Nightshades and Other Herbs for Cancer

(And why though this is the best I’ve found, based on my experience, there may be more to learn, so I can’t promise even advantage to both. “There are two kinds of side effects of herbs and prescriptions, those we know, and those we don’t know.” DISCLAIMER LINK.

  I.E. This site is for information only and is to be used only in addition to your doctor’s advice, not as a substitute, ect. COMIC DISCLAIMER; This site is just for comedy also mostly and nonserious celebrations!)   

  I list here progress I’ve made with herbs and while you get the best knowledge I yet have you use this site at your own risk, always use multiple sources for your health, including professionals.

While you’ll find many valuable tip and tricks on all my pages, it’s of value to first consider my comparison of 9 years of search chart about graviola, solanine, U.D.G. Uno de Gato low dose and also the japanese soy extract nattokinase that’s been in use for hundreds of years in japan, plus Avemar, the Nobel prize winning beer compound. Nattokinase clears away fibrin, the mass of the tumor cancer cells hide out in, and the Avemar then kills these cells which avemar being an immune booster/modulator has an easier time removing. Click here For How More About Avemar and Nattokinase, or see link at end of post..  On this chart page you may see why I’ve opted for U.D.G. sometimes with nattokinase and Avemar more often, these are more comfortable than graviola and solanine, without nausea, edginess, ect.  U.D far more powerful than chemotherapy, yet it doesn’t damage the immune system or have other harmful side effects at low dose, and is also more comfortable for me and also  more powerful than graviola or solanine, which were earlier more stressful herbs I now don’t use, for the reasons I list on the link.

 In my earlier improvements  I started with graviola about 3 years ago. While some sites claim that graviola is a permanent cure theyare not reliable, and indeed graviola only stops about half of the cancer. Here’s my page about this. 

I found more recently that eggplant is of real value here since it’s both more powerful (and because graviola isn’t enough as I say above) and chamomile acts as a general shield while  from neuropathy while the ALA in flax oil can eliminate the symptoms of neuropathy in just an hour or so caused by either graviola or eggplant  if used short term. More about chamomile and flax oil to make solanine more viable later.

 ALA acts as a sort of super antioxidant shield, it recycles other antioxidants and even recycles itself. It has a long list of about 30 amazing benefits and it reverses prediabetic blood sugar, builds nerves, and is well known from thousands of studies, to have only two caveats, unlike the higher doses of RALA if used too often, ALA causes moderately low blood sugar with long term use and it replaces biotin. Supplementing with biotin easy to buy at the discount store is advised, especially with R ALA. ALA is useful for weight loss, it causes “profound weight loss” and reduces appetite by 40%. For blood sugar and solanine (nightshade) neuropathy  mice given sugar have slower and slower reflexes with time.  Even so mice given fish oil reversed the sugar “dumbness” so perhaps fish really is brain food. However new research also shows it may be possible or probable that suppliments of fish oil may neither have this advantage nor the advantage to the heart so often sold by vendors and doctors. Thus while EPA and DHA, derived from fish were the active ingredients given to the mice to reverse the neural problem have no hormone problems like fish oil suppliments, fish like tuna may be better to eat in general, not suppliments. 



Though eggplant has a prosaic, (common nonrhyming goeswith) sounding name, it was actually 4 or more times stronger for my skin cancer than graviola, or I’m expecting this on my visit with my oncologist, since the blemishes are almost totally gone! Graviola is advertised to be a cure and a stand alone way to solve the problem but it seems to only have a success rate comparable to surgery, just  47% of the problem removed, hardly what I call a cure. Even so as I say on my graviola page I believe graviola isn’t out of the picture because while eggplant has many perhaps 10 toxicity issues, graviola has only three. Of these three  (low blood sugar with longer use, low blood pressure, neuropathy) only  the neuropathy is known to be hazardous. Thus if crowdsourcing sites are developed to solve this small problem in the graviola compound as other sites have done recently for other chemical engineering problems (as in Alzheimer’s) this may have value to save millions of lives and relieve suffering. If the harm graviola causes  is solved (it’s merely  toxic one type of neuron,  L dopa cells) graviola may emerge as the most powerful cancer defence ever if the dose could then be higher, CLICK HERE 

You may wonder why  I don’t take solanine with graviola. The answer to this is because they both multiply up neuropathy. Instead I’m taking high lignan flax oil, which reduces proliferation 87% with CLA (80% reduction and 50% reduction in incidence in mice given a carcinogenic drug) with astragalus (50% reduction and anticancer cells boosted 250  times), with hyperthermia (weakens cancer cells while not harming normal cells) and MSM the magic bullet, or at least of some definite value for cancer by my experience.

