Bad News and Possible Triumph; Finding The Evidence About Graviola and Paw Paw for Cancer

You may read some top health sites praising all the advantages of Paw Paw and Graviola against cancer, “It’s a Miracle!” The good news is it’s 10,000 times more powerful than many popular anticancer drugs. But there is another more cautious side to all the promotion of graviola and paw paw, so it may be of worth to consider more than just a casual look at these websites and weigh in the advantages and disadvantages more deeply, as with all herbs and perscriptions, graviola in particular has the potential to do both harm, and much good.

Please read this entire page and my disclaimer at the end of the page before you may decide if graviola is of worth. Click here for disclaimer.

While you’ll find many valuable tip and tricks on all my pages, it’s of value to first consider my comparison of 9 years of search chart about graviola, solanine, U.D.G. Uno de Gato low dose and also the japanese soy extract nattokinase that’s been in use for hundreds of years in japan, plus Avemar, the Nobel prize winning beer compound. Nattokinase clears away fibrin, the mass of the tumor cancer cells hide out in, and the Avemar then kills these cells which avemar being an immune booster/modulator has an easier time removing. Click here For How More About Avemar and Nattokinase, or see link at end of post..  On this chart page you may see why I’ve opted for U.D.G. sometimes with nattokinase and Avemar more often, these are more comfortable than graviola and solanine, without nausea, edginess, ect.  U.D far more powerful than chemotherapy, yet it doesn’t damage the immune system or have other harmful side effects at low dose, and is also more comfortable for me and also  more powerful than graviola or solanine, which were earlier more stressful herbs I now don’t use, for the reasons I list on the link.


HERE’s MY ARCHIVAL Graviola Site

 In brief; Graviola “improves many types cancer” quite well (though not all) and strongly limits its advance (other than e.g. system damage already caused by tumors.) But it causes neuropathy, as in like diabetes..  This Sloan Kettering site says the neuropathy is much reduced in the presence of glocose. I tried taking sugar and got no results though high blood sugar is not of value internally, after some research I found that mixing the graviola with pomegranate juice overnight (since pomegranate itself contains ellagiac acid which is anticancer too) almost totally reduced the neurological symptoms I was having. This is perhaps because sugar sticks and infuses to the graviola, to allow a virtually zero increase in blood sugar in order to take graviola with reduced neuropathy.  Other methods of improving neuropathy I used before the juice infused method (though not as good as glucose) can be controlled by low dose/infrequent use of graviola according to value, and methods like  high lignin flax seed oil (no lignin flax is of no worth to cancer, while high lignin reduces it by 87%), ginko (only after a year at theraputic dose) PS (Phosphatidyl Serine) a neuron precursr found abundantly in the brain, avena sativa (like oats or oatmeal) and brain exercises.  Soy is not for this purpose though it builds neurons, soy (IP6) counteracts graviola. Solutions like green clay are not for use with graviola because they absorb the graviola out of the system, won’t work if it’s in another zone. Baking soda and clay may be used dermally for “local” absorption and detoxifying without removing the graviola elsewhere. Cancer always produces fermentation lactic acid, so alkalizing is important. Clay (I use terramar) and baking soda are of worth for alkalizing and absorbing out toxins well like on your skin to reduce discomfort in that area, or on the liver area to alkalize in general, and it’s good for dental discomfort, much more than either alone with others!..) Because of the neuropathy, graviola is not to be used without a doctor’s supervision. 
  Although the best way known to counteract neuropathy is ALA, a compound from flax, and although a cheap extract of ALA, R fraction ALA (R ALA) is 40 times more powerful, graviola may still cause some neuropathy, and, contrary to what some may claim, it isn’t permanent. It also only stops about half the cancer. For this reason I now use eggplant, and due to the neuropathy of graviola though it has potential if the small change of improving the neuropathy was improved as I say more about on this page, this hasn’t yet been achieved. (As I say below, I believe we may yet make graviola the strongest anti cancer herb in history if we might find ways to merely stop the damage it causes to just one type of neuron, the l dopa cells. This might not be a tough problem to solve with online chemical engineering competition, as have already solved some important problems with this type of science for a prize. the potential here is huge.) 
  Eggplant seems better to me than graviola for cancer because while graviola slows down ATP to “target just the cancer cells which use 8 to 10 times more ATP than other cells” eggplant targets the motochondria themselves that make the ATP. Thus eggplant, prosaic name and more, seems better than graviola. My own experience with the nightshades like eggplant has been more positive overall. Eggplant doesn’t gowith graviola due to both causing additive neuropathy.The graviola would only help a few days of considerable discomfort while the nightshades last for 25 days at a time of much more comfort than I got with graviola. Eggplant itself like potatoes and tomatoes at higher doses of ketchup and fries has a set of toxicity problems that are well known, so there are well known defenses you may have, even so of course consult a trained herbalist or health care practitioner before use. Here is the link to my nightshade site .
 It’s indeed true graviola is a wonder drug that stops cancer and parasites better than most herbs, because it works by shutting down the ATP the cell power chemical of higher power cells like cancer or parasites; most of the sites will go on to say it’s also harmless to other cells in an uplifting message about how there’s always a miracle on the web if we will believe, often meaning to help or perhaps selling herbs. If you have any kind of circulation problem like diabetes or cold feet, graviola may not be for you because in higher or more frequent doses it can cause neuropathy,  nerve damage to your feet with tingling pain and numbness that may cause the risk of amputation to be increased.  Even if you don’t have diabetes graviola may cause neuropathy at higher doses. This site SLOAN KETTERING  says that neuropathy is reduced by glucose, indicating that perhaps graviola causes neuropathy by reducing energy. This may be important too because there are important ways to increase energy dramatically by e.g. AHCC (The immune booster that energises up NK cells up to 10,000 times while making your immune system smarter, thus reducing risk of allergy) and PS, Phosphatidylserine, a neural booster found abundantly in the brain, also of worth to improve neuropathy. (PS is a precursor to building neuron power and it’s important to cell membranes. I asked my doctor what an immune booster is good for, and she said, what isn’t it good for? And I got her interested in AHCC, it’s new so she’d never heard of it. Now I realize there is one thing even AHCC isn’t good for, not first line defenses, rather strength of all the other cells, not just immune cells to defend from the outside, internal strength. Reminding me of what Pasteur said on his deathbed, the germ is nothing, the territory is all! Or Voltaire on his deathbed when asked if he repents of the devil and his ways by the preacher and he said, sure, in my position I can’t afford to antagonize anyone!) The Sloan Kettering  site also says graviola is harmful to cells about dopamine, thus the herb macuna pruriens which increases dopamine and is important to problems like Parkinson’s may be of worth to graviola. If  you have high blood pressure graviola  may be of worth because it reduces blood pressure,  though bad for those with low blood pressure like CFS, for which graviola leaf may be better.  Graviola also lowers blood sugar and causes fatigue but since you may only have to take it once or twice and since these problems resolve in 2 or 3 days, fatigue, blood sugar, and blood pressure may not be an issue.  Web MD says  garlic is good for both low blood sugar and low blood pressure. Neuropathy is the main graviola problem I’ve had to solve. I’ve found that graviola doesn’t give permanent defence and I strongly recommend taking only a small pinch only once in 10 days or less frequently, more will be too hazardous to be worth the bet. Certainly I DON’T Take graviola e.g. three days in a row, even at low dose. Wheat Germ Oil is of comparable power to graviola, (both show noticable results for me in less than 2 days) but it can be used safely more often than graviola if you know how to reduce  Wheat Germ Oil’s High Vitamin A and D toxicity which otherwise may cause liver and kidney damage. Click here for simple ways to reduce WGO toxicity  to essentially find a method as strong as graviola, except no problem as “woeful as” neuropathy. If graviola makes you a bit uneasy due to the neuropathy as it is you may at least want to try the Wheat Germ Oil, and so on. Graviola has its place with me at any rate and sooner or later as I say below we may find a way to achieve the super power of graviola via online competitions “with software boost” and cash awards that may soon become big business to solve problems like graviola still has to some extent. AHCC is an immune booster that increases overall survival rates by about one third, so graviola may be about worth 1/4th Wheat germ oil about 1/2 (since “survival rates are far higher with it”) and AHCC about 1/3. This plan may be of worth to you but it also may depend on how far your cancer has progressed, and your individual situation. E.g. cancer attacks the immune system itself so AHCC  or WGO may not be as much of worth in more advanced cancer (though WGO also operates partly via non immune methods) and each person is unique and here I’m only speaking of my individual plan in use, this is not a guarantee..

