An Avemar/Una De Gato Hybrid Method I’ve Used For Cancer Defense

  Disclaimer; This site is intended for use only in addition to not as a substitute for your health care practitioner’s advice. Do Not Self Diagnose. All health combinations are unique; This site is for information only and mostly for comic worth, I’m not a serious comic! Click Here For How I built My Own Comedy Machine And Saved!  See your health care professional and never rely on one source or website for heath care information.. 

   As I say on other posts, Una De Gato, like graviola and solanine, is a powerful mitochondrial modulator. Many consider the mitochondria to be central to cancer. Research shows with introduction of mitochondria of healthy cells in cancer cells not much happens, and the reverse of putting cancer mitochondria into healthy cells causes cancer 97% of the time. We might say the mitochondria are the source of cancer in some definite way since the mitochondria are the main source of cellular energy, and cancer seems a sort of hyperactivity of cells..

Like Avemar, Una de Gato U.D.G., Modulates Mitochondria, important to cancer. It’s much more comfortable for me at any rate than other herbs that do the same but not as comfortable as Avemar.  Even so CLICK HERE for this site selling Avemar (link also below at end of post) they claim that Avemar also modulates the mitochondria. Note; be sure to consult your doctor before making any changes in your diet or lifestyle, please see my complete disclaimer.

If you want to use U.D.G e.g. for cancer or its powerful defense against CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) I recommend only POA U.D.G. If you notice any neural symptoms, e.g. neuropathy be sure to discontinue immediately, or you may want to consider the neuroprotective power of withiana as I have, or at least lower the dose. While Una de Gato has few side effects and is more powerful than chemotherapy, it’s also a CNS toxin, the major exception about toxicity. Even so a larger dose of withiana, an adaptogenic, counteracts the neural stress for me. (An adaptogenic means that it helps you many ways without causing harm.) In research withiana (also known as ashwaganda) protects neurons 80% better during stress than without, yet the anticancer power of UDG is much the same. So even though I’m also taking Avemar as I say below, withiana counteracts the neural discomforts, e.g. una de gato usually causes weight gain in studies, and withiana is even a great cheap appetite suppressant. I gained 20 pounds with Una de Gato, and I’ve removed them since with the withiana/una de gato combination. It also improves cognition and so una de gato with the withiana as I’m taking at two caps a day doesn’t cause the neural symptoms like weight gain, edginess, or e.g. renal UT discomforts.  The main problem I had with UDG is while withiana etc. at low doses may improve the neural issues, these methods didn’t seem comparable to Avemar with a bit of modulation via perhaps Meratrim (a weight loss product that’s also useful for blood sugar as they often are)  to reduce the carbohydrates found in “bread” like Avemar.  (Due to Meratrim’s strong anticancer power by way of glucose I take a bit of  Meratrim anytime I eat sugar. As you may know cancer cells use as much as 60 times more sugar than other cells. By limit on the sugar since this is mostly how cancer cells stay active, the cancer looks elsewhere, eats the chemo like Una De Gato and tends to be reduced even if I like sugar, this may be so. This seems like getting into a different realm by way of shutting down the source of the cancer’s food and other methods may not work even as well. This reminds me of one important way of shutting down gingivitis at the source by separating the sugar from your teeth by a special straw method, as I say here, Or see this link below. This method of source control I used was so powerful against “supposedly incurable” gingivitis I would think using a method like this with cancer may mean Meritrim or other methods of reducing glucose to cancer cells like yes, Avemar! might be quite valuable here. )

It’s not that Una De Gato didn’t work; rather it was 1/3 as powerful as even 1/4 the recommended dose of Avemar that I take, and Avemar has no neurotoxic adverse events like this. The best yet in my 11 years of experience are doctor’s advice and care plus Avemar Una de Gato plus ashwaganda. Instead of the blemishes and neural symptoms, the blemishes and pain are much reduced yet my neural health is stronger not less so by the ashwaganda.

    Avemar has been researched in  hundreds of studies and won a Nobel while Una De Gato like most herbs is a combination of thousands of compounds, most unresearched, and some both to some good like against cancer but there’s no guarantee there may not be also harmful compounds blended in like the toxins in Una de Gato. Even so if you can’t afford Avemar like lots of us at the recommended cost of  100s a month, you may like either making your own Avemar bread (recipe link is on this site) or Una de Gato plus Withiana at like 800 mg a day or so to counteract the neurotoxic problems. I only found this blessed method of Una de Gato with the withiana after years of search, and it has real mitochondria modulation yet it reduces the neural symptoms and presumably most or more of the neurotoxic problems U.D.G has yet it also is more powerful than chemotherapy yet it helps not harms your immune boost.

I thought I’d quit U.D.G. after I learned that a higher dose of Avemar (3 tabs a day 1 1/2 AM and PM) worked well, but Avemar alone (at this low dose) wasn’t as good as Una De Gato at super low dose like every few days with the Avemar. Everything else hasn’t worked as well e.g I was mostly using Avemar with roman chamomile Essential Oil E.O. since it has many other advantages and while this combination seemed more powerful and comfortable than Una De Gato based on what I’d seen, UDG at low doses with the Avemar has been the best.

The problem or limitation of Avemar seemed to be about low blood sugar grogginess, this I’ve improved with Meratrim, a cognitive fitness weight control herb combination with no side effects I could find.

Among other things, Meratrim modulates glucose and hunger hormones, and Meratrim itself reduces cancer in vitro by 80 to 100%.

Earlier I found that Withiana (Sensoril brand from Swanson Health online, and the 800 line live wire with the sweet operators in radiance!) counteracts the neural symptoms somewhat at lower doses but wasn’t as good for general comfort as Avemar. UDG at high doses caused something more like depression, but more recently I found to my celebration the standard dose of withiana (800 mg a day) seems to counteract the neural discomfort well. For me it may be life saver if Avemar bread fails to rise! At any rate using U.D. G as a second line of defense that’s cheaper when Avemar isn’t in reach has been of worth to me. Like the value of Avemar, right, and I can’t afford the recommended dose of Avemar per month.  If you can’t take Avemar due to something like cost, etc, Una De Gato might be of worth to you if you took it with more withiana, or e.g. for CFS (severe tiredness the “yuppy flu”) it’s really powerful for CFS even at much lower doses than recommended. Even so as I say here (or see link at end of the post) Avemar itself may be a great way to improve CFS itself; for me at any rate UDG isn’t needed for CFS.

Withiania protects neurons during stress by 87%. It’s termed an adaptogenic,  defined as herbs like ginseng, etc. “that help the physiology many ways, yet cause no or little stress or harm to the body”. For me the slight at first neural symptoms of Una De Gato in the first two years without withiana were, edginess, irritability, and UT and renal issues.  UDG is considered a CNS neural toxin.The renal symptoms may have been about neural toxicity by U.D.G.. More than half of all renal problems are considered by way of neural issues.

