Why I use Avemar, Nattokinase and Ellis Water for Cancer…

Disclaimer; This site is for information only, and is not intended to diagnose or treat any health issue. Always see a health care provider and/or multiple sources before making any changes in diet or lifestyle. When researching new methods, be sure to read at least 5  cautions warnings, or monograph sites. Often one site may omit important details and this can be hazardous, consider the whole picture before you decide about any herb or method. Consult your doctor or RN  if you are taking any medicines.

I consider nattokinase, Avemar, and Ellis hydrogen bond water a powerful 1-2-3 punch against cancer and of worth for my general good health. Though all situations are special, for me this has been a blessing.

  Note that while nattokinase has been used for hundreds of years in Japan, the Livestrong site says nattokinase is not considered safe for use without a doctor’s care. While the Livestrong site may be a mere disclaimer, caution is advised.  Dr. Time is how wise, as the old expression goes, there are as many beliefs as there are believers, and as the professor would say “war is war, and peace is peace, and science is science”. Even if I’ve never quite heard it other than otherwise, Evidence conquers all, or more! 

As I say on my nattokinase site, (see posts below or click here or click link below on this page) nattokinase has value to remove fibrin, which make up much of the mass of tumors and offer cancer cells a way to hide out unseen by the immune system. By using low doses of nattokinase to gradually remove the fibrin and by strengthening the immune system with Avemar, the cancer may be seen by the the light and then your immune system removes the cells that are in the open.

More to the point nattokinase is not a primary defense against cancer. Used in higher doses it can make the cancer more powerful in return. It’s good at reducing the metastasis between tumors at low doses, but not for removing the tumors.

Possible Good News

Even so this is one of the major or the major definition of cancer, metastasis.

While there is no cancer cure, there are definite components of a well constructed defense. As I say elsewhere I use Una de Gato as my primary defense. It’s more powerful than chemotherapy yet not nearly so damaging. Survival rates with common chemotherapy and conventional methods used are about 50% in general, so I think of Una de Gato as 50% of my defense, and likewise for Avemar it adds about 30% to survival rates, and therefore nattokinase might add anouther 10 to 20%, while yet unknown. When used with conventional methods, and it also depends of how far the problem has progressed and the strength of the immune system in each individual, these methods are valuable, for me.

And even if there is no cure available now it doesn’t mean there never will be. See my link about abscopal cancer, and how this cancer cure might eventually be used to make cancer completely cure itself by changing the RNA copying mechanism itself not all the bad words of the copy machine, a simple change to the machine itself by the small rolling wheel of the transcriptase, repeating the regular signal over and over the immune system might have a much easier way to find just the cancer cells from “inside”, this might cure cancer, please see this link if you are doing cancer research, or see bottom of post link for more.

As I say on my Avemar page, (click here or see link at end of this post, while somewhat expensive, perhaps 12 a month as I use Avemar) Avemar is said to repair even a severely damaged immune system. It’s the Nobel prize winning powdered beer brew that costs 120 on Amazon for 300 tabs, or you can buy just 70 dollars worth of like 150 tabs. You may know that the immune system itself is often taken over by the cancer, and Avemar seems a better way to secure this from happening. Avemar seems to have some blood sugar problems as I say on my Avemar page, and this and the cost I’ve improved on by using only small doses of Avemar dermally (1/5th a tab/day) so it reduces the blood sugar wooziness, and I also take it at night before bed to sleep through the remaining wooziness which science is unaware what is what sleep is for to solve sleepiness!

In addition, while this may not work for you, and is just an example, I’m taking Ellis water, this is water with the hydrogen bond angle changed to set the hydrogen clock back to the 1940’s when the hydrogen bond of water in use then had a more natural hydrogen bond giving more oxygen. Click here for what I think of the science of Ellis Water (I recommend you read this caution link before you consider Ellis water, some may not do well with it) or see link at the end of page.. Click here for where to buy Ellis water or see link at the bottom of post. (you can get a 2 oz bottle for just 2 dollars and by putting a drop in a 16 oz jug, this converts the 16 oz to Ellis water from the two drops and this will last you for years.. You can get the 2 dollar bottle by calling the 800 number for a sample 845 754 8696, the 800 number may have changed a bit!) (While Avemar is about 8 dollars a month for this method, Ellis water and nattokinase cost almost 0 because nattokinase is so powerful and long lasting in effect.)

As well as just taking some Avemar dermally at about 6 to 8 PM in continuous light doses, for the tiredness of it being somewhat what, I also have used Ellis Water for Oxygen energy this time of the day to counteract the Avemar and boost it too. The wooziness doesn’t increase with months of use, and the use of reduced amounts of Avemar with a bit of Ellis Water seems the best for me..

Here’s how this might work for for cancer; first the nattokinase removes the fibrin, used gradually. (If you use it too fast it’s mutagenic and you’ve bombed the hornet’s nest so it must be more gradual, not taken directly on a tumor. In addition, Avemar doesn’t circulate that well once added dermally, so I take my PM Avemar, on my legs, stomach, and shoulders before sleep. And I use it in the daytime in just a dab of Avemar when needed. And because of this I take some Avemar by mouth.) Cancer cells have about 15 times the fibrin coat they hide inside, so the immune system wakes up to see the threat and is much improved by the Avemar. Nattokinase doesn’t kill cancer cells, it just removes the fibrin, this is why a good immune booster like Avemar seems important. Removing the fibrin also improves circulation allowing the Avemar based immune defense by way of more oxygen which the immune system uses to kill cancer by injecting oxygen into the cancer cells. And the Ellis water increases the oxygen itself. Oxygen gives more energy which may make you feel better both by way of more circulation to your brain, also by way of making exercise more viable, which reduced incidence of cancer by 50% and boosts your survival rate. And so on.

