Alternative Cancer Herbs; Comparison Chart for Graviola, Solanine, Uno De Gato, and Other Herbs/And Methods of Reducing Sugar

Note; This Site is for information only and is not medical advice. I describe my results only and this may or may not pertain to others. Always ask a health care practitioner before making any changes in diet or lifestyle. You use this site at your own risk. This chart of graviola, solanine, and Uno De Gato is only a guide, and not a list of all known side effects and cautions, many knowns may still be unknown!

These by some are believed to be potent herbs for cancer.. Cancer may be considered to be about the mitochondria, the cell powerhouses; cancer after all is about hyperactivity of cells.. More to the point, mitochondria from cancer cells introduced into healthy cells and these cells develop cancer 97% of the time, while mitochondria from healthy cells introduced into cancer cells show little change. Graviola, Solanine, and Uno de Gato are powerful mitochondria modulators. Of these I favor graviola each day and Una de Gato sometimes. First here’s why I chose Avemar with Chamomile Essential Oil and  graviola over solanine or Una De Gato alone;


Modulates the Mitochondria via ATP (universal cellular energy currency)

Has side effects; neuropathy

Only stops about 47% of cancer

Not considered to be a poison except to l-dopa neurons

Comfort level Causes “severe nausea” yet is comfortable with withiana, or indian ginseng, an adaptogenic herb (which means it helps the body many ways without causing harm) that protects 80% of neurons with stress..

Graviola stops some MDR Multiple Drug Resistant cancer no other known method stops


Modulates mitochondria

Has side effects, neuropathy, calcium (cardiovascular, arthritis, dental, emotional health, osteoporosis, kidney, ect by calcium) acetylcholine the brains main neurotransmitter, causes hyperactivity,depression ect.

Comfort level 3 times more than graviola, but tending to edginess, and graviloa’s comfort level is low in higher doses. Solanine is poison in higher doses, can be fatal

Stops 97% of skin cancer (non melanoma, 90% of skin cancers) But skin cancer is considered an “easy” cancer to cure and treat



Ginger Extract/ginger

“Reduces tumors 57%” and without a long wait like Avemar,  be sure to ask your doctor. Didn’t work for me.

Unlike Una De Gato No Neural Symptoms

ginger/ginger extract in capsules works no better, costs more, I’m worth it if it has worth!



Like graviola, kills some cancer

And causes nerve damage

It kills cancer, however by killing some of the cancer cells in a tumor, it “upsets the hornets nest” causing the cancer to get stronger in general and metastitize. Even so this is what radiation therapy and 2/3 of other therapys do.
Note that neither Una de Gato or Avemar or heat therapy do this.

Comfort level low compared to other methods like these

Chamomile Essential Oil

Removes 97% of some types of cancer/metastisis

No known side effects other than low blood sugar with high dose/long term use

Green Tea Essential Oil

Stops angiogenisis and kills cancer cells, profound influence on sugar metabolism, which cancer cells use 8x more than other cells.

Low dose doesn’t work. Harmful to kidney and liver at high doses. Moderate dose is used for value, a moderate level has not really been established since a medicinal  dose in recent research has been found to be harmful.


Soy extract. Reduces risk of Alzheimers 90% as in Japan where in use for hundreds of years. Dissolves fibrin the mass of tumor, cancer cells hide out inside the fibrin. Nattokinase removes it more allowing the immune system to see the cancer and destroy it.

I.e. immune boosters like Avemar combined with nattokinase can be more powerful.

Nattokinase is without neural effects or nausea. Not for those with blood viscosity problems like use of blood thinners. Doctor’s care only.


Works well for many types of cancer. Nobel prize winning, well researched. Worked well for me even at 1/5th the recommended dose to save money (45$/month 2 1/2 tabs a day) though takes several months I’ve seen Avemar tablets from Hungary on Ebay for 1/2 this price (103$/month for the dose the Avemar company says “will completely remove the problem” on the bottle [10 tabs a day]) so you may want to raise the dose since this to me seems the best of all these alternative and interfgrative  cancer methods. As I say on my “bread calculation site” Avemar bread seems out of reach since it seems you’d have to eat several loaves a day to get enough Avemar for strong value.

No neural events, increases comfort and energy. “Much like bread.”

For use only under doctor’s care.

Uno De Gato

Modulates both mitochondria and immune health

Has few side effects, is not considered a poison

U.D G. is more powerful than chemotherapy yet it doesn’t harm your immune system.

