Note; this is not medical advice. Use At your own risk. While the methods used on this site have worked for me, they may not work or even be hazardous for you. Always consult a health care practitioner before making any changes in diet or lifestyle. This site doesn’t list a complete set of hazards for each herb or method, there may be more we haven’t seen yet. Use common sense and see your doctor if you have doubts.

I first became aware of dental problems 10 years ago and while I must have tried 40 ways to solve this, not only simple, but in complex combinations of more, finally the smoke of breath sailed away, I was just on 20 boxes of chew bits a month!

There’s a simple trick to reducing contact of sugar with your teeth; The solution; eat sugar only in liquid like juice. While this may seem not so amazing you may say, people are flossing and brushing hours a day with no result and they’ve tried straws, there’s something important they’ve overlooked.. The reason they think they must but don’t is because using a common straw won’t do. Instead of just brushes, use a small straw!  This isn’t obvious, this is what kept me flossing like the millions of gold toothed wealthy, I know more than I look like, I always will!

  A larger straw will cause the sugar to splash around on the tooth and actually it has more flavor with the small straw since it’s over a flat more broad tongue area.  By keeping the sugar in a narrower area, you will mostly bypass your “dental problem”! One thing you can say about any kind of germ. It needs a food source. Limit the food and you limit the inflammation in a definite way.  Most other methods attempt to limit it by  external changes, breath rinse, brushing, ect. These are all external compared to shutting off the germs at the source. And as I say on this site, once you’ve got general control you can finish your defense even better by using the right kind of methods, and the right kind of breath rinse, and so on. To clean up after you “imbibe” you often don’t even have to clean your tongue that much, just continue swallowing moving your tongue up and to your tonsils with radiant implosion and if you can’t taste the flavor in a few minutes, your tooth is safe.. To use this method, tilt your head back somewhat, the straw is more in your mouth and the front of your tongue is with the seal and higher at the arch of the roof of your mouth. Use waves of tongue motion tip to top, and lying with the juice jug is another good method. For extra security and fast cleanup around your upper mouth inside after sugar you might use clay, but so far I haven’t needed to. An even better method than the best cleanser is nattokinase, a fermented soy extract or enzyme that stops bleeding toothbrush for days, even without brushing. (You may want to use nattokinase with caution, not swallow, just as a rinse if you are taking blood thinners. Nattokinase reduces risk of Altzheimer’s 90% like in Japan, and there they take it in low moderation. Click Here For Cautions or see link at end of post.) Overall, nattokinase with this straw jug method are a powerful cheap way to limit dental problems, especially in combination. See also on this post for more below about safety and how much I use.

More About The Mechanical Method for Dental Health, Wealth and Wisdom

Another method of cleansing fast is just another jug of water with a straw also used to clean the dread poison sugar off your tongue (otherwise a bit around the edges of your tongue might multiply up the inflammation of inside your upper teeth.) It’s important to scrape your tongue, even a spoon or jug lid is of value here. To get the straws, the discount store has cheap spray jugs, remove the sprayer, keep the 1/8″ tube.


This Is The Method .. .YOU KNOW YOU CAN, About Dental Health- Sleep and Yawn And Snore the REST Of YOUR LIFE! 

Punch a straw sized punch in the top of the jug lid, add the rubber band to the straw, insert it in the jug, and it seals the jug for freshness, yet you have access to the contents of your bocoup coup (like a cup of higher cup-acity!) by the straw hole to reach the juice with ease. Reuse the straw and cap for other jugs of the same size cap.  Tie tape or other adhesive (a rubber band is adhesion right) around the tube to find via a giant fizz jug beeper!

WHY EAT SUGAR.. Two important reasons; First there are many nutritious foods with sugar and no way to get the sugar except by these foods. (Sugar can’t be removed except by industrial heat and pressure. This is why low sugar foods are expensive at the store.).. And Your body needs pleasure to do well.  A hormone in the brain called oxytocin uses pleasure for your brain health. I’m not a heavy or light eater, so I want to know what’s AM or FM! For this reason I believe, like lo fat diets, your risk of weight gain may be higher if you don’t at least eat some sugar.


Since sugar foods have value even if sugar is wise to limit (read on for a simple way to make veggies, fish and grains both satisfying and more healthy, and lose weight too!) there are lots of dishes you can use by this straw method. I blend milk with juice like pomegranate for a dairy drink, or no fat buttermilk with the juice adds tang. While it’s to gooey to use out of the bottle, Hersheys makes a good milkshake poured in the jug of juice thinned out with milk, or Quick at any rate. Another way to get more nutrition for your money about like canned food like strawberries is to only drink the juice.  (For high cholesterol with dairy, I take policosanol, a sugar cane extract that reduces bad cholesterol so efficiently you must watch to not lower it too low, see your doctor if in doubt.) A good blend is even like juice with vegetable juice, sort of like V8 Fusion but you save more by the labor of adding no cost and 50% to the labor, health food visa vivas…


I even sip ketchup right from the jug years ago! After all it is the same as tomato sauce of flavor with vino and sugar, just add water and vino and shake, like in the ancient tomb was beer for the afterlife.. And for more adventures than adventures in debentures or dentures one can even yea or neigh, Sip fizzy sodas. If you like no toxins with your flavor, and like foods like this, clay is a wonderous detoxifier after meals. Clay has negative charge and most toxins are positive. It acts like psyllium fiber and since it’s not a nutrient, it’s not digested, so you can’t overdose on clay. If you want to use a really great safe cleanser you can swallow, clay may be of worth. As I say below it’s been used for thousands of years for dental relief. While nowhere near as powerful as the straw method, clay gives soothing reliable relief for thousands of years from dental pain!  Clay goes in deep and absorbs out the inflammation from the inside. And it mineralizes teeth and is strongly antibacterial and dirt cheap, actually dirt seems to have wealth value!

