UDG for U? “Or For Me” My Uno De Gato/Cat’s Claw Rating,

This site isn’t 100% serious, I’m a mere comic! See my Comic Cultural site  for how. While I hope the love and truth and beauty of the web is of worth to you, this site isn’t all there is. Always rely on more than one source.

The following are only my comments, about these herbs and this site while of value to me may not be of worth to you, each individual has their own situation. Always consult a health professional before making any changes in diet or  lifestyle. You use this site at your own risk.

Summary, Uno de gato may be of real worth for me, it’s more powerful than artemesium, graviola or solanine (which reduces 97% of skin blemishes).. The good news for me was it’s perhaps three times more powerful than flax or even solanine, so even low dose U.D.G is the closest to a stand alone defense I’ve seen, I don’t need flax, though as I say below, other methods like hyperthermia are of use with U.D.G.  This page is for information only.

  While you’ll find many valuable tip and tricks on all my pages, it’s of value to first consider my comparison of 9 years of search chart about graviola, solanine, U.D.G. Uno de Gato and also yacon and CLA. On this chart page you may see why I’ve opted for methods that are more comfortable than graviola and solanine, without nausea, edginess, ect. and U.D.G. with nattokinase and Avemar..Click here or see link at end of this post.   U.D G.is more powerful than chemotherapy, yet it doesn’t damage the immune system or have many side effects, is also more comfortable for me and also  more powerful than graviola or solanine, which were earlier more stressful herbs I now don’t use, for the reasons I list on the link.

I’ve been researching cancer herbs and methods about 9 or 10 years, and they are by no means all the same. I started with graviola, and in a few years I changed to solanine and this was a much better way to feel. Even though graviola is advertised as a cancer miracle, it only in truth removes 47% of skin cancer, not much better than skin surgery. And I often felt bad with graviola, and much better with solanine as I say on my solanine site see below, and here’s my graviola site.

While solanine was a great boost compared to graviola and I considered graviola a necessary evil in order to have the advantage it also blessed me with at the time, and though solanine of low dose actually did remove perhaps 95% of my blemishes without nearly so much nausea, solanine wasn’t paradise either, merely much better than early methods. For one thing it was viable only in low doses, as with graviola, due not just the nausea for graviola, also for neuropathy, both are involved with (reversible)  reduced circulation of extremities. Later I found to my relief that chamomile tea  external, plus flax seems to solve this quite well by the chamomile that got me in the right general area presumably by replacing the solanine at the synapse as it is known, also by using flax oil high lignin which also reduces cancer 87% I found that neuropathy is easy to solve with almost no harm. As I say below, I take chamomile externally to bypass low blood sugar it causes. Low blood sugar symptoms which are reversible by methods like these include wooziness, tiredness, and symptoms of neuropathy including ED or foot discomfort on the base of your foot while you exercise.

Solanine had two other problems for me, edginess presumably by way of the neuropathy and also calcium, as I say on my site Nightshades and Other Herbs for Cancer, below. So you can see, solanine and eggplant left me some room for improvement. While I was more comfortable with eggplant than graviola in general, but due to the side effects, I searched for other options.

You may read some “cancer association” sites that say there’s no evidence for the value of Uno de Gato. What they were really saying seems only that due to herbs being nonpatentable there was no proof without profit in large scale studies that it works. Other sites tell you it’s more powerful than chemotherapy without the huge cost and damage to your immune system of other treatments, without the side effects. I found this out not from the cancer foundation sites rather from alternate health sites. However as I say, Cat’s Claw has uncomfortable symptoms like UT symptoms, the TOA Cat’s claw is cheaper but it may also cause many other symptoms including neural depression type symptoms POA Cat’s Claw may not. Even if there are no neural symptoms for POA it still had UT symptoms for me other methods like ginger may not. Ginger shrinks tumors 57%, and honey is also powerful against cancer, (manuka is medicinal honey not cheap filtered honey you see in stores). Taking honey with the ginger seems to counteract the low blood sugar wooziness I had with ginger, since honey has sugar, and lots of enzymes also powerful against cancer.

Consider TO of A Cat’s Claw will cut and is bad, while a Purr Of A feline is smoother and of more worth, this is how it’s advertised. If you have any UT symptoms even with POA, you may want to stop it right away and perhaps try other methods as I say in bold below.