Even with solanine’s power I believe graviola may eventually outweigh solanine  and almost any other cancer treatment because it has mere neuropathy, just a small spin of a molecule might solve it. Otherwise it wouldn’t harm just one type of cell, the rest it soothes other than cancer which it defeats.. ATP is the fundamental energy currency of all life, no ATP no life. Since cancer cells use 10 times more ATP than other cells and graviola targets ATP this might be the perfect way to stop just the cancer cells, except  for the l dopa neurons which may be solved with more indepth R and D. As I say on my Graviola site, you may want to get involved and start offering prize money on your site to solve this about graviola and by the money you receive per entry, and software could speed up these competitions. For now at any rate, eggplant has been of better use for me than graviola in general. While eggplant sites like Curadem promise a cure with “the eggplant derivative BEC 5” I noticed that it’s only a “cure” if the toxicity issues of eggplant are continuous at high doses. The toxicity problems with high doses of eggplant are well known; the poison here is solanine, also common to tomatoes, potatoes peppers ect, as you see on sites about the plants of this family known as the nightshades, ect. (I think Curaderm is a gyp, all the same side effects, yet 130$ compared to just 5$ for the eggplant. You may want to hold on to your reciept for Curaderm, though you may get no refund, they are overseas and have no number to reach, though 130 was just like 10% of what I’ve spent on health, it’s still of worth to save. Here I tell more of the “real story”. Curaderm seems negligent if they say the well known problems I list are ignored, wasting time and here I list some solutions to the common solanine problems, though as I say this may not be all of them, and you use this site at your own risk. )   About solanine there are a good percentage of sites who quote research showing that solanine toxicity is not that bad. Look at all the ketchup and french fried potatoes with peppers on Visa at the diner. The limit here seems to be about keeping the dose low. (Vitamin K2 not K1 with D3 and vitamin A and a bit of fat for absorption shield your system from the calcium buildup seen with solanine, more below.)

I also highly recommend buying you a jug of  the Thera Supreme (Mid American Marketing) before you start, the only known way to reduce solanine toxicity fast before you get your eggplant ready.  Also it’s important to take a month or two of K2 to shield your arteries and calcium  befor solanine, see below for more.  Solanine really works and removed my blemishes in just two hours, and lasts for 20 days the fastest I’ve seen! Soursop often took perhaps 5 to 8 hours and might be of worth to stop the blemishes I had for just a week. Thera S. is expensive 60$ for a jug but you want to be safer with eggplant. It’s a great general cleanser not just for solanine, it is also good for general health with no side effects and all natural ingredients like blueberry and elderberry. One jug of Thera S might last three years, I use a much lower dose than recommended so it’s not that expensive, if solanine is of value.  Solanine can only be metabolized out as alpha solanine other than by Thera Supreme. About 10 percent is metabolized out the first two days, and about 2% per day thereafter with a half life of about 3 months. There is a large zone compared to graviola where the toxicity is lower, yet the cancer fighting power is stronger, below 180 mg where toxicity is found in research, yet high enough to offer defence. I’ve used a much lower dose, and the risk of 180 mg seems too high, since solanine is so powerful and problems may arise at the uneeded higher dose. Since this comfort and advantage zone lasts for about 15 to 21 days after the optimal is reached, a simple trick is to take about 2 or 3 mg a day to replace the dose metabolized out, see cautions below.. The dose stays moderate yet powerful. I found that the extra maintenance dose is counterproductive, causing overbuildup of the solanine, so just a tiny dose now and then is enough for me. Though no treatment solves all types of cancer, nightshades may at least offer you more defence and the advantages of eggplant may outweigh the limitations, if used wisely under a doctor’s care. Solanine Toxicity I use eggplant from Amazonia Brazil, of lower dose per unit so the risk of hazard is much improved. The solanine will continue to build up for two or three weeks after you stop when starting out with a toxic herb at higher doses like solanine taking it even if with Thera S. So I use with underdosing caution. 

When starting with a toxic herb as they say in toxicology, the dose makes the toxicity, that is any herb at low enough dose isn’t harmful, or may be helpful like solanine. My experience with solanine and graviola is that getting the right dose sooner is more of value, the start is the most stressful. Since I had to handle it to disperse the herb. By trial and error I found that putting the herb in water and trying a real low dose then if it seems effective without any problems, then you can increase just up to the optimal dose without going over or under.