Clay Remedies has several types of clay, 1 954 380 5272. They have “Real Salt” with minerals added, so I liked the flavor and am using a 50/50 salt clay blend of my own invention to reduce my salt intake.The flavor is almost as good. The minerals in the clay may well cancel the salt since I’ve seen sites that say if your minerals are balanced, you generally won’t have problems with salt. Linus Pauling said the same about minerals, I’m not a doctor so this may be taken more with your RN’s advice. They recommend adding always water with clay for much better absorption of toxins, so liquid clay/lower salt like this may be best in a salt shake jug..

In time I got used to the milk and juice, so for more kinds of nutrient without harm to my teeth here also I eat honey straight from the jug by tilting the jug and the small hole where the cap is unclicked, another viable way to use the trick of keeping the sugar as above away from my teeth by the same type of upward implosion. Be sure to smoothly cut off the flow of honey with your tongue. This trick isn’t quite as much of worth as the straw, but it’s of worth for higher viscosity foods you can’t as easily use the straw with. Another good dish is the land of milk and honey, if too much I go to the land of vino to stay trim. I was drinking milk right from the jug, save wildlife, more celebration!

As I say the viscosity of more than unsaturated good fat 3 6 9 motor oil may seem a limit for some of my favorite dishes, the solution is the same large squeeze jug with soft food inside, and then just squeeze it to your tongue like the honey mead liketh the herein ye old via the method above, and while this is a bit more risk it works well, for e.g. canned yams, canned strawberries both of which like honey have higher viscosity to clog up in the straw. Finish up by just cleansing with your tongue as above. The best jug for this is like a Smuckers jam with the wide yet narrow opening, like an inch wide and 2/8ths narrow. No wait for ketchup to flow its usual unusual 25 miles a year. No food processor needed, portable too. And unlike a food processor this method will never crash. (Some sites I read say food processors are too tough to keep clean to be worthwhile.).

Another important flavor is mustard, it’s also liquid if you add water and like hi grain vino to the jug at the right level to not cost so much. Just always be sure to keep the sugar and acid foods separate from your teeth. I tried crunchy or salty food before the sugar, but this blended the sugar around a bit on my teeth and is not recommended.  If I have a 50 I may go to the pizza shack and make a down payment on cheese! Live in a shack, eat more pizza all month!

By this method you have enough margin especially if you caught it early to actually eat sugar food of more crunchy type like in social events.

Everyone else’s dental health there may be improving as you kindly gently say “WORD OF MORE BREATH over and over! THANKS

If I must eat sugar or acid foods for whatever reason, lack of better food sometimes, ect., I make sure I blend the sugar with a basic food to at least neutralize the acid of this type of food.  Once you’ve shut down the inflammation it takes longer for it to build back up with acid foods, so you also have more room to eat other foods that aren’t as easy to find in liquid form. Note that while essentially I’ve reduced food with sugar a lot, a bit of the healthy foods with sugar for nutrition is good to chew on say once a week. In R&D it’s not how much of the stuff you eat, it’s how often. I also limit my acid foods to fluid via the straw method.

How To Reduce Sugar and Improve Other Behavoiur is THE KITCHEN SAFE, ALWAYS WILL BE! A timed box that can’t be easily opened from the outside, a real method of using sweets or reducing weight more reliable, and can be used for other overuse behaviors, like e.g. computer overuse. For How To and The Link To Amazon, CLICK HERE or See Link At End of Post.


First I was merely amazed by the straw jug method as above, then I discovered that nattokinase, a soy derivative from Japan really really really shut down my inflammation, and without any bad flavor like so many breath rinses and other methods. I only need to use it about twice a month.  When your tooth is sore or inflamed, the chance of losing your tooth nearby is 40 times higher, and while nattokinase is the most powerful I’ve ever seen in 10 years of search by far, even so it has limits. Either putting it on just the sore area is great, even so soaking my entire mouth for about 20 minutes seems even better.  Nattokinase is from fermented soy, used for thousands of years in Japan, where the rate of Altzheimer’s is also 90% less. Nattokinase is also has dramatic ability to limit metastatic cancer, and it’s good for circulation, reducing systolic blood pressure by 20 points in one week.

One problem about nattokinase is about it’s super germ stopping power, as with so many health issues, like with complex tooth areas, how to stop the bad while allowing your good to celebrate the victory. Nattokinase real is real, yet I also noticed while the inflammation was way down, enough so it seemed to eat as much of dishes I liked, so crunchy! my gums in general were not as strong, so it wears down the gum at least a bit with time. Even so nattokinase seems of higher merit than an implosive ecigarette fan with a cyber smoke sieve! So I’ve resumed the straw method in combination with reduced nattokinase, and also increased another enzyme formula, Swanson Health En-zymes. This seems like gentle nattokinase. I think of it as cutting the sugar time in half on my teeth or etc. and the natto and enzymes seem to do the rest, and other methods below are of value like e.g. vitamin K2, rye flour with phytic acid which reverses the damage caused by phytase or grains as on the Weston Price site.