Prevention Magazines, Vitamins From A to Z says that neuropathy is completely reversible with chromium, and B Complex vitamins are more effective yet (especially high doses of B1 thiamin, always take with B complex, high doses can cause brain damage) combined witrh the chromium picolinate (They say GTF chromium is a gimmick since supplements with GTF are too unreliable in quality. And I note that GTF has amino acids so it may be harmful to kidney health.)

While the majority of cancer treatments are harmful to cancer and  other cells too, evolution may have real herbs of worth not like solanine which is more like a poison in the wild a plant would use to stop others from eating it. Rather some plants would also coevolve to defend for the animals who ate the plant so they could both benefit; if the plant helped them stop the tendency to get cancer, that animal survived more often, so it returned to the plant and one ancient palm shook the other, for me at any rate high lignin flax with ginger/honey, etc. seems so..  If as they say life’s a terminal illness, life’s a beach not life’s a buss! Life is the fastest way of life there is!


I’ve found low dose uno de gato to be extremely powerful yet unlike graviola or solanine ect, it’s not toxic to handle. This seems to mean it’s toxic to cancer but not you or me. A low dose is fine for me, and you may want more as you decide based on your situation. For me an optimal dose is so far, 16 caps of  patented Savarento POA Cart’s Claw in a 12 oz mustard jug labeled for the purrpuss, Cat’s CLaw! I let it dissolve, and tip the bottle upside down on my finger, apply this to my skin and repeat.  Adding only two drops a day more, I take 2 doses 1 AM 1 PM with Avemar so no neural symptoms, and also with the chromium/B complex also. B7 also much helps neuropathy and lowers blood sugar by half in people where it’s elevated. This may be a valuable augment to your defence if you have cancer, in addition to a health care providers instruction.

“Survival rates in general go up to 83% with Avemar and conventional treatments combined”. so I use Avemar with Una De Gato. Avemar is essentially, german powdered beer, AND IT WON THE NOBELLY PRIZE IN Powdered BEER BREWING!  Click Here for my Avemar UDG combination site, or see link at bottom of this page.

Note that it’s of great value to take UDG and other herbs like essential oils dermally or topically rather than by mouth since the absorption is quite high while the toxicity is much lower. The rate is hundreds of times less toxicity for many essential oils. See this site (Aromatherapy Global) for more.

IMPORTANT CAUTION… Be sure to take Uno De Gato in gradual buildup always at the same time each day and by the same method, for safety and comfort. Even a low dose is quite powerful, you may get real relief the first day.To get the time the same I use four alarms (two AM and two PM). You may want to only take Cat’s Claw PM since at 16 drops or more it has a mildly bluesy feeling and so I just sleep through. U.D.G while having low toxicity is also known to be at least somewhat toxic to the central nervous system, and to avoid this I take it at much lower dose than recommended, at just 2 doses a day. For me UDG and Avemar have worked well enough, no pain better than before and so I use U.D.G. and Avemar just PM 3 hours before (as they say to avoid any risk of interaction). For the mild neural events it’s important to take flax oil ect. which reverses the effects in just a few hours and starts in just a half hour. Flax oil is the best way known to reverse neuropathy like in diabetic events.  The two alarm method allows me to get in the general area of the time and not fall off the edge of the machine! General to exact is by changing gears and then just the second..

Una De Gato And Passionflower

The main later method I’ve used for UDG edginess and mild neural symptoms has been passionflower (short term and/or low dose only since its long term safety is not known). For me this is of worth since it acts like benzdiazipene, yet is non habit forming and is so powerful it’s used for things like to stop smoking, and it’s strongly chemo and neuroprotective a real powerful soother at any rate (especially with ginger which boosts absorption of all other herbs taken by mouth) for anytime I might e.g. miss a dose, or to see sometimes if a lower or more UDG is more optimal. Both Una De Gato and passionflower are considered to be generally safe with few adverse events.  As the common wisdom might say, if there are some adverse events with Una De Gato like kidney stress, as I say on the page and also mild neural stress at any rate, if these were not known, there might be more for passionflower and especially in combination with other herbs. Even so for me at any rate (and this may or may not work for you) passionflower has given me great soothing relief for adjustment days and to help a lot with UT issues that seemed to go with UDG. Higher doses of UDG may be more powerful to limit the cancer. Yet the blemishes are gone and my doctor says I’m doing well.  Click here for more or see link at end of the post.