  If I took solanine or other herbs at the first and if I felt  uncomfortable I made  an estimate of how much discomfort it caused say two times as much and then redivided the jug that much say twice, than I tried just a bit on my finger, and if it wasn’t stressful for like a weeks use  then I put it in a bottle with dropper (a mustard jug or a bottled water bottle with a snap lid will also do if the opening is 1/4 inch or so). This is how to handle herbs like solanine with caution if you opt for the value of doing this. The problem is that I had to handle solanine and graviola the first time or two to achieve this, even so this is a method that has value in general to find the right dose of some herbs like graviola or solanine if the value for me at any rates outweighs the risk. This was the decision I made and your decision is yours, I hope you’re blessed by the value of your life, and I do sympathize a lot. 

 I strongly recommend using only small small doses of eggplant extract, I TAKE EXTRA CARE to not get more than this on my skin. Not for use on top of moles or on skin without blemishes, it can crust over the mole and make it harder to treat by other methods. Eggplant is absorbed by all tissues of the body, then gradually released with time as it’s metabolized out of your system by the liver. If you take it on your skin, be sure to put it not on moles and as near blemishes only, ect. Basically I just take a super small dose on blemishes for three or four days with a 18 day wait till the next dose. There are sites that act as if removal of tumors is the goal or rather stopping the spread of the cancer, and the latter is considered to be the solution, removing a tumor is not merely the same. Rather cancer usually kills not by tumors rather by overpowering the physical systems of the body. Thus eggplant is important since no new blemishes will arise after some days of eggplant plus smaller, maintenance doses  To use this dose, I realized that a maintenance dose of 3 mg a day would replace the solanine as it was removed. Therefore I measured out 20 scoops of water for the 20 days of dose and soak the Amazonia into this much water so I can then take the maintenance dose with reduced toxicity without the noticeable symptoms of weariness, edginess, and so on I was having  before I learned to counteract it with chamomile and flax oil and so on as I say below for the first two days of the one 20 day round of the herb. The other 18 days or so were fine, much better than graviola, even so those two days needed improvement.  I just would say  measure out say five scoops  of water and solanine dispersed in the smaller jug and then  do this four times, then mark the jug with permanent marker on masking tape, a cheap way to make good labels plus good to practice handwriting, this actually influences your nomen omens according to the ancients.

By using low doses of Amazonia Brazil eggplant you can reduce risk of eggplant toxicity that can be severe at  repeated or higher higher doses causing coma, hallucinations, death, and it also has problems with calcium that need improvement with K2  as they say on the Weston Price site about solanine, and as I say below.  Solanine is so powerful against cancer by pumping calcium into the mitochondria of cancer cells. Graviola only slows down the ATP not the mitochondria themselves, this is why solanine is more powerful than graviola, at least it has been for my skin cancer.

There is no perfect cancer solution, unlike some sites like Curaderm that say there’s “no toxicity to the defense they sell”, Encyclopedia Americana tells us many ways have been tried to stop cancer by shutting down this or that substance or nutrient the cancer may need other cells may not need, in all cases the defence compound or herb also harms other cells in some way. Thus if you see a site promising a solution with no side effects at a high price, be cautious. Finding ways to counteract the side effects of herbs like eggplant is still left to us, as I say on this site. In essence for the defense I get from solanine or graviola, the tradeoff is that mitochondria are slowed down for eggplant or  ATP for graviola, so though I may feel more tired, I thrive and prosper. Unlike with graviola however eggplant has been much easier to tolerate for me. Like 10 times better because it’s so powerful I don’t have to take it at high dose or often like graviola.

I found perhaps I was right about Dr Cham and Curaderm. This National Geographic site tracks Dr. Cham’s activities, including as I suspected the use of the same 10 cent eggplant and using his own published “research” to have found a “miracle cure” that has the same ingredient as eggplant for which he’s hoping to legally charge a much higher price. 

 Because lots of people eat plants like nightshades there is a major problem about calcium in both kidneys, heart, osteoporosis, joints (believed to cause 87% of arthritis) dental health and problems like ED caused by the removal of calcium from the bones and teeth by solanine and redepositing Ca in places like the heart, kidneys, or arthritis causing problems like blood vessel loss if flexibility, though not high blood pressure. These “typical problems of aging” are perhaps not so typical, since if caused by solanine nobody was eating any nightshades before 100 years ago except for witchcraft as you’ll see on other sites about nightshades like eggplant.  You might experience rapid improvement in these areas by just taking Vitamin K2, the mysterious substance X (taken with a bit of say milk or fat much boosts absorption. A and D3 {see below} both also much boost K2’s power.).