Comfort level 3 times solanine. More powerful than solanine; In addition to moderating mitochondria, is toxic to cancer cells and modulates immunity.

Has neural symptoms long term/neural toxicity

I use Withiana/passionflower/decaf coffee to counteract this and increase pleasure in living. Withiana seems to both strongly counteract the neural symptoms (edginess, overeating) and decaf coffee boosts my comfort level perhaps three times more , yet withiana and coffee with the UDG seem to not counteract UDG’s strong anticancer power, it’s considered more powerful than chemotherapy and doesn’t harm the immune system. Note; this may not work for you and is merely ancedotal, only a doctors care and guidance are recommended about this. While it’s worked well for me, you’ll need more expert advice before you use Una De Gato. I also take low dose passionflower about 1/6th of the capsule with each dose of withiana and Una De Gato or Graviola which increases the calming or soothing effects of withiana and many other herbs or relaxation methods. Passionflower is non habitforming, fast acting, and is considered good by many for behavioural health, as in “perfect for insomnia”. .

The Bio CBD Site says Passion flower is considered to be generally safe, but it has shown some negative interactions with anti-anxiety drugs like Ativan. Therefore, if you are using pharmaceutical remedies in order to help you relax, you may want to discuss whether or not adding passion flower to your daily relaxation routine is a good idea before you start to use it.

Like any alternative herb or method, if you will be using relaxing herbs in order to reduce stress at the end of a long day, it is important that you re selecting high-quality sources. If you take any medications, have a previously diagnosed health condition, or are pregnant or nursing, it is important that you consult with your medical provider before you start taking any herbal remedies. Otherwise, they may be of value to you.

NOTE; This is an archival page. While you may find this page has many valuable tips and tricks here especially about Withiana to counteract the  neural issues of Una De Gato, all this can be much simplified by Avemar and perhaps just some graviola with other herbs to counteract the neural discomfort, this is what I’ve learned in 12 years.

Click Here for the updated Simple method my experience has arrived at or see link at end of post.


I had reduced my dose of Una De Gato to just one or two drops AM and PM due to neural symptoms, but the withiana/passionflower/ coffee works “so well enough” that Una De Gato “seems more viable” I’ve raised it back up to 8 drops a day. Since it’s still useful to me I take this much, and it’s good for general energy (it even solves the severe fatigue of CFS), and is good to reduce inflammation. Instead of other herbs, I’m using Avemar, nattokinase, with flax etc as on this page. Nattokinase reduces fibrin which cancer cells hide out in the mass of the tumor, and then the Avemar can find the cells to destroy them  more easily. Click Here Or See end of post for link.

The more expensive ginger extract might seem to reduce tumors as well as Uno De Gato, but without the neural symptoms. Even so I got definite results with Una De Gato/withiana/decaf coffee, and as with so many other methods other than this or this plus Avemar, ginger did nothing for me.

Astragalus, is said to repair 90% of those with damaged immune systems like Avemar or almost as good, but it’s much much cheaper. Avemar has blood sugar issues since it has high carbs like beer, it’s essentially german powdered beer as you see in the patents. I seemed to get not nearly as much from low dose Avemar as Una De Gato or other herbs, so as they advise to take herbs like astragalus or echinacia with Avemar, this at least seems a way to save a lot on Avemar. It seemed to help some, so alternating Avemar with astragalus may half the price. An English site the Quackometer blog, claims Avemar is nothing more than Marmet, a yeast brew that’s been sold over there for about 100 years.

I found definite safer, cheaper, more powerful improvements by consideration of the sites that say there’s value here for this or that reason, tried each with cautions in mind and have the value of more than one method here. Experience is what I have left after all else fails, but good judgment comes for experience, and experience doesn’t always come from bad judgement!

Una De Gato is not for those with kidney problems; even so I used low dose POA (not TOA) Cat’s claw without issue as I say on THIS PAGE Click Here, or click this link after you read me sing me print me! Of these three I chose Uno De Gato, and I’ve combined this with flax oil high lignan which stops proliferation 87% (the flax oil is considered a liver herb and these are considered of real harm with Uno de Gato, but I UDG in lower dose externally and didn’t have side effects the interaction of larger doses of high lignan flax oil caused me with direct interaction with U.D.G.). I seemed to have some neural symptoms at first with U.D.G. but these mostly stopped with constant low dose and gradual increase. So this is an important CAUTION;

If You decide U.D.G is of value;


