How To Much Boost Your Prostatitis To Higher Worth Cheap In 18 Months, For The Rest Of Your 150 mph Life

I had been recommended saw palmetto and have used other other herbs to make suppositories for prostatitis, the method being to use liquid doses of pills either like flax to boost libido or like olive oil to allow small doses of dry herbs to sooth and reduce irritation, thus allowing some use of dry herbs also, and so on.  My more recent method has been both rye pollen (see bottom of page), nonhormonal foods and herbs in combination at once, (one combination!) perhaps two or thre times a day, plus perineal use of a herb like ginseng between the legs ect, to combine for most power.  The reason we may  advise  caution with suppositories is because they can cause severe constipation, a potentially fatal problem due to irritation of the lower gi tract, ect.,  I recommend having glycerol suppositories, docusate sodium, and a  cheap enema on hand. If you are needing relief and opt for the suppository method, use as little as possible, and drink lots of water, ect. This problem is not usually considered unsafe, and if you go to the ER as I did, a soothing site for soothing sites the nurse may only recommend the above and an Xray when contrary to what some sites may say, she says it’s usually not in need of an ER visit.
 Saw palmetto is commonly recommended for prostatitis, Even so saw palmetto is slow to act, it takes at least three years. It works reliably without side effects at lower doses, though not so much power as at higher doses. Saw palmetto often doesn’t help for severe prostatitis, so I’ve used rye, which has worked well and fast. One problem with saw palmetto as found by research is it’s method of action, it actually shrinks the prostate by killing the cells from the inside, this and other saw palmetto problems are why rye has been best for me., when I see the weather woman wearing swimwear, it’s amazing weather maps she holds.. .
  Please be aware that prostatitis is a complex condition and it has many of the symptoms as prostate cancer. Since you can have one or both conditions at the same time and your symptoms may be of a more severe problem it’s important to  see your doctor. This is not medical advice and is intended for information only.
  For soothing and relaxing the prostate, try soybean oil and ginger. The prostate is also a muscle and ginger is a natural muscle relaxant and sooths your body 7 ways.  Soybean oil is also a super strong antinflammatory the most powerful I’ve seen in 10 years yet..
The best suppositories are liquid gelcaps, e.g oils, saw palmeto, etc. because solids like powders build up and clog up your prostate, called silting. Another problem with solids is risk of an impacted stool/severe constipation, a potentially dangerous situation. For these reasons the best option is use of only liquid suppositories and only short term. Non bitter or more bitter powder suppositories are worthwhile if you combine them with soothing gelcaps, to make your own powder based suppositories, open a capsule of another cheap herb (I use my bogus herbs I bought for this before these methods, great use what else!) toss out the herb or store it in the jug and then fill up with the better herb.
PREVENTION MAGAZINE promotes both pistachios (3 oz a day for 3 weeks) and or pomegranate for UT issues, and they worked well for me. However pomegranate supplements seem harmful even dangerous to me, so after the harm was past I rely on the easy to reach jugs of pomegranate juice.. If pomegranate concentrates are out, pistachio concentrates may be of worth. I’m researching the mechanism of action, etc. Other tricks like panax ginseng or flax, though of worth are also less of worth than pomegranate and pistachio. Panax causes edginess like caffeine when adjusting which is recommended for panax since it toxifies all systems of the body and loses power in 3 weeks out of five. While flax is good for your hots in general, it also has negative hormonal influence. Thus while panax and flax have many other advantages, flax or panax may not be best. 