Click here, or see link at end of page for Life  a site that says withiana (also named ashwaganda) not only supports neural function and even rebuilds neurons well, it’s also strongly anticancer itself.

Two more ways I found to reduce the CNS neural symptoms with withiana, but also the renal symptoms are about shielding “upstream” with ginger extract, flax high lignan, and chromium, These all boost liver function, e.g. ginger, 8 ways, flax many ways, plus ginger reduces tumors in vitro by 57% and flax high lignan reduces proliferation by 87%. (Flax high lignan costs just 1$ more at Swanson, and no lignan flax has no power over cancer). Flax is the only and best known way to reverse neural damage, as in diabetes, etc. and this is usually what renal damage involves. Fish oil also omega 3 reverses diabetes neural dumbness caused by sugar.  Even with  tricks like taking the UDG other than at the same time or the same place, i.e. in my ear with the ear plug for PM use and slow absorption/time release, with e.g. the other herbs by mouth, my blemishes aren’t as much removed e.g with Avemar/Meratrim/Roman chamomile if I had a larger dose with the neural- without the neural symptoms as before. I have UDG saved if I ever need it, it seems like a more toxic way at least to rotate my defenses at any rate since cancer can get resistant and for another combination method.

Note that you may have wooziness or stress symptoms with withiana for a day or two, but these went away in just a day or so with me. Sensoril brand  withiana doesn’t cause drowsiness like simple withina, and it’s just 12.50 for 120 caps just a dollar more than “regular” withiana from Swanson health online (I take one AM and one PM, standardizing the dose helps). The name of withina is somnifera, means “causing sleep” so you may like Sensoril since my Sense of Sensoril r real! Beats Real Feel all the way in a month of heat waves in Ohio..

Sensoril seems to reduce neural symptoms well, this may be of worth if you have chemotherapy of other type than Una De Gato, it seems to not reduce the antiblemish power of Una De Gato yet it stops most of the neural symptoms for me. If this is so, this combination of Avemar and Meratrim is rare in oncology. UDG itself is advertised to stop the cancer better than chemotherapy, yet with the withiana in combination it modulates the mitochondria,  it boosts the immune system and doesn’t reduce it, and it’s cheap at any rate..I’ve tended to replace UDG with its toxicity with Avemar/Dr’s Care/and Chamomile since this type of chamomile reduces cancer by 97%. Chamomile is for external use only.  While this is by no means a complete list advantages or disadvantages of roman chamomile, almost no side effects are known although it’s unsafe for pregnancy.

You may have heard that antioxidants shield against chemotoxicity like neural symptoms and mostly solve this, but this article by Scientific American says the recent  evidence shows that antioxidants protect both the cancer and the healthy cells. This has been a common problem in oncology. Be sure to ask your doctor first before making any changes in diet or lifestyle. This site is mostly a description of events with me, not medical advice, you know more about you than me, I know most about my own situation. I list this site for much the same reason one paints a self-portrait; perhaps to save others some labor with my great looks! Even so it may or may not be of value to you, I hope so but I can’t promise.

With Avemar/ Meritrim and nattokinase (see below)/Una De Gato, it’s had a definite influence on my cellular and celebrational health, the cells are aware!

I was taking Avemar alone at 3 tabs a day and waiting and waiting for my blemishes to go, and then just a day or two of super low dose UDG with Avemar and in two days they are much reduced. Nothing else has worked like this I’ve tried. Even so only super low dose UDG, like 1/100th a cap used just like 2 or 3 days out of five are all I use with Avemar of UDG due to the neural discomforts, more Avemar, and less UDG. On the plus side UDG like this gives me more energy like to exercise and clean my house for my landlord. If you find you have edgy thoughts with Una De Gato, you might want to estimate how much more comfortable you want to be and then divide the dose that many times, plus three more times, repeating till it has power without the edginess, this is how I’ve used Una De Gato with Avemar (the three extra divisions are to make it so I  take three dabs of the UDG yet if it spills it it’s not so bad as one dose and you can get the right level of Una da Gato by counting for sharp edits and the right optimal level of the herb. Too much and it’s uncomfortable, not enough and it’s not as powerful. It’s also of great value and not as unsafe, a nice advantage! if you keep the level of UDG constant. If e.g. I miss the UDG I use passionflower on my legs like for restless legs. Passionflower acts like benzodiazepine a tranquilizer, yet unlike benzodiazepine, it’s non habit forming and safer, plus it is great for restless legs, or like adjusting edginess to other herbs for short term use. As usual it’s important to always use the lowest dose, and passionflower while considered good for MH is probably not for long term use since e.g. if increases estrogen and thus changes hormones to a considerable degree, etc. etc. presumably. Not wise to use it long term with other herbs that change hormones like withiana itself as the change is “random” and your luck would be “bad”.) I have Una de Gato dissolved in a special jug of water. To make sure no toxic spills I put duct tape over the mouth of the jug and punch a hole for access and then seal the lid on this way if I drop the UDG it won’t spill as much and to get the dose I just put a bit on my dermal area, Where? OHIO.

I was taking lower doses of Avemar each day like 1/6th of a tablet and this made me woozy because Avemar has lots of carbohydrates since it’s essentially bread or beer, so I thought Avemar without other side effects was out of reach while UDG with some neural discomfort was in reach. More recently I found that if I take Avemar in divided doses AM and PM this solves the carb discomfort especially if I take it with a bit of Meratrim, a weight control herb that also has few side effects (none for me). Meratrim has just 2 ingredients, mangosteen and a herb called indian thistle. It reduces cancer by 80 to 100% in vitro and improves blood sugar issues, so the carb problems stopped completely, and though this is not known, it seems to not counteract Avemar’s power against the blemishes. This is only 45$ a month, who wouldn’t pay this much to not watch TV each month, I’d rather pay Betsy! To bring the Avemar cost down, consider making your own Avemar bread as on this link, or see the same link at end of post;

Keep in mind that Avemar is to only be used under a doctor’s care. As I say below, the best add on method I’ve found in ten years (doctor’s care, plus Alt health methods) is nattokinase with UDG and Avemar, the prize winning wheat germ extract. For years I thought Avemar was out of reach at lower doses due to blood sugar issues like wooziness, important to Avemar since beer and bread and the Ohio beer pipeline has Driving Over the Influence!

UDG is a neural toxin so even with the high booze price (it’s powdered German beer as in the patents) and high carbs, I favor no UDG with nearer the dose (like 3 tablets a day) of Avemar, plus the ginger and chromium and flax as above to also shield my UT from the risk perhaps of blood sugar causing this, since blood sugar is also known to harm the UT this way.

For more about Avemar and blood sugar see headline below. Believe it or not, it says right on the bottle, take until your condition completely disappears. I don’t know if this is mere hype for advertising to visit the beautiful Hungarian lake district, because while it’s won the Nobel Prize, other sites online say it just adds to survival rates, and isn’t a cure.