Another possibility may be to bypass UDG or use it at a reduced dose with it’s rather unsettling though not severe neural symptoms like weight gain seen in research and as I say while I’m taking Avemar with nattokinase, and etc. of these three UDG seems more toxic. I’m considering combining these powerful though still limited methods with mebendazol.  Mebendazol has a well researched safety profile unlike Una de Gato, and like Avemar and nattokinase it seems it “goes well” with other methods like these. You may have heard of mebendazol. Used as an antiparasitic, it’s strong and while most have parasites and don’t know it, often antiparasitic herbs are good to stop cancer. I know this from my experience with graviola; it shuts down ATP, the bodies main energy currency in mitochondria.  Like cancer, parasites often use more energy or other energy currency  than the rest of you (like iron for artemesium, also a strong anticancer/antiparasitic herb, but nauseating and with neuropathy at anywhere near enough dose to stop both) so graviola shuts down ATP stops both the parasite and the blemish effectively by targeting its higher energy use. However I say elsewhere on my graviola site, graviola has severe nauseating events and not much research while mebendazole has more science involved and no nausea. (Artemesium is even worse than graviola I found since it also causes metastasis.)


If the UDG is sometimes too much, I take Thera Supreme herbal cleanser, made by Mid American Marketing, a completely all natural herbal detox formula top ingredients like blueberry or elderberry that rapidly resets the level of UDG for more comfort if or when needed. I generally take UDG in the evening so I sleep right through. Thera S has been tested unlike most greens formulas to be well tolerated by almost anyone. It’s relatively expensive 60 a bottle, but by using small doses it stays in use for years.


If you have issues with pain you might like melatonin, 3$/bottle at Walmart or online stores like Swanson Vitamins.(Melatonin is found in every cell in the body naturally and is considered one of the least toxic substances there is, millions of people have taken melatonin since it was available in the early 2000’s.).

For a great general sleepsworth while via no counting of sheep at 1,000 mph with airship time zones, melatonin is sleep and sound sleep causing, even while non addictive like morphine yet with almost no side effects. Like others I asked I found it worked too well, and it totally zonked me out at the recommended dose, so I got a one capsule bottle online, dissolved it in a fizz jug, and punched a hole in the top of the lid, tied it to the shelf so it’s always right side up, and if sometimes I get insomnia, I just sleepwalk, right! Right to the jug, and in 30 minutes I sleep hours the sleep of the sheep in wool, this is why cats land right side up at Xmas they have long sleeved sweaters! Just one cap in the jug may last you the REST, of YOUR LIFE!. (The reason I dissolve it in the jug is because it’s often of worth to take herbs that change blood sugar and melatonin at high dose and long term has this, to take them externally just washing on hands, bypassing the gi where most of the blood sugar inflammation tends to be. See below about the duodenal sleeve operation that cures blood sugar for more. The jug is also in easy reach by feeling around if my light is out and I’m not.)

As I say for pain control, anything powerful enough to cause deep sleep is powerful enough to relieve pain. So if you have pain you will be able to sleep well and have a time each night for more healing sleep.The problem with melatonin for daytime use might seem to be about too much in an hour, and then you wake up in pain for more hours. (For sleep it combines with natural sleep, so I sleep all night even without timed release). I was once trying to use it for a awesome diet method till I found out this about daytime uneven levels of levelness.. I think this might be solved by use of timed released melatonin also from Swanson for 3 which being time released has one layer of the tab with usual melatonin in half an hour and then the second layer more slowly dissolves for smoother sleep, My idea here was to take the tablet and cut it in slices with a pill cutter so both layers are used at lower dose just so, or perhaps just a bit of both levels. You want to use a real small bit of the time release layer, not 1/4 tab, you will really zonk out. Yahoo answers says there are many ways to make my own time released formula, e.g by using nondissolvable type capsules with holes of the right number the melatonin will then dissolve through, or ect. This might be cheaper and much safer than addictive pain relievers, time released, pain soothed all day yet you don’t zonk out. Here you want to be cautious using any machinery till you see how you react to any herb or treatment. Other than not for depression or at least lower dose, one known side effect caution about melatonin is about low blood sugar at high dose long term. This was of worth to me and may not be to you. Einstein said, if he knew what his options all were life wouldn’t be optimal!


One in three will have blood sugar problems at any given time, and of these, half are unaware they have it. Is this hypoglycemic unawareness, I’m more aware than this! For low blood sugar, I’ve found just taking herbs on your arms legs or elsewhere may bypass most of the drowsiness of many herbs. I believe this since the ADA American Diabetes Association recognizes a simple operation called the duodenal sleeve cures 87% of type II diabetes. So it seems that blood sugar is mostly involving the digestive inner inflammation of the duodenum, between the stomach and upper lower GI. You may say no doubt it’s more complex since there are insulin receptors all around, and however vast majority of these are in muscle. So if you take external low blood sugar herbs, you might want to use your methods in rotation, say higher or lower. Higher, as in on your head where no muscle is, mine has good fat, the worlds most lofat hat, if the good fat wears a white hat!

