How To Make A Customized A-Z Machine To Improve Problem Solving, EG. For Evolution of Your Wisdom about Comedy, Health, and More..

I use an A to Z on paper I’ve bound e.g with heavy tape and strong poly twine the bookbinders volume, Smash Hits, at low cost for no meltdown with a sub index (brief AZ map that lists by category) on different sized paper I’ve bound and stapled and then taped into the general A to Z index under that letter with just a large page letter and number of item on page to keep track of anything for the general A to Z index like interactions or real worth or value, ect.

The A to Z index/sub index method, for both in and out of order is a customizable way to improve problem solving, especially for complex problems. E.g. I use it for comedy and other verbal creativity, as I say on my link, How I built My Own Comedy Machine, and Saved or see link at the end of this web site if Edison was a dummy about the internet in ’87! I’ve used boucoups of my A-Z machines, for audio, one for comedy, one for math, one for house careand so on. If I spend hundreds or more on herbs and it may be of value, why not 20 and an hour on a custom improved method of how to learn about my best defense with time? Where do I sign upright! You often retain a lot more than just by memory. Years later I can find if herb A is safe fast, its interactions, etc.

For memory expansion, I used inserts, of simple stapled blank paper taped in, somewhat smaller to not wear out my main A-Z pages while flipping through +letter I for Insert to cross reference, or the letters Sub D. to reference into the Sub Directory (map)/page#/item#, general to the item. You can find any memo anywhere in general in the A-Z like for cross referencing by the Sub D Sub Directory map field or with I for Insert, then page# field then item #, and if you want more info, you can go to the item in the Insert.  For the general A to Z I used 8 1/2 by 11 standard size paper, then for the Inserts a cut of 5 by 10 inches for the booklets, and for each Sub Directory for the map I use booklets of about 3 by 11 inches. The Inserts are smaller to not wear out the main A to Z Index pages as you flip through them general to exact, and the Sub Directory is of its own size to find it faster, yet with a whole page of room to list more with Each Subject with each area. Be sure to use moderately heavy like artist paper for the main 8 1/2 by 11 volume, or be prepared as I did to have to patch and shield the main A to Z volume with heavy transparent tape on the outside edges since I use my volumes, I call them Tool Boxes a lot, e.g. Health TB HTB Music Tool Box MTB ect and the initials can be used as abbreviation for cross reference between the Tool Boxes also.The map gives a rapid summary (I use explanation marks!) for important stuff in the map and lines down both sides for margins, this is good to add words if you want by using a dot, line and arrow to add in more, a real wordsworth processor. I use a line on both sides for margins with the item #s on the page to find the large semicircled numbers fast. I use these item numbers on both sides to the entry area so if one gets a bit smeared, the other is still in reach.I use water based ink it’s cheap and pencil is not recommended for storage of reference documents since you often can’t see it. Shakespeare marked out few words, what words are there we have by Shakespeare, see how few he marked out! I use an underlined keyword at the start just to the right of the memo number for fast access by summation of the rest of the memo much of value when you are reading to find an entry fast… For learning from any book I also list a current documents type of area on the front or like the outside of the AZ with just the one or two word title and the page, memo access general to zero in method. This lets you read by interest and building up your knowledge more by awareness instead of waiting to see how the mirth book ends! I often use a review method to see if I have any problems with it  “This was bad 1 time, or good three times”, Question mark after a blank, ect. in the inserts and I use the Initials MR, for My Review for the abbreviation, indeed all abbreviations can be listed in the indexes and sub indexes, at listing under A. .The best method I found is the general letters, and since each letter isn’t enough room for lots of memos, I use the subindex and the AZ insert of real value for e.g. a long list of side effects or cautions about a new herb that won’t fit in the SD well either. The SD has like for the general letter R, RA, RB RC, RD, and so on, this allows plenty more room for the SD fields and it’s in and out of order at high speed. I originally tried RA RE RI RO and RU, but this isn’t nearly as high resolution as  RA, RB and RC, for the Sub Index, I found RA RE RI RO…much more as a boost to help confusion!  To find anything I just use the first Consonant and Then The first vowel to list and find the entry. I.e. Pizza Shack is, RadiationThatch, well PIZ since I is the first vowel in the first word Pizza;  And dating each entry at the end often has value sometimes. When I consider any new herb or method I go online and find out if it’s of value, and list it in the AZ with number on site, underlined keywords and then in the Subdirectory in just a few words to map it with the same underline, page, Insert letter I, and for my item number I use parenthesis ( ) to denote this special number when I list the go to. The Sub Directory, Sub D or SD  often brings up what’s important in high resolution. For example, reading where a general herb say vino, is good for weight loss, sounds good if you see me! Look in my Sub Directory under The A-Z and there might be a caution that it causes kidney or liver damage, etc, but what is left is often a treasure, and so on in a lifetime of evolution as you learn more each time you use it.

