Diabetes How To Reduce Risk While Saving on Some Doctor’s Costs

  In diabetes the risk of loss of limbs is 40 times higher than in those without it due to reduced circulation which causes nerve damage which causes reduced circulation…. and so on, What Grief! A solution to much reduce the pressure is the herb Diosgenin, a lemon peel extract that dramatically reduces blood pressure, improving circulation, reducing risk of arm or leg discomfort, kidney problems leading to dialisis and high blood pressure. Another way to improve your chances of saving your limbs is by the use a lifesaving treatment known for thousands of years. Sprinkle a little of this on the outside of your legs, and it “may heal wounds like a dream”. The doctor’s secret is WHITE SUGAR, the kind in your sugar dish! I’m serious. As Dr. Julian Whitaker reported on USA Weekend TV hosted by Brian Gumball, they wrapped up sugar in open wounds on the person’s legs caused by the diabetes, and it healed like a dream. Sound absurd? The truly evolutionary truth is-this used to be standard treatment for open wounds for thousands of years! First documented in ancient Egypt, this “sugar cure’ was used well into the 20th century. Then with the advent of antibiotics doctors forgot their ancient wisdom. Every year 86,000 Americans lose their arms and legs due to diabetic ulcers that won’t heal so this may be a real life saving boost. As Dr. Whitaker says, “Even if you don’t have diabetes, this secret could save your life because super germs are killing 90,000 of our neighbors and loved ones a year”. Honey is well known to have more antibacterial power for riches and saving up sweet cushions of VISA than pharma antibiotics. CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

 To solve diabetic neuropathy, the process by which circulation is reduced, if the doctor tells you it would never improve, and the neurologist says there is no treatment, WRONG. A supplement called alpha lipoic acid hs been shown in numerous studies to help your nerves regenerate. “ALA is recommended at the least for the want of a anything better.” If you read about support hosiery in ads, some may say you will find the volume of riches involved uplifting! And about sugar? To boost the healing power of sugar while you take ALA and while you wait for it to start it’s healing power (it takes about 7 to 10 weeks) one way is to wear a cast filled with sugar, (“can you sing? can you dance?…..Sweeter than loss of loved ones). Another is to use sugar and water in hand to laboriously spread all over your legs and arms twice or more a day. In the daytime your legs may feel fine because when standing up the circulation goes to the hands and feet via gravity, night is when the pain is often worse. Thus for the most definite defence a method of taking sugar while sleeping is of worth. To achieve this for general health put down a heavy blanket for your foundation so your bed doesn’t have to be remade so often and sprinkle the sugar over your base blanket. In addition you want to use heat for your feet heat so a warm heavy (non electric) blanket may be of worth over the top. In practice you can keep your feet and hands moderately warm while you keep your head and torso cool while you sleep with a room fan, or when you’re a bit uncomfortable because of the blanket you can pull the blanket up and cool you lower body with the fan in cycles of heating and cooling, this is recommended to improve circulation like by alternating hot and cool water except by the more mild use of the air. The sugar is a bit sticky, so to add more sugar to your legs while you sleep, just turn over or rub your leg or foot where it hurts on the lower blanket, roll over a couple of times to cover your legs more completely. There is no doubt that ALA is good, but it’s not considered perfect, e.g. it has side effects at higher doses and the use of heat and sugar is an additional way to reduce the risk of complications. Heat dilates the blood vessels around your hands and feet increasing circulation and if you cool your head and torso at the same time with a fan the cool constricts the blood vessels forcing more circulation downward to your hands and feet when you most need them while you sleep. In the daytime poor circulation may not hurt so much because of the downward force of the gravity, at night this force is decreased so a method like using sugar and heat in addition to the ALA may save you the problem of e.g. what to do till the ALA arrives and is working. In the day it’s easy to add sugar and heat to you legs, at night this method may be of most worth for this time in particular, if you have to go for a months time with circulation cut off each night when you sleep, this may not be nearly as good for saving your arms and legs compared to the comfort of heat and sugar, even a day or two of reduced circulation isn’t worth the risk. Another good way to improve you circulation is to change your position more frequently, if your hand is a bit numb shake it around to the side and so on. In order to increase your chances of reduced neuropathy the more soothing and healing power of sugar, heating and cooling and moving to other angles may be of worth to you. This is not to be used alone, rather to be rich in the value of moderate levels of savvy, use this in addition to your doctor’s treatment. This is not medical advice, nor is it intended diagnose prevent or cure any illness. See your doctor before making any changes in your diet exercise or lifestyle.



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