like my LG501c that is dropproof, and to keep the alarm always on or off I just keep the phone plugged in the charger since this keeps from wearing out the battery, and I even record some of my favorite songs as I’m a musician to the alarm, my sounds and cup of cash are hits on my answering machine! The LG501C is separate from the Android so it doesn’t have web distraction which can harm eye health and science shows web overuse may cause something like autism. You may want to use a timer box to solve this, and for other use as I say here, or click link at the end of this memo also. I can imagine using the timer box combined with the other methods to lose weight or change other behavoiur also.

My goal was how to find out how to use something like an app to change behaviour. This flexible timer method is for general use and then you use the other machine or activities as you like. Like with the invention of writing in ancient times or the Comedy machine, you may think of the timer method is an extension of mind, or what you own your brain thinks of as an extension of your brain as in research. (Even so other research shows those who spend more money on others have most pleasure in living. I would also say these are people who have more money in general, enough for themselves then others. You notice the people who spend on others spend on themselves also. Even so this isn’t the whole story either. I believe if I have much, I give of what I have, if I have less, I give of my heart.) Who can remember all the things to do otherwise, I’d rather be energised remembering whey is Velveeta when I moved to Ohio!

As I say on the link, beyond this you can go in loops with your machine, sort of like when you go to sleep by first a stimulus, then you zonk a bit, the stimulus, more zonk in the loop as you pass out. So too by using a machine like My Comedy Machine it’s like hypnosis, you get deeper and deeper in. Even so I see no reason why using these machines couldn’t be a way to change any behaviour you might want to improve. They are highly useful for solving any kind of problem either for reference as I say here about using an AZ indx plus a subindex for real fast access no cost method that will never melt down, or for more creative methods like Comedy with the Machine to help you find the best comedy to solve this or that problem faster. It’s real hysterical to sit and read the Machine. You can make an improvement and come back years and years later and improve it.

You can make the alarm interactive by using letters for the first of each word like acroynms to learn anything you want all the time. The limit of the field area is view where you list the “alarm name” is useful because you can use the next alarm down and list the letters to make a simple exercise by alternate reading of the letters and words so you know you know, and are forced to remember with a sort of interactive power reading museum of the year 2050! And you can make comic words out of the acronyms to rememer well.

Here’s the Link To The Comedy Machine (How I built My Own Comedy Machine, and Saved!)

 Here’s the link to the subindex, index AZ machine like for health, etc.

My Avemar Site Other Considerations (E.g Cautions like Blood sugar With Avemar).

Site; How To Make Your Own Avemar Bread and save 1000s a year if you have cancer.

Using The Timer Box To Lose Weight or For Other Use

How To Boost Avemar Absorption and Nutrition

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PHOTO KNOWLEDGE transformation-2937480__480

By Charles

Disclaimer; This Site Is For information Only, as In Comedy, and Not Intended To Diagnose Treat Or Cure Any Health Event. See Your Doctor Before Making Any Change in Health or Lifestyle.

As I say on my other posts (this is seems like 1987 I’m so wise!) Avemar seems superior to other methods like Graviola, Solanine, Una de Gato, etc. for me both because it’s more powerful and without problems as much like neural symptoms, and also because I used a lower dose for just 35 dollars a moth or so, moths cause summer there seems to be association! In addition as I say here  (or see link at end of post) you may be able to make your own Avemar bread with a bread machine from Ebay and save more/higher dose of Avemar. I haven’t yet tried this but according to the Denver Naturopathic site Click Here (or see link below) this may be possible.

PS As of here in April 018 I don’t believe making your own Avemar bread may be of value since you only get like 6 grams for a whole loaf of sourdough bread and you’d need 5 loaves a day, far about the RDA As I say here, (or see link below) due to the cost of industrial machines to make Avemar, and not knowing what you might be missing in your own brew, it may be better to leave this to the pro chefs who vend the provender your whey! This high cost while lower on Ebay may not be because of evil or greed just the economies of scale needed to make and sell Avemar, rather like why low fat or low sugar foods are so expensive at the store, it takes a big bread machine!

Avemar seems to modulate mitochondria as I say on the link as well as herbs like Una De Gato, and if you take healthy cells and put cancer mitochondria in them the get cancer 97% of the time, but if you put healthy mitochondria in cancer cells nothing much happens. And after all the mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell and cancer seems like a sort of hyperactivity of the cell that these methods slow down.

Here I want to discuss absorption of Avemar and other nutrients.

On the Avemar box it says it won’t work with malabsorption syndrome. Most people absorb only 5 or 10% of the food they digest. If like me you may start with Avemar and you may not realize the absorption is reduced. For this you may consider Diatomaceous Earth, DE.

The Livestrong site says DE has a long and safe history of use e.g. in agriculture as like a cleanser. Diatomaceous Earth has strong antiparasitic, antibacterial, antiviral, and even perhaps anticancer power. Here I consider only some use sometimes for improving gi cleansing (and more people go to the doctor for digestive problems than any other cause.) This, improved digestion, is the main “symptom” reported right away all month seen with DE a good sign perhaps. This may save money and lives. You may know that more than half of cancer deaths are caused by malnutrition. The cancer doesn’t kill by tumors rather by acting like a parasite and using all the energy up the rest of your physiology would otherwise use. (Only 1 in 100 cells is a cancer cell.)

DE is antibacterial by cutting up the bacteria or viruses mechanically like in your gi. It’s made of diatoms. These are ancient tiny silica lifeforms that are changed by erosion, and they have supersharp edges that literally cut up bacteria. And they also scrape your gi clean by this cutting action so digestion is improved. Your own cells are too small to cut yet it cuts larger cells like bacteria.

Some sites claim that since DE has silica, it’s anticancer itself since they say it’s impossible for cancer to survive with the right amount of silica in the cells. Other sites say this isn’t so, and I’ve seen no cure with DE. DE also has a PH of about 8 (alkaline). Some doctors say if you get the PH somewhere around or above 7.4 or so cancer is cured in two or 3 weeks. Note that because of all the acidity of the bacteria and viruses as they die, you won’t be basic right away with DE, eventually you may. Wouldn’t it be great if DE not only cleans out all the dairy products, parasites, viruses and other junk in your gi and your system, and also the cancer itself? I don’t know the answer even so this seems interesting to me. You may know that most have 20 or more pounds of dairy products stuck in their gi, that parasites and bad bacteria hold on with. There are few side effects ever seen for DE and food grade DE is literally dirt cheap. (Food grade is safe for use not other DE used for agriculture etc.) One known problem with DE like in the DE industrial business has been about the silica dust that can cause chronic silicosis, lung inflammation. DE can be dissolved with water in the jug, I punched a small hole in the wide mouth jug so easy to pour in without much dust, dust without dryness is mud!