More Good News Than Bad About Graviola?

Even if  that’s the “bad news” and some “good news” too about WGO macuna, glucose, and energy boosters as possible solutions to have the defence without the woe about graviola, the chemicals in Paw Paw and graviola are the only way known to prevent Multiple Drug Resistant (MDR) cancer from returning; graviola is exceedingly more  powerful as many more popular cancer pharmaceuticals and at “0 cost” it’s much cheaper than chemo. It makes conventional though less powerful treatments work  more effectively to control the problem.

Paw Paw is not the same as graviola and it has many of the same powerful anticancer compounds or 50 times more but it’s not known if it’s safe or unsafe.  The possibility is that because it’s a different species it may be both safer and more powerful than graviola. This will be seen with more trials.

If you opt for graviola, it may be worthwhile for neuropathy to also take Wheat Germ Oil. WGO makes your survival rate far higher, it’s also antiParkinsons, and it rebuilds neurons, so it’s valuable to take with graviola to strongly boost lo dose/infrequent graviola itself, since your goal is to increase your survival, and reduce the possibility of risk of Parkinson’s though small as I say below while also reducing any risk of nerve damage graviola may cause.  Wheat Germ Oil  has a large dose of vitamin A and D and this can cause liver and kidney damage. But WGO does about 3 times better to reduce my blemishes ect. in just a day or two. Eggplant was much better than graviola for my skin blemishes though.  And CLA, a “good fat” was better yet without neuropathy for me at any rate. Since eggplant has neuropathy and calcium risks I’m researching low dose eggplant with CLA which can be taken at the higher dose as recommended by the herb company. This combination, eggplant just sometimes at night so no somewhat edgy feeling I had while adjusting at super low dose plus CLA nor eggplant alone, not removing just 47% of my blemishes with graviola  or 97% with eggplant, rather it has removed 99% of my problem. CLA has fewer side effects than graviola or even low dose solanine, the active ingredient in eggplant, as I say on my solanine site link.

