My best heater move has been to use an electric oil heater, they cost about 40 like a ceramic heater. They’re slower to heat, but they are safer and have radiant toasty heat, great for computing times and they work when others rest at Christmas for a week while they let Santa do all the labor for them awhile. To do computations I turn my basic heat pump to 55 this costs just 7 a month if used only in the daytime, my R and D realized, worth the cost. And I wear mittens to compute over the heater, with a heavy sleeping bag at night, usually doesn’t overheat, your body’s aware of your indian maiden you’re with.
For cozy warmth at winter I searched about 12 years to find first boot blankets and this method in time was another, a heavy nylon overshoe with inner cheap thinsulate boot for 20 easy to slide in and out. The middle layer between the inner boot and overshoe is just shelf liner like thick Contac from Walmar or the dollar store, sewn around the inner boot with duct tape fast. The problem with the boot blankets though cozy is they turned out not to be for walking! And heavy. Thus the overshoe/contac/inner cheap slide in boot plan is much cheaper overall since the inner pair of boots which weren’t even warm like all other boots found including boots like duck shoes, muclucs and so on with promises of toasty warmth were worthless compared to this. The heavy duty green nylon overshoes look cool and it looks like they’ll last 10 years before they wear out. They are the Neos overshoes I got from Gemplers online, in terms of the overall value including the misery of cold feet and heat saved, these have already saved me the equivalent of 600$ since they don’t wear out, and they’re easy to say god bless about. 
For a real cozy coat that won’t wear out I buy a 3X or more XL coat love when I XL in life! And I put superwicking bath rugs from the discount store inside both the sleeves and front and back, tied with shoestring loops, like an awl but cheaper and just punched the hole in the rug and tied it, inside of my outfit! Shoestrings or like clips are a fast cheap way to do heavy sewing like this. For a seal you’re sure you want, you can punch regular holes and tie each hole with a knot, plus more string to the next knot and repeat, while just one knot for general adjustment till you’re certain is good to save labor. Wicking rugs are a great warmup in just seconds not hours. As with other wicking methods, they dry fast. You feel 3 to 5 times colder if wet. And they don’t overheat. This is good indoors, even so outside the boots are warm enough not the coat, thus an outer synth coat waterproof with more insulation is better yet for cold weather. The outer layer of my coat is like the overshoe, a synth like nylon, that is both beautiful and won’t wear out, and the inner layers won’t wear out or the wear is mere inner wear, so no more coats to buy for years, like the boots. I tried wicking underwear and after about 200$ of failures e.g. of ‘silk” and other stuff I arrived at this method for fast cozy warmth much cheaper.
For hands I use oven mitts solid color, real cheap, real warm. Mittens are real warm, they have to be by law to handle hot pots, I’ve never once had cold hands inside them in years and almost all gloves were a gyp compared to this.  If it were a UFO how would anyone find what’s up! I cut the thumb out of the right one for typing in my machine. To warm your thumb if cold, move it inside the mitten and clamp the hole well. I’m considering silicone mitts with lifetime guarantee, I’ll live to 200 if I buy both hands worth! Oven mitts make a great built in pocket warmer powered by your body heat, without sewing in. Easy to slide in and out. To make a tight seal like outside, use the cuff of your coat pulled down so your hand area is warmer in general. To never lose my mitts and always have them in my pocket like outside, constant coziness, I tied them into my pocket with shoestring, the length of the shoestring is the maximum reach you want with the mitten on hand out of your pocket. Trying them outside the pocket like say inside the lapel is with too much string tangle.
For hats I use wicking hats so it doesn’t over heat or underheat with like a toboggan outside this for warmth, plus the hood of the big coat if needed..The hat can be tied in the coat so you’ll always have heat here too, even so it took three sets of coats rugs, hats and mittens to always have a dry coat, but the cosiness is awesome and it takes just awhile to set up for years ahead.
Wicking leg warmers like Wikers have worked just fine however for some reason the wicking tops failed, maybe something about my health? My recommendation to save heat most comfortably is to buy the boots, oven mitts, and the leg warmers first plus some wiking tops like them. If the tops fail you like me, then buy the rugs and the large coat, the rugs are cheap just 20 for 2 coats at the discount store. 
Click Here for how to make your own microwavable hand and boot heaters U SAVE  HEAT ABOVE WHEN YOU ARISE~~~

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