Many herbs and prescriptions cause blood sugar problems. One of the main ways they may do this is by inflammation of the duodenum, the duodenum sends a signal to the pancreas to send insulin when it receives sugar to then cancel out the glucose soon to be absorbed in the lower GI at the right time. If the duodenum is inflamed by bad bacteria, the signal timing is harmful since the blood sugar isn’t canceled and there is also a lot of insulin, actually diabetes is about both high and low blood sugar. If the timing is right by the duodenum, this is helpful and I found that if I got low blood sugar, like wooziness after sugar, like the duodenal sleeve, taking a strong antibacterial, baking soda and clay was wondrous to solve it. I tied these plus water for absorption in two bottles by my bed, so anytime hypoglycemic unawareness started, I canceled it with ease.  Clay doesn’t harm good flora in your GI since it acts as a catalyst, improving absorption of nutrients, including all the minerals in clay up to the point where your body has as much as it needs. Beyond this, you can’t overdose on clay. If causing acid, this type of activity may be how many herbs and prescriptions can cause blood sugar issues. Of course there’s more to blood sugar than this, and e.g. I’ve found clay and baking soda for this temporarily absorb out important herbs a bit,  I don’t know either if it’s safe long term, so I only take clay and baking soda when woozy, which to my delight is rare, perhaps since it solves that problem by 95% of duodenal inflammation as it relates to blood sugar. Be sure to ask your doctor if this method is of value to you.

Athletes have found a way to get carb energy for endurance and fitness by sloshing sugar around in their mouth and not swallowing it, this tricks the body into thinking it’s gotten sugar, yet no crash afterward. So too I’ve seen that just dissolving clay and baking soda in my mouth also stops sugar wooziness, and this may be of worth if you have this problem since you aren’t risking the baking soda and clay, causing changes to either stomach acidity, or gi flora, you may want to ask your doctor if this is right for you. And this is also good for dental health, as I say on the post above.

Taking herbs in smaller doses all day instead of two large doses Am and PM as recommended reduces blood sugar symptoms like foot discomfort with heavy exercise, UT symptoms, ect. It’s known e.g. that eating sugar after you wake up instead of the more gradual way of adjusting is of worth about blood sugar in general. In evolution as they say, we ate many smaller meals all day not three large meals. This may put use of valuable methods like flax or ginger which passes my Second Day Test method for the blemishes in reach for me in combination with my nurse  Nurse Amy B’s care; I name her the Honey B..


The main  problem I had for a while when I was taking Una De Gato was bloating and lower back discomfort. Neural problems were evident. This may be because you aren’t starting with a low dose and at the same time each day and working you way up. (See DOSING above) If you have this problem with UDG caused by tannins, also as they say on woodworking sites about tannins (they’re used to stain wood) they were removed for me at any rate by spraying lemon juice on my hand and rubbing it on my liver and higher UT area when I first started with TOA. Though as I say this may not work for you it gave me real and fast relief that lasts all day. I always took lemon juice each morning with TOA since it was slow to metabolize out. It also reduces the metabolism of other herbs so you may want to reduce the dose of these.

They say tannins and UDG are safe like on the Livestrong sites but others say it can cause kidney damage. One way to reduce kidney damage which tends to be about neuropathy and this is the most common type of kidney issue via blood sugar, is by chromium and B7 and B vitamin complex plus higher doses of B1 as I say above.  (Other ways like flax oil or ginger to shield the kidneys by way of the liver  which is “upstream” of the kidneys in circulation, and “shields” the kidneys, are out of reach with U.D.G since liver herbs of this type are not allowed with Uno De Gato. Even so chromium and B Complex vitamins also completely reverse neuropathy,  according to Prevention magazine, and they aren’t so involved with the liver.) So lemon juice can be of worth as a caution about removing the tannins if you opt in for Uno de Gato. If you have kidney problems or suspect that you do, Uno de Gato may not be for you, proceed with caution and discontinue immediately. Always start at low dose for any herb and work your way up as allowed. Use common sense. Another problem I had was the somewhat bluesy feeling, but this stopped as soon as I used the lemon juice higher up..

U.D.G. is immune modulating, while at higher doses it’s more toxic and antibacterial, as they say on sites about Lyme.