Mitochondria modulation, immune system modulation and power, and removing fibrin (by nattokinase), the more classic aspects I can combine to solve, in ways that aren’t too toxic, the better. I want a classic defense.  More people die of cancer treatments than the cancer itself.

Further on this post I discuss about Avemar, and on a post above in the months ahead! I discuss the one two three punch of Avemar, Nattokinase, and hydrogen bond water, this seemed good due to comfort cost, and so on. As I say on my Ellis Water science site, it may not be there’s no oxygen available in Ellis water. It gave reliable energy when I used it. Rather oxygen is not just good for cancer, it’s bad for cancer too! According to the state of CA it’s a mutagenic, and I’m more inclined to use Ave/natto/chamomile Plus ginger, manuka medicinal honey etc. these days.

On my Herbs Comparison post below, I note that many cancer herbs have issues about both safety and comfort. While I found graviola survivable and then solanine tolerable I searched more to find Avemar, which seemed better than graviola or solanine since it’s more powerful and seemed less toxic, even so the neural symptoms and improved use of Avemar by way of changes in the time and with Meratrim to counteract the blood sugar problem have put Avemar at the top of my list of anticancer defenses. As I say below graviola and solanine have important toxicity and comfort limitations that make them less optimal. While U.D.G. is not considered to be a poison like solanine, and more powerful than solanine or chemotherapy, yet it doesn’t damage the immune system, I found the part about low toxicity, particularly neural toxicity not to be true “With” out “With”iana at any rate! In general I don’t favor UDG except as I say a cheaper second level defense, as in when Avemar is not in reach due to cost/and/or to rotate the cancer defense. For now I’m also trying Chamomile Essential Oil/Avemar/nattokinase since unlike pomegranate with the liver issues perhaps if indeed it’s not liver protective chamomile has no known side effects (other than low blood sugar with high dose/ long term use) and it removes 97% of some cancers.


Click Here for a method I use to keep track of Herbs via a customized A-Z Index, or see link at bottom of post for ongoing interactive learning without meltdown or much cost, Great for solving problems!

If you miss the time of some herbs they may be stressful. To standardize my time I use four loud alarms (two AM and two PM). The two alarm method allows me to get in the general area of the time and not fall off the edge of the machine! General to exact is by changing gears and then just the second. If you opt you can gradually build up.


One alternative if both or either Avemar or UDG fail me even with the herbs might be at least some essential oils (are other oils nonessential oils? The others are all luxury oils, right, oil rich, like what’s Cheap and Rich, Cheap and Rich? The Cycle of Wealth Poverty!). E.O. Essential Oils “are hundreds of times more powerful than herbs taken by mouth if taken ether as aromatherapy or on the skin, yet with much reduced toxicity, and they are generally much cheaper than other OTC’s”. You buy a small bottle yet because they are hugely concentrated, combining them with an oil like olive oil allows use for years if used for aromatherapy, you get a bigger bottle you just breathe and since a small dose of the E.O is used each time it may be good for years and this is a simple way to get the herb by inhalation even if only by aromatherapy so money is saved and toxicity relative to dose is low. This is the idea about E.O.s Essential Oils for aromatherapy and money at any rate.


As in evolution, supergerms weren’t common and this is because natural antibiotics like clove or oregano have thousands of antibacterial compounds, so the complexity makes it much more difficult for germs to develop resistance. So too, essential oils have many complex ways to reduce cancer. Jasmine, Oregano, Chamomile, Frankincense, Lavender, have many anticancer compounds not just a few, and this may seem the more viable alternative to the Uno De Gato “gotcha”, common with most anticancer methods, Essential Oils are usually just 7 or so for a bottle like on Amazon. Even so only Avemar and Una De Gato have worked reliably for me so far. (Experts recommend anyone with cancer to take Avemar, and as I say Uno De Gato is more powerful than chemotherapy and not as harmful). Unlike other types of anticancer methods, the research may not be much toxic or stressful. E.g. lavender, chamomile, and jasmine are all considered to be soothing herbs. Lemon essential oil has been claimed to boost alacrity, “cheerful readiness” and ability to think clearly in research without drowsiness, even so I found I strongly recommend against lemon oil or other citrus essential oils since they are highly carcinogenic on the skin. Most of these essential oils reduce cancer cells in vitro by 97%, so one wonders how combinations might be of worth or not. I’ll let you know in a future post how this works out.

TIME’S UP Rising time is here…I found some side effects for these;

German Chamomile (Not the same as Roman Chamomile), Frankinsense; Too drowsy woozy, Didn’t work for my blemishes, seemed to make them worse.

Lavender, Lemon essential oil; Cause skin cancer made my pain much worse. This I counteracted in about a week with the other herbs, even so, NOT RECOMMENDED.

Lavender is citrus like lemon E.O so it’s not recommended as I say above for lemon E.O..

CLOVE causes liver and kidney problems, also Not Recommended.

I would consider thyme, sage, and rosemary herbs that have thuja to also be not an option since as with the Impressionists like Van Gough drinking thuja (absinthe or thyme “wine”) the side affects are severe like alcohol are severe and like alcohol are addictive.

A problem with citrus is it increases risk of melanoma by 50%, and the solution seen in research for this is to simply stay out of the sun. Even so I got severe discomfort for a few days in my ear when I was attempting to remove otitis, corrected with candle wax in my ear to shut down most of the air supply to the otitis.  These are the results I’ve found while yours may be more rich, I make no claim to be rich this month, the bank has 16 months on the memo!

While aromatherapy or dermal therapy with essential oils is with much reduced toxicity use common sense. After all while toxicity is lower, this depends on the individual and the herb also. Search 5 sites like monograph sites before using any essential oil or OTC and write in your AZ any cautions you might have for your particular health situation, then search that also, and see your doctor.  Check for risk of harm to any health issue you might have and write in your AZ index that this herb is off the list. (Remember, there are A LOT of OTC herbs and methods you can try and the AZ will help much in your R and D.) I make a memo in my calendar on my Trac Fone to study the AZ each day to continue my education and make it interactive as I say on my other posts about the AZ and Click Here or see link below for more about this. I would recommend for OTC’s or herbs like Una De Gato or Avemar that you start only with a lowest dose possible and only then increase (and one day on, one off compare results) after you’ve seen how you react, e.g. before operating heavy machinery, and be sure to write all results in your AZ.  If like chamomile essential oil there are few side effects other than drowsiness and lower blood sugar at higher dose, I just take it at night for restful sleep and no AM aromatherapy with it so I feel good all day, even with the way chamomile reduces viable cancer cells 97% according to some websites. I find if I’m still woozy I reduce some of the less essential oils to keep blood sugar in a good general area.

I’ve had higher blood pressure and this seemed to be caused by roman chamomile, if using it be sure to monitor it, this might be a reason not to use it.

