How To Do Your Own Temporary Bridgework

You may have heard of the PerioShield an invention used by dentists to try to solve periodontal illness using plates that cover the teeth when in use and healing herbs are used under the plate to penetrate deep down into the tooth and gum while in use. Because the teeth and gums are protected during the use of the Perioshield they have more time to heal better than if the gingivitis is given food and air and water. The herb penetrates deeper in too. When your gum is sore the best way to heal it is to treat it like a bruise. If each time you chew you bruise your gum it has reduced chance to heal. Who wants to go to the dentist for this if you can do the same and save on your own? I Will Transcendental and Reach A HotDish!  Here’s how I improved my dental health without expensive and dangerous surgery;

I had discomfort where an old wave orthodontist had pulled a tooth and the two other teeth hadn’t moved to close the gap. Each time I’d eat, food would lodge between the teeth causing pain. To make your own bridge, first thoroughly clean out between your teeth like brushing, then slowly gently floss using herbs or other cleansers on the floss, and so on. A good trick is to put the mouthrinse in your mouth after you brush (not before you eat! Chuckle!) and then use a horseshoe type flosser like Plackers first put on your tooth then clamped down from above or below to then have the flosser with the floos between your teeth and so you can rinse while you both floss and slosh the rinse around your mouth and especially where the floss reaches your teeth for a deeper cleanse between teeth with the rinse.

For a temporary bridge I chew flax or cashews or ect. before sugar. This relatively gently goes between your gum and the sugar. Cashews are crunchy enough to be broken up to fit between the blocks of munch yet they are with radiance enough outweard to lodge between you teeth in moderation, plugging up the space. Cashews and other types of dish like this you may have aren’t nearly as appetizing to germs as sugar. The sugar is on one side and your tooth the other. You hear about this research showing other food is as bad for your teeth as sugar, this seems absurd if you have dental discomfort and you try with or without sugar. Makes a major change, no pain or pain, chocolate cures acme, I’m the worlds oldest teenager, right.

The use of cashews or other dish to make a temporary bridge can even be for several hours before the cashew is dissolved. For me cashews don’t hurt a lot to chew.

I have this space between my teeth where the food would swirl in and then stay, trying to widen the zone. It would take 15 minutes to remove all the food, ouch. Well, OUCH real SLOW in hours I hope! Other sites say to remove the food just floss and brush, this didn’t work at all to remove it well. (To know when to brush feel with your tongue if you feel sugar or any food in general, time to brush. If you don’t brush fast with sugar especially, it can do signifigant damage in just a few minutes.) Don’t brush with a stiff brush, this can damage your gums. Finally I reached this trick; use

some cheap cotton tipped swabs and go between your teeth with ease. Unlike brushing for hours, the swab won’t damage your gum if already in woe without wooze. It has smooth pressure to track the side of your tooth.

To cleanse more thouroughly and reduce dental pain more than say Oragel or breath rinse I use green clay, it’s dirt cheap and evolutions detoxifier. We lived in the mud in the tropics for millions of years before the invention of fire, and clay having a superabsorbant molecular structure absorbs 400 times it’s weight in water and toxins when wet. Clay dust was on all our food in evolution. For example the Amazon has dust from Africa each year that settles and builds up the land. Research has seen there is too much erosion for the Amazon to already be gone for millions of years. Thus cleansing dust is in our lifeblood. Green clay was used to absorb the radioactivity of Chernobyl in Russia and it’s great for horses with asthma, or bronchitis, reducing 87% of breathing woe. A caution is that while clay is absorbent, ask your doctor before use since it may also absorb out perscriptions. On the more plus side, it gives 81 monotomic minerals, and your body as in evolution uses only what it needs. It acts like psillium fiber and thus is also good for blood sugar. The main solution is that clay used with water  is great for dental pain and inflammation.  I use Rainbow brand green Clay. Click here for My Green Clay Site.

The good thing about clay for dental relief is it remineralizes your teeth and renders it much more basic (much better I’ve found  than something like baking soda). Bad germs need the acid like sugar. As in use for wounds clay also absorbs the inflammation itself out of your mouth. A sore gum is to be treated like a bruise, and both removing the sugar as in by the temporary bridge, and then clay and also good germs after thorough cleansing by different tools at different angles like a water brush is a good way to maintain your teeth for life.

Keep in mind the old trick of a straw for juice is a major solution for sugar where your dental health is of worth at any rate. If you lose straws like when you go for hay rides in October! A findable solution is to use like a nipple of a jug like a cow feeding bottle. Snip the tip a bit if it’s too tight and just clamp it over the jug. Bes sure to raise your jug as high as you can chugg on it, seal your mouth with your tongue, and rinse well with water after juice use..  You can get this from stores like Tractor Supply, it’s like a straw you can find if your small ones are in the cushion, you’ll find your 1000 from the cashpot at any ratio.

