USING THE TIMER BOX/KITCHEN SAFE METHOD For Dental Health, Weight Control, Reducing Web “Autism”, Etc.


The kitchen safe, sold on Amazon for 55 postpaid is a way to reduce sugar since it’s how often you eat it that causes more harm than how much. (Click here for my simple cheap easy dental defense page or see link below.) The Kitchen Timer makes good behaviour in reach more reliably from sweets, or with the mouse and cheeze in the safe, so you can’t use the rather habit forming otherwise phones and 12 hours a day has been linked to reduction of grey matter, and other studies have shown it causes reduction of social perceptiveness, rather like autism.. How to stop using the machine if it’s so important? Yet others say we have a wholly unnatural sense of urgency caused by the machines. They are often habit forming due to randomness, much like seen in gambling research.

Since it’s like autism and the emotional face sensing glasses have been of value for those involved, I think the harm computers cause, like less deep REM sleep, might be solved by just looking down more with your eyes balanced in the center for all the reading in site, even if the site is a volume! This is like in your body, all systems are in pairs to balance. When you hold your vision outward for hours it seems like lifting your arms out and they won’t feel like blinking, to heal your eyes! If you hold your arms “or your eyes” at your side this is a real relief. This method combined with the timer safe totally cured my dry eye, which is not so dry as you say. I’ve invented antiautism software also if you’d like to contact me for collaboration/patents, my number is 276 228 3469., or write 138 Longview Village CR Wytheville, VA. 24382 I’ve invented also software that gradually reduces randomness for cyber gamblers, 2/3 of them are addicts, and in China with slow modems, 25 million are overusers. I pray for them often about this, the arrival of broadband connection, with the afterlife.. The software I’ve devised uses eyewear you wear anytime that changes the image so the randomness is reduced. Unlike timers that only reduce activity with more random interruptions caused by the timer, the software works for any computer not just PC’s or I’ve seen the cellphone timer and this seems to not go deep enough for the solution since it still doesn’t reduce the habit just the access. The idea is where the control is most of worth. This may also be great for any type of behavioural problem. The cellphone timer just works for the cellphone, this works for all computers wherever you go, and for other habits, like annoying commercials. For us with 3G connections in the US, this about web overuse may be milder, and here too the box may be of value since your brain needs time to consolidate memories so they say. You may find the Kitchen safe to be of value where your brain just has a giant refreshing sigh of relief. You can start reducing time a bit more each day, and I not infrequently take 30 year rests!  For real control of weight reduction and the machines, you may find you need at least two boxes for food rest, and another for the machines since they are on other loops. For weight control, dieters may need “complete control” to make it through the time of fire, and zones unforced by the box, or uncharmed, at any rate will reduce the value for this Click Here For a look at The Box, or see link at end of post.

The reason more complete control might be best for dieters is because some sites I’ve seen say dieting is “like going on a diet for the rest of your life”. And just using the box over and over might be its match also. What does this mean, going on a diet for the rest of your life? The hunger doesn’t go on forever, I wonder if this wasn’t partially invented in hopes of other’s without an overweight problem trying to discourage dieters? I’ll let you know here if this is of worth. I’ll buy two more Boxes and let you know.


Update; I tried to put my food in a storage box like Sterlite and locked the box and this was relatively difficult to do. I needed a drill so the hole for the chain since I didn’t have other boxes on hand.  I tried it and it also controlled my idea itself, where I didn’t feel like constantly  locking and unlocking the boxes clumsy with the chain and lock. The storage boxes were the only ones that could store enough food. Presumably you could buy something like a paper safe with a way to use the lock and keys. I coded my keys with string through loop to like duct tape of color coded to the lock to always find the right lock and key.


I’ve also found great new ways to almost totally reduce dieting binges I was having a bit of feast and famine each weekend and monday or tuesday of each week as money was sometimes in and out of reach for food. But I found a great way to much reduce this by using bread to both satisfy as much as chips, and crackers and save a lot of money on food and reduce fat salt sugar and cholesterol. Using bread goeswith like meat, juice, and many many other healthy foods this puts in comfortable reach by bread the slice of life! It makes it easy to say no to most junk food because it’s the underlying food most junk food is made of. Bread has a strong stabilizing value for weight control. If I don’t always lose weight at least I don’t put on weight in in stressful or more unpredictable times. Other times I lose weight also.


Even so combinations of this method and the Kitchen safe are also possible for most effect so I will use a light bicycle chain looped through the door of my refrigerator and up to the cabinet on the left. The chain will go through the space between the cabinet door and the cabinet then out through the space between the door and cabinet around where the hinge connects. This may make it so I can lock the refrigerator not just a box, and this may be a simpler way to control more of the food with a simple method that also allows food that might otherwise perish so it will not perish and so you can have life as often as you’d like! I know a neighbor who only has months of life, then his wife comes back!


I’ve read about the idea of some inventors with Safes like weekdays days each with a timer lock/with three meals each, for more complete control.  The inventors believed if the dieter would just bypass the diet jukebox and go buy at the store, the idea of a sensor in the car that senses if the driver is hungry and stops the car seems of worth. Another use of the Timer Box might be for the fob. The good news is you don’t have to weight, I find the kitchen safe is so powerful it wakes you up, they say “Hey you say shout?” “What roof! Roof no more, just sunshine in the rain!”

If I’m asleep and I hear the alarm, I just roll over to put out the fire, and snuffle off to snore, it’s not the snore or a fire fighting machine outside!

I use an opaque box, because the stuff in the transparent box doesn’t look as good on my shelf. Even so if you see the stuff in the box this is of value for several boxes like I have. Since the edge of time can’t be frozen, “not for icebox use!” it sez in the comics I read in heat waves and the box won’t hold more than like meal’s worth, not a cubic foot, you can buy padlocks cheap with cheeze not combinations! and store the “combination of the Box, wrapped in a Kitchen Safe”, so you have control of larger areas of value in both cosmic Xmas  boxes and hours and auroras, finally Southern lights and hots in winter..The Kitchen safe has no beeper to say when it’s ready, research says this is also artificial urgency also.

 I’ve totally tossed my cell phones, the junk with the slow web connection (the mp3 loop phones without web connection  I use however are great drop proof and with lots of memory, and I can always make a copy fast by beaming it from one to the other, then backup with a simple giant AZ is a few seconds on my big comp when needed. It’s the LG 500G in my belief a phone from higher realms.. If you want to buy some of these you may want to soon since they are secondhand like on Amazon, and if experience is real from before, all you may be able to get in years ahead is a less satisfying machine. It’s simple,it’s reliable, like my PC. I liked them so much I bought a lifetime supply! So labor saving, I’ll buy more; half the labor in twice the speed! Lots of businesses are in cost cutting mode, mp3s that won’t crash in a month are I don’t know how rare, the LG is good enough for me.) Cheap web connections make a machine hugely more frustrating. More important with a junk cell phone connection it’s more difficult to remember to always look down (or up in bed etc.). If it’s damaging to eyes and higher brain with each use, by both the Safe and these methods may your eyes return more your own, and you will be too! You could go blind, or anyone might. I’m looking down right now AHHH! The air is more compressed at the base of the hill, even so the air density is up, good news, and it’s a SAIL of biz, my Airstarships are up!





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