I’m researching green tea essential oil since it’s usually recommended to take a higher dose with cancer, and you wouldn’t believe how long it takes to drink 1,000 bags of tea while sped dred! (green tea has 1/5th the caffeine of coffee and energises by nutrition.) Essential oils are far easier to use. E.g. pomegranate essential oil, like juice opens up circulation of the arteries by 1/3 like for heart health or libido, yet it costs just 15. (Even so see my next paragraph for why I DON’T recommend it).This is how green tea E.O. becomes useful for cancer since it’s much easier to take a lot without boiling a vast vat of brew, and if you put it in a jar about mouth sized wide and 3 inches in height with the dilution oil recommended for use, you get a real breath just by opening the lid and then closing it. This is much superior to a big jug of tea like Lipton green and other tea since these brewed teas are filled with poisoned sucralose or aspertame and they did nothing for my blemishes. Low dose and caffeine are considered to render green tea unhelpful for health by experts.


While pomegranate was by far the most powerful Essential Oil against my blemishes yet, CAUTION Is advised  you’ll see on other sites you may find however that it both does and doesn’t cause liver cancer. I’ve only seen one site that says it does, and many others including Livestrong etc. with elaborate references to research studies showing how it has power over both liver and several other types of cancer and is actually liver (hepato) protective. While pomegranate has many other health advantages, you’ll want to ask your oncologist or other professional about this. The main liver carcinogenic seems to be a compound called aflatoxin. to remember think of a Florida Toxin “aflatoxin” as a blue orange like pomegranate with more vitamin C! The Fla tourist beauro wants us! Apparently aflatoxins are counteracted well by bentonite clay. But you would want to get a qualified professional or major brand name seller of pomegranate E.O. and carefully check out if they have any lawsuits about aflatoxin before you choose. The chess computer in wisdom before always taught me that if you risk losing almost all on one move you don’t know how, you spend a lot of time and give you all counteracting that move. If you stay with safer but perhaps a bit less powerful herbs without risk as much of liver cancer where you probably will die, the safer but surer methods (green tea, Avemar, nattokinase, Vitamin D3, ginger, Una De Gato low dose, Dr’s advice and care) sound much better to me. While pomegranate has a long long list of amazing advantages, it’s great for heart, neural, antibacterial, skin health and wound healing (cancer is considered a wound that won’t heal in R and D) even here I’m staying completely away from pomegranate for now till I at least find a reliable way to find safe supply. For comfort and power (other than this possible risk of liver cancer mentioned on some sites) pomegranate perhaps may outdo even Una de Gato if it wasn’t also a liver carcinogen in addition to being a super strong anticarcinogenic in general. Believe it or not this seems to be the truth about pomegranate E.O.

You may say, “nature is wise beyond our billion years. If defending against cancer helped pomegranate and the animals who ate pomegranate, why would it also cause liver cancer? I believe it might be in how pomegranate is manufactured. In making food like nuts or potatoes aflatoxins are made by an organism aspergillis and so the process may be where this lack of nature arises and we may solve it perhaps by way of bentonite clay as some sites say to remove the aflatoxin for then finding pomegranates fabulous worth.. Even so as I say this seems certainly the work for professionals due to the safety issue. Or you might want to pay MORE for the juice by a business like Wonderful in hopes that this is from a source where you may like to be most safe. Even so if you try the essentials potentials be sure to ask your doctor. Another issue with pomegranate EO is about how it reduces certain liver enzymes that harm metabolism of other herbs or prescriptions. This may be why I found pomegranate at any dose uncomfortable for several days and here also caution is advised.

So as I say I tend to favor a moderate dose of Avemar, low doses of Una De Gato and Nattokinase and green tea Essential Oil and etc.

This idea of complex methods to reduce cancer resistance also may have value with enzymes. These  oils are “broad spectrum” and complex. So too it may be of value to consider complex enzyme formulas not just one enzyme like nattokinase, as I say here on my nattokinase page (or see the link at the end of post.) Enzymes are almost always low for those with cancer. They “chew up” fibrin so the immune system if like me or you powered by boosters like Avemar can find the  cancer and knock it out. Fibrin is a sticky coating that cancer calls have 15 times more than other cells.  Even so there are many who do well and others who don’t win as much with combination methods, so see your doctor to find your best treatment. While I make no promises, the combination idea seems more sound, and may be best for me. I think only the best, look forward to only the best, and want to be the best, and I hope you have the best you can. Even so some of my relatives and the lady who lives up the road above want you to know you deserve gouda cheese business of the ages!

I’ve tried ginger…It’s safety record is well proven…I took ginger for years and I sleep with my head in a safe since I have gold tooth enamel! In research it removes 57% of tumors.

Like Avemar astragalus may repair most damaged immune systems (90% in research) so using less Avemar and more astragalus seems to be a way to much reduce the cost of Avemar. It’s common to take Avemar with either astragalus or Echinacea, so perhaps Avemar is just oversold.




SUMMARY of WHAT’S AHEAD IN A MONTH OF SUMMER HEAT WAVES! Here I’ll discuss why use of nattokinase and green tea  and Avemar may be good to increase survival rates several times, and how green tea and a timer box safe type invention that has been devised is actually good for emotional health.  Read on what an Abstract! Finally I’ll discuss why I’ve opted for Avemar and nattokinase (your results may not be the same). For me, Cat’s Claw alone wasn’t enough since it’s only better than chemotherapy at 50% survival rate in the sense of reduced toxicity, not increased power to heal..



I’ve had skin cancer about 10 years and with other methods, graviola, solanine, as I say on my earlier pages about this, and anytime I was taking the top dose, some toxicity and so on, the blemishes removed and stayed e.g. more pale, not dark or changing with the higher doses, and other signs like being free of all visible blemishes are some of the ways I monitored my own progress with the herbs between visits to the doctor.


Baking Soda and Lemon Juice and Cancer

I read about how baking soda and lemon juice may be as good as UDG since they are highly alkalizing. This idea seemed to originate with Dr. Warburg, Nobel prize winner in the 1930’s. So this might be a viable way to reduce the dose, or discontinue UDG for me (I was in search of a way out of the neural issues before I learned about withiana with Una De Gato). I see on some sites where they promise 10,000 times the power of Aureomycin, a popular cancer drug, and other sites that say these are “bad” cancer sites, and the other bad bad site is not a good site either!  Another problem with lemon juice and baking soda is that it can rapidly raise blood pressure! Hey great it cured my cancer! Trampolines prevent old age for me especially if I jump higher than I land! My experience with this method lemon juice and baking soda, is that the main metabolite here is just CO2, makes a great “safe” shampoo and floor bleach with no bleach fumes (a water stain is actually dander. What does a dog say with dander? Ruff!) and is an “energy powerhouse.” even so while it’s definitely energizing, it has no value for cancer, no not 10,00 times 10 billion %! I think they may have gotten this idea to waste our time, and then just tried to add Dr. Warburg’s name to make it look good.