 Though solanine can cause problems like coronary artery disease, so repeated high doses of solanine are not recommended, especially without K2 ect, and Thera S on hand. Most people are considered K2 deficient, and the lack of K2 indeed is thought to be the main cause of CAD, usually with symptoms first like ED or my lower back stiffness after eggplant, improved in just a day or two, with K2 and a bit of fat like olive oil .. Vitamins A and D3 much boost K2. D3 (not D2 is the good D associated with boosting K2. This is called cholecalciferol (golden calcium maker, bogus yet real entymology, I speak 20 languages, use them often!) The bad D is calcitriol (“calcium vitriolic”, a bad word that’s good {for saying bad at any rate}). Calcitriol is what solanine uses when it bypasses the kidneys, causing the arthritis, arterosclerosis and other problems as they say on sites like the Weston Price nightshades site that Activator X improves Ca by decreasing the bad D of huge potency, the bad D is the strongest hormone there is in the body, 10,000 times stronger than D3. The good news here is you can more definitely tend to avoid the CA problems by taking the K2 with A and the “good D” D3. Think of the good D (and A with some fat for more absorbtion) as a way to bypass the bad D. Even so eggplant is for short term use only.

Did You Know? K2 shows “dramatic” reduction of liver cancer.

About 50 percent of people with cancer die of malnutrition.

MINIMUM NUTRITION Since spinach has all the essential vitamins, at the least if you love candy, eat your spinach recommended, it has huge nutritient value. A 3 and 1/2 ounce serving of spinach has 400 mcg of K2. Goes well like with mustard or 1000 island, no not 700 of the 1000… 30,000 lakes in FLA but Minnesota is the land of 10,000 wrestling fans who sign with an X! Spinach also has vitamin K though just K1 mostly not the more important K2 so important to solanine defence. K1 itself is important to circulation in general too.

  “A no carb diet is as effective as chemotherapy in reducing cancer.”

  Heat therapy i.e. hyperthermia, is also quite powerful for cancer, at say the temperature of 114 the cancer cells die, but not normal cells. While infrared saunas cost thousands, a cheap way to use heat is to buy a coat on Ebay, thermolite coats there cost just 50. Staying dry is staying warm and you feel 3-5 times warmer when dry like by thermolite. Other coats will make you feel soggy and this reduces your hyperthermia use. The right kind of thermolite not thin thermolite or thinsulate which often lives up to its name is of value. All thinsulate socks I ever got tore up in  months, while thermolite socks have a lifetime guarantee. Even so thermolite booties are far cozier than the thin lifetime socks I bought if I put on 52 pairs of sox. By the time you are in your boots you’ve lived 47 times! Goretex insulation seemed of less  worth and it costs hundreds. If you’ve ever had thermolite boot liners you know it gives toasty dry warmth. When buying booties you may want to buy them and try the right size boot to fit in the store before buying the boot liners. I bought a size or two larger for socks inside so my boot size is three times larger than my shoe size without liners or socks, size 10 and 1/2 shoe gets size 11 boot liner plus size 15 boot. I wear them inside beautiful PVC chore boots I’ve cut down and you can get lightweight EVA chore boots from outdoor stores also like Gempler’s that are 70% reduced in weight. How does a lady physicist diet? She converts her mass to energy with 0 cheese! Indoors I just wear the liners to lighten up and celebrate Christmas, the EVA boots are up to size 12 while you may have more lightening up than I had. I may buy EVA’s from other biz on the web. To save the heels which is the only problem with PVC’s I cut welcome rugs to fit the heel and nail both to sides and bottom, this doubles the value of the PVC’s which are already 300 times the value of like Kmart tennis shoes I bought for 10 that last three weeks. They’re waterproof, easy to slide in good looking, and more, the best thing is that unlike other boots you can nail nails to the side to make them last twice as many IOU VISA’s saved by the shield method. I use vinyl ‘apache” green polyester  rugs from Kmart like welcome rugs. Easy to cut. yet durable. Here’s the link for the  Heartland PVC boots. I liked them enough to buy a lifetime supply, the small sizes are good for spring and fall, the larger fit the liners and ocean liners like the man washed over in the ocean who stayed alive by turning his boots upside down for air bubbles and swimming to the ships. Who but Reader’s Digest saves!

After 10,000 years of BC Before Cyber I bought my boot liners from Global Industrial  for about 35, right now it’s winter and my feet feel great! Warm feet aren’t just luxury, health science says warm feet are essential to good health. How your feet feel is related to life expectancy they find. Global Industrial’s number for the liners is 1 888 978 7759. Item number for Refrigaware Pac Boot Liners here if you like is WBB581643.

 To see if  you’re above 114  turn up the heat and use a thermometer inside your outfit. Coats have often  given me reliable relief from my moderate pain.