While both methods mechanical and nattokinase are super stronger than all the rest I’ve tried, they both have limitations, the straw jug limits food somewhat, and nattokinase also limits the gums somewhat, so I use the hybrid and more powerful blend of the straw jug and nattokinase with other methods as I say on this memo.

I can say for sure my dental progression almost completely is stopped, and if my tooth is a bit sore these two methods the straw jug and nattokinase (with some more of the methods below) completely seem to stop the problem.

In researching nattokinase (the opposite of unfermented soy which is junk food and causes harm) you will find it’s not for everyone, e.g. if you have circulation problems see your doctor for advice about this. More about nattokinase below…

I use a combination of Ceyanne/Zinc Oxide and Olive Leaf for external itching, this is often like staph, 97% of eczema is about staph. This can become severe and this combination method is highly highly effective for germs especially with repeated use. For internal use like gingivitis it is also likewise powerful without the zinc oxide cream, though I’m researching the food grade powder like zinc citrate.

Olive leaf like ceyanne is often recommended for general health. Olive leaf has a long list of health advantages and only one known side effect about low blood sugar I’ve heard of, but only at high dose and for long duration. OL sets up a permanent structure germs can’t function well inside, nourishes the immune system of the mouth, builds bone, cleanses the heart and liver, and so on and so on. Olive leaf is cheap from Swanson Health, I’ve been doing business with them 15 years, OL is just 2 or 3 $ a bottle. Ceyanne also helps dental health by reducing bleeding and healing the wound of the gum, so most of the time I just brush with the OL/Ceyanne and clay on the toothbrush even while it is “less powerful” than nattokinase to give my gum more time to heal. The germs may never get resistant to herbs unlike prescription antibiotics because plant based antibiotics contain thousands of compounds that germs may never overpower.

Always Enough Shade In The Heat! About Diatomaceous Earth, DE

DE is another wonderous mechanical way to dramatically reduce inflammation, if at any rate you also remember to put it between your teeth. According to the Livestrong site DE, Diatomaceous Earth has had a long and well established history of safety and value for health. Agricultural use is common, and I say “mechanical” because DE is related to clay yet it has another source. Diatomaceous Earth originally was made of diatoms, small silica based lifeforms from millions of years ago that were converted to DE by erosion. This formed small supersharp edges, and these are so small they cut up bacteria which are large yet smaller cells like ours are not harmed. While there are lots of valuable advantages of DE, this seems the most important for dental health. DE is like clay but it also has the cutting edges.

As I say, a poisoned toothbrush is a sign you aren’t killing all the germs. I was using my freezer to kill more of the germs while I stored my toothbrush dipped in clay and baking soda. Even so after I started getting cayenne with olive leaf on my brush for brushing and also dipping the brush in clay and baking soda for storage, I didn’t really need the freezer, if you use just a bit of DE with the clay and baking soda, say a spoon for a 20 oz container, this is even more powerful to brush and floss with. Basically due to some gum erosion, I’ve reduced nattokinase with these methods to just like once a month. DE doesn’t cause this and has rare reports of any side effects, it’s strongly antiparasitic, is great for skin bones, nails, and digestion is both the number one complaint the nurse reports report, and improved digestion is the number one advantage seen for DE use. Too much DE isn’t so good if like most you are taking perscriptions since like clay it’s highly absorbent, even so using just a small amount on your toothbrush may be viable for most like me even so.


Not remembering can be a serious limit in lots of ways. I’m convinced this is one of the main reasons the poor have poorer dental health than the more wealthy. The good news here is even if you live a fast life if you use alarms good dental health is ours to chew with, a thousand years of health and wealth if I brush and brush and multiply 1200 times! I use the calendar timer of my Tracphone, and use two or three alarms, Brush Teeth I, BTII and so on, all AM and FM, this is more of worth than most behavioural apps since they aren’t flexible, the BT alarms are more flexible. Click here (or see link below) for how to make these alarms interactive with simple exercises, and they are great to remember exercise, or like remember to pray or read for pleasure, and also learn how to take your herbs the best so no interaction, how to combine for mechanical mind boost (like my site How I Built My own Comedy Machine, and Saved! CLICK HERE or see also  link below) and more! You may find that remembering to use these methods by the alarm can improve your dental health, as much as you! I alternate 1 day of all the alarms with one day of simple important alarms so I don’t forget even so it’s more energizing, what will I sense is ahead, a software revival, bang head memo cushion!

Candy, How To

If you get cravings for solid candy like Werther’s relax, the ER is far off, you can remove one wrapper and put it in the roof of your mouth will make a shield around upper teeth between your tongue and teeth, also wrapping around to the outside of your teeth on one side to form a seal inside by tongue pressure. Then one you can put the solid candy inside the wrapper and implode inward via your tongue so no candy reaches either set of teeth in higher power. Like me you may have realized that reduced sugar candies are harmful to teeth without this method. I’m serious, comics who exercise a lot know much about nurse what’s her name, nurse CPR ..I realized that smaller candy is of higher worth since candy of smaller size like Kmart candy isn’t so wide it reaches my teeth. So here I say the best method is without the wrapper. Your teeth are safe with this type of candy if you make sure your tongue stays in the center for the duration of your sweet rapture moment.