I was taking Avemar alone at 3 tabs a day and waiting and waiting for my blemishes to go, and then just a day or two of super low dose UDG with Avemar and in two days they are much reduced. Nothing else has worked like this I’ve tried. Even so only super low dose UDG, like 1/100th a cap are all I used with Avemar of UDG due to the neural discomforts before I found that constant dose/withiana two 450 mg caps twice a day (NOTE low dose withiana isn’t as good for the vital shield from adverse events otherwise like edginess, feeling bad in general, or overeating)/and decaf coffee worked wonders for my otherwise edginess. On the plus side UDG like this gives me more energy like to excercise and clean my house for my landlord. If you find you have edgy thoughts with Una De Gato, you might want to estimate how much more comfortable you want to be and then divide the dose than many times, and repeat till it has power without the edginess, this is how I’ve used Una De Gato with Avemar. I have it dissolved in a special jug of water. To make sure no toxic spills I use a dropper bottle or for other herbs I may not want to spill I put duct tape over the mouth of the jug and punch a hole for access and then seal the lid on this way if I drop the UDG it won’t spill as much and to get the dose I just put a bit on my dermal area!


While I’ve found more recently that withiana and decaf coffee presumably are of real woth to protect my neurons from Una De Gato, the following older methods I used before may be of some worth for this;

For neural symptoms for any reason you can take chromium/high dose B1/B vitamin complex (to not harm B vitamin receptors, Caution B1 alone in high doses causes brain damage), plus fish (not fish oil which may have none of the advantages of fish recent studies show) these can  completely reverse neuropathy as does flax oil. Flax oil at higher doses is about 300 a year, while chromium picolinate and B complex are just 30 a year, so low dose flax is better for me. Vitamin H biotin/chromium are said to completely reverse nerve damage.

U.D.G stopped all my symptoms, and it’s cheap. Click here for the dose I used, or see the link at the bottom of the page for my indepth Uno De Gato review.. Since the mitochondria are slowed down with Uno De Gato, I take green tea, good for general health (This is important, not just for nonedgy energy, but also because these nutrients and compounds also are nutritious! And because 67% of people with cancer die of malnutrition, as cancer doesn’t mostly damage with tumors, but rather overpowers the systems of the body.) You want to build up your body’s natural defenses FIRST, and D ribose is a good sugar your body uses just for energy alone, and it bypasses the cancer.

And I also take Activive, an all natural energy formula with no known side effects that stops 97% of fatigue symptoms, including enzyme deficiency, the company is Hello Life. 1-800 875 0850. Here’s the link, the earlier powder formula I found wasn’t as worthwhile as the liquid formula on the link.

PS Actually Avemar CURES tiredness, so now I don’t even use Activive even while I have 4 jugs on hand aren’t sales so amazin!

With U.D G. my energy is up a lot, because cancer cells while much fewer in number are also energy using, and also because it wakes up your immune system to stop viruses like the recently discovered HHV6 (herpes) virus that 97% have. The virus is always in most people’s life, waiting till something makes your immune system lower, and it then causes symptoms like tiredness, or even the severe weariness of CFS..

For low blood pressure caused by U.D.G. I take hyssop, an ancient herb with no known side effects that moderates blood pressure. If too low it raises it, if too high it lowers it. Blood pressure is constantly changing throughout the body, so hyssop is good to improve circulation in general. For my main Uno De Gato Page, including the dose I use, and other considerations about Uno De Gato including cautions, Click Here.

You note that  while U.D.G. has a better safety/comfort/power level than herbs like graviola or solanine, it still has some issues, so I continued my search and found Avemar a Nobel prize winning food/medicine most cancer doctors recommend may be of worth, while I don’t yet know.  Avemar at medium dose 2 tabs a day with these herbs has been of value (far cheaper than 100 a month for Avemar, more powerful comfortable and safer than U.D.G alone, or at any rate this may be the hoped for result I searched for, raising the dose to 10 tabs a day is best, according to the Avemar company, and you might not want to take chances since cancer can be severe and you’ll need a doctor’s advice) Click Here or see link at bottom of the page.

With U.D.G. I also use higher doses of Flax oil high lignan, wheat bran, modified citrus pectin (MCP) and AHCC.


 Flax oil high lignan reduces proliferation 87%

Side effects Low blood sugar at higher dose long term use, taking externally counteracts this and while you don’t absorb as much, you absorb a lot of it dermally.

CLA like many cancer “cures” reduces metastis 87% but it causes liver and kidney damage! Flax oil high lignan does the same and seems much better than weight loss gimmicks like CLA. (High lignan flax costs just a dollar more, and non high lignan flax has no power over cancer).