  Some sites say Oxygen is also quite powerful against cancer as in a “hydrogen peroxide bath”.  Your immune system injects oxygen into the cancer cells killing them supposedly. Other sites say hydrogen peroxide is worthless against cancer and can cause permanent damage to your body. My own experience with like Ellis water a sort of natural oxygen water is that while the Ellis water sample was just 3$ for a years worth on many Hydrogen Peroxide oxygen sites they say Oxygen is more like a good and evil type thing with more harm higher than a certain dose, and that indeed oxygen is a carcinogenic. I found that it helps somewhat and also hurts elsewhere, not of worth in general. You may like frequent hot baths for oxygen if you think it’s of worth. My own oxygen use is reduced, yours might not be. You see these Oxygen bottles that say they offer oxygen water you actually see bubbling up the air in the jug for just 200$ at stores like Heartland America, Me I just shake my bottle and save on the rates! Who needs booze while you read?

If the mitochondria of cancer cells are moved to normal cells, the normal cells get cancer 97% of the time, while DNA from normal cells implanted in cancer cells only have somwhat more cancer. Thus cancer is clearly a mitochondrial problem. This is why solanine can be a good defense against cancer, since it uses calcium to defend against the cancer mitochondria by calcium. The motochondria are about energy in a profound way, and this is how or why the cancer cells are overactive. And a good reason why the graviola engineering may be the best defense in the long run if it stops only the mitochondria and doesn’t have toxicity issues as eggplant. For now though eggplant seems of worth for me in general.

Basically, solanine causes angina without K2 ect., as on this Weston Price Site  (Weston Price was the mid 20th century doctor who discovered activator X). If I have chest discomfort, reduction of solanine levels and using Thera S on my chest rapidly relieves it, also good to cleanse out any area that might be uncomfortable with solanine by topical use, e.g. UT, muscle, ect. I would believe use of Thera S by this method with K2 might save many lives for those with heart problems by way of solanine.. For me at any rate due to the blemishes, I’ve learned to adjust to solanine and adapt to it..  Basically I find a balance here, the chest discomfort means too high calcium, and the blemishes mean it’s too low, and by watching the signs like about stools which are changed by cancer, the calcium levels I then control by way of the Thera and K2 ect. This works for me, it may not work for you.. See your doctor because solanine is essentially heart unhealthy without monitoring  and the heart is a precious resource worth conserving. 

   More Methods of Rapidly Cleansing Out Your Circulation Bad cholesterol can be dramatically reduced by polycosanal, an extract of wheat Germ Oil. However you can lower it too much, and this can cause harm, so if you take polycosinal, you can use a low dose by just dispersing a cap in a water jug. You can have your cholesterol monitered, or take short term only. I take it once in a while say 2 times a month with melatonin since it’s also a mitochondria booster causing some insomnia. Your doctor will cheer about your amazing reduction of LDL, mine was amazed. Her PC has a sloping roof!

Another way to reduce cholesterol and help save solanine solutions is by lecithin, this also helps liver function, and is cheap. Lecithin does this by converting the solid cholesteral to liquid, and it is dissolved out of the body by usual circulation. Lecithin is useful to heal even severe liver damage, so your liver can rebuild in a few weeks. ALA also reduces triglycerides by 2/3 as does the phytic acid in whole grains. As I say ALA flax in smaller doses will do the same much more cheaply, and smaller doses seem best because of BS, not SOB as my Lisa would sadly write with a chuckle out loud about rent savings, she’s the indoorsy typer, a computerized realtor..she has a sign saying, THIS IS NOT AN EXIT! For reducing risk of coronary problems with solanine, K2 like A and D3 is dermal skin permeable so it can be added to the arteries of your upper shoulder. As usual you can pulverize and blend the K2 and olive oil for fat (absorbtion) with the powdered D3. Whatever your level of heart fitness this would seem to be progress in your favor. D ribose is an energy sugar your body saves just for energy, and since your heart uses a lot of energy, D Ribose is considered important here. A good energy booster. However it’s not for those with blood sugar issues or short term use only, I use a reduced level of ribose for my chest.

Green tea by mouth also relaxes your heart in 10 or 15 minutes and reduces risk of heart attack by 50% as well as reducing cancer itself by stopping cancer cells from crowding themselves together to try to overpower other cells and so on. Boiled green tea relaxes the heart (I also use this tea to reduce caffeine since boiling reduces almost all the caffeine from decaf or playing Mozart for cows make them give milkshakes!). Even so boiled green tea has almost no K2 and suppliments likewise. A good source of cheap K2 is nattokinase, from soy. I’ve gotten more wary of natto since it’s being promoted mostly by those selling it and has the K2 removed. K2 has a much longer track record of safety and feasability, so I like green tea decaf more.  Now brand K2 from swanson”s is the cheapes I’ve seen.