Treat your sore gum like a bruise, health gurus advise. I tried use of the candy wrapper for a shield when you chew like crunchy food. I tried mouth guards, they’re far too solid. And the wrapper is too unstable with all the munching, as you bite down and lift up, the shield will elevate, and be out of reach where you want. Better might be something like flax grain that forms a semisolid, yet flexible flax gum zone for your bite so relieving soothing relief that distributes the force more easily on your teeth and gum have more time to heal.The flax has not much flavor good or bad, so it doesn’t much change the flavor of other food and it’s not tempting to eat a lot other than for this use.  Even so the other shield can be used when not eating the rest of the day, other than at night, you may swallow it, this might be a marm alarm, if the alarm goes off, I roll over in my cushion to put the fire, and return to my AHH cushion! You can wear the shield when used to put healthy herbs inside, Vitamin E, flax, tart cherry echinacea under the shield for more continual healing than a bruise, no, no RV VISA sold!

If you’re in a hurry and can’t find the straw method fast enough, you can take your cup a canned soup with sweet rest by tilting the can so at the least the sugar goes on your tongue and onward without touching your lower teeth at any rate, and mostly not your upper teeth, damage control is a challenge to have gold bridges that don’t rust! Keep in mind that starches like wheat, potato and corn are slower ways that erode dental health, you might try them in liquid also.

Note; About getting tired of the straw, be patient calm and collect like the rich, this is temporary.

If you use the method below (good germs after bad are removed by this) wait a while and you won’t need them as much, will all my rich and famous neighbors yawn! For me it took about Sept to June to remove all the bad germs. This might be the maximum. Nattokinase as a breath rinse used with these methods will improve much faster.  

GOOD NEWS ABOUT LIMITS ON SUGAR By first starving out the germs well by the shield and straw method deep down, and then replacing bad with good as I say below for me at least I’m once more able to eat hot dish (no unfrozen food in Alaska, global warming!) in moderation. This means you may be able to eat more kinds of sugar for health ect. It just took Sept to June of the straw method above plus the good germs to shut it down. I say this because you may get tired of the straw method since it limits many types of foods. See below for more how to.

There is no cure for gingivitis. There are miles of dentin tubes inside your teeth, a huge area for bacteria to multiply on, they have the defensive advantage here. It will still progress if you don’t use these methods I also list like sugar reduction, brushing and see your dentist regularly. Even so the shield/straw method slows the progress dramatically, far more than additives like artificial sweeteners or anything I’ve seen other than this combined with nattokinase and brushing by this method I list below. Nothing even comes close to this trick in my years of R&D. Right away it shuts it down 4/5 and in three months my bleeding toothbrush was gone also. While brushing has other value, I believe brushing alone is isn’t nearly as valuable at any rate compared to this about removing the cause.. you might think of this method as a sort of going back to earlier stages of the inflammation. No large scale pain or damage seen, if left to itself it might advance at a much slower rate so you might still lose your tooth even if this is a method of worth also.

 ProBiotics and Prebiotics And Limiting Sugar, A Powerful Combination

You may have tried acidophilus or other ancient greek methods like me the goal being to crowd out the bad germs with good germs, or the best germs.. This method seemed to fail for me, yet this seems reasonable; weed out the bad weeds plant flowers, veggies you like; they do the work of removing the bad germs by literal and otherwise crowding out of the bad with good. Yet this method seemed to fail with a simple formula like acidophilus I used.. The reason seemed I didn’t yet have the straw method to generally shut down the inflammation. Without this the bad germs would be much tougher to remove. No other way (other than nattokinase) to get in deep. The other reason my method failed then seems simple; because of the good germs being simple! A formula of merely a few strains of acidopholis without nourishment for the dental forces for good is not nearly as powerful as much reduced inflammation by the straw method with a method of nourishing a more complex interwoven field of many good flora in your mouth. This is like a garden of more dense veggies. Weed out the bad weeds, plant your good flora, and then nourish your fresh breath machine. Agriculture is the biggest biz! These days I use the more powerful method of the straw, the good flora, and nourishment thereof. And the good flora and its nutrition were enough to help, literally 97% more in the reduction of its advance in advance! It’s easier to stay on the winning side by using just some good germs to boost now and then after the first cleansing out than always tending to lose. I use the roll my own breath rinse (more herein) method to slowly absorb in these good germs for a more complete method it also has all the advantages of good flora for general health since as you slowly swallow it it also reaches the gi and builds up there. You might wonder why use good flora when you can just remove the bad germs? Because you’re continually washing away your defensive herbs with each cleansing otherwise. . You may want good flora the same as you want your immune system instead of trying to defend on the other side without prevention. Research shows good germs are important for good health like pleasure in living which is a form of strength, and most neurotransmitters are indeed made in the g.i, and so too most of your immune defense is there important to defense against illness like cancer which almost 50% will be diagnosed, and inflammation is involved in almost all health it’s been found including, yea! fresh breath..You want to starve out the germs deeper in first. If you shut down most of the inflammation it’s much easier to replace with good flora and I found out about this beyond the 4/5th level in a few months. It may be more or even just  months so you will have results like this also, I hope for you. Think of the dental surface inside and out as a hole. If you remove all the germs and the hole is empty, filling the hole with strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate  will make it so even a few bad germs will soon multiply and fill it up. This is why cleansing by removing bad germs is often tough. Yet if you think of first cleansing out almost all the bad bacillus and then filling up the tooth and gums with good germs, then you can eat more food you like since the good germs don’t make acid to knaw away at you, yes you can bite your own teeth, why should bad germs bite? The food you give the good germs once well established will feed them and they go all around anywhere bad germs were. “With this method the more sugar you eat, the more you force out the bad germs”. The straw and good germs won’t remove all the bad but it will stop most of them, and then I just continued with the good germs once a week. The good flora and nutrition formula I use is Nutraflora, plus ProLacto Acidophilus in the AM plus Probiotic Four, these are from Swanson Health online (link and number below) for just 20 for all of them With S and H. I don’t know if other formulas work as well, but for me they are a blessing.

