Radio didn’t go out with TV and magazines didn’t go out with the web. They may be here to stay, who could turn down 50 subscriptions to CONCRETE ABSTRACTION Journal from your rich Aunt Betsy, the realtor with a real driveway of the stars! Magazines may be much better for reading because they are calming unlike the web with often too many random suprises. CLICK HERE FOR MORE  And they have many deep memos you won’t see on Dogstar Radio, with no meltdown, even so how to find the current magazine and page among a great (or merely amazon) pile of magazines? To reduce clutter a lot and find all the pithy prose, a good method is first to sort all your magazines by title or type. If you have about 150 magazines like me this may take about an hour. Next, bind them in batches. There are different ways to do this, for some thin weekly magazines you can just staple them in twos (fastest) and then tie them with a loop of thin sturdy twine through each tied at the top and bottom to cinch. For your top magazine of each batch of say 5 big magazines or 10 weekly magazines use the one that looks the best for decoration of your room or wherever they may be seen, likewise for the back of the batch.
Next you may want to tape each batch with strong tape to add a more sturdy binding. If you do this keep in mind that the twine makes the magazines removable while the tape is not as modular. Tying 50 magazines with string takes about an hour.
And to improve your reading! Color code each batch of magazines and number them as you read them say one to ten. Read just the first batch first then the second then the third as time goes on makes it so you can know where you are without so many suprises. Thus the outside batch number, listed as you go through the batches is taped on the outside “binder” of each batch. My belief is that the major part of learning like memory is familiarity, comics are great and needed but to labor with details is to triumph, this is why magazines and books are better than the web (except when most needed) to build up a realiable database of savvy. Issac Asimov (the author) said a good formula for a book is 4/5 known and just 1/5 unknown stuff and other math and physics may have a rest! To find the exact page and memo you want to learn like for your current joke if you’re reading comedy, put a wide sticker on the top of the outside (cover) of the batch or you can put it just inside the cover with a tab or memo telling you to go to this sticker which has magazine and page numbers of each memo in the batch. For the magazine numbers the best method to find them in the batch is to put tabs of say magazine A, B, C, of different issues at the top of the pages where each tab opens to that magazine of the batch. By doing this you can not only reduce clutter by 4/5 you can also read by just listing the memo on the cover by tab and page number and perhaps a one word synopis of the memo at the top of the list, to find it on the page, you might also list a memo number, on the page where the memo is to find it among other memos if complex list the memo numbers like (1) to (10) in the order they were written, and so on on the outside margain of the page, the outside makes them standardized to find, much tougher by other methods I tried before my evolution of iron and bronze.
You may say what’s the worth of doing this if I can just put all my magazines in a big foam box and rummage around? First you’ll be without so much awesome reading and second is about if the site manager shows up at spring cleaning time or if you have to look for something in your boxes. While the clutter may be in the box or most of the year, if you have to go through all your boxes and magazines too this will be a huge clutter when the boss is about to arrive just when you need cleaning the most. Once you’ve bound all your magazines cleaning often becomes easier because you can get around the magazines if you have too, or you can store them more commodiously while still you actually read what’s in them without having to search for 48 months. If there’s something in one of them you just can’t live without in 2079 AD, just write the batch, issue, page and memo number elsewhere, you may lose it once but never twice. A good method for all cleaning is source control, the idea is if you have dirt walking through the door, all shoes off and bow like in the old world san? Why shouldn’t you sweep out a room? The job is too big. Sweep out the dirt and leave the room there, the roomwah wins most of the time! For a simple trick to save years of your life cleaning  and how to unify with your cosmos, click here!
For source control of other clutter consider Audio Cassettes (ten times cheaper than Mp3 for memory and they don’t tear up in two weeks, the sound quality is more up in the air when you call the station with your cell wire, and so on..).
  For how to remember and improve your memo once found with jokes ect. Click Here For My Comedy Machine.



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