Avemar and Ellis water like so many other methods are not nearly so powerful without first removing the fibrin, so the cancer is out in the open for improved immune defense.

There are few super germs in evolution because natural defenses like herbs have thousands of  antibacterial compounds they are “broad spectrum” so the bacteria never can build up much resistance. If you have cancer likewise you may want to consider broad spectrum enzymes, that are both more gentle and with reduced risk of resistance with time than with use of one enzyme alone.


While Avemar has blood sugar limitations worth reducing, like 2/3 of anticancer drugs, nattokinase and oxygen are both mutagenic if used the wrong way. This is why they are to be used with caution. Nattokinase has the power to dramatically limit mutagenic cancer but using too much Ellis water increases the risk of harm. In toxicology the old saying is “the compound level makes the toxicity”. And many anticancer drugs are in use because at the right level, optimism is more optimal.

You may wonder, “Why not Hydrogen Peroxide instead of Ellis Water? Hydrogen peroxide is in a bit nearer reach at the store, right?” However This WebMD site says hydrogen peroxide can cause permanent damage to the body… Oxygen via a wave at the beach seems safer than permanent damage!

As I say on my nattokinase page (Click Here  or see link at the end of this post) nattokinase has a second important caution in that it dissolves fibrin both where you want the tumor removed and also it dissolves good fibrin, where you want. This can cause bleeding, stroke, or bruises. For this reason I take anti bruising herbs, e.g. flax oil which relieves bruising on the bottom of my feet when I lift my weight! me, in just a half an hour, because flax oil is much involved in improving blood vessel and neural health in combination. Flax oil is the best way known to limit diabetic neuropathy, involving circulation, etc. In addition high lignan flax oil reduces cancer proliferation 87% and costs only a dollar or so more than non lignan flax oil which has no power against cancer.

Nattokinase unlike unfermented soy increases estrogens much, and this is one reason that while the Japanese have 90% reduction in Alzheimer’s, an effect thought to be caused by nattokinase, they don’t take a lot, “just in sparing moderationsan”.

Anytime you take nattokinase you may want to take other herbs for bruising and blood vessel integrity. As I say nattokinase is long lasting, even so in the times I’ve used low dose nattokinase so far, the bruising and low blood pressure wooziness it causes always goes away without flax oil in about 3 days and the blemishes also stay gone for like three weeks more than otherwise.  It seems possible the best method might be to reduce the fibrin in moderation, then continuing to improve blood vessel integrity with anti bruising herbs or methods, and then reduce more fibrin with a bit more nattokinase while reducing risk of removing good fibrin before the next use of nattokinase, and while also using Avemar and Ellis water and other methods no doubt to also kill the cancer cells removed from the fibrin. The idea here may be that solving “treatable” bruising problems may be easier than solving untreatable cancer, or at least buying time while in hopes of a cure.

There are few other known side effects of nattokinase, likewise for water or Avemar.

Also keep in mind that nattokinase doesn’t actually kill cancer cells, it only dissolves the fibrin so you may need some way to also kill the cancer cells. For this I use Avemar, the well researched powdered beer Nobel winning extract. Avemar is said to repair even a severely damaged immune system, and it kills most types of cancer. As I say I also use (medicinal) honey, ginger, perhaps some Una De Gato, etc. and as I say here, or see link below Avemar seems to have blood sugar problems, which I’ve solved or improved much by taking dermally PM, low dose, so I wasn’t woozy from the carbs, and if you can tolerate oxygen (I can’t as much) if you get stronger with exercise, you might be even better off with Ellis Water which gives oxygen to cancer out the rest of the wooziness at that time of day. Keep in mind that Avemar, natto or Ellis water may not be for everyone. You may still achieve most, and find other methods elsewhere, cheer up I’m no elf swear!

Click Here for my site about consideration of Ellis Water and if it’s of worth for you, or see link at end of post.

So this might remove the fibrin to get in the right general area few other anticancer methods may allow, boost the immune defence with Avemar, then boost the boost with oxygen.. I have more energy for exercise with oxygen, and other than Avemar wooziness mild while I sleep I have seen no side effects, comfort  issues can be a major limit of many other anticancer herbs and methods.
Avemar/Nattokinase/vinegar have many other uses, due to enzyme/immune boosting power and more..e.g. ezcma, sinusitis, joint health and more..This combination for the uses I list works better than anything I’ve seen in my experience of years.. Click here


NOTE I’ve Mostly Reduced Uno De Gato to only one drop AM and one PM, and generally don’t recommend it for Cancer, other than POA Una… Even while a bit toxic, Una De Gato has worked for me only in combination with Avemar low dose and nattokinase low dose, and have removed all my blemishes the best. All three have important values, Avemar for immune modulation, nattokinase to dissolve fibrin, and UDG for mitochondrial modulation, plus immune modulation. While I found that nether of the three can be used at higher dose due to cost or toxicity of other than VISA sneezes, the lower dose combination has worked best for me. If you have a fire, you want more fire fighting machines, just a few won’t have as much defense, even so the machines may need to be more smart than just powerful, especially in combination. Methods like nattokinase, Avemar, ginger and Ellis Water Seemed Better due to Neural Issues with U.D.G. (other than perhaps one dose) but for me, a drop of POA of Una each morning has been the most of worth. See my Una De Gato posts below for more.




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