Be sure to wash your hands and nose with clay to reduce the irritation (silicosis) that can lead to bronchitis if you touch your nose with the DE on your hand. To pour the DE in the bottle I recommend you pour the water in the jar, then go outside in the calm wind (right!) and pour the DE in the jar, and then shake up the DE before use. Always wash your hands and nose after you use DE and only use Food Grade DE, the only DE that’s safe.

You may be aware that antioxidants are found to not only protect your cells they protect the cancer also so research has found survival rates are actually lower than it was believed with antioxidants. You may ask about absorption of food and starvation with cancer. If the DE makes you absorb more food well won’t the cancer like a parasite absorb more of that food? First, if that food contains silica and is alkaline, you may win out here. Even so while it may improve absorption of Avemar this seems to be a concern so personally I’m taking DE only sometimes for the time being/and at lowest dose. It seems to cleanse the gi fast, so perhaps it’s not even needed long term. DE being also absorbent also may absorb out other herbs or like Avemar used at that time so the powerful residual effect of DE to boost the absorption of Avemar may be best. As usual see your doctor or RN for advice.

One thing that may help is ribose, a sugar your body reserves for energy alone. Your heart alone goes through 14 pounds of ATP (the main energy source for metabolism) a day the ribose is the spark for this, and wimpy ATP supplements with 1/2 a gram or ATP are worthless compared to ribose. It’s been proven that ribose bypasses the cancer to give you nutrition and energy and it also gives your immune system power especially with Avemar. Read on about cheap methods of changing how to remember of you’ve taken your herbs and for solving other problems well.

You might wonder about good gi bacteria, if DE kills bacteria why won’t it harm your own good bacteria? The answer you commonly see is that DE is negatively charged like nimble faster lighter computing electrons, and almost all that’s bad for you in your life is positive (that landlord or boss, who knows!). Heavier protons don’t compute as fast so they lost out in evolution. Cancer is also positive. So the DE has super absorbent minus power with a honeycomb of land of shredded wheat and milk and honey, and all the bad combines with the DE, and are removed from the system.

Even so DE absorbs out many perhaps 50% or more types of prescriptions (this is actually good for an absorbing or cleansing method most other such cleansers e.g. chitin to absorb fat also absorb out most other prescriptions etc.) like you guessed it Avemar, and while for me the effect was mild and Avemar is mostly strong and while I don’t know if there’s even any basis to the anticancer claims for DE, it may at any rate improve absorption of Avemar a lot even if used like 2 days a month. Something has much reduced my blemishes. I’ve gotten real results with DE and Avemar, my blemishes are like 1/3 or 2/3 better, at vs lower dose and no DE. I took DE for about 5 weeks, sites that say how to take it say to start with just 1 teaspoon so you body can adjust without strain, and then work up to two teaspoons, etc. It reduced my other herbs (e.g. Activive energy booster from Hello Life, solves 97% of tiredness without edginess even severe tiredness like CFS, and Avemar) somewhat and not that much even though I was taking a higher dose.

Also about nutrition you may want to consider rye flour. Rye contains phytase an enzyme that breaks down phytic acid a common antinutrient found in foods like grains and beans. Even if you eat a lot of healthy food you may not be getting a lot of magnesium, zinc, or other important nutrients due to phytic acid. Rye flower causes permanent or changes of duration of value for prostate health far better than methods like saw palmetto and much sooner. Magnesium alone improves health 364 ways including cancer defense. This is real magnesium. Magnesium oxide often found in multivitamins can cause kidney problems and this often limits the ability to take the vitamin supplement because the magnesium like paint blended with oil is tough to unblend the antinutrient without an unblendor!

You can also take an enzyme formula with phytase with your breads or grains to counteract the phytic acid without the calories of the bread.

Another good boost to Avemar may be fermented soy, like tofu or miso, or like I use fermented soy flour from S Korea. This boosts chemotherapy power 5 to 10 times without harm to your own cells. Unfermented soy like junk food is poison, fermented may be a treasure, like in ancient times in Sumeria they were all starving and they learned how to brew beer by fermentation and had a potent portable with a great source of real nutrition they could always eat, like bread, like Avemar.




Vitamin C and Avemar

One important caution with Avemar is that it’s important to reduce vitamin C since C reduces Avemar’s power. The Avemar sellers say to take it more than 2 hours from any vitamin C. I do this and the Avemar seems somewhat stressful to adjust, even so I found that water and or ashwaganda (the soothing adaptogenic herb, whole herb seems cheaper and better) help if it’s a bit stressful. To change the time I set my bed clock alarm to 12:00 and wait till 2 hours or ect. I reuse this timer, and hours won’t wear out in 1000 years, for laundry, exercise, and so on, it’s real, it’s been real says the gossip,  will be real audio reels!

I found that reducing Vitamin C made the Avemar much stronger against the cancer. Even so this was after I’d been taking it about a year at almost the maximum (8 tabs a day for about 100$ that last about 40 days on Ebay direct from Hungary where it was invented and is now subsidized for just 2$ for all the citizens.) It may take you 3 months for it to improve your defence, even so limits I discuss here on vitamin C have helped most. It never seemed to catch on or at any rate just held the same before I reduced the vitamin C.

If I sometimes eat a bit more vitamin C to imbibe I just try it with decaf coffee, this reduces C absorption. I’m wondering if having coffee all day may be of value since many of the jugs of juice I drink have an extra vitamin C additive, if you have to do this or are involved with vitamin C this might boost the Avemar a lot, this seemed to be caused by use of a bit of lemon juice (with vitamin C) to reduce itchy skin and it also increased the pain beside it of a blemish on my foot about 3/4 and so you may want to reduce your vitamin C with the decaf coffee more often. The common use of Avemar like on your skin is also of value more where it might hurt. I simply put three tabs in a 2 oz bottle and soak overnight store in the refrigerator so it stays beautious and meritorius, mom says a word is so! (She’s a professor/author). This might last several weeks and has often given real relief from my pain. 3/4 of herbs are skin permeable and Avemar works to advantage while the citrus seems to counteract the same, and this may be important since it means not only does Avemar absorb less than perfect by the usual GI method, it also isn’t guaranteed to be in general circulation, so Avemar  both dermal and by mouth may be optimal.