   This is of more worth if you do the following exercise because the volume of the herbs using this method massages your prostate so the herbs go deeper in;

   EXERCISE-Here’s a good one that won’t over stress your leg muscles or damage your perineum like other massages.. At summer cyber time it seems to be; while you sit in the cushion go around and around with your chest while crunching your stomach especially and also while lifting your bent legs off the floor. Alternate this perhaps with lifts outward of legs to more level while you sit in cushion while you shake your feet. Try going forward with your stomach while you do this second part. Don’t overgo your stretch. Just this when you type in the heat wave.
Another good exercise is just to walk around after taking the herbs.
  Lay on your back with your feet spread. Make a partial fist with one hand and clasp your other hand somewhat below the center of your stomach. Using the gravity of the the weight of your arm, press downward toward your feet into your general lower torso. Lift and repeat with your hand and fist resting on your lower stomach in motion to and away from your head and feet.
  This exercise has considerable advantages; first it’s clean, second it’s not bad for being at rest in your dreams, and third it’s a much deeper and faster stimulation to your UT than other exercises, of more worth yet to infuse helpful herbs faster like by the above method of suppositories, ect.. It’s no cost. This is unlike worthless massagers of the patented type like the prostate cradle if user reviews are any way of worth to know, and it can be done more easily than massagers because you use gravity to your massage instead of your lower stomach muscles as the exercise up there does to achieve the same.
 That’s it. Instead of a lifetime of prostate prescriptions and complications this method will give you better control. No relapses In 6 months! And cure you in 1or 2 years or less. With saw palmetto without green clay the wait is often 4 years or more. Prostate massage alone seems af no real relative worth. You won’t need your suppositories more than once a week, more often your progress will be faster. Remember, solving prostatitis has dramatic improvements in your libido. Most men will have prostatitis, and its known to cause more misery to more people than any other realm of the body, Before this method, controlling prostatitis has been a billion dollar industry, because of medical progress ALA and rye this is essentially a cure.
And the use of Zinc Oxide (from stores like Rite Aid) Olive Leaf with ceyanne will also often CURE your sinusitis, dermatitis and other “itises” also herefore a multi billion dollar business.  Better yet for allergies/ sinusitis for me at any rate is cayenne and OL alternating with medicinal clay/baking soda. I use Terramar brand clay which is often used for horses in their stall to solve 87% of their asthma whinneys due to ammonia there, and clay has been used for thousands of years to for dental discomfort.  
 Clay/baking soda alternating with  ceyanne/Olive Leaf are often enough to cure sunusitis. (Your immune system is overexcited with allergies and to win a war winning at the front lines like by immune boosters like OLE often allows the rest of your small army to rest, much improving its efficiency and calming it.) CAUTION While Zinc Oxide cream reduces ceyanne’s “bite” USE OF BITTER HERBS COMBINED WITH MORE BASIC HERBS ECT. CAN CAUSE EYE OR OTHER DISCOMFORT. For conjunctivitis or eye allergies Olive Leaf alone works well. The method on this page is more to cure prostatitis. If the herbs cause irritation wait an extra day or so and or reduce dose.  Other cures with the herbs have other methods.
 Green clay may be a wonder for prostatitis and general health. No only can it be used as a shield like for your liver as above so other herbs are “in reach” that wouldn’t be otherwise, it has 80+ minerals your body uses only what it needs and by way of absorbing out the stuff in your prostate and then reenergising with minerals like zinc, molybdenum, and magnesium, you have like a massage and cleansing but replacement of the stuff with minerals that are of worth. The room inside your prostate isn’t just empty so the germs can reoccupy, it’s more to your defense. Green clay can also be used to “shield” for prostate or other regions e.g. kidney shoulder or etc. when taking other prescriptions or herbs. Keep in mind that while adding in lots of minerals, green clay is super absorbent, used by animals to detoxify, so it may also absorb out your prescriptions at least somewhat, so you may want to use it with lower dose, and caution. The magnesium advantage of green clay itself may make you feel great and speds up more than 300 important reactions in your body. The prostate needs good zinc, it has 20 times more than any other tissue. Saw palmetto acts like zinc, but you may get more where you need it with clay. Why not just take mineral/ vitamins? The minerals of suppliments like Twice a Math multiples are not well absorbed (like 10%) and food is a deficient source of minerals due to over cultivation by agriculture for profit yield not health. As I say here on my green clay site about the wonders, there are many who believe mineral deficiency is the cause of most illness, certainly agricultural zinc deficiency is strongly linked to prostatitis in the developed nations, and vitamin D deficiency (the farther N you live the higher the risk). Another important risk is diet sodas and caffeine which can wreak harm to hormones. If you see 15 CEO’s swear under oath about caffeine and they don’t know it, listen to the anti soft drink foundation!