To solve nighttime edginess while adjusting to herbs sometimes after first trying it only in the day hours I took melatonin, low dose in a jug of water plus the hole in the top of the lid to pour out fast in my hand if I had a bit of insomnia whie adjusting. Often herbs taken externally can bypass blood sugar problems since I’ve found most OTC’s are skin permeable and bypass GI inflammation.. Melatonin just used on my hands is reliable for sleep if used in low dose so not real deep sleep , this may be a way melatonin could even be used with depression since it’s usually ot recommended for this for sleep at any rate.. Herbs that cause deep sleep like melatonin if taken at the recommended dose if not like morphene in being nonaddictive, are also powerful pain relievers, though you may be sleepy if you take melatonin; kids iin the elementary grade use melatonn  brownies, and the ones who fall for it and eat the brownies are so zonked they have to leave. This is actually  just a sleepy yawn since melatonin is one of the least toxic substances ever found, less toxic than water.

Polycosinal  has not much sign of improvement but as they say CLA improved right away. There are extra components in CLA not found in polycosinal, much more strongly anticancer. Though it’s good to take ALA, a compound found in flax oil, or better flax seeds strongly antiproliferative the flax derivative ALA alone not recommended, It’s on the list of herbs that counteract graviola, CLICK HERE.. To reverse neuropathy, flax seed has worked the best for me. Using flax seed or oil on these areas with lots of nerves helped reverse my neural symptoms in less than a day, compared to at least a week for these other methods. From my own experience with UT bladder control being  presumably a reliable way to know if the nerve damage was present each time I took graviola before, there was no UT symptom and it was always after the graviola that the UT symptoms arose but with flax they stopped. It seems logical to therefore extend this use of flax oil for anyone in general and especially those with graviola to use flax oil where of value and flax the grain when you take graviola. Anyone should have a big brain, e.g. stress shrinks your brain, not altogether bad perhaps to build your brain like muscle via stress and exercise. It seems logical as this month’s Prevention Magazine (011/11) says that if fish oil also makes your brain larger in about three years, other oils like flax may also be of worth with graviola and more. Flax oil itself is not anticancer but it still seems of real value for graviola. Flax seed on the other hand has been shown in research to stop cancer 82% more than placebo and flax oil high lignan is easier to use, great on skin areas to sooth the pain I had.. Flax seed also is like a super enzyme for your liver in complex positive  ways and though this is part of the way flax seed stops cancer and like PS  AHCC and/or macuna, it also just makes you feel real fine (brain health, ect.) and it’s of real worth for your heart, and more.  The Cancer Tutor site has said, flax at first wasn’t considered safe to take with graviola, but in more recent trials it seems to be safe.  My own experience has been positive, even so no doubt be sure no doubt consult your heath care practictioner and proceed with caution. If flax fails you here there are other ways to improve the neuropathy problem of graviola, e,g. as I say Phosphatidyl Serine a precursor to neurotransmitters found abundantly in  the brain and neurons. fish oil boosts Phosphatidylserine’s power. PS like AHCC  nonedgy and energy boosting especially of worth for later times times when  took graviola. Like walking and B vitamins (though not for use with WGO since the B Vitamin Niacin combines with WGO’s cholesteral lowering power to  lower cholesteral and this can cause muscle and then kidney problems they say, it’s also recommended to eat eggs or other cholesteral lowering fun foods like ice cream or cheese with WGO for this. CLICK HERE for my WGO site ) PS boosts your IQ perhaps 87% and you’ll know twice as much as you did two weeks ago! PS seems to not so much increase intelligence as increase your access to what you feel like when you feel better, you won’t do well in college or on Jeapordy without at least some reading! I take “expensive” herbs like PS and AHCC with flax and/or ginger and/or diosgen in the jug to increase absorption and thus save money.

Keep in mind these a herbs that seem to go with graviola as I used it. If you opt instead for a herb like solanine or eggplant with Uno De Gato as I have, many of these herbs graviola support herbs can cause problems. E.G Uno de gato is not for liver herbs and at first I took flax and ginger which is a bad idea! And so in a week or two I found that lecithin  helps the bloating and lower back discomfort I was having by improving my liver function. Lecithin is halfway between a food and a herb and this was why it seems so effective in this respect.

I found lecithin in not months or years rather in weeks by using my paper AZ index of herbs and methods, it will never fail like a software drive. As my list of  methods say liver herbs like lecithin that are like a half way herb/food has gotten more lengthy, I’ve learned to data mine my entries by taping in a sub index page list with all the herbs and methods of that sort, in a sub AZ. Data mining for just those herbs of worth can have real value.. I found all sorts of methods  like three or four for many uses in just 3 days by  making the AZ subindex and I found many uses I’d jotted down and then forgotten. I just went to L Sub I and found and read the list. What liver method is not a herb but almost as powerful? Lecithin.  For the memos, once mined, if the’e real good, I put an exclamation point by them on the Sub I  list. I leave a margin on both sides of all pages to write in hand and foot memos. The pages of my AZ are mostly in insert of booklets I added for a memory expansion method. To cross reference here I list as The letter+I for index plus page number to find for cross referencing. In each entry in the AZ I ask at the end of the entry is it better in what way? Then for the review, I as is it good or bad y for yes, blank x and then if I find a real good herb, I  Put an explanation point and instead of the usual mark for each time it works as hoped or not. After the underlined keyword entry on the AZ in that word list, I list my hopes or conclusions or sometimes celebrations and then date each memo, this can be of import.