Cash Side Effect; 300$ a year/ OUCH, even so of great worth without UDG. But general advantages (30 known at least for flax oil). I get ground flax much cheaper at the health store and instead of the high cost of the (sometimes rancid other than Rexall flax oil they use a nitrogen bath method to remove rancid oil) flax grain is rather tough to chew, and the ground flax has the lignans at low cost and they taste better with water etc, it softens the flavor.

Wheat Bran Considered to be effective against many types of cancer by American Cancer Society, ect. Few side effects, IBS, cheap, I just eat whole wheat/enriched wheat bread

AHCC Few side Effects/ low blood sugar long term use Improves survival rates 50%

Can’t be used long term more than 3 months without a doctor’s supervision/fizzles out in 3 months, needs “rest” in cycles.

AHCC is a patented mushroom compound that boosts NK cells of your immune system’s front line defence by 1000s of times or more. AHCC has few known side effects (low blood sugar,over many months ect.) and reduces death rates by 50%. You get the idea that all or many of these herbs combined, may be of value for me in addition to my nurse’s care.


Modified Citrus Pectin MCP Few/no side effects known Stops 90% of metastasis.

Soy Chemicals (Fermented. Unfermented is poison) Boost chemotherapy 5 to 10 times while protecting healthy cells

All these have much higher comfort rating than some of the first list above, but Uno De Gato even with gradual adjustment is not as valuable. Even so I consider UDG a second level way to alternate my herbs in rotation, or e.g. if I run out of Avemar a while or etc. These herbs on the second list  also go well with my nurses cheer, Unlike with graviola, ect, I feel like exercising, which itself reduces death rates considerably…

As I say wheat bran is considered effective against many types of cancer by like the American Cancer Association. Modified citrus pectin in addition stops about 90% of metastasis because cancer cells are sticky and if they can’t stick together they can’t bind or spread. This limits them well since MCP has such small molecules after being snipped with enzymes ect. into small bits it can go anywhere cancer cells can go. I take about 20 grams a day though more is recommended. It’s important to take soluble fiber like MCP in the right ratio with insoluble fiber like wheat bran for gi health.

If you’re considering alternate methods for cancer, you may want to try the 90% herbs, actually I’ve found that only Uo De Gato is more viable than the herbs on the second list, while they are of second level value. You can also do research to find other 90% herbs on the web.

For example avacado oil or flax oil is strongly anticancer while also boosting male libido (flax oil also boosts libido for women). When you get all these 90%s that have few or no known side effects or interactions, since they operate by different pathways, this may help outdo toxicity at controlling the problem. Certainly however this is only to be considered if your doctor approves of these methods in addition to the advice and care they provide.

Even a low dose U.D.G. is quite powerful, I got real relief the first day.


You can write your dose on paper tape for that day on the jug in ink, and where to use like where it hurts most (I can’t remember so must be of worth!). To standardize your time the you can use four loud alarms (two AM and two PM). You may want to only take Cat’s Claw AM since if you miss the dose it may be stressful. The two alarm method allows me to get in the general area of the time and not fall off the edge of the machine! General to exact is by changing gears and then just the second. You can gradually build up just by two doses a day more.


Cancer survival rates are much influenced by how far the problem has advanced, and by the strength of the immune system.

And as I say while U.D.G is a toxin to cancer, the immune system is also important with Uno De Gato. Your immune system is mostly in your g.i. and it’s where most of your neurotransmitters are made. Research shows that the g.i. flora are much simpler in places like Europe or the US.compared to dwellers in Africa or SA. This is why a good probiotic may be important to your defence and a major way to boost UDG, or even Avemar, if the nobel prize has a ring of worth, on this if WebMD can’t comment, neither can I, yeah or nay.. Other science shows that changing neural function can have major influence on immune defence, the nervous system controls many complex deep body defences, so good g.i. defenses may be of real worth to you, with more complexity is more life, and hope for you, I hope. I use a good probiotic formula from Swanson Health online, they have a broad selection and the prices are lower than most, I’ve done business with Swanson Health about 12 years.

About YACON Yacon is advertised as a way to reduce insulin, and cancer cells love sugar and high insulin. While yacon is advertised to reduce insulin 67%, yacon leaf is also unsafe for kidney health, yet yacon root is considered safe. The brand of yacon I tried resulted in no weight loss as claimed and kidney discomfort even as claimed otherwise. I bought my yacon online, and you may want to proceed with more caution since apparently they were misrepresenting yacon’s safety or didn’t know about its influence about kidney health. Proceed with caution when trying any yacon formula. The brand I bought is Yacontrol.