For water retention the best I’ve found in 15 years is cinnamon and baking soda, cheap. Water retention (bladder) isn’t bloating but it’s a major problem for millions due to prostatitis causing untold misery, hope this trick is of worth to you, much cheaper than simethicone. Another cause of bloating can be the liver which otherwise shields the kidneys being upstream so if you are e.g. taking prescriptions that may slow your liver, for bloating you might consider lecithin, a wonderous liver high end food that rebuilds your liver faster without such risk as most  herbs, Flax oil, or ginger and chromoum are also like this for liver function in many ways. Keep in mind that while these are “safer” herbs, there are no perfect methods, even water is harmful by the ton, always check your herbs for interaction, and ask a professional before making any change in your diet or lifestyle ..
Prostate Herb Method
Most hormone methods have failed with prostatitis. I tried e.g. muira puana, eleuthro, goat weed, avena sativa, maca, ect. and other “urological formulas”, often worse than nothing. Basically from all this, I was left with asian ginseng, saw palmetto, rye pollen, flax, and zinc. These are all reliable, and this was a word I learned about prostatitis.
What I maan by this is that though, rye is good for “permanent or long lasting improvements” and it improves prostatitis many ways, and panax ginseng is a boost by pers se 67% or so, you will often feel more at rest while you wait…
Thus the food method.
What I do is combine these cheap gentle but more reliable herbs and foods on a list like say;
Green clay
Olive oil
Tomatoe juice or Ketchup, ect.
Apple Juice
Vitamin C
B vitamin complex (not alone and with whole grain to not damage b vitamin perceptors)
Water Cranberry, cran raisins are delicious (~Not crazy raisins, amazing creative raisins!)
saw palmetto
A and D
green tea (long term prostate health)
all herbs with flax and ginger (to improve absorption and circulation)
boron (from clay may be best has lots of good minerals for prostate and health, ect.) WWW
ceyanne (improves circulation and acts as and enzyme for other herbs)
asian gensing (between legs ect. is better for lower dose, ect. Also shields prostate from other hormones e.g if you have to take flax for health.) You have to discontinue panax after three weeks after two with rest to stop systemic toxicity, Thus lower dose of ginseng is better since it causes edginess. For more about reducing ginseng edginess, click here.
The trick here for me was to ignore fancy hormonal methods of improving prostate health. Only the ones I say above, “ginseng, zinc, rye… ect.” have been of any use for me. If you take a list like this each day, it’s cheap, just a few dollars a month. And it’s a valuable addition to your defence because you use a more gradual method. The prostate is complex, so just using one method (even rye which improves much) is more like using one vitamin for general health. And you can use this as often as you like even 5X a day for many of the herbs ect. You’re getting vegetables for general energy ect here too. You can make up your own list or customize. This is a better method than cooking up a dish of prostate herbs, so in reach of more rest than 24 hours.
The three underlying problems in male UT health issues  are often hormones, blood vessel integrity and circulation, and nerve damage. Hormones are often improved with flax high lignin, or rye. Blood vessel integrity and nerve damage are often improved by high lignan flax. Even so, as I’ll say, flax only solves circulation and nerve damage on the second level; the underlying cause here is often nightshades, and K2, the Activator X that is discussed on the Weston Price site and this seems the best solution. No doubt, use of flax and other herbs and methods are of real worth, even so use of K2 is perhaps more essential.
About Calcium and Nightshades
Nightshades like tomatoes potatoes and eggplant can cause UT issues by reducing blood flow by arteriosclerosis. The solanine in nightshades moves calcium away from where of worth in your bones and teeth and into your arteries, heart, kidneys, and any other  unsound tissue, causing problems like heart, kidney, 87% of arthritis, general discomfort (e.g. weather sensitivity, perhaps a reason why heart attacks are 10% higher in thunderstorms), dental problems depression ect. Needless to say it may be of real worth to limit nightshades. The most important issue here is about the UT. Nightshades increase calcium in your circulation reducing circulation to your UT. There is a great solution here, Vitamin K2 NOT others like K1, though they help too. K2 builds up in 2 or three months, be patient, my health was much better, ect. K2 has higher  absorption with D3 (not D1 or2) Vitamin A and bit of fat. This also protects against what is believed to be the cause of  4/5ths  of coronary artery disease. Healthy arteries have from 20 to 60 times more K2 than  arteries damaged by solanine.
ALA and UT Health