1 in five will die because of cancer caused by chlorine bleach, an unnecessary tragedy so when used as a floor cleaner lemon juice and baking soda really may help stop cancer! It’s great for dander. For dander e.g on sofas or clothes I use dishwashing detergent and water in a spray jug 50-50 blend, even more optimal since unlike baking soda with the lemon juice it leaves no white powder, great for off white linoleum, not as good for your outfit other than if you wear a coat in the heat, and it’s Christmas, Merry Christmas all around, when it’s 20 below at any rate it’s not a heat wave!

Better for dander may be dishwashing detergent with anionic surfactants (like Dawn) plus baking soda in the washer. The baking soda like salt much boosts the sudsing power of soaps. (The words “salt” and “soap” may be from the original ancient word they often were 1000s of years ago, otherwise they would have been bored. ) Then I use clay soaked in a jug of water to cleanse out the cleaner to cleanse out the cleanser… this much boosts clays absorbent cleansing power like 5 times so it’s much cheaper, and it absorbs a large number of toxins which are positive from your body with its minus honeycomb structure, it even absorbs out heavy metals and radioactive elements like at Chernobyl in russia tons of green clay were used to absorb the radiation. I’ve even thought of a clay foam to spray over sites like this, no not this site! And the foam would soon harden into a shield and the radioactivity would be contained. Or even foam that seeks out heat and only activates when most of worth, sigh. The other good method to remove the Dawn and baking soda that makes your hair shiny after shampoo with it is vinegar. This works as well as shampoo with only three ingredients so I use it for safe “baths”. Much cheaper than most shampoos.

Studies have found that there are 200 or more toxic substances in most people’s circulation, and clay may remove most of them, important to cancer defense. The main problem is about the absorbtion of like Avemar out, and for me this was only moderate, and there may be no need for constant use of clay. To save a bocoo, I soak and store the clay in water, this makes it much more absorbant, saving more so I only have to buy more in 5 years for 30 dollars instead of 5 times the cost, dirt cheap!


Mebendazole is an antiparasitic, these are often considered to be good as anticancer defenses since the high energy used by parasites is also like cancer. Unlike artemesium which is addictive and causes metastasis and targets iron which both parasites and cancer use more of, or graviola which does the same against both by way of higher energy ATP (cellular main energy currency) but has severe nausea at lower doses than it would take to stop the cancer well, etc. mebendazole also limits sugar which cancer uses 8-10 times more and with better science and research, seemed safer. It seems that any method with lots of nausea, side effects and/or it doesn’t work is not for long term use! This is more the value of Avemar (though Avemar is not for use without a doctor’s care) nattokinase, pomegranate (with liver tests, without aflatoxin, etc.) and other methods like chamomile and green tea E.O.. Mebendazole is real expensive had real nausea for me and showed no sign of improvement compared to UDG and nattokinase at moderate dose etc.See below for more. Click Here for the webmd site about mebendazole.  Also Click Here for a  mebendazole monograph, or see link at end of the post.


Soy compounds boost chemotherapy methods five times while protecting healthy cells. This is fermented soy, like miso, nattokinase, and others. Unfermented soy like junk food is worthless or harmful for anticancer use. Fish oil is also good for neural health.

Vitamin K2 often dramatically boosts both neural and circulation by the combination of both, and it can thus often help reverse neuropathy whether of kidneys or elsewhere. To much boost K2 use beta carotene and D3 (not D1) and a bit of fat or worth cost for the K2, like 8 for NOW K2 Swanson’s vitamins online. 1 800437 4148 See my other posts and see also the Weston Price site about how this involves K2 and also the importance of solanine to easily and cheaply reduce risk of heart attack, UT issues, arthritis, osteoporosis, kidney, stroke emotional health ect. These seem to not be natural problems of aging, rather they all have Calcium problems as they relate to K2 the famous “Activator X” that Weston Price found with low levels of these “calcium” problems among the natives he visited in Africa in the mid 20th century. Here you can go to the Weston Price Site (also on list at the end of the page as all others n our cosmos r round). .

I’ve used nattokinase a fermented soy derivative to dramatically boost my circulation to get the B1 in deeper. Nattokinase has been eaten for hundreds of years in Japan for cardiovascular health, and it also may have value dissolving tumors that contain fibrin, which is part of  the mass of the tumor, and your immune system it seems could then recognize and outrun the cancer more efficiently, both by increased circulation and oxygen and also by speeding up defense by way of the nattokinase and other enzymes, and by the fibrin method perhaps. While this may sound good, like (most) anticancer drugs it also causes metastasis, and is to be used with caution, low dose, less often, if at any rate. Even so I’ve had good results with nattokinase and Avemar. Always ask your doctor before changing your diet or lifestyle, or if you are taking any other medicine. Click here or see the link at the end of this post for more.

To make sure I’m using the correct current dose, I use a paper tape label on the lid of the bottle and write the current dose. This can be quite important with all the goings on around you and the necessity of keeping the doses more constant.

You may often hear about this or that herb being of worth to stop 80 or 90% of the problem, these if used with Avemar like withiana etc. may be of value, but alone they seemed almost worthless to me, e.g. flax, frankincense, etc. The only reliable way for my alt health part of the plan other than doctor’s care has been Avemar and Uno De Gato. Of course I’ll update if I find more than this with nattokinase, or etc.



You can gain weight due to the stress of cancer therapy.  One good trick for this is to buy a food safe, like a box with a timer lock on Amazon, you can’t get access till it stops, it’s locked inside.. Just buy your food time it in the box, and wait for the alarm, watch it, and the burp is real! The boxes cost about 50$ but more will recycle my FM/AM.

Click Here for the Amazon site, or see the link at the bottom of this post.

Don’t know how to do Amazon? CLICK HERE for how to do Amazon easily to have foods like e.g. powdered broccoli (DIM) powdered strawberries (ellagic acid more powerful than resveratrol), Powdered eggs (CLA) etc in easier reach. And many other uses..

In research, people with cancer who had internet access were almost all depressed, yet those with cancer and no internet access had almost no depression. And internet use for say 12 hours a day shrinks grey matter of the brain, my relatives say, No Problem ! I have a lot to spare! Since our brain even so needs time to rest and consolidate memories, the use of the lock box seems of worth in general to automatically schedule rest. I just put the mouse and the cell phone and food in the safe and relax.

This about weight control seems like a feel good event. If I feel good all the time and have good reflexes, I won’t have appetite so much, so the story seems. For weight control/feel good with U.D.G. I also use green tea. Withiana at the right dose works best for appetite control. If I take too much I find it makes me uninterested in more than food so the right level of withiansa is of worth. As usual always start any change by seeing your doctor or other health care professional, and no doubt, watch to see how you react to driving heavy machinery, etc.

