An Improved Method of R&D/ Making Possible Use of The Abscopal Cancer Events

Abscopal cancer is an extremely rare cancer cure involving what seems a mysterious series of events. During the process of treatment using conventional cancer methods, using methods like radiation or chemotherapy, some of the cancer near the treated area start to die off, followed by more and more cancer cells dying like dominoes falling it seems. Finally the cancer is completely cured! Nobel Prizes are all around, if the world rings like a bell, or the Blue Bells of Scotland..

It’s believed that abscopal cancer (from Latin, “outside the scope” or view of the radiation method) is involved in immune defense. It’s known that some foreign tissue like implants  are unseen completely by the immune system, and certainly cancer is often able to do this well, by way of hiding out inside fibrin, saying, “hey we are on your side” while hiding out inside the system. (For how I reduced much of the fibrin see my nattokinase pages, or click here or link at the bottom of this post.)

So the conventional best explanation is that somehow perhaps in the process of the cancer cells dying and by this process near the area of the radiation or chemotherapy, or etc., the cancer dying wises up the immune defense, and it then continues on the battle to victory.

One problem is about research, how to find and make use of the abscopal process..Whatever it turns out to be, it’s so rare  it can’t yet be easily researched.

As I say, if it’s merely the merely awesome immune defense, then why is abscopal cancer so uncommon?

I’ve had another idea about the mechanism, this may involve the immune system in combination with the DNA copying method itself. In my way of explaining this, there are cancer cells dying often with conventional cancer treatments, yet abscopal cancer is rare. The extra abscopal cure may be by way of the radiation or other conventional treatment method doing three things just by great luck of the random draw of enough random changes of the copying enzyme like by radiation;

Just cancer cells via identifying compounds

And Simple Instructions To Self Destruct,

But only after copying!

First it may change the copying method of RNA transcriptase, the proofreading compound that copies DNA to the messenger RNA which then goes out from the nucleus to encode the proteins in the cell without error or with the error of cancer. This may be like a copying machine, without a good copying machine you can’t copy nearly as well. So it seems if the RNA transcriptase is changed to somehow make copies only of the cancer cell, and second that these cancer cells are also allowed to copy, yet with the value that there are instructions for the copied cancer cell to self destruct by some simple but lethal gene only after copying, and only cancer cells, this is another way of a possible explanation for the abscopal cancer cure.

If this is the true abscopal  process, it may be replicable in the lab by changing the RNA copying machine to fit these three necessities for abscopal cancer if they are how it cures cancer sometimes, sometimes more often would be more a celebrant for us the celebreautour!  If the copying machine lens is out of focus, or better yet if it gives all copies and only those copies instructions to self destruct, only after copying, abscopal cancer cures may be more common.

If we know what we are looking for it may be much easier to engineer the abscopal method reliably instead of waiting thirty years just to be able to see what it’s about.

The immune system is found to indeed show signs of awakening with the few abscopal cancer cases that have been seen by researchers onsite, and this may not be causally related, or it may be both the RNA changes and the immune defense power combined. Certainly for those with cancer it would be valuable to have your immune system suddenly wake up to solve just the problem you want. This may even so only be an extra advantage of the cancer cells dying, not the cause.

One major known way the immune system defeats cancer is by reduction of fibrin, and the cells are out in the open, and the immune system wakes up and wins out where otherwise it wouldn’t. But if methods of reducing fibrin like nattokinase are used too quick, the toxic metabolites of the battle confuse the immune system, and its defense isn’t as robust. If the common cancer methods used in oncology are creating  too much debris, it seems the immune system here can’t recognize the goal as well to defeat the cancer..So perhaps abscopal cancer creates a clean signal the immune system recognizes. The signal would be caused by the simple regular change in all the RNA transcriptase. All the dead cells via abscopal method would have a common more simple motif the immune system could find and see much more reliably. This seems like RNAi a new antisense method of throwing random RNA snips, cheap and easy to make into the machine, a bolt thrown in the assembly machine destroying just the cancer. So if abscopal cancer operates more by the way of waking up the immune defense with a simple clean signal, it seems possible an equivalent result might be achievable by using simple brief RNAi to simplify the method. RNAi and antisense methods hold much promise, perhaps we already have a cure here for cancer related to the abscopal method without more changes yet.

Antisense drugs, being more complex than this abscopal method may not turn out to be as safe or valuable, they have been slow to reach viable use. If so, it might be simpler to engineer RNA transcriptase based on the three things abscopal cancer might need, copying of only cancer cells, with destruction, after copying the cell.

Another line of research may be by looking at the immune system of those who have had abscopal events. It may have the memory of how it helped cure the cancer so it may show evidence of waking up to the simple signal of the cancer DNA. From this we might also look at the RNA transcriptase of those who’ve had these events to see if it is the small wheel with large numbers of simple repetitions that might reflect in the simplicity of how the immune system found the abscopal defense.

Viral methods often reach cells of worth to change e.g. neurons in brain research. I imagine using a virus to find the DNA and then go to the RNA transcriptase and destroy it. Even so this wouldn’t be as valuable as the method above of copying and then destruction of the cancer since this wouldn’t involve copying and so like most anticancer methods the cancer could build some types of resistance.

Another possibility might involve using the CRISPR method (super cheap gene editing) to find the cancer and instead of changing or chewing up the genes, changing the RNA transcriptase itself. Here too it would be without the copying advantage without “adding it” by outside methods.

One possible way the abscopal events might find only cancer cells might be about the speed of mutation, which is higher for cancer cells. This may relate to telomeres; given telomerase which allows the telomeres to not shorten, normal cells become cancer most of the time. (Telomeres are the cells’ timer fuses, the shorter the telomeres, like the proverbial horse mouth with donations, the older the cell). Since cancer cells are cells that can’t die, telomerase may be important to the cure for cancer, and vice versa, cancer may be important in solving old age. More and more mutations take place with time both with cancer and aging, so in this way cancer may be perhaps thought of as a speeding up of aging. Regular RNA with control of how much it changes might allow a way to reduce cell death more to the most optimal level, and increase our time in the world without cancer as with telomerase.)

I’ve always had a definite intuition that cancer was one disease not many. Einstein said it’s impossible to imagine a fundamental particle that can emit and absorb waves. So I agree with Einstein, at some real fundamental level, the world is made of waves. Even though he didn’t solve the unified field, I believe a close distances the waves may unify all the zones of the city of physics, like energy conservation, a well proven idea..

Copying much like life was going on for early life at the same level. I think of copying as the union in oneness of the atomic wave is where life started.  To me this is why it’s thought the DNA of life on other worlds may not be with the same chemicals as ours. After all copying is more general than just one type of bond. A copying machine can be made of most matter, ask any marm in the web they tamed via Dewey Decibel system of shush!

Shakespeare said if ideas were the same as truth, poor man’s cottages would be rich castles. Yet for thousands of inventors, ideas were a way to owning their own life of wealth. I want the world to be richer for my life, some dreams do triumph hopefully if there is real value, they should..

Changes in genes are common, and are often survivable, but the abscopal method using the copying machine itself may be simpler and more reliable. If the cancer is an “inside” woe and a sort of simple implosion, controlling the copy machine, not just what’s copied may be more upstream.. If people were saying, what about all these bad words we read caused by the copy machine, control of the machine itself may be of worth here..

Nattokinase and Removing fibrin..


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  1. Great work with this posting! My partner and i love the way you offered your information and how you’ve made this interesting and simple to know. Many thanks.

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