 Another major cause of UT issues is nerve damage, if you have it you may have more nerve damage than you realize due to the above about reduced circulation that can damage nerves too. (The sugar damages nerves, which reduces circulation, damaging blood vessels, damaging nerves in a viscous cycle, often completely reversible with flax oil.) Remember, about 1/3  have blood sugar problems, and half of them don’t know it’s going on. Keep in mind that flax oil high lignan is much better to balance  UT hormones than without. 
ALA (flax) is wondrous for many other uses with almost no side effects, other than moderately low blood sugar with longer use. It actually reverses pre diabetic blood sugar problems , etc. see sites about ALA.
Though R ALA is 40 times more powerful than ALA alone, ect. caution is advised if you have blood sugar or diabetes, too much ALA can cause low blood sugar, if you opt in for RALA since it has the most ALA per dose/cost watch for signs like dizzyness, tiredness, and so on. You want to minimize RALA much more than a herb like flax with ALA (not R Fraction) since it can cause problems. (For low blood sugar, which also causes nerve damage, I found that swallowing clay and baking soda sometimes after I got woozy with candy (a common sign of low blood sugar)  totally stopped the symptom of low blood sugar I believe because, this sign of “passing out” was caused by the duodenum, between the stomach and lower GI., There is an operation in use called the duodenal sleeve that cures 87% of type II diabetes as recognized by the ADA, and I believe this 10 minute operation reduces bad bacteria in the duodenum, which in healthy blood sugar zones, sends the timing signal to the pancreas to secrete insulin, timing may be real important, otherwise, all the insulin is wasted and all the high blood sugar and insulin both stay in circulation. This is why I believe clay and baking soda, a true antibacterial as you might see if you have dental inflammation have cured my low blood sugar.)
Another way to improve solanine prostate issues is flax. It’s a blood thinner and is a good suppository, since it’s a gelcap. The fat in the flax suppository much boosts absorbtion of K2, and it won’t absorb without it. Externally flax oil is a good booster for prostatitis or ED, it builds nerves if caused by blood sugar or other causes though the best I’ve seen is avocado oil. Avocado is great for  UT  celebration and it lowers cholesterol by 1/3. You may remember the old yarn that UT is caused by arteriosclerosis, lowering cholesterol thus with K2 will boost your circulation more.
  I don’t use avocado since these methods are more than enough, even so it’s another extra way to boost libido. However it may interfere with other hormone herbs like flax, one good trick is to take ALA derived from flax (no hormones so it won’t interfere with the rye) and avocado on alternate days for better results.

  Polycosinal derived from natural herbs is good to reduce cholesterol well, it’s so powerful you shouldn’t take it long term since it will lower your cholesterol too much, and this is unsafe. When in use have it monitored.

 Remember rye pollen, which gives permanent or long lasting relief from prostatitis. Rye alone is enough to permanently control or cure prostatitis, true especially if you combine herbs of this type with the methods here.

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