Green tea is a feel good stimulant often used for weight reduction that energizes by nutrition, not caffeine mostly and has only 1/5th the caffeine of coffee. Green tea is cheap, just 25 cents a week from the discount store (I buy the bags, much cheaper and no poison aspertame of sucralose). Green tea is considered to be of value for general health and well being. Green tea is also anticancer and it reduces risk of heart attack by 50% and relaxes the heart in 10 minutes. It acts as an internal sunscreen and for me it seems important to take sulpforafame, a broccoli extract on splashed on my arms and legs and I wear a dark shirt and shorts if I must go out in the summer to get enough vitamin D (“A cancer miracle” though I’ve seen no sign about its wonders, best to perhaps try if possible anyway e.g. for my UT health power.).

Most cancer starts with the skin and to save money on clothes I wear full zip short sleeve shirts you can buy on Ebay for 10 or 20. In the heat (for saving them from spots which can cost 1$ a day even for t shirts) I just unzip the t shirt and use my stomach as a bib or use cloth like a thin bib underneath. My blemishes seemed to start on my shoulders where the sun hits directly more than like your legs or arms. I wanted to use the sun shield cooling towels, but how to look good with it outside your outfit? So I tried wearing it all the time tied with the shoestring, but this was constrictive and hot 24 hours a day. If you use the zip t it’s easy to stuff the towel inside the shirt and save on goodlooking outfits also. For this method and saving on toasty cheap outfits in cold weather and others see (watch me talk about it!) Click Here or link below. All the good outfits I want year round, with just a bit of caution.


Like air polluters (“air fresheners”) which Consumer Reports says may cause cancer, SPF 450 sunscreens are also known to cause cancer,  Sulfoforafame is more powerful than a sunscreen, and it doesn’t actually cause cancer! Awesome! The combination of green tea and sulphorafame may be the best you can do if you are in the sun and want vitamin D or just to be near merely amazin me. Sulphoforafame is just 3$ a bottle at Swanson Health online. Don’t worry about odor, if you use it fresh and wash it off when you return from outside, it has no odor, I just leave it on (research finds you actually get burned hours later like in the shade of tan by your skin like a sort of timer.). Most cancer starts with the skin, so SPF 450, a sweater in a tube is of worth to save more heat in the shade! Green tea also balances blood sugar, important to Avemar, as I say in more detail by the time you read more and, I’ve already typed out!

Some other feel good anticancer herbs are ginger, cayenne and the compound MSM, a sulfur compound that has many values including its anticancer boost that has been processed out of our food. Ginger, ceyanne and MSM are considered to be good for general well being, like the right kind of fish they may make you feel good. Of course too much of herbs can be bad even if the herb is broth so you don’t want to mostly take them all at once till you know more about them. Do research about your particular situation.

Another feel good “herb sort of” is decaffeinated coffee, not just semi swooft! Even so chamomile with green tea is longer acting, so I feel good all day. Chamomile is both neuroprotective and chemoprotective. Green tea is anticancer, and since it gives energy by nutrition more than caffeine, it counteracts the mild tiredness of chamomile, giving what seems to me to be both more energy and more cheer most of my day. Decaf coffee also reduces risk of many types of cancer by around 15 to 30 percent. While chamomile being chemoprotective seems to reduce Una De Gato’s  anticancer effect, other herbs like nattokinase and Avemar plus ginger may be better for me in my special situation for this. Click here  for my ideas about natto or see link at end of the post, no the fence is wood old country ! For Avemar see more below.


Avemar is much like Nobelly Pizza Prize bread, and this combined with conventional methods boosts survival rates to 83%. Avemar lower dose and U.D.G. as I use them cost about 25 dollars a month, I use a lower dose than recommended by the Avemar vendors.


Avemar is the Nobel prize winning German powdered beer brew. I use powdered water to wash my airships around where I live for shade and rain in the heat!

I tried Avemar before, it seemed to have at least some power at rapidly relieving my pain for dermal use as needed, but some other blemishes also appeared elsewhere with the lower dose Avemar as I used this first month and a half.. No miraculous results yet, while I’m not in pain either and I was in a lot before sometimes..

The things they say about Avemar seem rather awesome; that it attacks all forms of cancer and on the bottle in my great Carpathian accent it says to continue with it till the problem just disappears completely.  “Survival rates in general go up to 83% with Avemar and conventional treatments combined”  I increased my dose of Avemar to half a tab per day, then to one tablet at two months. As I say below this had blood sugar problems, so I lowered it back down to just like 8 dabs of dissolved Avemar with gradual use all day as much as was tolerable. Nowhere near the 100$ dose recommended. Cost was one of the the main reasons I was more interested in Avemar bread with a small dose of Una de Gato at first.. Another was that I was unwilling to risk no relief with Avemar if it fails, I’m three months closer to woe if it fails, but if I continued in safe mode, I haven’t lost this much, this is my own situation of course. As I say though Avemar causes blood sugar discomfort at higher doses for me like 2 caps a day at moderate doses like 1/2 cap AM and 1 cap PM to sleep through (good solution) plus Meratrim so I’m not sleepy or tired even in the evening since Avemar is also energizing after about 6 months so this isn’t so much a problem. And it works to reduce the dose of UDG I need. I also use the Avemar dermally when needed if discomfort of the blemishes is sometimes an issue.


While Avemar certainly is cheaper the 200,000$ drugs like Opdiva or Yervoy it may be nearly as effective, and we ask is even 1000$ a year worth it for powdered german beer? Yet at the dose I use it’s only 35 a month is it worth cheap high speed web to save us from the risk of severe pain? I’ve known some who paid 70 a month just to reduce mild arthritis, even so 1000 is 1000. So I considered making my own Avemar like brewing beer by online R&D yet the first search seemed to show if like brewing beer, brewing my own would need real good luck and my own beer making machine; a goof and you end up with just vinegar when brewing beer. At this point I considered home brewed Avemar not an option and turned more to UDG. Even so some sites say the patents on Avemar and most research documents used seem to say it’s no more than powdered beer with a few padded steps like spraying to make it look more like science.

Recently I found this site

or see the link at the end of this page.

This site seems to show that “brewing bread not beer” may be of worth to save a lot on Avemar. The recipe seems simple. I haven’t tried it yet, I’ll let you know how this goes. “The RDA of bread” is about 5 slices or more a day. Prevention magazine had an issue about the power of fiber to get more defense against blood sugar problems, and wheat fiber is also recommended by many sites like the American Cancer Society to be resistant definitely to many types of cancer. Too much fiber can cause g.i. problems and grains have gi problems by way of phytic acid. This causes problems like reduced mineral absorption and dental problems by way of reduction of calcium absorption. The Weston Price site says this can be counteracted with rye flour which has phytase to counteract the phytic acid. So if you keep the bread in moderation and eat rye flour each day this may be no problem.

