The Science Of Ellis Water, Is Ellis Water a Scam?

We see some science sites attempting to discredit Ellis Water. John Ellis claims on his site that water has been de energized since the 1940’s by a reduction in the bond angle. By using one of his patented machines, it’s inferred more oxygen is available by changing the bond angle to use the water for more oxygen.

Some debunking sites then assert that the main claim of Ellis Water is about electrons; the process of using the machine allows more electrons for health, exercise, and so on. The sites say the oxygen and water atoms are just protons and electrons. Thus no change of bond angle is achieved for these electrons; thus since electrons are the claim Ellis makes and the other sites say there isn’t any way to even change the bond angle since water, hydrogen and oxygen all three are simple, there are no extra electrons available, even in principle. “Electrons are the claim, and there is no way to reach them”. The sites go on to say that  due to a fundamental law of physics, there are no large scale bodies with electric charge. Certainly there are not large numbers of large scale bodies with electric charge, yet any biologist or physicist knows electromagnetic fields abound in nature.

We may say that some masses at any rate are indeed charged. Most will admit this much.

About the simplicity of water molecules, indeed there are just the standard protons and electrons, yet if all bond angles were the same, the nucleus, which moves the electrons would be so simple there would be no zones of the standing waves of the electric fields to allow this. Yet even protons have been found to be dumbbell in geometry, and so combinations of the protons will give areas with more or reduced bond, so it seems moving the bond angle is not impossible, and doing so would allow to also remove more oxygen at our command by this reduction.

The physics of super pressure won a Nobel prize in the 1950’s. Among other experiments,  while most physicists had considered water an incompressible solid (why pipes squeak) water was compressed to two thirds it’s size. So yes the angle of the hydrogen can be changed.

Looking at the claims of these sites while it isn’t the impression I got, the debunk site seems to substitute, the term “electron” where a viable claim of Ellis seems more like “oxygen giving electrons”. Certainly I see how claims of more electrons seems improbable, even so claims of many or at any rate more viable uses of oxygen (depending, since oxygen is both good and  bad, e.g. hyperbaric oxygen is good for cancer etc. yet it’s also a recognized carcinogen to some degree) these seem possible if we substitute, “oxygen giving electrons” for the “electron” claim of some of the debunking sites. For example, one site of this type says Ellis opines that some water in use here in 2010 has just 8% of the oxygen, and goes on to ask where this extra absent electron source is, in the water, in the air, or where for Ellis water. If it’s oxygen bound with the hydrogen the Ellis method would allow not so much more electrons as more oxygen.

One claim of the sites is that the patented Ellis methods are just using UV light, and this ozone water adds a wimpy value to the cost, as in, it would “seem simpler to merely boil the water”. Yet it’s known that it’s difficult to extract power from lightning, since it’s power is mostly in light and heat. Merely boiling water is using heat, but the electrons are bound to the atom by UV or gamma rays, like the Ellis machine claims, not heat. UV, not heat is at the level to at any rate seem to cause real change if possible, not mere heat.

On the minus side for Ellis water, claims that electrons are added to the water seem improbable, perhaps like the debunk sites they were speaking more by implication, and so assumed we would know the science, or perhaps just didn’t know exactly how they knew, or were just too busy to explain to non scientists. Perhaps Ellis is an Einstein of hydrology. I believe Einstein was only partially right about General Relativity, it’s not relative that the Earth is more at rest and more privileged about gravity than the moon, and so more so for the sun, and the Earth and moon don’t really fall at the same rate around each other as Einstein claims, this doesn’t fit relativity if the Earth was moving up to reach a falling mass at the same rate for different masses in equivalent motion to say the masses also reach the Earth at the same rate, yet the Experimental “proofs” of General Relativity are quite well proven based on the dense stars speeding up with time. The rate of fall is indeed changing in a non relative way, yet Einstein may have had no way of knowing exactly how he knew, he may have just been in a hurry.

Certainly the Ellis claims of viruses and bacteria multiplying or mutating seem much more common if instead of electrons we say, oxygen is available. Most pathogens do better without oxygen than with, this is established science.