 You can’t overdose on K2, and it builds up with time to shield the lining of your blood vessels while allowing most of the solanine to flow to the blemishes and in the entire system. To get nonboiled liquid K2 like to put on my legs, for a dental rinse, and for on my chest or joints, ect. for general modulation of the solanine, I buy the tea bags and simply toss them in a jug to soak them overnight to make that much tea overnight, you can use the tea bags twice. A and D too are available from Swanson Vitamins for just 3 dollars or so for a years worth.

 Unlike the Weston Price site that says K2 won’t help with too much calcitriol, my symptoms were controllable with a double dose of K2 (100 mcg a day) not the 50 mcg recommended. So if I have calcium problems with solanine, to be in control I just raise the K2/A/D3 and Fat. K2 defends blood vessels from calcium buildup. Healthy blood vessels without calcium have 20 to 70 times more K2. Cheap green tea also chewed up seems better for both dental and heart health as by way of the shoulder method and sleep method above. And of course after you swallow the green tea ect. it’s good to reuse and  for the system to balance the solanine. The idea is that the solanine is in general circulation for defence of systems, yet targeted to reduce problems where it isn’t so valuable.

  Pomegranite juice has been seen to heal with heart issues, those who took pomegranite juice got better as measured by common measures of heart health while in the same time the ones who didn’t take the pomegranite got worse. I use the fluid K2 caps to protect my UT from solanine problems, {the caps are somewhat  more expensive than green tea} for suppositories, the Thera S and the A and D3 and fat and RALA and rye pollen all blended from the bottles into an unused capsule with other herbs removed, then with olive oil caps so lower GI irritation and also more fat to absorb the K2 better. The Thera S. keeps the solanine more out of the UT, the K2 and so on keeps the circulation going fine as does the rye for prostatitis, here again of general use since most men have prostatitis even if the yare unaware and rye improves numerous measures of prostate health in just months not years like saw palmetto. It balances hormones the first day more than saw palmetto and it’s cheaper by far because of it’s power. Severe prostatitis often has no improvement with saw palmetto. While rye is “permanent or long lasting”.

The two main issues about solanine for me were  calcium and acytlcholine, read on for more about acytlcholine. Other problems about nighthades are well known, the main ones are migraines and appendicitis (in some susceptible individuals) and solanine is an endocrine disruptor of glands like the pituitary or adrenals. I myself have had no problems with endocrine, appendicitis or headaches. Even so this possibility is another real good reason to control your solanine levels if you opt in for this method to stop cancer, it’s good for the most common type basal or squamous cell though of no worth for malignant melanoma, though this type of cancer is only found in 10% of all skin cancer diagnosed by doctors. Keep in mind that even though most skin cancer isn’t painful, it can spread to areas like the pancreas or lungs so the survival rate is then just 1 or 4 years. Obviously it’s important to see your doctor and I see my ophthalmologist as well! As I say there is a general consensus among doctors and fast food cash conneseurs that solanine toxicity at more common  amounts isn’t that bad, even so it’s limited by toxicity and thus I’ve opted in for a combination of low dose Hydrogen peroxide, and other cheap herbs, like astragalus that boost immune cells 250 times, and perhaps AHCC (more expensive so low dose here too) a mushroom extract with no known side effects that boosts NK immune cells 1000 to 2000 times, with low dose eggplant. With super low dose eggplant for cancer, if the side effects are well controlled and they are both powerful, for me at any rate the advantages seem to outweigh the risks. Immune boosters like the cancer vaccine which won the Nobel prize for it’s inventor just before he died inventing it seem not yet as valuable as other methods because often cancer takes over the immune system so even while AHCC has no side effects and improves overall survival rates 1/3, I wouldn’t think it would be as valuable for late stage cancer. Another problem with AHCC is though it also makes your immune system smarter, it loses power and worth after 3 months so you have to take breaks for AHCC, and other methods are needed to fill the gap at any rate.