Another option for more Avemar might be to use the tablets soaked in water in the bottle method and then using it in the spray bottle for more general absorbtion like on your leg. This has removed a tumor in my foot even though it’s considered Phase IV cancer. If you can afford it you might try an Avemar bath, and I don’t know if the spray bottle wouldn’t clog up. At any rate you may get more Avemar where it hurts or you need more if you use more of it around the general area you want to improve.


The Avemar vendors say Avemar is not for use with vitamin C, 2 hours on both sides of the time, which is 8 hours a day without juice, with a bit of change of habit, if I just eat other foods while I wait I like, this is no problem once I got used to it, there are 100s of thousands of other foods in evolution’s health food shack! Even so after it seemed to make my foot sore, I wonder if it’s a good idea to limit Vitamin C all day, if you get a large amount and use decaf coffee, this might boost your Avemar so much you live and thrive more often..

I use decaf coffee because caffeine causes hormone damage, and it atrophies your adrenal’s ability in the long run, your energy is more shaky and if you have the DT’s, spray on powdered caffeine won’t wake you up at the wheel!

One problem with coffee used to limit vitamin C is the caffeine also limits absorbtion of other vitamins like calcium, D, and B complex. For this reason it’s not advised to use too much coffee, I just use moderate amounts with just a moderate level of aspirin.

Aspirin limits most vitamin C absorption. I found that decaffeinated coffee has caffeine while caffeine free has, coffee! It’s not easy to find enough juices with no vitamin C, so I’ve tended to limit the C absorbtion “on the other side”.  Since vitamin C has been found to gowith vitamin D (they boost each other, and deficiency of one causes limits on the other) it’s important to limit C with only enough aspirin or coffee to keep the otherwise elevated C levels in healthy moderation to get more out of the Avemar in addition to no vitamin C foods within two hours of the Avemar. This use of lower doses of coffee and aspirin to boost Avemar might only be for those without access to foods that have no vitamin C, as in healthy juices, that are cheaper, cheap foods cost less than more healthy foods and I list this about aspirin and coffee only with a doctor’s care and advice, more for the sake of complete use than for what most would be about. Even so, this isn’t medical advice, see your doctor before you try this.

Another way to remove Vitamin C might be by fenugreek, which even so reduces absorption of anything you eat. I was originally using fenugreek extract, this was expensive and lowers blood sugar so much it’s drowsy, so I tried the whole herb, cheaper and without this side effect I wasn’t aware of being woozy about! (Whole herbs seem like uncooked fresh food to me compared to canned foods, the canned foods have reduced nutrients, and here the unprocessed non extracted herbs are often both cheaper and without so much harm caused by side effects. Not always but in general the way evolution has set it up seems best for us.) I generally would favor the other methods over fenugreek since as you absorb out the vitamin C with the fenugreek, you also may absorb out more nutrients, and as I say above this is important with cancer. Even so fenugreek is a male libido booster if used over months and it also lowers high blood pressure.




   You may find while the tabs will keep well for years, since the Avemar is rather like sourdough bread it sours when soaked in the jug in about 5 or more days. I’ve seen sites that say to preserve food, use thyme or Grapefruit Seed Extract, GSE both strong antibacterials. Even so thyme is addictive and has problems like alcohol, and since GSE can cause harm perhaps temporary or not to the P450 cytochrome pathway of your liver, this is the main way your body processes prescriptions, like right Avemar, so this isn’t so good.

METHOD ONE; my alternative for stopping the herb spoilage is by cayenne and Olive Leaf OL. While these combined may not have the most flavor cheeze, ceyanne/OL is better than a putrid bacterial odor and more cost of Avemar that would be with more value for us not the bacteria in the jug, and they are so strongly antibacterial they can control sinusitis for months at a time between my breathing fire like an el Torro! OL sets up a permanent structure germs can’t function inside and it has a long list of amazing advantages, e.g. antiparasitic, builds bone, strengthens and cleanses out the heart, boosts immunity etc. and only one known side effect, low blood sugar only at high dose and over extended use. (There may be other side effects than these we don’t know about.)

Ceyanne is great for wound healing and many consider cancer to be a would that can’t heal since damaged immune cells are found much around tumors. Ceyanne is also a great way to cut through mucus as in sinusitis, and so on, and both OL and Ceyanne are cheap, You can buy years worth of OL at Swanson health online with the ceyanne for 15 dollars, they’re both considered to be good for health in general, and they help a great deal with gingivitis on the toothbrush if combined with DE in the jug.

Mangosteen is also with no side effect I could find and it’s strong enough in antibacterial power to work well for ezcema. Eczema is staph most of the time research shows, and anything strong enough for staph also may be good for bacterial issue like gingivitis and this is without the horrible flavor some like Mercola propose for using baking soda and salt for this, and they don’t work as well. Mangosteen is strong for blood sugar issues, and is valuable for fitness, heart health and circulation. While mangosteen has almost no flavor, Webmd says it’s known to be unsafe with blood thinners and that it’s not for use with chemotherapy that uses oxidation. Avemar uses oxidation so caution is advised. Long term effects of mangosteen are not known according to Webmd. Even so I’ve used it awhile and noticed good results for gingivitis, ezcema and blood sugar wooziness I was having after I ate sugar. Bacteria may never get resistant to complex natural methods like DE/ceyanne/and Olive Leaf like in evolution of complex defenses, and perhaps this might be true for some other methods like mangosteen, though I’ve found the ones that are safest are rarer. Mangosteen may not be needed for long term use since so far it seems to cure my ezcema. Avemar seems to be working a lot better after I limited the Vitamin C from juices more I was using by the coffee or aspirin methods of this post. Mangosteen is also cheap and it may be of some value. Even so see your doctor before you use any herb or make any change in health or lifestyle.

This method of using Ceyanne with OL for a good preservative may not work as well for lots of food since it would all have the same flavor, and mega doses of any herb aren’t recommended, what herb is a vitamin! Even so it works well for just a spray jug or a few tabs of Avemar. OL and ceyanne go well with the Avemar and the coffee in the jug without brewing and it’s twice as convenient more and more..

METHOD 2 TO SAVE HERBS FROM SPOILAGE; Here’s my favorite method to stop food or herb spoilage; using a ketchup bottle with a snap lid and soaking the herb or other clay! and then funneling them into the ketchup bottle. Then I label the jug with a label, I use paper tape, it’s cheap, label with permanent markers then embalm it with transparent packing tape so it won’t wear away the paper tape with handling. When you simply flip the ketchup top when you use it upside down its like a one way valve! The opening is reduced if you just shake the herb or clay downward in your other hand for use. Putrid stuff that sometimes might be on your hands  never contacts the area above in the jug. And it’s an easy way I use some herbs. For added safety, I store it in the refrigerator..