Tannins have anticancer power, you can get UDG with tannins removed. These are called standardized POA or standardized TOA formulas (the A in POA and TOA is for Alkaloid, which are tannins).

One problem with UDG is that it interferes with the P450 cytochrome pathway, the main pathway the liver uses to metabolize herbs. As sites like Web MD say Uno De Gato is considered safe, even though they are not saying it’s the same if you must take other herbs or prescriptions. The P450 cytochrome is known to be improved however by way of broccoli, cabbage, or cauliflower, a family of plants known as crucifers. Instead of eating like sauerkraut or coleslaw all the time, I buy powdered broccoli and powdered cabbage online at Amazon, this site not only has broccoli, also lots of nutrients, important since most cancer death is caused by starvation as it overpowers the systems of the body. Also note that if you have anemia, your chance of dying is 67% higher, and sour kraut has been considered to be a cure for anemia. So what, my dog is finally getting enough cheese after 20 or 30 years!

It’s not definite what the value of the POA formulas are and it’s possible they may be as strong or not so strong against the cancer, I haven’t yet seen the worth of these..

Sites like Herbs for Lyme say POA cat’s claw is up to 1,000 times more powerful than TOA and no side effects, interactions or cautions are known. It’s about 30 for Saventaro brand at Vitacost or Swanson’s. I’ve found some of these herbs (other than Avemar which didn’t seem to work and even made my blemishes worse, perhaps by interaction with solanine) so powerful a bit often is of worth for years.

For more about the Second Day Test I use see my site about Graviola.

UDG is an immune system modulator, and cancer cells alone use 6 8 to ten times more sugar, so I’m trying to achieve a low sugar diet (more effective than chemo like UDG by eating clay with any sugar I eat. Clay is great for detox. In addition to mineralizing, clay blends and absorbs out sugar once eaten. Clay not being a nutrient goes right through your system acts like psyllium fiber, so it can be of worth to health since It boosts the absorption of nutrients like a catalyst, and doesn’t harm good GI flora, this is important to cancer since most people who die of cancer die of malnutrition, as it overpowers the systems of the body. (It’s absorbed by minerals but only what your body needs is used.)).

   As I say about nightshades K2 is deficient in most people, and doctors don’t often say it causes 87% of heart problems, dental problems, arthritis, stroke, osteoporosis, depression and so on, as they say on sites like the Weston Price site.. K2 reduces the risk of liver cancer 67% For kidney issues drinking lots of water and lecithin are of worth. Flax often improves kidney health dramatically in most since kidney damage is often caused by neuropathy (flax builds neurons).

Another one of my favorites here is MSM, a cheap vitaminlike compound that’s been processed out of our food. While I haven’t found it to be a magic bullet as some say for cancer, it seems to have considerable worth here is a super antibacterial, of value for dental hygiene or any inflammation I’ve seen and it was used for horses for years like athletes who win at business later in life and it’s used for exercise fitness and muscle soreness after exercise! Since I’ve never had any side effects with MSM and it’s like a vitamin, I use it for safe nonedgy energy.

   MSM to boost the power, and with hyperthermia, (coats and bibs) and clay/baking soda to alkalize.. only one of my herbs U.D.G. these is “poison” this is important because poisons don’t always mix well. 

 The best I’ve seen however is Uno De Gato as I say above with Avemar.  Not to be used for the other use!

   Wheat bran is much cheaper than CLA and it’s been recognized by authorities like the American Cancer Society to also be effective against many types of cancer. Though high lignan flax is of real value as I say above if you’re not taking Uno de Gato, wheat bran has lots of lignans also and it’s got a lot of nutrients, since more than half of cancer fatalities are due to malnutrition. Wheat bran has lots of phytic acid which can cause dental dishcomfort, and this can be counteracted in combination with rye flour, one of the few foods that contain phytase an enzyme that dissolves phytic acid. For constipation with wheat bran I always take with water soluble (softer) fiber. Never take soluble fiber on an empty stomach or without soluble fiber etc., this can cause IBS, etc.)

   It’s important to alkalize before exercise (exercise is of value since it reduces cancer deaths by half). I use clay and baking soda as I say above in the general area of the soreness. Exercise produces lactic acid, and so does cancer, and they unify more than if you don”t alkalize. 

For energy green tea is much cheaper at the discount store, stores like Kmart charge 6 times more. It’s about 25 cents  a month. To save all the hassle I tear the bag and use one bag each time, it has no sugar or additives by the bag and has anticancer power with the energy. I also use Activive from Hello Life, an all natural energy formula that has no side effects with alfalfa as the most ut ingredient and it improves low energy by 97% even severe tiredness like CFS.