Ginger may not be as good as flax, ginger lowers blood sugar, and flax therefore doesn’t cause drowsiness.  Since graviola causes fatigue I dissolve PS and AHCC in a fizz jug to take on the go. It’s quite possible your practictioner may recommend flax seed and oil to rebuild your neurons,  and the graviola lasts more permanently while continuing to build up with flax continuously as needed.. I use a circulatory booster called Diosgin (orange extract) that boosts circulation powerfully also good for problems like cardio health and neuropathy common in diabetes. It increases the flax’s neurogenisis power about 2 or 3 times better, Diosgen is available online at Swanson vitamins and such a small dose is needed it’s quite cheap. Diosgen is also of use for getting any anticancer herb in deeper to the cellular level, and this may be of importance.  Though not as good as diosgen, ginger the culinary herb is also a good circulatory booster, e.g. if you can’t find diosgen right away. Like WGO, Flax and B2 are  known to rebuild your nerves if damaged in 1 to 5 weeks according to some like Dr Whittaker of the Wellness Institute. (Dr Whittaker like other diabetes specialists considers flax to be the best option for those with neuropathy common in diabetes. Indeed, like B vitamins, flax may boost IQ more than the 87% of B vitamins especially if taken together.) Flax with graviola leaf at low dose or graviola leaf at moderate dose with B2 may be better overall than chemotherapy (Actually more and more recently I believe in the the sites that hold that Uno de Gto  is far more powerful than chemotherapy, without the large cost or side effects of chemo.)

For moderate dose graviola leaf I mean I use a pinch of the powder dermally where of worth with olive oil for dermal adhesion so it stays on my derma plus some by mouth for general circulation.  Uno de Gato or solanine has worth, and perhaps in combination. . With chemo on the other hand the cancer usually comes back more strongly in two or three years. When I started with graviola (non leaf Swanson Vitamins) I took it  in a lower amount than recommended to be safe and  it seemed to have given me the neuropathy then (tingling in my hands, feet and groin) which the B2 in the complex, Flax, and other herbs have removed even so. Overall this may be optimal for me in particular because I’ve had immune and other problems doctors have already caused, and I tend to learn that doctors don’t actually care as much as it may seem. It would cost 10 times more than my 50 cents in herbs no doubt.. Even so to be sure in general monitor your progress with your oncologist via examinations (not “I got the best one and biz is  what counts!) Low dose/infrequent graviola may be of more worth than without even as it is, especially if the reduced risk of  neuropathy is also solved by B2 or also with ALA in flax to also rebuild neurons.  Read on for how graviola may be made more viable. (I take ALA in flax and flax oil with the other good fats in the usual healthy 3-6-9 ratio,  ALA alone counteracts the ATP reduction of the Graviola. Ultimately since eggplant causes some neuropathy and ALA is the best known way to counteract it and R ALA is 40 times more powerful for this, eggplant wins here since unlike graviola it doesn’t lose its power with ALA. If you might still want to consider graviola with eggplant for a more powerful defence yet though I don’t myself. At the leastI only take graviola on seperate days than eggplant, the neuropathy can multiply up, especially if you have something like food neuropathy with blood sugar or UT problems like prostatitis that limit circulation. For this kind of problem it’s important to keep circulation going with circulation boosters like diosgen orange peel, and lots of RALA (much cheaper than even cheap flax per dose of ALA, plus K2 to “dramatically boost circulation”, since it’s a blood thinner. If you have problems like ED or trouble stretching this is considered a sign you have hardening of the arteries, and K2 (not K 1 or 3) and K2 the mysteroius substance X can improve symptoms dramatically in just a few days. K2 should be taken with a bit of fat to boost absorbtion, it’s also found abundantly in leafy greens like spinach, parsely and asparagus, which is also good for general UT health. ED relates to general circulation problems, and this is why it’s considered to be a warning sign of heart problems, K2 can often help dramatically. Eat your spinach, there’s more iron to pump than a machine at the ER may allow!  This site says there is evidence that graviola goeswith flax, and  here’s the list of all the other herbs and compounds to not take with graviola that increase ATP. Be sure to print out this list, and know or even check it “once a moth or so year round not just spring cleaning.” ) Flax seed may cause GI problems like IBS due to too much insoluble fiber. To solve I take with insoluble with  soluble fiber (“moist and gooey after 30 minutes in water” is how to know if it’s soluable fiber). A good source of soluble fiber to solve I take with flax seed is oatmeal. And no doubt flax oil dermally is good too near your shoulder for brain health in general and between legs and so on each day twice.

Be sure to consult your optimist about foods with soy IP3, and remove them from your diet, this is important since the graviola will lose power in about two weeks if you have much soy.

Keep in mind that exercise also decreases ATP for days and this may be important to graviola.

For me once the ATP was improved, the symptoms of the problem improved, this isn’t luck, some say it’s the only known way to permanently stop MDR cancer or it helps a lot at any rate. I was sure grateful when I found the elevator with wings is the safe way to travel, right! Graviola is 10,000 times more powerful than adriomycin and some just want to be richer. But even antiproliferatives, like flax seed, try as I might had nowhere near the value for me as graviola. The only other problem I had with graviola was temporary low energy levels about three days, but in the 20 times I’ve taken graviola in 20 months before lowering my ATP the energy always returns in just a few days. PS and AHCC are good for energy.

It’s important to make what improvements you can while you make sure have your progress tested by a diagnostician. A test you or your insurance pays for may be more reliable and of worth to the doctors reputation of integrity as a professional. In general better behaviour by doctors in general will be better for their business and your health, the nurse may know how I must feel if she’s cute!

How to know if your herbs are working, if you’ve found a better one “on your own”? See Below, Second Day Method (plus see your health care professional).