Finally consider ginger, super anticancer relative of the herb turmeric. Ginger reduces tumors by 57% in the lab and it tricks cancer cells into self destruction. Ginger also improves absorption of any food (like Avemar) and pepper itself boosts ginger by 1000s of times. It relaxes the body 7 ways and boosts the liver by 8 methods. Like many you may find you don’t tolerate turmeric but you tolerate ginger well. While not as good for absorption, Ginger was a good earlier herb I used before DE. If you want to take pepper with the ginger, be sure to take it at another time of day than the Avemar since it may interfere with the powerful immune power of the Avemar by like allergy (sneezing, or etc.) I also take green tea non decaffeinated, it always is here! I got caffeine rich green tea from the discount store and it works fine for feeling good and energy both, but with some caffeine so I tried decaf green tea from Swanson Health for 12 times the cost and it may have been “counterfeit” as it’s believed 1/3 of OTC herbs are. This cost me two months of feeling good and reduced energy, so you may like more usual tea, than eating flowers, flowers have flour, right!

Green tea is anticancer and it feels good with ginger and is energizing by nutrition more than caffeine. Since it only lasts for several hours you may like the calendar timer method as I say since you can use multiple alarms and feel good all day.


Exercise like Avemar is considered to be a “magic bullet” for cancer, both may harm the cancer not you. I had been exercising for 10 years before I got cancer, and I think of it as saving me often in other ways of power. Even so after my foot had a tumor in the heel before I reversed this with the Vitamin C Avemar method above, I learned something more about exercise. Exercise doesn’t have to be fast, like walking even so I love to walk also. If your foot is hurt too like I was, you can use weights that make a short distance you travel the same about as a long travel like if you walk. It’s the equivalent, so you can target, or get around areas like me with my foot and get more exercise. I don’t use expensive exercise machines since they would take up space in my appartment and I think they look ugly (even so I once incvented a ceiling fan exercise machine you go around and around and it takes up up up no floor space, even so I think I would clunk my head on a storm vapor!). Instead I just use a magazine bag like the reusable grocery bags and use the handles to lift and then use them sort of like other machines with more flexes. And no doubt weights and bands are of value.



If you want to exercise you don’t need to be out of it for days just for doing the right thing by exercise. Here I list two methods that strongly counteract muscle soreness after exercise.

(A third more elaborate method is by Activive, an all natural formula that reverses 97% of even severe fatigue like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, CFS. It has no side effects and even completely reverses enzyme deficiency common to most fatigue and cancer. I used Activive for years with no side effects other than a bit of edginess if I like missed a dose by an hour. Even so Activive made by Hello Life is more expensive than the following two natural herbs, and these being simpler may also perhaps be “safer”, even so you use this site at your own risk, and these methods may not work the same for you as they have in my own life. See your doctor before making any changes in diet, fitness, or lifestyle. This is by no means a list of all possible or known side effects of all these herbs);


Because of a wrong 100 year old frogleg experiment Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness DOMS (which is the usual soreness a day or so after heavy exercise) was believed to be caused by the buildup of lactic acid in muscle a byproduct of exercise. Instead it was found to be caused in recent R and D by free radicles from the joints. So a real improvement while you are conditioning and are in shape may be tart cherry, the most powerful antinflammatory food known. Even so tart cherry has problems if used over weeks about renal toxicity. Since 57% or so of renal problems are known to be about neural health, I use an adaptogenic herb with few or no known side effects called ashwaganda, it reduces neural harm caused by “outside influence” like a boss yelling about how you are so rich in fish oil! by 80% in research (Adaptogenic means a herb like ginseng that helps the body may ways without causing harm, ashwaganda is indeed named indian ginseng). I’ve never had any side effects other than more calm with ashwaganda, whole herb seems better and cheaper than the extracts like from Swanson health online. Ashwaganda also reduces tumors 80 to 100% in vitro.

Another way to reduce muscle soreness may be by passionflower. It acts like benzodiazapine, a CNS soother, but it’s not habit forming, and works fine “at shutting down the insomnia talk show” that often goes with insomnia. I’ve never had any side effects in years other than good sleep when I used it sometimes at night. Here though I want to say passionflower is good also for restless legs, a problem sleeping millions of Americans have, so it’s a super soother for muscle soreness also. Like Ashwaganda, passionflower is quite cheap at Swanson Health online.


A Verb About Herbs, Proverbs And Pronounciation

Food is Food and Medicine is Medicine, let your food be your medicine, so says Hippocrates, no he’s not dead even after 2500 years! He’s a PhD selling R and R business inventions on FM stations.

One problem about taking supplements like soy flour, ribose, or other boosters is about timing. You want to think of food as food and life as life otherwise you may boost your weight when you take your medicine as needed yet it has calories or even fat. Another problem is about taking some herbs only once a week. And what about reading your comic book or encyclopedia or remembering to practice music and to unplug the phone to perhaps limit business costs yet allow your wife to call.. Research 100% not web research, finds most reading not as much for pleasure, so here’s a simple way you can read more and energize more otherwise than the implosion of the web.

You may read about why behaviour apps like for weight control don’t work. In research the Poor Inventor asks for donations by the bus and the strangers give twice as much money so the beggar earns more when they add the words, “but you can accept or say no if you want”. The apps don’t seem to work because you have to fit its agenda by changes more when it says you must eat or not eat.

You may have tried a schedule with like a calendar in the old days like most I assume, and you usually won’t continue with it. The reason would seem to be because, all day we are constantly changing, for example your blood pressure in your arms or legs is changing all day. Like a budget, sometimes you can afford to buy somethings sometimes other. Often you are limited by other events. If you allow a more flexible schedule where you do what you want because you like it more when you can afford it, this gives you more life and celebration… you opt in or out, and if you miss it you find it on the next go round, the event isn’t just absent because you opted out sometimes, this is what tracfones were made for millions of auroras ago.