Solving a problem is more viable by listing all your trials and results one by one, then you can sum each result in the Sub Directory. The general A to Z gives you each item as it is written, but the Sub Directory gives a more rapid powerful overview so you don’t have to read through the thirty pages to find what you want. So you have the items both in order and all written out but also out of order by type or name and also mapped to save much time and labor..

Another example of use is say you want to take a new formula with many ingredients, the maker says it has no side effects. They may be lying, or it may have value, or unacceptable side effects for you, so first you might list the name of the product and ingredients under that letter in the Insert in the A to Z, and in it’s Sub Directory area, then you go through the list one by one, first looking to save time in the Sub Directory for each in case you’ve already listed it, if not you list the cautions or warnings by Web MD etc, then list it also in it’s Sub Directory, then the same for the next ingredient, at any rate till you find you can’t or can take it. This often tells you some herb OTC products are much unlike what the vendor’s claims of safety and comfort for use of the product actually are. It’s a fast way to find out. So often we see these sites promoting these miracle cures and solutions, just a fast look in the Sub Directory often is a fun revelation, you’ve saved another 70$! And you’re also building up your database, the next time a harmful herb is listed for any purpose, it may not be the same one, you have already found the value or lack of value. As
I say it’s important to date each entry in the A to Z general index and also in the Sub Directory in order to make more use of your herbs, some that don’t go with your current herbs or other methods may go with improved ones with reduced side effects you may find later etc.

 One great thing is using the contrast of fast looks in your SD files. This is a fast way where you see not just if it’s safe, or comfortable, you also find out if it’s right for you, “more often”. Sort of like a doctor’s interaction medicine machine he uses to see if there’s any interaction with the drugs fast, except it’s custom engineered for you. Even so it’s wise to  so be cautious especially at the start. You’re only learning by this method partially by trial and error and if there is risk the AZ toolbox is to be used by no means as a substitute for a professional’s advice like a doctor. As in music, experts advise to use audio recording as an augment, not a crutch in learning how to improve your audio.

 If you have several entries in the insert zone, you only have to list it one time in the Sub Directory map and then I just list the letters A.L. circled for All Listings. If you build your Machine right away without the use of my knowhow! You can list the SD map listings one by one at the same time as the main entries written out more for resolution when needed if so.

Another use of these methods is for emergency discomfort; say my eye is tearing up because of boredumb and I have a headache. By previous cycles I have listed under eye and headache, a combination of say 3 herbs, vitamin e in eye great for dry eye overnight, ginger to relax eye muscles, and say a washcloth for headache, where Miami Beach, Beach simulation software! Even if by much trial and error you found this combination A, and you list it there with review and explanation marks, in two or three minutes you have your custom defense in place, not years or months.

And if you suspect you might be at risk for a given problem you can proactively go online, research herbs and cautions, often herbs you may already use for other use, and have that list ready if the problem shows up.

You might say Vitamin C, ginger, washcloth for eye headaches. How to know if these are safe combined? By first having checked like Webmd online and listed it in the ToolBox, and by using herbs that are more like foods. Many herbs and vitamins are like foods that do other extra things. There’s no sharp line, even so the safer and cheaper your building blocks, the more probable it is you can combine them with relative confidence. The ToolBox itself is how to find the safer ones.

You don’t have to find it by “accident” more than once, or less often at any rate. If you find it once and if it works real well, even if by “accident”, you “often” have more reliable access to it indefinitely into the months ahead, here again I must stress that accidents can be harmful, and so I recommend this only as an augment to professional advice and care when needed.. The only use here I speak of are wiser more valuable lower risk trials and error, and e.g. self education like for college or e.g. hobbies. This use for the possibility of improved health knowledge is only one of the uses you might find of value, and no use of the AZ is a guarantee of worth, responsible of use of the AZ like of any machine  is the responsibility of you, the consumer.

In history, prehistoric is literally about before writing. The ancients thought of writing as an extension of their world, and the A-Z would seem moreso, especially by these methods, the best I’ve yet devised. Even so keep in mind this method as with this entire site is designed only as an augment not a substitute for professional advice.

Sooner or later, all computer drives fail. Your brain also maps real sites like a book with more resolution. My Comedy machine A-Z has already outlived 3 crashes, and my Health Machine has outlived 2.


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