A problem with getting wheat fiber from cheap and fast whole wheat bread (live it up with a ketchup and bread or mustard and bread sandwich, or even milk with bread tastes great like evolution’s snack, a bread sandwich for millions of years in evolution, the Sandwich Islands are like the afterlife for millions!) is about constipation. Wheat bread with fiber is soluble fiber, this combines with prune juice which has lots of soluble fiber. Prune juice is great to hydrate and it even goes moderately well with a rich sandwich or a VISA sandwich at any rate. Wheat bran has general value for many types of cancer as you see on many type sites, and the bran soaks out moisture, great if you perspire a lot in winter like to stay cozy (water radiates out 40 times more heat than dry skin and you feel five times cooler when you are wet) even so fiber has side effects at high doses and so does prune juice, but both in moderation combined cancel out the moisture level to right where it is and this is a way to at least get enough wheat bran just buy some wheat bread each visit to the store it’s in easy reach. (Not too much prune juice is healthy, it contains a carcinogenic compound, I use low dose with a low dose of wheat bread only).

Avemar also claims to repair even a severely damaged immune system, and another reason I am interested is that Avemar is considered to be more like a food, and the Avemar vendors promote it in this way. Bread is much like beer made in the same way with the same yeast, in Danish the word for beer pronounced uurl is almost like beer oorl so If I ate bread with U.D.G I would perhaps eat Avemar. In Costco Size Twist Boxes!

This may be a bit bit redundant to you, if like most doctors your doctor also recommends Avemar for you, for me at any rate, this 60$ plan combined with my doctor’s care seems more of worth, for my side of the improvement. The main advantage seems to be that a possibility like Avemar, in addition to other methods may be worth researching, and U.D.G. may be good enough as a bridge unlike other methods that may not go with Avemar to then perhaps just reduce the herb like U.D.G. So if Una like solanine or graviola isn’t perfect, it might be of worth at any rate as a way to reach the golden brew of Avemar.

I can’t say if this is 100% true since e.g. all immune systems are complex and unique, so be sure to ask your doctor for his advice, I hope if you were unaware this may be of worth to you, even so you use this site at your own risk. My results are not necessarily general. This method of Avemar in addition to cost and comfort might be of worth to those diagnosed with cancer who want a powerful defense right away to get them through to perhaps a safer haven of Avemar.  Three months of relative safety can be of value with cancer. There are many people like celebrities who are diagnosed with cancer, go to the clinic, are pronounced healthy by the practitioner, and then die in three months.

Avemar I’ve at least found out how to found either doubt or have evidence. Whatever I want, it’s definitely something powerful that would go with Avemar.

I make sure not to take Avemar within 3 hours of anything that also influences immunity or allergy, wisdom is never by accident as the saw sez. The lottery winner who was struck by lightning the other day, I think this was a gyp since I’d saved up so much for VISA! I’m 100 thousand worth if I’m a thousand in a month!

Note that Avemar increases survival rates over conventional methods alone from 50% to 83% or so, so essentially Avemar I might think of as adding 1/3 to my defense, not a cure, but a powerful improvement even at best. Even at lower doses like half a tab Avemar may be of worth, often cancer drugs like Avemar that work are of real power.

On the plus side about Avemar, it acts like DCA, without the incurable neuropathy, liver problems, ect. DCA is known for. Click here for the Mercola Site about this, see the paragraph about DCA side effects, or click the link at the bottom of post..

I’ll let you know what my results are in a few months, thanks for the memo-rising of my site. Bless Us All.

To remind myself not to take vitamin C or allergens or blood thinners  with Avemar since I have to learn this, I tie an old bottle of Vitamin C, allergen like my jug of bee pollen, or a sugar bottle like ribose to my Avemar jug till I’ve memorized the change, this is of worth to remember how to improve many things, e.g. I haven’t lost my keys or money in 20 years while most people might do so by tying the money jug to my backpack and storing my money there. It’s easy to find the pack and thus the money. This trick works for glasses and credit cards duct taped to the line and stored in the bag.

Did you know that most absorb only 1 10th of the nutrients from food they eat? Diatomaceous Earth DE is a powerful way to dramatically improve absorption. Click Here for this and other methods to get more for your Avemar money and defense, or see link at end of this post. I have found that these methods have dramatically boosted my Avemar value, provided I take Avemar, if it’s in the store they have it!


Blood sugar is an important consideration with Avemar and this is often ignored. If you take Avemar and get blood sugar problems by it, you might then have both Avemar out of reach, cancer, and blood sugar problems.

Avemar might be a world away from other methods actually I read the other day that cancer survival rates are up by 27% Avemar may be why no higher doses of even lower toxicity are of value.

A good trick to rapidly lower high blood sugar is clay and baking soda sloshed around in your mouth, don’t swallow. Athletes merely use sugar in the mouth to trick the body into thinking it’s had glucose for energy before competitions, and clay and baking soda also dissolve out a lot of sugar and are good for dental health (see more on my site for my dental health solution I use a small straw to completely separate sugar from my teeth plus good germs in my mouth to almost completely cure my gingivitis. Click Here, or see my link at the bottom of the page). Even so (keep in mind while this hasn’t been a problem with me) clay will also absorb out prescriptions, so use as unusual, twice as real…

I sometimes take the clay and baking soda proactively, that is with the food that might otherwise cause problems.

One in three will have blood sugar problems at any given time, and of these, half are unaware they have it. Is this hypoglycemic unawareness, I’m more aware than this! For low blood sugar, I’ve found just taking herbs on my arms legs or elsewhere may bypass most of the drowsiness of many herbs. I believe this since the ADA American Diabetes Association recognizes a simple operation called the duodenal sleeve cures 87% of type II diabetes. The duodenal sleeve is a simple tube that the food goes inside between the stomach and GI. So it seems that blood sugar is mostly involving the digestive inner inflammation of the duodenum, and bypassing it by external use is of worth. You may say no doubt it’s more complex since there are insulin receptors all around, and however vast majority of these are in muscle. So if you take external low blood sugar herbs, you might want to use your methods in rotation, say higher or lower. Higher, as in on your head where no muscle is, mine has good fat, the worlds most lofat hat, if the good fat wears a white hat!

Many herbs and prescriptions cause blood sugar problems.  One of the main ways they may do this is might be by inflammation of the duodenum, the duodenum sends a signal to the pancreas to send insulin when it receives sugar to then cancel out the glucose soon to be absorbed in the lower GI at the right time. If the duodenum is inflamed by bad bacteria, the signal timing is off since the blood sugar isn’t canceled and there is also a lot of insulin, actually diabetes is about both high and low blood sugar. If the timing is right by the duodenum, this is helpful and I found that if I got low blood sugar, like wooziness after sugar, like the duodenal sleeve, taking a strong antibacterial, baking soda and clay was wondrous to solve it. I tied these plus water for absorption in two bottles by my bed, so anytime hypoglycemic unawareness started, I canceled it with ease.  Clay doesn’t harm good flora in your GI since it acts as a catalyst, improving absorption of nutrients, including all the minerals in clay up to the point where your body has as much as it needs. Beyond this, you can’t overdose on clay. Note that many herbs if taken without water to smooth are acid, this type of activity may be how many herbs and prescriptions can cause blood sugar issues. Of course there’s more to blood sugar than this, and e.g. I’ve found clay and baking soda for this temporarily absorb out prescriptions a bit,  I don’t know either if it’s safe long term, so I only take clay and baking soda when woozy, which to my delight is rare, perhaps since it solves that problem by 95% of duodenal inflammation as it relates to blood sugar. Be sure to ask your doctor if this method is of value to you.