If a confined schedule thus seems more unviable, instead I used my tracfone calendar (not the alarm which has just a limited number of alarms and no way to name the alarms) to suggest what to do all day. I use the simpler alarm beep which also lets me have it my way, if Aunt Betsy has 257 stations, so be it! This is good for like soy flour (combining like with no fat milk for flavor cancellation, bread, or even decaf coffee, works for other herbs also). I have a whole list of supplements like foods I paid for but couldn’t remember to take, ribose, soy flour, decaf coffee (as I say green tea, ginger and chromium are a feel good combination. I was searching for a time release method to feel good all day by this like put the herb in my ear with the earstop since like 75% of herbs are skin permeable, how to put tea in my ear, right! The timer lets me schedule for many times a day, solving the problem.). One thing about Avemar is you aren’t supposed to take it within two hours on either side due to possible interaction like e.g. vitamin C. The LG solves this and makes it so the risk of other interactions is reduced as you take the herbs at other hours. You can list herbs that goeswith for value here also. With the calendar you can schedule different days of the week and remember important events, and you can take any day or month off just by turning off the phone. (This hour of rest is often recommended for most herbs and supplements for cleansing). And if you have interactions like say allergies, you can go back and find the cause, then either remove or change the time and so on.

One problem is if you use a lot of the alarms it’s more complex and even if of use a bit annoying, so I found that if I just stop the tracfone and I bought another LG501c then if I alternate one day of simple alarms and one day of more alarms, I don’t miss the alarms of most import. Another method is just to activate and deactivate the complex alarm all day, while this may much better than no alarm, with the complex alarm only you may miss some important alarms.

You can get a tracfone for like 10 like my LG501c that is dropproof, and to keep the alarm always on or off I just keep the phone plugged in the charger since this keeps from wearing out the battery, and I even record some of my favorite songs as I’m a musician to the alarm, my sounds and cup of cash are hits on my answering machine! The LG501C is separate from the Android so it doesn’t have web distraction which can harm eye health and science shows web overuse may cause something like autism. You may want to use a timer box to solve this, and for other use as I say here, or click link at the end of this memo also. I can imagine using the timer box combined with the other methods to lose weight or change other behaviour also.

My goal was how to find out how to use something like an app to change behaviour. This flexible timer method is for general use and then you use the other machine or activities as you like. Like with the invention of writing in ancient times or the Comedy machine (link below), you may think of the timer method is an extension of mind, or what you own your brain thinks of as an extension of your brain as in research. (Even so other research shows those who spend more money on others have most pleasure in living. I would also say these are people who have more money in general, enough for themselves then others. You notice the people who spend on others spend on themselves also. Even so this isn’t the whole story either. I believe if I have much, I give of what I have, if I have less, I give of my heart.) Who can remember all the things to do otherwise, I’d rather be energised remembering whey is Velveeta when I moved to Ohio!

As I say on the link, beyond this you can go in loops with your machine, sort of like when you go to sleep by first a stimulus, then you zonk a bit, the stimulus, more zonk in the loop as you pass out. So too by using a machine like the timer so I more access and reliably remember use of My Comedy Machine it’s like hypnosis, you get deeper and deeper in. Even so I see no reason why using these machines couldn’t be a way to change any behaviour you might want to improve. They are highly useful for solving any kind of problem either for reference as I say here about using an AZ index plus a subindex for real fast access no cost method that will never melt down, or for more creative methods like Comedy with the Machine to help you find the best comedy to solve this or that problem faster. It’s real hysterical to sit and read the Machine. You can make an improvement and come back years and years later and improve it.


You can make the alarm interactive by using letters for the first of each word like acronyms to learn anything you want all the time. The limit of the field area is view where you list the “alarm name” is useful because you can use the next alarm down and list the letters to make a simple exercise by alternate reading of the letters and words so you know you know, and are forced to remember with a sort of interactive power reading museum of the year 2050! And you can make comic words out of the acronyms to remember well.

I’ve found the schedule method is good to remember more jokes, and it’s rather like an efficiency expert, not for all the time, even so you get more out of it for the worth it’s worth.

Here’s the Link To The Comedy Machine (How I built My Own Comedy Machine, and Saved!)

 Here’s the link to the subindex, index AZ machine like for health, etc.

My Avemar Site Other Considerations (E.g Cautions like Blood sugar With Avemar).

Site; How To Make Your Own Avemar Bread and save 1000s a year if you have cancer.


Using The Timer Box To Lose Weight or For Other Use

Other Uses Of Avemar/Nattokinase and Vinegar

November 30, 2015 - Leave a Response

Here I want to say that while nattokinase and Avemar seem wonderous, see your doctor if you’re taking any other medicines or have any health issue.   Also please be sure to see also my other pages and use common sense. Only gradually try new methods especially OTC’s, read multiple sites etc.

Avemar may be for anyone who wants to use preventative measures, RV motorcycle health insurance keeps my relatives alive! Or for those where other methods have failed, since it’s advertised to repair even a severely damaged immune system. But these other uses I list are with the combination of Nattokinase Avemar and Vinegar which seem more powerful for these uses I list than anything else I’ve seen. If like me you’re using these three anticancer methods, you can make further use of them as I’ll say here. One is for persistent inflammations e.g. staph/eczema, sinusitis, which can cause severe incurable pain if left untreated, parasites, and so on. If you’ve itched for more lifetimes than ponchos have warranties over umbrellas and the rest of your ail avail seems to fail, you might want to try this combination since it’s more powerful than many simple less powerful methods. The price is just about 10 for the nattokinase and 10 for the vinegar soak in your tub, plus about 30 for the cheapest Avemar online if you opt out of just a sub with your yatchtch!

Note that while nattokinase has been used for hundreds of years in Japan, the Livestrong site says nattokinase is not considered safe for use without a doctor’s care. While the Livestrong site may be a mere disclaimer, caution is advised. How old and wise this doctor may be, I don’t know. Dr. Time is how wise, as the old expression goes, experience always wins and you have cravings for rich luxury..

Two of the issues with Avemar are cost and blood sugar, on my other site I discuss using it at lower dose about cost, and external dermal use for reducing blood sugar caution, and so on. If it’s a dermal OTC and it says for internal use only, do not use it! Avemar is subsidized in Hungary, where it was invented, and it has many good health uses, even if just about other problems than cancer. Note that low doses of Avemar are all I’ve used, and it’s important to see your health care provider often, though it took about 3 months to activive my defense other than the other two methods which work right away.

Here I discuss vino for external use only, higher doses of vinegar used internally can cause liver and kidney damage.

Nattokinase has issues about blood clotting/blood thinning some sites say. Others say it’s selective about what fibrin it dissolves, not  good fibrin, just bad fibrin. So far I haven’t seemed to have any bleeding problems, and the Japanese took it for 100’s of years, such wise they were.