In the long run there may be a spinoff/derivative of this herb that may be the best for cancer in the history of all or herbal medicine, without any neuropathy risk and with the power. This seems possible, graviola is great for cancer except it causes harm to just one type of nerve cell the l dopa cells. Perhaps we may suddenly have a hugely greater cancer defence if we can just perhaps make a small change in one spin of the graviola acetogen molecule. If you’re into software and want to be extremely rich or wealthy ( why not?) why not start or sign up on sites that solve problems like in chemical engineering (GWAP). These sites have used competition and prizes for the winners to recently solve an important roadblock to improving Alzheimer’s by improving the known science in just a few hours, the experts hadn’t solve in 20 years. I’d love to see a site you set up with competition about graviola, and answering questions to try to solve the problem here like;

Why and how does graviola harm just l dopa cels? What makes them unique?

What other compounds harm just l dopa cells? Could finding this mechanism then be changed for graviola?

Could antibodies be used to combine with l dopa cells to shield them from graviola, and so on.

If glucose reduces this process and high blood sugar in general is bad, could some sort of glucose coat on one side of the graviola molecule help solve it?

Perhaps copying the method of reducing the ATP by other methods, a copy of the basic method graviola uses all the advantage without the  harm?

Could artificial selection be used to first engineer cells like e.coli to make aconaceous acetogens then select out the ones that cause harm by engineering acetogens that nonetheless have all or more power than they do now?

Could graviola’s acetogen ATP power be boosted somehow so a much lower dose of graviola would be needed, thus much reduction of damage to neurons=a much higher dose of graviola could be used and thus a super defence.

Why not name your site something like, “Graviola Solved Celebrations”

All these questions might be offered as competitions with awards to the winners, including semifinals, finals, ect. and more advanced competitors might use custom software to solve and win the prize faster!

I myself would love to type in a site and lern how! Celebrations with a purpose, they say where typed in the stars, Celebrations always have worth!

If you set up a site like this, who knows how many nobel zoom prizes your team might win…

In most cases where chemicals have been researched to find how to specially reduce cancer like to reduce metabolism, all the solutions that stop cancer, chemotherapy, radiation, ect.  also stop normal cells too. We would hardly think they wouldn’t! But graviola  seems special, it stops only one small type of cell and therefore seems to have great potential anticancer power. it could replace all the giant oncology labs with just a 3% cure rate with a simple cheap ATP test. Not a 3% cure rate perhaps 80 or 90%! And much lower cost. If graviola is 10,000 times as powerful as drugs in use imagine a million times as powerful always enough cancer defence for anyone who wants it.

For now I’ve dug in deep and while I learned to “live with graviola” once I found out what I could and couldn’t do (before solanine and Uno De Gato), some of it by trial and error, e.g. clay and other cleansers aren’t listed on cancer sites to absorb out graviola ect. even though clay is named anticancer since it “shuts down the gene that reduces apoptosis” For me there was no sign of this by the second day method and indeed most of the anticancer miracles like vitamin D seem to fail the second day test, and not work fast at any rate. On this site I list only the ways that worked well and fast in two days for me. All else I’ve included out for you and me also. Keep in mind that though these methods have worked for me I make no promise they will for you, see your doctor for regular monitering, this is not medical advice please read my complete disclaimer. Till the day of graviola extracts if you’re considering any “new” health herb and you see some miracle sites where they say some new herb is a cure and the drug companies haven’t researched more because it wasn’t patentable, be sure to dig deep in your research for the reason why, and no doubt read other sites than this for more about graviola. With graviola it seems the real reason the drug companies haven’t sold the extract is not because doctors or the pharmaceutical company would lose money with a cancer cure rather it’s perhaps because it causes nerve damage, not only because it wasn’t patentable;  it isn’t patentable because it has these problems in this form. This was discovered in the 1970’s and in those days due to more funding ect. the drug companies were not with as much risk of error.

Since chances are it’s more probable you or someone you know will have cancer sooner or later, you may want to research and watch news sites about these herbs as more studies are established about these developments in the science to save millions of lives.

There are many examples of special extracts of plants that are much unlike the rest of the plant, as I say about omega 3-6 -9 being better than 3 alone,  Olive Leaf Extract is much unlike olive leaf, or olives; the tomato is otherwise from a fatal genus of plants; the apple seed contains cyanide a deadly poison; B vitamin complex like in evolution is good for us while B vitamins alone are harmful, and so on.

We see these praises of graviola smoothies, as if better than the extract, so I tried the smoothies. I love Klass Listo graviola (guanabana also called soursop) from Mex grocer on Amazon. I tried Klass Listo and it was so flavorfull I ate it in just a few hours and it was gone and so the leaf which lasts a lifetime seems better, see link below for where to buy 20 dollars of the leaf which will last you years. Klass Listo went fast and had synthesized flavors and a lot of sweet stuff, no comprendo how mucho graviola was in it. Health authorities are trying to sue Ronald McDonald for better health, he says If Mcdonalds causes obesity, he’ll just laugh it off! Is a milkshake exercise or yoga! While the Web MD says graviola isn’t recommended because it has the neural problems, other sites say the leaf doesn’t cause this.