I also am using small dabs of Avemar from the small dissolved tab jug for faster relief where I sometimes have had mild soreness, that was associated with how much of other anticancer methods I used before. This has worked reliably so far. As I observed there was no apparent adverse reaction like sneezing by Avemar. Therefore I have increased my Avemar dose to 1 1/2  tab twice a day from a month before. As I say above, I started with just 4 dabs of 1 tab dissolved in a small jug since I was wary of Avemar at first..Other than a bit of sneezing for 3 days, I’ve had no adverse reaction to the combination. It’s now been 2 years

You can get Avemar in the 70$ size, and since I’d already bought the 170 size, the price is often just 100 now on Ebay for 300 tabs if you buy from Hungary (Always make sure it’s sealed and tamper resistant)  I’d already paid for it so since so far so good, 9 a month’s worth might be wiser for me. Later I may reduce the dose if it removes all my blemishes. So far it’s been about the same but this Meratrim/ Avemar method is the first for me at any rate when no new blemishes were seen, and I’m in pain no more, at least for now.

For How to Use Amazon or Ebay and other sites with a reloadable debit for The Best Values on Herbs Like Avemar, and For Other Uses (You May Think of More!) Click Here.

Avemar has a tab coating and this might reduce the blood sugar issue but I called the store and they were unaware or unable to tell me if this is of worth. I believe the reason they won’t tell us is because indeed, Avemar has blood sugar cautions at any rate without methods like the above to counteract the blood sugar… I think of alternative medicine my part of it as doing the best with the means at hand, so while Avemar isn’t perfect, it still may have real use, as is, not as advertised, but who believes all you see on TV, right. Kepler found the real paths of the planets didn’t fit his ratios of the spheres, and he was a bit in woe, yet he made use of what was real and was triumphant instead of just ignorant among the stars, he wasn’t seeing stars on UHF!

NOTE ABOUT AVEMAR There is contradictory info about Avemar on the web. While most cancer doctors recommend Avemar and it’s won a Nobel prize in “Biz Math”, Web MD lists nothing about Avemar, or FWGE the generic. Another site, Quackometer blog says Avemar is no more than Marmet, an English yeast food product, sold since the 1900’s (What year 200 problem if bread has wise, established, well to do gold!). Therefore I make no claims about Avemar. If it works well for me, I’ll let you know.

P. S. That was then as they say (014) this is now (017 6) Who sez that with copyrights on weather maps right! Avemar at higher doses really does work, and the main problem for me other than finding the right dose as I say about blood sugar above was the carb wooziness, and this seem more improvable with Meratrim as well as counteracting the tendancey for the carbs to cause weight increase.

And much of this this is of value to me, while it may not be for you, I hope for the best.


Are both anticancer. Ginger is more powerful than many anticancer prescriptions, yet it doesn’t cause metastasis like most of them do. (See above about nattokinase.) Ginger both induces natural cell death (apoptosis) and shrinks tumors 57%! It also tricks cancer cells into eating themselves! Ginger is a relative of turmeric, and if you can’t tolerate turmeric like many this may be good news! ESPECIALLY IF TAKEN WITH….


Yes, Honey!

You may know that honey has been used for thousands of years for wound healing, research finds many dead no not mummies! dead immune cells in tumors, and so it’s believed that cancer is a sort of wound that can’t heal. Honey is being considered by the US. army as more powerful for the worth than anything else to help heal wounds. You want medicinal honey, e.g. manuka honey for this.

PS. I’d found that neither ginger or honey are nearly as powerful as above, Avemar, nattokinase, and Una De Gato, even so using them probably wouldn’t hurt and might help.

Keep on searching the web for common foods you have on hand that prevent cancer also. For example I searched coffee to find it reduces risk of 10 types of cancer by 30% or more. And the ellagic acid in strawberries is more powerful for reducing angiogenesis (blood vessels needed for cancer) than resveratrol. Many people don’t tolerate resveratrol well. And I learned the antangiogenesis foods are more powerful in combination than just one vitamin, or one stone for vitamins. If you have a fire, you need more firetrucks and the fire is spreading. Also intensive defense cancer sites are of worth.


You get my true sympathy in your search for alternate cancer defense. This site may be real proof. Hopefully this site will help. Even so, like I have, you have to decide about these herbs for yourself ultimately. I can’t guarantee the herbs I use on this post are perfect, but they are the result of my relatively long experience, which has been of value to me.. Good luck!


The Wonders of Clay Click Here

Amazon Kitchen Timer Earns You a Rest From Eating, Rave Reviews by Cheeze Woofs! Go Here

How I cured 99 % of my gingivitis using mechanical separation of sugar from teeth, plus a special good germ method to fill the space, Not a cavity echo! CLICK HERE

 WebMD site about nattokinase safety. 

My nattokinase site Cautions Vs Value

Mebendazole Safety Webmd

Mebendazole Monograph

Weston Price Activator X

Withiana neuroprotective, anticancer site \ (withiana is sometimes also called ashwaganda as on the site) /Life

How To Educate Yourself With Cheap Machines, e.g. a Simple To Make Your Tracfone Interactive To Continue your Education About  any Type Of Improvement, e.g Herbs For Cancer, Or Any To Solve any Type of Complex Problem. CLICK HERE


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Don’t know how to do Amazon? CLICK HERE for how to do Amazon easily to have foods like e.g. powdered broccolli (DIM) powdered strawberries (ellagic acid more powerful than resveratrol), Powdered Lofat Dairy (CLA) etc in easier reach. And many other uses..

Mercola Site about DCA caution Click Here

If you have both CFS and Cancer Avemar and Meritrim may be Of Value.

Site selling Avemar/ Mechanism of Action and how Avemar Modulates Mitochondria

Click Here for How To Improve Absorption Of Avemar and Other Anticancer Herbs To Get More For Your Money

Site about how to make your own Avemar bread

 This site is for comic or entertainment use mostly. I’m not a professional, I’m a real comic however and want to be aware! Click Here for How And More! “How I Built My Own Comedy Machine, And Saved!” 

How to Save Money on Clothes e.g t shirts as above, And how to Make cozy warm Memory Foam Outfits Cheap for Winter and More.


As You May Know by My Comedy I May Be a Painter, Click Here for More.


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