OTHER CAUTIONS ABOUT SOLANINE Plan around your days of taking the dose of eggplant. Don’t drive or operate heavy machinery the first few days after a dose till you know how you react to it.. ((Remember DUI’s are illegal and can cause big trouble.) All the symptoms without mucuna would seem to wear off in about two days, and this is a much shorter time of risk than a herb like graviola since, though the time of risk is just two days, the days are about 3 weeks between use for me. While solanine isn’t a cure, for me it’s better than graviola. With graviola the same neural type problems might go on indefinitely, no end in sight, because solanine stops 99% of the problem not just 47 % or so with graviola. Watch for any muscle or joint discomfort with a dose and between doses. Solanine can cause muscle problems including fatigue. Cleanse out the area fast with Thera S. chamomile helps here without reducing the solanine somewhat as with Thera S. Remember your overall dose is higher and just reduced around the area you apply the Thera S. Since exercise is important to reducing cancer, the fatigue can be improved by using Thera S on your legs or elsewhere, with the liquid K2 and the macuna. The Thera removes the solanine for a rest, the K2 builds up your resistance to the calcium, and the macuna balances your neural firing in muscle. As in the heart, all three are important, flexibility of the vessel wall, reduced calcium buildup, and neural firing. The solanine being absorbed in and then out will return with time as it radiates back out into other tissue before being metabolized out in the three weeks, even so for me it was  rapidly removed where needed with the Thera supreme and then revived with the K2 A and D3 and the mucuna or chamomile with flax.

I f You Have Prostatitis or Other Circulation Problems Solanine Can Cause ED or problems like Neuropathy To a Lesser Degree To control this I use Thera S for a suppository in the small edge of the cap, folded over add water, using with Olive Oil or Flax gelcaps here. When you control the circulation of your UT from higher up, you control all the flow into it, keeping circulation in reach. This trick is of use for many types of UT problems. Click for more prostatitis solutions. In order to not get dental problems in a few months with solanine like most have, decaf green tea in your mouth gives lots of cheap K2 + some A and D3 and fat before the wave number bed so you have Activator X in your mouth all through your visit with the pillow fight with lights my sister loves (a cushion  with air, great for while you sleep has been invented, drowns out the trucks so your BP doesn’t rise for hours after it goes by as research has shown, and cools your head as the chinese believe, a cool head and warm feet are good for health, and low Oxygen while you sleep has been linked to higher risk of ADHD.) K2 A and D3 and fat may be what anyone should do on a typical diet to not get dental problems; with more solanine it’s the same but moreso. Caffeine in decaf tea (What else?) is cancelled by vitamin C. Over the lips and to the stomach the extreme acidity of the C won’t cause dental harm itself. (Caffeine while good for short term use causes hormone problems and adrenal burnout, and also interferes with many prescriptions.) 

 Eggplant at high dose causes toxicity like nerve gasses, replacing acetylcholine at the synapses. Acetylcholine is an important neurotransmitter (Denise will know more when you are a genius!) but taking choline, the B vitamin replaces the solanine by way of creating more acetylcholine out of the choline. Be sure to take choline with other Bee vitamins in the beehive complex, because just one B vitamin alone is too simple! It can damage your B vitamin receptors over time. The neural problems are caused by too much acytlcholine a neurotransmitter by limiting actylcholinesterase an enzyme that otherwise breaks down and thus modulates acytlcholine, in what’s called the cholinergic (actylcholine) system of the CNS. This is much improved on what were my edgy days by the herb mucuna priuriens. Mucuna has dopamine a neurotransmitter that competes with acytlcholine and balances the relative amount of the two, thus like power steering with better reflexes by balance of power on both sides, mucuna makes what would have been uncomfortable more comfortable. Since part of the way solanine causes heart problems is by neural firing of the heart, mucuna is also of value for anyone with heart problems or anyone who is involved with solanine as most are, and for prostate health also. The only brand of mucuna I know and use is Himalaya brand from India.

The best neural defense I’ve found for solanine however is chamomile, it  also replaces acetylcholine and is soothing and lasts all day and shields from neuropathy at the source, unlike flax oil which seems to resolve it mostly from the other side after the damage might be done. In other words, chamomile shields from neuropathy in general while flax oil only rebuilds for the neuropathy of the solanine, so you’re in another general area with chamomile, particularly if you also use flax oil, e.g. for UT or foot neuropathy with solanine. Chamomile tea which is easy to find like at Rite Aid is cheap,  andfor external use only.

 The  Acyetlcholine is improved via choline, another component of solanine neural problems is the high calcium by way of the Bad D, it’s not just solanine that’s making many people depressed, it’s also the general K2 deficiency relative to it. Good; A and D3 with K2 with solanine. Best; A and D3 with K2 without solaninie if you can achieve it. 

 Since cancer cells use 6 times more iron than other cells and this is the general mechanism believed to be how artemesium is a cancer “cure” by limiting the iron like how graviola limits ATP except iron. the evidence seems contradictory because other studies show a 67% higher mortality rate for cancer and anemia together. (I think artemisium is bad, it causes both nerve damage and worse it stops some of the cancer, the rest it stirs up the hornet’s nest, i.e. metastasis, hardly a worthwhile herb.)  