I don’t recommend using nattokinase on skin anywhere you don’t want to look wrinkled, I said how good does my skin look and she sez, I can’t see for all the wrinkles! With my  zooms I see well enough I said to her to say to me, that also likewise since nattokinase not only eats up like dental germs quite well, it also causes your gums to be reduced quite a bit you may want to brush more often if you use nattokinase for stopping germs which for me works real well and all these sites are for information only and are not medical advice at the ER or what just plain simple me, a mild mannered millionaire of relaxation not debt.For dental use as I say here, a gentler broad spectrum enzyme formula may work best, with less frequent use of the nattokinase, regular visits to the dentist and more.

Nattokinase is not for use at high doses, it causes cancer to metastatise. The cancer can rapidly build resistance, so a more broad spectrum type of enzyme formula may be best. Or perhaps best of all may be green barley grass powder, it has about every natural enzyme there is, so neither germs or cancer may get resistant to it, or not as fast. Bacteria seldom get resistance to herbal antibiotics, while they easily get resistance to antibiotic drugs. NOTE that barley grass has a large dose of K2 which isn’t good for bleeding problems, and is often good for cardio health for the same reason, lots of enzymes and K2 dissolve clots.

Another problem is about green stains, this can be used inside underwear or internally, even so for external use like in summer I use a broad spectrum enzyme formula En-zymes which seems better than nattokinase and doesn’t stain.

And this leads to the first advantage of nattokinase AT LOW DOSE (if you can tolerate it, this may not work for you and is only an illustrative example);

Nattokinase reduces risk of Alzheimer’s by 90% as the Wikipedia says about the Japanese rates. Perhaps 50% of those over 70 have Alzheimer’s. My mom is a journalist/English prof who speaks five languages in E Europe for an English language paper, they’re all learning English over there, and this reduces chance of Alzheimer’s by 25%. They did an MRI on my mom and she has a brain of an 18 year old, imagine how old I am! As in Japan, just a bit of nattokinase each day is considered best since just like as in Japan, too much unfermented natto at any rate is bad and can cause high estrogen. And as above it also may cause bleeding, while if your blood pressure is higher and your risk of cancer as you age with more fibrin, for me the advantages of nattokinase may be more relative to the risk.

Other uses of broad spectrum enzymes or Green Barley Grass/High grain Vino/ Plus Avemar used externally;

It’s good for joint health;

Reduces pain

Staph/Eczema/skin itching

97% who have eczema (itching) also have staph. High grain vino not only stops 95% of bacteria, it’s also an enzyme to dissolve more of the problem. The other main aspect here is about inflammation, the eczema/staph are like an allergy/autoimmune problem. While a daily soak for one week e.g. in vinegar for itching feet will kill most of the staph, using Avemar/nattokinase, (or green barley grass where and K2 staining isn’t an issue, eg for great dental defense by dissolving the bacteria REAL efficiently with temporary green teeth, they’ll know you’re a veggie by your wuv! in addition to high grain vinegar (one part vinegar/two parts water) will modulate and boost your immune defense. Modulating the immune defense as with Avemar is considered to be a deeper way to solve eczema these days by many dermatologists. Not to kill the biology completely but to more like coexist with a broader lever of defense like nature used for millions of years, broad spectrum was like wearing sound surround RV visors.


The majority researched have parasites and don’t know it, or the other way round, hope the parasites don’t know! At any rate enzymes dissolve parasites, and Avemar is a strong way to defend since the immune system always tries to remove parasites. While as some say “when the nutrition arrives parasites soon depart” (it’s not this simple) to nourish is also to nourish the immune defense, and Avemar is, you guessed it a Nobel winning German Powdered beer! I used thyme for some value, but thyme is not for long term use since it’s addictive and has bad side effects like alcohol.  Zinc Oxide cream you can get at like Rite Aid is real powerful, but you need to take it with copper also.


Avemar not with nattokinase but a broad spectrum enzyme formula when used on the upper sides of the nose (no vinegar here (irritates eyes)) literally dissolve out the mucous from the outside in. Not being able to breathe at night is related to higher risk of sleep apnea, and AHDD. Natto/Avemar will clear out your breathing for waves of months over your wave bed, or your spinning gyroscope bathtub, you always sail out to the shore of the cosmic beach..
For years I used ceyanne and olive leaf, which stopped 9/10ths of my symptoms for months at a time. Finally after years it seemed it started to fail, so it seems enzymes may be another solution. Even so ceyanne cuts through mucous at a fast rate, and I would use the olive leaf to dry my nose if needed, one wet the other dry, to adjust my nose just right and cheap for months. Only for other reasons did it reduce its power (I was sometimes taking allergic herbs). Clay is also considered wonderous for breathing issues, this in combination with baking soda and the other methods may be better yet.


Emotional health

People who eat fermented soy (not unfermented junk food which is harmful) feel better about life findings show.


One method I used for years was to put Olive Leaf (powerful cheap immune booster/antibacterial, no side effects other than low blood sugar long term higher dose but a long list of amazing advantages) plus MSM (wonderous cheap sulfur compound that’s been processed out of our food) in my ear, the itch would start, I’d scratch which automatically reduced the inflammation, fight flower with flour! Even so since other immune boosters aren’t for use with Avemar, using Ave/Vino/and En-zymes have finished it well. If you can’t solve your otitis or other inflammation keep in mind a method like this you might devise from the web to automatically shut down the itch by way of some safe herb or method you put in your ear if this fails type in the outbox! I would say olive leaf and MSM may also be safe if used a while even with Avemar in other hours of the day. I’ve used immune boosters like echinacea (heals dental gum issues not just controls them) tart cherry (reduces tiredness 80% after exercise without edginess, though toxicity if used like for weeks) or even flax high lignan which reduces inflammation and cancer proliferation 87% (costs just 1 dollar more than usual flax oil which is worthless against cancer).


In addition as I say on my Enzyme and Avemar posts, nattokinase is strongly anticancer (for both see cautions however) if 2 out of 3 have it and it reduces systolic blood pressure by 20 points in a week, and is good for heart health. As we age, more fibrin clots up our circulation and fibrin is the mass of a tumor,  a hide out the bad guys use to operate away from the immune system’s influence. Nattokinase reduces fibrin dramatically, and while it doesn’t kill any cancer cells, Avemar is a super immune booster that removes or tries to improve all types of cancer once the cancer cells are “out in the open”.

Enzymes are’t as valuable for me at any rate as another method I use, Una De Gato, it’s as powerful as chemotherapy  but much less harmful to the immune system and other health zones of your Amazon. Click here for more  or see link at end of the post.

