My 3/4 Method of Dental Health and General Health, How To Save 1,000’s on Clothes and Save Years of Your Life Cleaning!

I use a simple trick to keep my house clean, like for the site manager when she arrives each year in her shiny red firetruck! She shocked me into this method once and now we’re fine neighbors often and when the yearly inspection is so cozy all the time! The method is what I call reducing use, by using shields for the floor (rugs), shields for the stove burner shields, not using the other sink, not using my storage closet, or my other computer (it crashed but looks so neat and clean on the shelf with the old mouse, the old floppies for color, the old shelf, it looks so stressed and relaxed!), not putting many pictures on the wall, and so on, I’ve reduced my cleaning by 2/3 or more saving years of my life cleaning. This seems like reducing use, the straw method on this site also. You bypass 4/5 of the problem by simply removing sugar from contact with your tooth with the right kind of straw as on the post herein. Even though it stops bleeding toothbrush on the outside and almost completely stopped my dental discomfort, what about the other 4th or so. How much to brush, ect.? For cleaning the house, first of all for energy, you may like Activive, an all natural formula from a company called Hello Life. Activive resolves 97% of even severe fatigue problems, including enzyme deficiency.

The top ingredient is alfalfa, and even though I’ve had some chemical sensitivity, I’ve never had any side effects with Activive in years! This step isn’t necessary for dental care, but in truth it may be of value for anything since energy even to take care of your teeth is still energy!

I said to my sister, anytime I’m dirty, I just clean in a 3/4 ratio, dirty once clean 3 times more on related cleansing. Say, books one clean and sort 2 magazines, floor one, rugs 2, and so on. She tried it and I asked her and she said, It won’t work, you’ll never be finished! I use this method however more recently since I have the Reducing Use method I didn’t have before. Instead of cleaning because I’m cleaning, cleaning because  I’m dirty and then being finished is much more satisfying, as much as cleaning is worth anything much at the time of the site manager, now I remember!

Research shows that eating many small meals instead of a few big meals, or exercising all day without huge strain is more healthy than large doses all at once for 8 hours. So this may be true of cleaning. How does this relate to dental health?

By the straw method, you have the Reducing Use, and if anytime your tooth hurts a bit you brush and massage between your teeth and rinse with breathe rinse ect., 3 times as much this is like the 3/4 method. So you don’t just floss and brush or forget or clean forever with no end in sight, you know more what you are getting, like my computer always wouldn’t, and what does it cogitate.

I’ve found that brushing and using the straw Reduced Use method stops the bleeding toothbrush on the outside, and reduces my dental pain almost to 0, even so the space between your teeth may still need massaging, it’s hidden bleeding that anytime I’m in doubt, like one a week, I use like Flossbrushes to also massage here. I cleanse and brush here in the same 2 out of 3 method, this is just how much to massage your gums between your teeth. I just massage at random, this is the beauty of the 3/4 method combined with Reducing Use, you don’t have to clean all there is, just clean that much by the ratio, and you don’t have to finish it, you’ll be back next time, and combining Reduced Use and the 3/4 method got my house clean in just 3 days, not years or months, or never.

If I have say 10 teeth spaces I use 10 flossbrushes in rotation to reduce risk of germs moved around. Flosser threaders I tried were worthless, and power flossers aren’t so powerful. I’ve invented a computerized flosser that senses your teeth and then slides inbetween your teeth so it’s easier than flossing or power flossers which I couldn’t do or were not of value. If you like inventions like this or have money to invest type in Inpama, an inventor’s networking site, then my name Charles Lawson in the search. Leave a message, Thanks!

For more details about exactly how to Reduce Use for saving years cleaning, CLICK HERE.

CLICK HERE for my method of Reducing Use to bypass sugar for 4/5 improvement in dental health!


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