More than one cancer treatment are often used since the cancer can mutate around just one defence, like just taking one vitamin for health isn’t as powerful as a multivitamin so I use these methods in rotation.


To shield your shoulders from the sun is of real import in the summer, like social events. I use a UV blanket about 3 feet by one, this I put around my shoulders and tie it with shoestring like a superhero. Wearing a dark outfit makes people not think YOU’RE SO WAY COOL! so I wear the shield beneath all my outfits above, not just sometimes and so I always remember to wear it, forgetting might be hazardous. I wear it under my outfit all the time so I remember where I put it and don’t have to search the boxes to find it each time I go out, it’s also cooling with a wave in the heat wave. To wear it all hours I punch holes in it and tie it under my arms so it stays put even while I sleep, and a great inner radiant tanning outfit in winter you wear wherever you are radiant may be of worth.

Most cancer starts with the skin. Tan through swimwear is available, and I’m an inventor of related methods, a cozy warm radiant inner hot suit for winter, and vitamin D. Green tea is useful way to shield from the sun, and as I say above, green tea is cheap at the discount store, and it has other anticancer power. Green tea taken by mouth isn’t recommended for a shield alone. While it shields more than without, it’s not considered powerful enough.. A cheap compound from broccoli, sulforofame has been found to be more powerful than a sunscreen of the SPF 450 type, which have been proven to actually cause cancer. Sulforophame is available for just 2$ for a month’s worth from Swanson Health online.


I’m researching U.D.G. with Avemar, the nobel prize winning Anticancer powdered beer extract. Since Una De Gato isn’t perfect and Avemar may be of worth I continued with this combination.

For an Avemar U.D.G. hybrid possible method, “cheaper than Avemar, safer, more comfortable and more powerful than U.D.G alone?”,

Click Here


One possibility is RNAi a method of throwing a wrench in the machinery of the cancer cell copying, or like a contractor with a blueprint to the builder. This method seems a dream weapon against cancer since it would be real cheap to make random snips of DNA and put them in the cancer cell copying machine, and the blueprints lead to a collapse of the cancer construction site. There was lots of euphoria when RNAi was first devised and all the major pharmaceutical companies had a multibillion dollar research investment yet it seemed to fail. One reason was how to get the snips into the cancer cell. This has been more solved, and once again rnai is ascending. RNAi, also caused antisense drugs, may be of worth for many important health improvements, for example lab mice given Ebola had a 100% mortality rate with these drug, yet 75 % survived with it. I would love to say antisense drugs had cured all there is, right!

   You may be interested in a new treatment using small particles of gold that gravitate to only the cancer cells. Gold is almost completely inert, think gold fillings that never harm your body, what gold inlays rust with cheap sweet dental 18s? Simple use of lower energy external heat then heats the gold more than surrounding tissue and burns the cancer cells out from the inside down to the last cell, while not harming other cells. You may find this of worth keeping track of since using related methods of making the gold radioactive a bit also reduces toxicity to 1/10,000 the usual chemotherapy level. I had thought of a cheap personal version of this gold method as an invention a lot of people might find of worth, take the gold, add the heat, you’re cured if you got it in time. Doctors are the chief cause of personal debt because they don’t forgive debtors as much, gold seems more like the golden rule, so this invention might help the economy.  If there were a way to get gold and heat into bone I believe most people with cancer could be cured. For bone the gold might be infused perhaps by generally taking gold when first diagnosed.. then as most with cancer will live years or months by other methods, in a few months the gold if bound to calcium or phosphorus would be inside the matrix, and then by just adding the heat you’re cured, the heat with computerized lasers. Bone is constantly though slowly growing and rebuilding.  No doubt always see your doctor first, since with methods in use if cancer gets into bone it’s much tougher to remove, ect. ect. 

As I say while I hope this site is of worth to you. I’m not a health professional, and I am however a painter and an inventor. For my pictures, aren’t they amazin click here, and click here for my latest inventions. Type in Charles Lawson in the search box, you’ll see all my latest inventions. You can reach me by typing in there. If you have money to invest this may be of worth to you. Thanks..

Passionflower as a way to counteract renal and neural side effects with Uno De Gato. On this link I discuss the possibility, though this might not work or have value for you and e.g. antioxidants reduce neural side effects 50% in those whare taking chemotherapy.



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