Note while some sites say nattokinase is amazing in its limitation of metastatic cancer, Web MD says this is not yet known. Even so cancer cells have more than fifteen times the fibrin coat of other cells, and Avemar/and the En-zyme  formula/green barley grass have worked well for me so far.  As I say on my other site about Nattokinase/Avemar, Nattokinase is like bombing the hornet’s nest, so it seems while it’s good to gradually gently try to dissolve tumors by using a broad spectrum enzyme formula while limiting the cancer cells outside this area between the tumors as it’s considered by some to achieve, putting nattokinase directly on a tumor isn’t my common use of nattokinase. In addition, Avemar doesn’t circulate that well once added dermally, so I take my PM Avemar, on my legs, stomach, and shoulders before sleep. And I use it in the daytime in just a dab of Avemar when needed. See your health care provider my other sites and web Phds if you have savvy here or doubts, if you have both you’ll win on Wheel of no more!

There are few super germs in evolution because natural defenses like herbs have thousands of  antibacterial compounds they are “broad spectrum” so the bacteria never can build up much resistance. If you have cancer likewise you may want to consider broad spectrum enzymes, that are both more gentle and with presumable reduced risk of resistance with time than with use of one enzyme alone.



The duodenal sleeve  cures the curse! 1 in 3 have blood sugar woes and 82% of type II diabetes as recognized by ADA. The sleeve is merely a small poly tube that fits inside the duodenum the zone below your stomach and the upper/lower gi. I believe this might involve bad bacteria inflaming the duodenem, reducing its ability to send the sugar signal to the pancreas to send insulin at the right time. Like a bully who always might hit where it hurts most, bad timing for the defense might make insulin cause more harm than good, while good timing may be just right to balance the body’s use of insulin. I was woozy after sugar, and then I tried green clay and baking soda after sugar, and this completely stopped this for about three years. Medicinal clay and baking soda are strong antibacterials, and clay also acts as an enzyme, speeding up reactions. Three years later the wooziness started again, to no avail by this method. Finally I started with green barley grass by my bed before I would get sleepy otherwise and it works well! So perhaps low blood sugar is often caused by prescription drugs and tends to get worse with time because the bacteria get more resistant and the drugs artificially ferment the bad germs. If so as I say, the enzymes in green barley or other enzyme broad spectrum formulas may be of value since if bad bacteria are involved with low blood sugar they won’t be able to get resistance for more duration. This is only  a possibility, be sure to see your RN, you know, the ophamologist who hugs you!

Dental Health

As on my dental health page, 10 years of improvements have led me not to a fountain of breath rinse, yeah En zyme is a word I can pronounce well. I tried many tricks, yet a simple trick of putting my fingernail between my teeth, even with all my tricks would nine times out of ten yield that bad breath odor, like a toothbrush odor. Green barley grass is the first I’ve seen that removes it right away, and it’s a continuous effect, days or weeks in duration, even with sweets. The only other thing I’ve ever seen that comes as close as I say on my dental page, is to separate the sugar from the other food and the teeth by using a special small straw, starving the germs out. While the separation by using more liquid than solid for dental health etc. is a good trick, even more powerful than just one trick without other tricks, Enzymes of more broad value have the advantage of being able to eat more types of sweets continuously.

Adjusting To Other Herbs

This can be edgy or uncomfortable e.g. when starting OTC ‘s. Changing timing can be a time of adjusting edginess if you miss the time, and I used ginger the herb since it boosts liver function 8 ways and relaxes the body 7 ways. I think much of the edgy adjustment nausea for me at any rate is about the liver adjusting, and your renal function is also downstream in the filtration process so if you shield your liver, you might also improve your renal defence if it’s an issue. Enzymes seem to do this even better for me though it may not for you. For first line of adjusting, you may want to just eat a salad you can get like from Amazon, herbs like cabbage or other healthy herbs are wonderous for liver cleansing/boosting.


Use a small dose inside the cap for suppository. For hemorrhoids clay is of worth.

Energy/General Good Health

This is common with nourishing immune boosters. There are three general types of stimulants, adrenal (edgy) brain boosting (edgy) and nutrition (Ahh Word of What Breath!)

As I say I use vinegar/Avemar/En -zymes externally, vinegar isn’t for internal use, while Natto or En- zymes and Ave both can be used internally and externally. Even so with blood sugar wooziness Avemar has due to beer’s high carb level, I use it externally mostly (Like most herbs or OTC’s Avemar is skin permeable). I’ve found that using barley grass externally is good for many uses and it doesn’t seem to absorb much deeper in. So for reducing blood pressure by fibrin etc., you may want to watch the doses you take internally with more caution, since while they may be valuable they may be more harmful if caution isn’t used.

Enzymes can be long acting, like weeks with small doses out of the cap so it’s cheap, it’s powerful for about 8 dollars for a years worth, though caution is advised with blood thinners and K2 found with green barley will also thin the blood, so unless you have high blood pressure or high viscosity oil flow in your circulation, you may much more like  a broad spectrum enzyme formula  without the K2 a formula easy to buy on e.g. sites like Swanson Health on Amazon. I’ve had chest discomfort that sometimes would start, just a bit more K2 with the low dose nattokinase for a while removed it. So I have K2 on hand use as much as I can or as I need since it also counteracts solanine, a compound found in potatoes, tomatoes, and other nightshades considered to be the only food other than sugar or phytic acid that’s also a poison, slowly replacing the good neurotransmitters in your synapses like nerve gas, so K2 etc is great for emotional cheer, and it counteracts 87% of heart problems by way of counteracting solanine’s other main problem about calcium, clogging up your heart and joints etc. NOT a natural illness of aging, See my sites and/or the Weston Price site for more.  Avemar might cost 150 for 300 tabs, but using it lower dose brings my cost down to just 10 or less a month. The vino might cost 10 dollars. For phytic acid, rye flour mixed with grains or beans counteracts it.

More About Una De Gato

USING THE TIMER BOX/KITCHEN SAFE METHOD For Dental Health, Weight Control, Reducing Web “Autism”, Etc.

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The kitchen safe, sold on Amazon for 55 postpaid is a way to reduce sugar since it’s how often you eat it that causes more harm than how much. (Click here for my simple cheap easy dental defense page or see link below.) The Kitchen Timer makes good behaviour in reach more reliably from sweets, or with the mouse and cheeze in the safe, so you can’t use the rather habit forming otherwise phones and 12 hours a day has been linked to reduction of grey matter, and other studies have shown it causes reduction of social perceptiveness, rather like autism.. How to stop using the machine if it’s so important? Yet others say we have a wholly unnatural sense of urgency caused by the machines. They are often habit forming due to randomness, much like seen in gambling research.