I put a bit of baking soda and clay on my socks for when I have to bleach my floors to absorb out any bleach without wet shoes since I have to do this and don’t have time to change socks and shoes in time for my landlord site inspection each year for a month or so of cleaning exercise. Bleach can add to neuropathy problems otherwise and I would find it tough not to be in a hurry sometimes. Clay and baking soda also make a great way to stop breathing in poisions like cleaners through your nose. See below for my caution about tea Tree Oil. Flax and diosgen (Orange peel extract for stronger circulation) ect also help a lot (see above). Later I found that lemon juice and baking soda are a safe bleach with no fumes, great for water stains on linoleum, much reduced scrubbing, and great for dander, and so off…

If at any time you want to remove graviola from your system, or try to moderate the dose if e.g. it’s causing more neural symptoms if e.g. you don’t have enough flax or PS on hand, green clay is enough, though you also will lose graviola’s cancer fighting power. Click here for my Green Clay site,talw more like my Green Clay and baking soda site…..

I tried the graviola leaf and sure enough it’s actually a stimulant for say two or three hours, good for exercise or to remember to clean for the site manager For me at any rate I was then tired for two days and then no more each time for 20 times over 2 years. Those West Indians in other research who were eating graviola all day were not harmed, only a small percent of them had neural problems.  For me at any rate I was tired for two days and no more each time for 20 times. For fatigue solutions like AHCC and PS, Phosphatidylserine that give cheap nonedgy energy and why it’s important to take them only at low dose and how to, click here for my CFS ( energy boost) cancer site to improve both at the same time, ect.. Though it’s true the leaf of some plants like rhubarb is actually more harmful while the rest is not, I believe in general the leaf of plants may be safer and more of worth for us than the rest of the plant, because in evolution the plants got more survival fitness out of being trimmed on the outside by animals munching, if the whole plant is destroyed it’s genes aren’t passed to other plants of its type, and though much is determined by plant habits, in general most plants may get some advantage from some animals trimming the christmas tree, and  this would be though why there is no absolute guarantee that graviola leaf is completely safe, in general more plants than not may have more power in the leaf of worth to us than the foundation of the fitness involved in its survival. For example, while Olive Oil and olives are good for health, OLIVE LEAF  OLE has an amazing list of health advantages. Later I found that Olive Leaf can do all OLE can without the cost. Like some other herbs, my belief is OLE is a made up miracle, with all the advantages and it just spoils faster than OL in order for some to get paid. Like cigarettes and the chemicals they add so they burn fast and more money to the cigarette biz. (additives? No Bleps!) Graviola leaf and the other graviola both species annona muricata were drastically other worlds in soap operas and more than One Life to Live. I bought the graviola non leaf that would make me feel out of it (nausea) about ten days at a time from Swanson Vitamins and I got (the leaf)  from an online store named Z Natural Foods, one pound is just 20 and it will last you years. Since it’s so powerful and long lasting, I used far less than an ounce in 2 years I use it. As  say I’ve like eggplant and Uno much more than the graviola, this site is just for documentation in a way, as all my health  sites, for imformational use alone..  The gravioa sites seemed why or what or wow and would say, it’s actually a stimulant, no side effects, I thought must be I Love Lucy, were they just letting her best side show, I realize now they were telling the truth or as much as they know at any rate. Or if they could just bring down space junk and raise low audios!


The problem with hydrogen peroxide is large doses are needed and it has severe toxicity issues at high doses. Several people die each year due to H2O2, medicinal use. Since Hydrogen Peroxide raises ATP this will cancel the power of graviola if used too often. So it might seem we have to choose between low dose Hydrogen Peroxide that  works awhile and then the bumps return, or more powerful graviola leaf . The progress you make is “permanent if your ATP is not increased.”  Even so it’s not as simple as this; hydrogen peroxide kills tumors quite well by many measures as by the Second Day Method, (“if it works on the second day, it’s of value and on my list”). And it doesn’t raise ATP much just used one day a week. Thus low dose H2O2 can even be used with graviola, ect. other days of the week without much loss to the graviola if graviola is used somewhat more often than otherwise like 1 and a half times a week. Hydrogen peroxide is about as good as graviola itself in power, just not so permanent. By just short term use of H2O2 the graviola ATP problem is more solved. Better may be oxygen suppliments “oxygen drops’ and frequent hydro therapy, deep breathing ect. since oxygen is how H2O2 fights cancer so well by injecting Oxygen into the cells killing them by way of the immune system but oxygen suppliments don’t raise ATP. For oxygen although I don’t use it if you actually might find value, (my oxygen is reduced, exercise makes me more acidic than others, yet exercise or most reduces cancer mortality risk by half) Ellis Water may be of worth to you you an get a two year cheap sample or just 3 may be of worth to solve by using oxygen if you opt in for this method, they have an 800 number and there is real real oxygen somewhere!

Another cheap method to dramatically boost oyygen is by shaking exercises. Instead of a what’s whaa t cheap you’re rich exercise machine you can just lie flat on the bed ands shake your torso via arms and legs, suprisingly aerobic.. in religion, the shakers invented the buzz saw and washing machine what else!  As I say on my Wheat Germ Oil site For green tea or any insomnia with most herbs like WGO or daytime egiiness, a lower dose or a small bit of melatonin works well while you adjust to find your optimal dose.  I take both low dose melatonin and low dose WGO and sleep right through since for me the edginess lasts for about 8 hours on higher doses of WGO. As I say on my WGO site H2O2 isn’t contraindicated for WGO (only graviola to some extent if you opt in for graviola.. Thus if you choose WGO you might have the power of  WGO and H2O2 both of which show fast, strong results comparable to graviola alone but for graviola  H2O2 isn’t so viable “at higher doses”. And there is no risk of neuropathy in this plan.). I don’t take herbs or medicines PM till I see how I react first. E.g. though on My WGO site I show you how to reduce WGO toxicity you have to learn how and when to take to take the right  dose, you want to practice 1st to make sure you can weed out adverse events so you won’t just sleep through then because of the melatonin without first learning how to solve them.I wish I could have had this site to read when found out I had cancer, now my defence is much improved.