As I say, I favor more insulin reduction and the other 90% herbs above since cancer needs insulin a lot and I need energy more than I need sugar! And since I couldn’t do without my sugar, I’m researching methods of insulin reduction and taking sugar only with clay at meals, which binds with the sugar like psyillium fiber and detoxifies it, and clay is a catalyst, actually speeding absorption of nutrients in the gi. And unlike sugar, clay is not considered a nutrient by your body, so you can’t overdose on clay, your body only uses the minerals it needs in clay. Clay also actually increases good flora in the gi.. I’ll let you know in future posts if this method of low sugar is of worth  without reducing flavor, which my brain needs for like oxytocin the pleasure hormone is of worth and to know if the weather map is FM! And I didn’t want to give up all the nutritious foods, some of the main ones in reach at our stores nearby, since sugar reduced foods are high in cost due to there being no easy way to remove sugar from foods without industrial heat and pressure. Lots of us don’t want to do without this nutrition and also brain health and also not die of higher insulin the sugar is with via cancer. Yet lower insulin is a major defence against cancer as on this page. While sugar can’t be easily removed from food, it can be bound to something like clay after you eat so that it passes through the gi.

Please note that while this was only moderate for me, clay can also absorb out prescriptions, and for me the advantage of moderate or some clay like two days a week seems to outweigh the disadvantage. Ask your doctor for advice before making any change in diet or lifestyle. To reduce sugar, you may want to use fiber with it at any rate.

A method that may reduce sugar well is Meritrim, a weight loss product that also balances blood sugar, like wooziness after sugar. Meratrim is made of two herbs mangosteen and sphaeranthus indicus, these were found after research from about 10,000 other herbs that didn’t cause weight loss or weren’t as safe presumably. Meratrim shows 80 to 100% reduction of cancer in vitro, and one way it achieves this this may be by limits on sugar absorption. Cancer cells use 20 to 60 times more sugar than other cells. When sugar is limited, cancer cells go around elsewhere looking for food, eat the chemotherapy and don’t prosper as well. So using Meratrim may be a way to eat sweets without candy!


My favorite method is to eat reduced sugar foods like vegetables or other types of dish in combination. Using them in combination makes them much more satisfying, this simple trick is useful in weight loss and helps much to reduce salt too without bitter herbs that would  seem to cost a boucoup de cashe otherwise, send a cash of cash!

It’s believed reducing sugar makes the cancer cells look for food around because they use so much more sugar than other cells and they eat the chemotherapy and die more often. Like much with chemotherapy this may not have as much value as it would seem since often when the cancer is starved or hurt it revives 20 times stronger. So I hope to use a more gradual method like with chamomile/avemar and so on to gradually force the cancer away. As I say the Avemar company says to continue the Avemar till the cancer dissappears.

In order to save more teeth than Sir Issac hisself, I use only liquid sugar in jugs, this is far more effective than most methods by using a small straw and thus separating the sugar from my teeth, as I say on the link below. The clay settles down to the bottom of the jug, so in my wisdom I tie small bottles of clay around the juice jugs so I remember more than Issac about taking the clay reliably with the sugar. This makes it easy to keep track of sugar, of worth since sugar reduction is considered to be more powerful than chemotherapy.

I have hope this will put the low sugar method in reach of more people, yet without the other cost of brain health and nutrition. Pleasure in life, if I’m criticized, I wouldn’t feel bad at any rate! For a simple way I found to effectively stop dental issues by 4/5ths when eating sugar by separating it from the bite Click Here or see my dental inflammation post on my Word of More Breath Site, I’m write here 24 hours a month!

Here’s the link to my Uno De Gato review.

Here’s My current Most Simple Method and Why I think it’s the Best Yet; Avemar/Graviola Leaf/Ashwaganda


Here’s the link To Solanine as a brain booster.

My Avemar U.D.G. hybrid method, “cheaper than Avemar, safer, more comfortable and more powerful than U.D.G alone?”,

Click Here

Nattokinase with Avemar Click Here


Ashwaganda Note Caution about Kidney Damage Possible. I use flax oil which rebuilds neurons fast (50% of kidney problems are caused by neural damage). Flax is the best known way to build neurons e.g. with neuropathy and blood sugar issues.


Flax Oil

Wheat Bran




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