The sites say Ellis claims that vitamins are electrically dead like a leaf off a tree, and electrons would revive them, here too just soaking almost anything in oxygen while not electrons will help it be more “as if alive”.

It’s beleafed by some in biology that respiration was by the method of literal breathing of clay, and this process is so much like respiration that early life used it as a way of augment in it’s power by consuming the clay and using it to breathe.

Other claims by the anti Ells sites are that looking at the red blood cells under the microscope show no immediate change as they say with the Ellis method.. Yet here if we substitute, unbound oxygen for electrons as the anti Ellis site says, there is indeed a lot of good science here too.

The only claim I don’t understand of Ellis is about the change of the bond angle, can’t seem to find evidence on the web for or against yet. It seems possible, and if this and the claim of more oxygen are both seen, I have no dispute with it. I haven’t been hitting the bottle!

I indeed got more energy from a bit of Ellis water, and in my family is low ability to consume oxygen, an inherited reduction in the ability to make good use of it. If you’re always tired and there are few atheletes in your family, this may be why. Yet most people get more energy and fitness by exercise and oxygen, so if you’re tired the oxygen may build up its acidity, and this may make it more mutagenic. They find that higher altitude has lower risk of lung cancer. They don’t yet know if oxygen causes it, and not other forms of cancer. Oxygen may seem valuable for fitness and health and for most oxygen may be of worth. But if you’re always tired ask your doctor. Other improvements I’ve made here are taking alkalizing tea blends like from Swanson Health and taking nattokinase as I say on posts here on my site. (Nattokinase dramatically improves circulation.) Even if our family has inherited low oxygen use ability, like inheriting poverty or wealth, much can be done while alive by being active!

One reason you might believe in Ellis water is they offer a sample for just 2 dollars that they claim converts common tap water to Ellis water itself so the 2 dollars renders us gallons of Ellis water. It seems like they must be “well” believers in their product, how would they expect to make any money with a product like this if it was worthless? The Ellis company says the main business they have is repeat customers, and a search shows they have no problem with the BBB..

My own experience with Ellis water has been positive about oxygen, not so much as electrons! The small 2 oz sample showed noticeable changes of several types in my health, more energy better dental health, and when I used some drops to convert more water, after this it had the same value as claimed.  Perhaps the best way for proof is to buy the sample and try it. Perhaps it was  just me, I noticed a bit too much energy and had to reduce the dose since oxygen energy seems a bit edgy, it seems it’s like burning the metabolic fire. If you found energy in the 2 oz bottle with just a few drops and then dispersed it in a big jug of conventional bottled reservoir tap water and got energy as Ellis claims from a bit of the drop, as I have then you may think more of Ellis water till evidence shows otherwise.

While I think as they say you can have too much of anything, Ellis’ claims seem possibly genuine by the above, and at worst you only have 2 dollars to lose if your oxygen use is normal and or e.g. acidity is counteracted, and at best no machine to buy if  40’s worth will go on for a billion years! Lots of lives might be saved by Ellis water if used instead of Hydrogen Peroxide which causes more than 10 fatalities a year due to people falsely believing it’s safe for heath issues like cancer, and heavy tanks of pressurized oxygen are often more a way to boost to the ISS than a real way to cool off a burning house! This is why oxygen tanks are only available with doctor’s supervision.

I see these 200 dollar oxygen water machines with bubbles up from the base, here I seem to find no amount of shaking my bottle to save my 200 will give me the value I seem to have seen.

As above oxygen seems to be both carcinogenic as well as potentially of use if in lower doses. While the state of CA lists oxygen as harmful about cancer, other options are available for energy as in exercise. A hundred year old experiment with frogs led exercise researchers astray. The real cause of exercise tiredness turns out to be Hydrogen ions (free radicals) in your muscle. I use Tart Cherry, green tea and Activive, an all natural nonstimulant formula with no side effects designed especially for reducing fatigue.  Click here for more.

About my ideas about relativity and other physics my science site Is Encyclopedia Computoria.


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