For now at any rate other than WGO (which alone may not be enough) graviola is the strongest herb seen of power to stop cancer. Thus, even with low blood pressure and low blood sugar, graviola leaf may be of worth in general.  Most people have somewhat high blood pressure so this is not a problem. Low dose graviola (not the leaf, where to buy on the web) relaxes the circulatory system so it may be good for heart problems because research also shows that the problem with cardio isn’t about the heart being overactive; rather like all the other muscles in the body, it’s at rest most of the time. As we would expect if nature was 5/6th rest and combat with wombats just some of the time, heart rhythm problems in more recent research have been found to be because the heart can’t relax well enough, thus graviola (from the rest of the plant) may save many lives of those with heart problems. Darwin in his volumes about evolution used the word love 87 times and “survival of the fittest” just once. When we talk on the wire, we are actually at rest 5/6th of the time, which earlier computers used to talk to other machines in all the time at rest in conversations of the 70’s and 80’s, high speed was slower for old music bits for 1000 of memories!

Be sure to not take any cleanser like clay or zeolite other than something like baking soda e.g. on arms and feet this will absorb out the graviola and it loses it’s power, and see your doctor or other health care provider. While Doctors ain’t 100% saints! Our family RN is 100% sweet most hours.. a I say graviola needed more consideration, and as I’ve learned more about it, this site has gotten more complex. I had no way by way of the sites I saw initially to know of, and as I’ve found these side effects of graviola, I’ve found how to counteract them (like for ATP and nerve toxicity via flax and PS, and so on.) Lower blood sugar and neuropathy are  important with graviola while it’s still in your system. Since you may have to only take it once or twice,  fatigue, low blood sugar and low blood pressure are not an issue since they will just be for a day or two and no more. In two or three days both are as usual..

Since lower ATP is how graviola does its wonders this is to be maintained. Other considerations to counteract or as with high blood pressure or for lower blood sugar haven’t been a problem for me personally. In science in life it’s best to find the hows even if the whys are just luck.  Because I’m telling the truth, this site may be one of the best or the best graviola site there is.  The promise is still there while even so solving these conundrums by the best methods has had life boosting value for me.


Boosting Graviola’s Power

As you now see, graviola has some problems and there are indeed other herbs and compounds that are just as strong.  It still works the best of my herbs, with other low dose wonders like Hydrogen Peroxide and low dose Wheat Germ Oil. CAUTION; Wheat Germ Oil has high doses of vitamin A and D which can cause kidney and liver damage.   Your chances of surviving are much higher (or at least better depending on how far the cancer has progressed ect.) with WGO than without it.  WGO is anti Parkinsons, neuron building, and  lowers cholesteral dramatically, be sure to eat eggs ice cream ect. woe to me! )  I use a low dose in the 64 ounce water jug for deep refreshing sleep. Thus you can get the cancer defence stronger than this with melatonin to make WGO viable while you sleep, no time is lost to the patience prayer, why not wait in your time machine with the AM FM alarm? Due to toxicity the low dose herbs plus moderate graviola in rotation has worked the best for me by the second day doctor visit method.

As I say WGO has the problem of lowering cholesteral too much with time. To solve this in general I noticed many years ago that research had shown that if you have a crease in your earlobe, it’s been found your chance of dying of a heart attack is perhaps 67% higher than if your earlobe isn’t creased. After I tried WGO for about a month  a samll dab two times a week or more (week by week I’m strong in math! See my WGO site for important Cautions/Warnings plus solutions I’ve found, Click Here ) my earlobe crease was mostly reduced even though I’d had this since I was a teen and often wondered what to do. If this is thus a good measure of cholesteral, it may be of use to generally know what your cholesterol is for general safety. More crease eat more eggs or chocolate ect, less crease stop the WGO and do the same ect. I couldn’t find the research on the web, long time www see. So don’t quote me on this, see your health care professial   Your RN will say if  this is good enough to know about WGO and improving your cardio fitness and so on.

WGO to me seems better all else held the same, and higher doses of hydrogen peroxide are seen to completely remove tumors in laboratory mice (and they live twice as long and are 2/3 more in mass). You notice I say “low dose” hydrogen peroxide, graviola, and Wheat Germ Oil.   Hydrogen peroxide however at higher doses in particular has a list of cautions that seem somewhat like graviola, embolism, hemorrhage, even spontaneous combustion. I called up the poison control lady and we had a nice literary conversation about fizzology, and I got complex comical reactions from her about my comics when she reassured me that it’s safe to use Hydrogen Peroxide externally most days at half strength (half of 3%) like you buy in drug stores.