Since it’s like autism and the emotional face sensing glasses have been of value for those involved, I think the harm computers cause, like less deep REM sleep, might be solved by just looking down more with your eyes balanced in the center for all the reading in site, even if the site is a volume! This is like in your body, all systems are in pairs to balance. When you hold your vision outward for hours it seems like lifting your arms out and they won’t feel like blinking, to heal your eyes! If you hold your arms “or your eyes” at your side this is a real relief. This method combined with the timer safe totally cured my dry eye, which is not so dry as you say. I’ve invented antiautism software also if you’d like to contact me for collaboration/patents, my number is 276 228 3469., or write 138 Longview Village CR Wytheville, VA. 24382 I’ve invented also software that gradually reduces randomness for cyber gamblers, 2/3 of them are addicts, and in China with slow modems, 25 million are overusers. I pray for them often about this, the arrival of broadband connection, with the afterlife.. The software I’ve devised uses eyewear you wear anytime that changes the image so the randomness is reduced. Unlike timers that only reduce activity with more random interruptions caused by the timer, the software works for any computer not just PC’s or I’ve seen the cellphone timer and this seems to not go deep enough for the solution since it still doesn’t reduce the habit just the access. The idea is where the control is most of worth. This may also be great for any type of behavioural problem. The cellphone timer just works for the cellphone, this works for all computers wherever you go, and for other habits, like annoying commercials. For us with 3G connections in the US, this about web overuse may be milder, and here too the box may be of value since your brain needs time to consolidate memories so they say. You may find the Kitchen safe to be of value where your brain just has a giant refreshing sigh of relief. You can start reducing time a bit more each day, and I not infrequently take 30 year rests!  For real control of weight reduction and the machines, you may find you need at least two boxes for food rest, and another for the machines since they are on other loops. For weight control, dieters may need “complete control” to make it through the time of fire, and zones unforced by the box, or uncharmed, at any rate will reduce the value for this Click Here For a look at The Box, or see link at end of post.

The reason more complete control might be best for dieters is because some sites I’ve seen say dieting is “like going on a diet for the rest of your life”. And just using the box over and over might be its match also. What does this mean, going on a diet for the rest of your life? The hunger doesn’t go on forever, I wonder if this wasn’t partially invented in hopes of other’s without an overweight problem trying to discourage dieters? I’ll let you know here if this is of worth. I’ll buy two more Boxes and let you know.


Update; I tried to put my food in a storage box like Sterlite and locked the box and this was relatively difficult to do. I needed a drill so the hole for the chain since I didn’t have other boxes on hand.  I tried it and it also controlled my idea itself, where I didn’t feel like constantly  locking and unlocking the boxes clumsy with the chain and lock. The storage boxes were the only ones that could store enough food. Presumably you could buy something like a paper safe with a way to use the lock and keys. I coded my keys with string through loop to like duct tape of color coded to the lock to always find the right lock and key.


I’ve also found great new ways to almost totally reduce dieting binges I was having a bit of feast and famine each weekend and monday or tuesday of each week as money was sometimes in and out of reach for food. But I found a great way to much reduce this by using bread to both satisfy as much as chips, and crackers and save a lot of money on food and reduce fat salt sugar and cholesterol. Using bread goeswith like meat, juice, and many many other healthy foods this puts in comfortable reach by bread the slice of life! It makes it easy to say no to most junk food because it’s the underlying food most junk food is made of. Bread has a strong stabilizing value for weight control. If I don’t always lose weight at least I don’t put on weight in in stressful or more unpredictable times. Other times I lose weight also.


Even so combinations of this method and the Kitchen safe are also possible for most effect so I will use a light bicycle chain looped through the door of my refrigerator and up to the cabinet on the left. The chain will go through the space between the cabinet door and the cabinet then out through the space between the door and cabinet around where the hinge connects. This may make it so I can lock the refrigerator not just a box, and this may be a simpler way to control more of the food with a simple method that also allows food that might otherwise perish so it will not perish and so you can have life as often as you’d like! I know a neighbor who only has months of life, then his wife comes back!


I’ve read about the idea of some inventors with Safes like weekdays days each with a timer lock/with three meals each, for more complete control.  The inventors believed if the dieter would just bypass the diet jukebox and go buy at the store, the idea of a sensor in the car that senses if the driver is hungry and stops the car seems of worth. Another use of the Timer Box might be for the fob. The good news is you don’t have to weight, I find the kitchen safe is so powerful it wakes you up, they say “Hey you say shout?” “What roof! Roof no more, just sunshine in the rain!”

If I’m asleep and I hear the alarm, I just roll over to put out the fire, and snuffle off to snore, it’s not the snore or a fire fighting machine outside!

I use an opaque box, because the stuff in the transparent box doesn’t look as good on my shelf. Even so if you see the stuff in the box this is of value for several boxes like I have. Since the edge of time can’t be frozen, “not for icebox use!” it sez in the comics I read in heat waves and the box won’t hold more than like meal’s worth, not a cubic foot, you can buy padlocks cheap with cheeze not combinations! and store the “combination of the Box, wrapped in a Kitchen Safe”, so you have control of larger areas of value in both cosmic Xmas  boxes and hours and auroras, finally Southern lights and hots in winter..The Kitchen safe has no beeper to say when it’s ready, research says this is also artificial urgency also.

 I’ve totally tossed my cell phones, the junk with the slow web connection (the mp3 loop phones without web connection  I use however are great drop proof and with lots of memory, and I can always make a copy fast by beaming it from one to the other, then backup with a simple giant AZ is a few seconds on my big comp when needed. It’s the LG 500G in my belief a phone from higher realms.. If you want to buy some of these you may want to soon since they are secondhand like on Amazon, and if experience is real from before, all you may be able to get in years ahead is a less satisfying machine. It’s simple,it’s reliable, like my PC. I liked them so much I bought a lifetime supply! So labor saving, I’ll buy more; half the labor in twice the speed! Lots of businesses are in cost cutting mode, mp3s that won’t crash in a month are I don’t know how rare, the LG is good enough for me.) Cheap web connections make a machine hugely more frustrating. More important with a junk cell phone connection it’s more difficult to remember to always look down (or up in bed etc.). If it’s damaging to eyes and higher brain with each use, by both the Safe and these methods may your eyes return more your own, and you will be too! You could go blind, or anyone might. I’m looking down right now AHHH! The air is more compressed at the base of the hill, even so the air density is up, good news, and it’s a SAIL of biz, my Airstarships are up!