Even better for me at any rate than this one two method of first removing the bad and then the good germs is to also use an antiplaque, antigingivitis formula like Listerine (mine is thyme, eucalyptus, can’t vouch for others). Even with good germs defending in there, this works even better. Why? Well if it removes plaque, the bad germs have even less to munch on, and it may stop the bad germs left on the outside. Gingivitis and plaque are a cycle, more of one causes the other, so if the bad germs are removed, removing the placque also may remove the food the rest of the bad germs had to try to revive the problem.

It’s important to brush regularly. If your gum is sore, start slowly, you can damage your teeth by chewing solid food or brushing “too well”. I use a medium soft spinbrush.

I found that even with the above methods there was still some small persistent gum inflammation remaining. Even using good germs and shutting off most of the food supply (mine not the germs!) wasn’t enough, must be a powerful inflammation, how to make it an outflammation. A solution is often herbs like echinacea or rosemary. As usual these herbs are strongly antigerm and anti-inflammatory, even so they do two more things, they bind gums well to your tooth, and they also make your gum able to heal up, this isn’t the same as just removing the germs, this is dental afterlife! Echinacea is even better with salt water. I also use it in alternation with sour cherry, the most intinflammatory food known (since both are about immune influence and cherry is about allergy, don’t use them together.). Sour cherry reduces post exercise muscle soreness or pain 80% and is great for any kind of inflammation, e.g itching, otitis, prostatitis and so on.


You may see sights saying that horsetail the herb also like echinacea heals the gums heals your teeth themselves. The herb has an enzyme called thiminase that removes thiamine (B1), and this can cause “permanent incurable nerve damage”. Other sites say, if used in low moderation, and infrequently, and if you boil this herb, you’ve removed almost all the thiaminase, no problem. DON’T DO THIS. For whatever reason these sites are either lying or don’t know, even with sites like Swanson Health selling it online. For nerve damage general B1 in moderate doses plus chromium usually completely reverses many types of nerve damage. Symptoms are like beri-beri and for me lasted about a month before my revitalization via B1 and other methods. If you take B1 always take it with other B complex vitamins, since B1 alone also has problems. Of you take horsetail, you might recover completely since there are many new ways, and old ways to solve nerve damage including, fish oil, flax, PS, and so on. While it’s a great idea to want to use methods that heal, not just control dental issues and etc. there are other methods (e.g. nattokinase might be of value) as I say here that are more of worth. Don’t believe sites that say horsetail is safe!

One simple easy method is to take proven cleansers one after another in rotation, to hit the gems with several one two punches. I use e.g. MSM, then later Olive Leaf, then a bit later a thyme breath rinse, then brush, then sour cherry ( also highly antibacterial!); echinacea especially after cherry especially since it heals your gum not just kills germs, while it does this well too! You can also do this with clove oil, bloodroot, salt baking soda and clay, then good germs designed for dental health and so on. These are all herbs/methods that have worked well for me.

In addition to healing your gums, you can also heal your teeth with Vitamin E. It improves overall dental health by 60%

Rye flour has phytase, and enzyme that counteracts phytic acid, a major cause of poor dental health, found in many grains, and seeds. I blend the phytase in with these grain bound foods and it’s good for health in many ways.

Remember all those dental herbs and exercises you labored so to solve with? Remember the commercial of mouth explosions, mortars, ammo, and ricochet, “There’s a war going on in your mouth”!? And some breath rinse is enriched… There are secondary methods of use in addition to the separation of sugar and teeth.  Make peace with these methods, and put them to good use so you finish your defense;

WATERFLOSSERS indispensable. You can get them at lawn sales for 5. They do all important moving of food away from teeth. Special cleansing no other method like soothing water, the cosmic solvent will solve. My Waterpic waterflosser crashed in a few years after I put clay or something in it, so save yours by abstaining from this. Waterfloss machines without the motor powered by the faucet are 20  online, and while I thought it won’t wear out and unlimited water unlike having to refill, and the battery will never die (don’t worry I’ll live!) actually, the “Profloss” was a gyp,  its  stream is so narrow it has no pressure, and no adapter and no help on the 800 number. I got what I paid for here, or, optimally will get what I pay for! Waterpic is best so far. If you can’t afford a Waterpic type machine, you can use your sink sprayer in your mouth while you close your mouth more and lean down, better than no water. You don’t have breath rinse with hidden, invisible food bits in between your teeth if you eat between brushings! To sense if these are on your teeth, put your finger between your teeth if closely spaced and whiff. When you smell odor a bit on your nail your teeth aren’t clean, the waterpic solved this each time with me. Water in your mouth reduces bacteria by 1/3. I rinse each night and morning as they say is better for breath assure with clay and thyme breath rinse good to find at the dishcount store.      