The bottom line has been that there are many more herbs and ways to solve cancer advertised than will give you any real improvement. There are 8 ways (along with the advice of a health care professional) I’ve found that work the best for me; graviola, WGO with low dose melatonin for refreshing sleep, and AHCC and or Hydrogen peroxide, ad solanine and Uno De Gato. There’s a simple litmus test you can use for these three wonders to realize they work, that they produce noticable positive results in just a day or two, especially in rotation/combination. Other methods like turmeric phytosomes (more absorbable 20x by soy) zeolite, ect though perhaps of some or great worth like the turmeric, either I couldn’t take or had problems like e.g. Wheat Germ Extract (WGE) which is apparently even more powerful and or even better than WGO is expensive, 150$ for a months supply, I was not yet not willing to risk this much on WGE, and it’s not for use without a doctor’s supervision.. I opted instead for low dose octacosinal and green tea phytosome which passes the two day method well and merely amazingly darn real good, for me at any rate. The tea phytosome did make me edgy so I reduced the dose to about 1/1000th  tea dose by just dropping the capsule into a juice jug of water overnight and then dabbed the dispersed tea on my derma. If you’re still edgy or uncomfortable about a “must have” method like WGO or green tea, pour out half the water, fill up the jug to dilute the herb, repeat if of use for optimal dose, being sure to write down how many times you’ve divided the dose on the jug in permanent marker so you don’t have to repeat by trial and error especially if it’s a powerful herb. I write this in an AZ index, also useful for herb progress in general, though in a paper machine since all cyber machines fail sooner or later and I’ll never go back to “non real” memos like this that are of much worth ect. This is also useful to educate yourself continually by just reading it like a book to plan ahead for future solutions and learn from past errors or problems to solve. It’s useful for this and can be used to solve many other types of problems  E.G. I use it to create and store comedy! Click Here for my site HOW I BUILT MY OWN COMEDY MACHINE, AND SAVED! I have AZ ARIZONA Land of OOHS and AZ one for math, one for music , one for action visual worth (Click Here for my website, Painter’s Ink).

AHCC is an immune booster made from mushrooms said to be good at boosting NK cells perhaps 800 times (some 10s of thousands)  and other important first line defenses of your immune system 500 times. It’s like an allergy to cancer! Though an allergy may not be as strong as ATP control strong immune boosters like AHCC “is also good for all there is ” like energy too. Like WGO it programs your immune systems ability to know the good cells from the cancer. (For me an ra Uno De Gato does this much better with  than without  AHCC alone however.) AHCC often costs 70 dollars, so I haven’t needed to Irish or in Ohio be rich, save so much.  I use the proportional wealth method, save save save, to spend spend, to be rich rich, rich rich! I tried AHCC and it was well worth even 70$ because it passes the Second Day Test considerably well.. Even so like graviola it’s often not enough by itself so I take the AHCC and other herbs with the graviola leaf. For more about AHCC and my interlocking herbal method useful for anyone who has cancer but also designed specially for anyone with fatigue CFS and cancer too (there are some real ways to solve weariness not available 5 years ago) click here.

Definitely NOT Recommended

Tea tree oil

It causes “skin irritation” on dermal problems, metastasis, in other words. If it has caused you harm, you can win back more than you lose with graviola, ect. or I have at any rate, even so tea tree oil seems not for most about this problem.

Progesterone and other hormones

We see progesterone being praised to perhaps cure a long list of websites, meanwhile buried deeper in the web you may see a few honest progesterone sites who disclose that it’s been seen to cause cancer. Like other hormones studies to find out it’s safety had to be discontinued because too many people were dying! Your risk once elevated never goes down..


Artemesium (wormwood) kills some cancer cells by way of iron; cancer cells use a lot more iron than other cells, thus artemesium would seem to target cancer like graviola, except by way of iron not ATP, so the vendors of artemesium may believe. In actual use, it’s more like a hornet’s nest, artemesium kills some cells, sure, but it “upsets the nest” causing more harm than good. Graviola seems better because it targets the cells better than artemesium too without the metastasis. Artemesium extracts may be another story, for me with what I know about artemesium and the safer general value of graviola with lower doses of  WGO used less often and PS and AHCC for also more energy without caffeine for fitness as another boost, like WGO for reason of cost saved and turmeric for reason of nausea, It opted in for WGO, infrequent low dose graviola AHCC and H2O2 low dose, then later I opted taking solanine low dose sometimes/Uno De Gato (with lecithin for liver and renal shield) both pm and so I’m not woozy the next day with melatonin for sleep  if needed  so feel good in light hours AM what AM… I plan to try the artemesium extracts in small amounts to see if they’ve solved this “small problem” about metastasis and I’ll let you know my results here. I may try the extract because it may be better if the  sitemaps are worth much. In general I may have increased my survival rate to 80% by these methods, so if “improved artemesium” is of no value it may not be needed.


Though these are the best methods I’ve found, this site is not medical advice, use at your own risk. Cancer can be serious and spread fast once it reaches important tissues. This is for information only and not intended to diagnose treat or cure any illness. Your results may not be the same as mine, seek the advice of  professional before making any changes in health or fitness.



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  1. Herbs offer an important contribution to our daily dietary needs, their value has been greatly underestimated in our modern times. We believe we have become so far removed from nature herself that there’s no wonder their is a great deal of sickness within our western culture. By increasing awareness of our selves, our planet and the grandeur of nature, we can make a return to our natural self and the healing powers of our planet.

  2. I took Graviola for prostate problems. I followed the Swanson recomendation and took 2-600mg capsules. Mistake! I took only 2 capsules but stopped because I developed an unusual headache and a lightheaded feeling similar to drinking alcohol. The headach lasted 3 days. I planned to resume taking Graviola after the passage of 2 weeks at dosages of 600mgs. Incidentally and luckily for me I consume Flax seed oil on a daily basis so I feel realy good when I read your recommendation about taking the 3-6-9 Omegas. Obviously the dosage was much too strong. Your article has given me valuable insight that I can use when I resume taking Graviola. Good luck. Thanks

  3. This design is incredible! You most certainly know how to
    keep a reader amused. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved
    to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Fantastic job.
    I really loved what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it.
    Too cool!

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