For a narrow gap but not so wide it’s a cavity gulch, a rubber band will work if the arroyo is wide and wild enough like the old west! Simply stretch the rubber band between your 4 corner county and then loop around the outside and to another set of teeth. For example if the bridge is built on the lower right rear, the rubber band stretches around to and between the teeth on the lower front too, like between my canines and the first incisor. This ties down the otherwise loose rubber band which you would be chewing on into the after life of a soap opera! By definition the gap is where the food will reach so it’s where the rubber band can easily stretch between my teeth, if not use a smaller rubber band and try stretching more as you move the band between your teeth, more stretch means a narrow band. Even so if it’s too tight when used try lifting it up some from your gums. If this doesn’t help much try this method later, your teeth constantly move as orthodontists say with an AHH, you may be able to return in a few months and may be wide enough for some AHH’s of your own.

While this is not a substitute for dental care, it will help you wait till the dentist RN arrives at your road where you live when you are her neighbor.

Generally I consider cloves are better than most mouthwashes because cloves have no side effects and are more powerful at killing germs, and are also one of the best antiparasitics. This is important because most people have parasites and don’t know it. Cloves are the only herb known to both remove parasites and keep them from returning. Powdered cloves with water are good for a mouth rinse before food, this coats your teeth with a defensive layer, then you can swallow the rinse to stop the parasites. And used on a brush before food or other times powdered cloves have a stronger effect to defend your mouth because the massage of the brush covers all your teeth and gums with deeper stimulation.

I use good germs like from Swanson Vitamins for 10 or so these, replace the bad germs and don’t make acid, so the progression of the problem is much slowed down. There are literally miles of dentin tubes in your tooth and this allows a large surface area for germs to use, this is why gingivitis is considered incurable.  Good germs go anywhere bad germs can except they crowd them out and though this means no breath rinse since it kills both good and bad germs, I use the good germs, then the rinse in say a month, then restart, this is most effective in general since a garden has a few weeds that grow in some spots and these can augment with time, or without thyme like breath rinse. Breath rinse feels great and used once a month or seems better overall.

Brushing is importat if your teeth feel sweet because it both removes plaque and also because it stimulates gums making them much stronger and tighter in just a day or two. This is why it’s essential to go between teeth with flossing to stimulate here too, the germs are building up even if you can’t feel them, eroding and eroding with time. Brushing and flossing will stop bleeding toothbrush in just a time or two, yes even of My or Your precious worth.

Just because your tooth may feel fine, even with good germs and more, the erosion is constantly possible and often the best you can do is to hope to completely stop the progression. Even so, take heart, even if your teeth hurt and you feel you have dental sin, you can often completely stop both the pain and progression of the problem using these three tricks, clay, shields and the spinbrush, more below. The good news is it’s much easier to do if you shield your teeth like with the cashews and clay ect. and also the  following method of life of breath of ease;

The spinbrush is another dental of worth. The spinbrush itself like from K Mart is good (I thought if they might add bubbles or like say implosion of radiant dental shine it might be of worth. The spinbrush was a big business celebration for the biz.) This method is like three times more of worth for me than hand brushing. Even so better yet is the “Rexall spinbrush” I got from the discount store just for 7, cheaper than the 9$ Spinbrush, because it has three modular heads not just one and it’s also with a spinning powerflosser brush ect. (Flossing takes about a half an hour otherwise, with this trick it’s just 30 seconds!) And the floss horseshoes in the box are  not found with the KMart. Having modular heads is good because instead of having to kill all the germs with one brush, you can put the heads of the brushes in the freezer and use them in rotation. 6 Brushes and two sets allow like a week in complete rotation (as it were!) and the germs all die before the cycle is complete, on most surface germs die in 72 hours and the cold will slow them also. A toothbrush is a more complex area so it takes longer, even so with the cycle of freezing it’s important to replace worn brush heads when needed. Rinse and tap all the water out after use. Using the freezer for cleanser is good for general cleansing of brushes at any rate.  Best is to use the brush then cleanse it with breath rinse, and then store in the freezer with rotation.  My freezer even has lines on the bottom of the upper realm where the zone of each brush use on each day is well defined.

Though these tricks have worked well for me, I make no claim they will for you, I don’t know if e.g. these methods are of worth for severe dental problems.

I hope they offer you a blessing in the right way, more to our defence if there’s a war going on in our mouth they used to say. Mark Twain said “Eating is simple, Just eat what you like, and let the food fight it out inside.” And the food bites back if it bites other munchies you eat!


Here’s How to reduce your dental inflammation 4/5 indefinitely by a cheap trip to the Discount Store!

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