 REDUCING SUGAR IN GENERAL....My favorite method is to eat reduced sugar foods like vegetables or other types of dish in combination. Using them in combination makes them much more satisfying, this simple trick is useful in weight loss and helps much to reduce salt without bitter herbs that would cost a mint otherwise.. I believe blending foods  juice, and fish and veggies and other healthy alternatives like herbs is evolution’s most powerful appetite suppressant. If you’re more satisfied, and not artificially on an imbalanced ride influenced by just one food or like just one vitamin, you’re more in balance. Like health foods restaurant food is often where they all they add is a swirl of pizza to the food, at 10 times the cost. Mercedes or Rolls makes a pizza van it seems.. By combining this reducing sugar method with the straw method I can go for more duration before I am finally tempted to actually eat something that harms my teeth, whatever it’s worth it seems improved here since it’s not how much but how often you eat sugar that counts they say..Even so, to make juices more satisfying, it’s also of worth to blend juices in more ways than one!

SPINBRUSH At the discount store you can find kits for 7 with like 40 brush attachments, I usually rotate my brushes in the  freezer, plus soak in breath rinse for cleansing after use if needed, no brushes to buy each month. For beauty for our site manager she’s so cute! I store my brush heads in rotation between my ice cube trays, just enough to fit. The discount spinbrush might last you 10 years. Mine is Rexall brand, you might find it on Amazon. If in doubt I recommend using the cone shaped orange gum energizer; germs have some chance on more complex brush heads they won’t so much have for a simple surface. Remember, brushing has value. It stimulates the gums so they are tightened and germs can’t make it down in the gum zone, it removes plaque, and more.

Later on I’ve just tossed the batteries and I’m the power on my remote control as I whirl around and around, it costs and is like 4/5ths not a science razzel dazzel, just a commercial biz! Am I too lazy to power my own brush and Ohio is up!! I dip my brush in clay and baking soda, and the drying action completely kills all the germs, far far better for this than like soaking in breath rinse, and I just use the clay and baking soda for my brush with the use after I don’t wait any more for the world to reset. For probably a 100% clean brush, I use the clay and baking soda around the brush and store it in the refrigerator. Even so this makes the brush a bit solid when you brush but it thaws out fast and is the most clean I’ve ever had. You see some who say drying your toothbrush is important, and buy a new brush often, drying was worthless, and yuck with my brushes, this solves it completely. For instance clay kills germs like MRSA on contact. If you want even more cleaning power, use the clay and baking soda plus rotate your brushes in the freezer, you won’t have to buy 30 toothbrushes a year, and no goofy brush! MY SPEL LEFT LEFT!.

THE MOST POWERFUL ANTIBACTERIAL I’VE SEEN other than nattokinase… …is salt, clay, and baking soda. More powerful than even salt and baking soda as Dr. Mercola says on his site. This can be of use for any external inflammation also with Olive Leaf, e.g. itching, otitis, then replace with good germs as above. Salt water easily removes food from teeth but clay salt and baking soda are more powerful and don’t have the extreme salt flavor you may tire of. This is important since a powerful good flavor rinse is much simpler use than all the steps of using a toothbrush with spinbrushes.

FLOSSBRUSH METHOD While the straw method is of great worth and shuts down 4/5 of the inflammation, there is a lot to shut down. The straw shuts down the discomfort completely, and if you brush even once a week it stops bleeding toothbrush. Even so I found it doesn’t also shut down bleeding between my teeth when I sense if it needs stimulation with the flosspicks. Therefore as I say below, the straw method is of great worth, even so the bacteria are still deeper in, and when you stimulate between your gums it greatly reduces the inflammation in a go round or two. Via the straw method it’s much more comfortable to stimulate between your teeth, so the straw method is a way to get a foothold on real dental health without the sometimes severe discomfort you would otherwise have to floss or use other stimulation to improve between your teeth also. It’s a pleasure not a pain to flossbrush if you’re in the right general zone with the straw method, and this is as it should be. I use just one to be simple and rinse it frequently to limit what inflammation there is.

TOOTH FILLING, GLASS/POLYMER You can get these permanent “safe” fillings, that were used in 1 1972 or was it 792 George Washington lives! Just 10 on Amazon..

MSM Methylsulfonylmethane is a mouthful of speech software, a wonderous vitamin like compound that’s been processed out of our food, that has superstrong antibacterial power, I’ve found is great for dental before the method above and highly energizing without edginess, used by athletes. This method is cheap and has a moderate bitter flavor before the crystals dissolve, I used to put them under my tongue (no taste buds) and seal it to the roof of my mouth while chewing the crystals and in a minute or two the bitter flavor is bypassed. Or perhaps just combine with something basic like no not the AAA.(MSM is strong for antibacterial use, I use two caps to clean my clothes, no more sour washing machine, works even better when used with baking soda/clay, as I say below..also removes house odor if while washing some clothes in my poly storage box, I just clean the rest. No wash stone left unspin dried.. Storage boxes are a cheap way to clean my house much faster they reduce clutter fast. You can get them cheap at the discount store. For cheap in shelf storage of moderate size, I use empty juice jugs, think how much I must own! Translucent is more of worth, no cost and they way out do ziplocs for durability. Label with paper tape, much cheaper than label machines. Embalm to laminate with heavy see through tape.) Another use of the tongue up method as above of reduced taste buds is in order to take something like strong salt water and echinacea, which are powerful antibacterials, especially in combination. (I don’t take echinacea because I’m taking immune boosters for other use, but for something like salt water where strong flavor is an issue, moving your tongue up while it’s in your mouth reduces the bitter taste a lot.). You can get MSM cheap at Swanson Health online, plus Vitamin K2 and Olive Leaf, their number is 1 800 437 4148.