   Exercise reduces cancer death rates by half.

I‘ve found that MSM a vitamin like compound with no known side effects is a major boost for energy, it’s also strongly antibacterial and anti parasitic, ect. Good for another way to defend dental health with solanine. MSM is itself often called a magic bullet for cancer multiplying up the power of other cancer herbs. While it wasn’t real magic for me it has considerable worth in reducing discomfort at times. Just 12 for a 240 cap jug from Swanson’s Vitamins online. The powder is even cheaper.

For herbs like this soy phytochemicals seem more of worth since they boost chemotherapy herbs 8 to 10 times while also protecting your own cells.

Another good formula for energy is Activive , this resolves 97% of fatigue problems/symptons and has no side effects and is also more real!! The first  ingredient  listed is alfalfa. Activive even controls 97% of severe fatigue like CFS. The  liquid  formula not the powder is far more powerful. Hello Life’s number is  888 213 5496.

Since 99% of people go to the nurse saying they are tired and cancer often involves it, this may be of worth to many people.

 The bottom line for taking eggplant for me has been that there are two main types of problems, calcium and acytlcholine. You won’t have to take it as often as graviola, it works better, and it’s important to take Vitamin K2 A and D3 some fat not K1 mostly and to cleanse out fast where needed with Thera S.. Other vitamin D not recommended. Eggplant is for short term use only, long term use can cause coronary artery disease.  Not for use with machinery or driving cars, mucuna  or chamomile may help here.. If any neural symptoms start after low dose eggplant, I recommend that you immediately take the Thera Supreme and chamomile low dose, with practice you may  get where you know how much and edit the eggplant well. To monitor for neural symptoms on the few days I take eggplant I listen to radio shows and see how comfortable I feel with the conversation, and insomnia ect. Aren’t talk shows great!

  Also choline is of worth. Watch for muscle soreness and cleanse there immediately. See eggplant and solanine websites for more. Never use just one site or source to make a decision about important health issues.  I find sites that agree, and if they don’t look up on reliable sources too, like Webmd and monograph sites (expert to expert sites like old encyclopedias). I first always type in “Webmd ______ Cautions warnings” and then refine from there. I keep my notes in a paper A to Z notebook with the first keywords underlined, it will never crash, hard drives always will. The AZ plus keywords outdoes a computer, because I always write only what’s of interest to me, no cut and paste confusion. If you think it’s important and you don’t know for sure, find another method while you wait and search. If you have related questions because you know of e.g. other herbs that are like it but that had problems, ask that question and try to get a definite answer. Remember that sites that sell products they’re giving information about are often biased. This site is not intended to diagnose or cure any illness and is for information only.


I’ve replaced early herbs with later ones with reduced side effects and more power like uno de gato.

 As of this year I’ve discontinued solanine in favor of Uno De Gato. U.D.G has fewer side effects and is more powerful than solanine. Uno De Gato is considered to be far more powerful than chemotherapy, yet it has few side effects and is far cheaper. The 97% improvement may sound impressive for solanine but skin cancer is considered one of the easiest cancers to cure. U.D.G is about 4 times as powerful as solanine for me. Even so uno de gato also had neural symptoms. This isn’t solved the same way as solanine for me since flax has strong influence on the liver so it doesn’t go with U.D.G. Instead I use chromium and B complex to reduce the neuropathy that U.D.G has since chromium and B complex in combination especially are also known to completely reverse neuropathy and it doubles cognitive power over polacebo, like reflex time, memory, and concentration, ect. If you opt in for solanine over uno de gato (if you have e.g. kidney problems) you may want to also take chromium and B vitamin complex with flax and chamomile for the neuropathy. Flax definitely doesn’t go with UDG since for me caused severe UT symptoms, by way of the liver which is “upstream” of the UT. For U.D G. I found the the neural symptoms compared to solanine were reduced and chromium and B vitamins were of worth here for me. Unlike solanine, the sites that give data about UDG like WebMd or Livestrong don’t list a list of poisonous side effects, and it really is stronger for me than solanine, which is stronger than graviola. Some consider graviola itseld to be a stand alone treatment. I would say it might be but only if used with other herbs or methods! Yet Uno De Gato I think of as a truer stand alone method.

See my Uno de Gato Post for more..

Click here For More About Avemar and Nattokinase,

I considered solanine to be more powerful than graviola with less side effects and more power, and uno de gato better yet by general measures.Therefore this page I consider to be for archival use and is therefore of use perhaps to you if e.g. you can’t take other herbs and are considering solanine.. Bless you for your visit of my site, Merry Blessmas All Year Round…!


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