ACTIVATOR X, A and D3. As I say elsewhere, and as they say on the Weston Price, K2 (“ACTIVATOR X”) plus A and D3 and just a bit of fat to much boost absorption, can dramatically influence calcium balance for the good as in dental health. For instance healthy arteries with no calcium or atherosclerosis have 20 to 60 times more K2 than those without. Heart problems are believed to be caused about 87% by calcium as it relates to this, osteoporosis, arthritis, kidney failure, stroke, depression and more. And you can’t overdose on Activator X. While it stays with you after you stop and you can get it cheap from stores like Swanson Health online, it takes about three months to build up but it’s also is long acting and takes months or more to deplete. Most people are K2 deficient. Another related issue is about the nightshades as it says on the Weston Price site, Click Here for the site. Most people have solanine posioning, and K2 and D3 are strongly related to it. On the site they discuss, Thera Supreme, an all natural formula well tolerated by almost everyone that’s the only way known to rapidly remove solanine (K2 removes it in a couple of months), great if you or a loved one has chest discomfort.

MSP VS ACTIVATOR X? This seems much safer to me than another method you may see, MSP, like in Crust! Though they use small amounts since this replaces phosphorus, the second most common mineral in your body, and it’s cheap, the doses often used by “pioneering dentists” are high enough to cause kidney, liver, thyroid and other complications. X, found in leafy greens seems much more AHH! Word of moist breath. One advantage given for MSP in higher dose is it gives fast relief from dental pain, but if you’re having kidney discomfort at the same time, it seems reduced compared to the main straw method above, and Activator X ect. With this method and the rest, you don’t need to take so much risk to solve the problem.. CLAY and BAKING SODA combination Clay has been used for thousands of years for dental relief, clay and baking soda are far more powerful in combination. (Don’t swallow unless you have low blood sugar, occasional use seems to completely cure/control mine. I was sleepy after sugar. So I just tied a jug of clay and baking soda to the bed and any time the “hypoglycemic unawareness” started, I had it no more. Clay actually isn’t harmful to GI flora since it acts instead as a catalyst, increasing absorption of nutrients, this was perhaps because we were living in mud for millions of years in the tropics before the invention of fire. See my other pages for why this method may be somewhat like the duodenal sleeve, a 10 minute operation the ADA American Diabetes Association says cures 87% of type II diabetes. And since insulin is the main fat storage hormone, this trick may also help with weight loss. Once the duodenal method is used, diabetics need no more insulin and they usually lose weight at no cost.  Note; this is not medical advice. Use At your own risk. While this worked for me, it may not work or be hazardous for you. Always consult a health care practitioner before making any changes in diet or lifestyle. .)

One good reason to use other methods than just a mechanical separation of sugar and teeth is because bacteria mutate and in time they can use almost any source of energy as food. So even while they may do well with sugar, they aren’t gone if you don’t limit them other ways they may eventually build up between teeth just like with anyone depending on the individual and how far it’s progressed before these methods and so on.

As I say above, I got tired of even all the liquid sugar foods by the straw method… perhaps I haven’t finished my outlook on life. At any rate it became tempting before the good germ method to just have a strawberry, or a canned dish and so on. Good as the straw method is it only is about 4/5 better than what I had. And I had lots of wrappers left from the candy shield method. So I just take the wrapper, and roll my own breath herbs, put it in my mouth between my gum and cheek, ect, and using powerful “safe” methods like MSM or olive leaf, as I say above, by just chewing each few minutes or so, no I chew an hour! the herb is dispersed at higher dose continually without interruptions like with the earlier method of soaking my Word of Moist Breath for like 30 minutes in a herbal brew that wasn’t yet as powerful. Without being able to talk, sing, spit or, eat for 30 minutes at one go round, soaking in all the  herbs seemed a limit, and breath rinse lasts at most like 10 minutes. It’s high dose, safer and more powerful for me at least (this may not be the same for you), And the fun part is eating candy by the Werthers method above while defending my dental health with the wrapper method on the outside or where needed by chewing. It’s a time release more powerful method for what herbs you may like for your method, like the salt herb is cheap! Dutch Pronuncecean!  Since the straw method has it’s limit, this method is of value because once the inflammation has spread it may damage your tooth and gum so much it can’t be saved. Your teeth are like a cyber munch that needs a certain level of power to defend, below that level, you may not be able to save it without than by other methods. Another good way I use the wrapper method is to add pressure to  salt/baking soda/clay and Olive leaf or other herbs between tooth and cheek.. Instead of a shield to remove sugar from your teeth, the use is to get more of the more powerful healing herbs  right on to your tooth or gum just where needed.. this is often what they recommend for baking soda, to press in for more relief. Don’t swallow with salt reduction salt reduction has more! I usually rinse with water and wait and then soak again in good acidopholus if the inflammation has been more common. You can use the wrap method often all day, and it can be used all night if you remember not to swallow while you’re asleep, if you dream you’re awake you sleep twice!

OLIVE LEAF OL combines well for inflammation with MSM, by e.g. dissolving the bacterial wall, by forming a permanent structure bacteria can’t function well in, and it has a long list of amazing health advantages, e.g. it builds bone, nourishes the immune function, is a true antiviral, cleanses out the heart, and the list is more than thirty of these type of advantages, and the cost is just 2$ at Swanson Health online.  OL does this with no known harmful effects on the body other than lower blood sugar at high doses over long duration. The bone building power of O.L.is of worth for dental health and its strong antibacterial power is why I combine it with MSM for my version of the candy roll method I mention above. I use OL not the more expensive Olive Leaf Extract which may be a gimmick to sell more as I found no deficiency in OL, yet it has all the power of OLE, with a much longer shelf life, and more value. These are the simple herbs I use for the time release method, you may like your own custom blend herbs and methods too..


There’s an immune system in your mouth. So it’s worth using immune boosters in general also! AHCC is a mushroom compound that has almost no side effects and boosts your front lined immune defence, the Natural Killer NK cells by thousands of times, in some people 10s of thousands.

A Hello GOOD MORNING EVENING METHOD, since cleansing your teeth and gums at these times is considered to be of value, e.g. if you cleanse out PM, the herbs like tart cherry are cleansing and doing other things of value all night, 50% more of 50% weather all month!

The Method I use is first removing stuff around my teeth with the spinning orange gum stimulator, sold with my brush, second, soak with thymol breath rinse, third, clay on the moist brush on gums, fourth vitamin E nattokinase and tart cherry slosh and “soak all night”.

ABOUT GREEN TEA  I like green tea but not caffeine, so to reduce caffeine (it can cause adrenal burnout and is addictive and harms hormones) I buy cheap vitamin C crystals at the health food store and pour in the jug. Vitamin C neutralizes caffeine.The jug with handle can also be recycled for other use. (Like Actinova, a mouth rinse invented in the late 90’s green tea is considered good for dental health, since it seems to make it so the germs slide off your teeth and move on to business elsewhere, like bypassing the entire problem almost it seems. . I searched for Actinova to no avail, Popular Science listed it and said, this may be such a good invention you’d only have to rinse once in three months. There are many reasons inventions don’t sell, many just about business, think of how many dentists would celebrate owning this patent! At any rate, green tea seems a lot like this and much more. A good stimulant, it has 1/5th the caffeine of coffee and boosts feeling good both by some caffeine and nutrients, not adrenal burnout like coffee, it’s anticancer, of worth since 50% will be diagnosed with cancer And it relaxes your heart in 10 minutes and reduces risk of heart attack by 50%. I get green tea bags for 25 cents a week at the discount store, and just eat the powdered green tea not with poison sucralose or aspartame. One good thing about green tea is it gives energy to remember to exercise, and then I use chamomile to reduce edginess for the rest of my afternoon.)

To know how much more to cleanse (my 3/4 method) for best results/even better than the straw method alone Click Here. On the link I’ll also show you how to save years of your life cleaning like for the site manager, plus how to save 1000’s by a related trick like the straw method “Reducing Use”, for cleaning, and more..

“No More Dentists… Dentists Reduced”… Start Your World Above.. I believe it’s possible if these methods especially combining vegetables for more flavor to reduce sugar in general were used with the straw method almost anyone would be able to keep their teeth, without seeing a dentist. Insurance is high for surgery because there’s a 1 in 100 chance the dental surgery operand won’t revive with anesthesia, for older people the risk may be more, even if they can afford the operation.  I’ll just floss and brush and I’ll be good the rest of my life!

A Final Note…

While I’ve found nattokinase to be a far stronger antibacterial than anything in my 10 years of search, it’s an “enzyme” so it tends to eat the germs well indeed, even so, while it’s real dramatic in stopping the dental soreness and more, by its eating action, even with no flavor unlike using salt and baking soda with terrible flavor when I used it for a while, and sores in my mouth, nattokinase also chews your gums a bit. For inflammations in general for this reason, often anything strong enough to stop germs also will stress you some way at least a bit, so I tend to use a combination of something like nattokinase, brushing, etc. plus a mechanical method like the straw as here and above.

I’m serious, if I had itching in my sox that washing won’t remove the germs, after washing and drying my sox or other outerwear and soaking in high grain vino, take it outside with like a weeks worth of socks, and put them outside in my storage closet where it’s 20 degrees at night for a week’s use, this really cleans socks well. So too nattokinase works with least harm to gums by combining it with the lowest dose of nattokinase I use, even if so..

Swanson Health’s number, for MSM, K2 and other vitamins ect.of this site 1 800 437 4148. They have the widest selection of quality discount herbs and vitamins I’ve seen, and I’ve done reliable business 19 times out of 20 for more than a decade.

DID YOU KNOW? 97% have cavities, and 50% have more severe dental problems at any given moment.

Nattokinase Cautions (Livestrong) Click Here

For more about clay including cautions, Click Here.

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