Other Uses Of Avemar/Nattokinase and Vinegar

Here I want to say that while nattokinase and Avemar seem wonderous, see your doctor if you’re taking any other medicines or have any health issue.   Also please be sure to see also my other pages and use common sense. Only gradually try new methods especially OTC’s, read multiple sites etc.

Avemar may be for anyone who wants to use preventative measures, RV motorcycle health insurance keeps my relatives alive! Or for those where other methods have failed, since it’s advertised to repair even a severely damaged immune system. But these other uses I list are with the combination of Nattokinase Avemar and Vinegar which seem more powerful for these uses I list than anything else I’ve seen. If like me you’re using these three anticancer methods, you can make further use of them as I’ll say here. One is for persistent inflammations e.g. staph/eczema, sinusitis, which can cause severe incurable pain if left untreated, parasites, and so on. If you’ve itched for more lifetimes than ponchos have warranties over umbrellas and the rest of your ail avail seems to fail, you might want to try this combination since it’s more powerful than many simple less powerful methods. The price is just about 10 for the nattokinase and 10 for the vinegar soak in your tub, plus about 30 for the cheapest Avemar online if you opt out of just a sub with your yatchtch!

Note that while nattokinase has been used for hundreds of years in Japan, the Livestrong site says nattokinase is not considered safe for use without a doctor’s care. While the Livestrong site may be a mere disclaimer, caution is advised. How old and wise this doctor may be, I don’t know. Dr. Time is how wise, as the old expression goes, experience always wins and you have cravings for rich luxury..

Two of the issues with Avemar are cost and blood sugar, on my other site I discuss using it at lower dose about cost, and external dermal use for reducing blood sugar caution, and so on. If it’s a dermal OTC and it says for internal use only, do not use it! Avemar is subsidized in Hungary, where it was invented, and it has many good health uses, even if just about other problems than cancer. Note that low doses of Avemar are all I’ve used, and it’s important to see your health care provider often, though it took about 3 months to activive my defense other than the other two methods which work right away.

Here I discuss vino for external use only, higher doses of vinegar used internally can cause liver and kidney damage.

Nattokinase has issues about blood clotting/blood thinning some sites say. Others say it’s selective about what fibrin it dissolves, not  good fibrin, just bad fibrin. So far I haven’t seemed to have any bleeding problems, and the Japanese took it for 100’s of years, such wise they were.

I don’t recommend using nattokinase on skin anywhere you don’t want to look wrinkled, I said how good does my skin look and she sez, I can’t see for all the wrinkles! With my  zooms I see well enough I said to her to say to me, that also likewise since nattokinase not only eats up like dental germs quite well, it also causes your gums to be reduced quite a bit you may want to brush more often if you use nattokinase for stopping germs which for me works real well and all these sites are for information only and are not medical advice at the ER or what just plain simple me, a mild mannered millionaire of relaxation not debt.For dental use as I say here, a gentler broad spectrum enzyme formula may work best, with less frequent use of the nattokinase, regular visits to the dentist and more.

Nattokinase is not for use at high doses, it causes cancer to metastatise. The cancer can rapidly build resistance, so a more broad spectrum type of enzyme formula may be best. Or perhaps best of all may be green barley grass powder, it has about every natural enzyme there is, so neither germs or cancer may get resistant to it, or not as fast. Bacteria seldom get resistance to herbal antibiotics, while they easily get resistance to antibiotic drugs. NOTE that barley grass has a large dose of K2 which isn’t good for bleeding problems, and is often good for cardio health for the same reason, lots of enzymes and K2 dissolve clots.

Another problem is about green stains, this can be used inside underwear or internally, even so for external use like in summer I use a broad spectrum enzyme formula En-zymes which seems better than nattokinase and doesn’t stain.

And this leads to the first advantage of nattokinase AT LOW DOSE (if you can tolerate it, this may not work for you and is only an illustrative example);

Nattokinase reduces risk of Alzheimer’s by 90% as the Wikipedia says about the Japanese rates. Perhaps 50% of those over 70 have Alzheimer’s. My mom is a journalist/English prof who speaks five languages in E Europe for an English language paper, they’re all learning English over there, and this reduces chance of Alzheimer’s by 25%. They did an MRI on my mom and she has a brain of an 18 year old, imagine how old I am! As in Japan, just a bit of nattokinase each day is considered best since just like as in Japan, too much unfermented natto at any rate is bad and can cause high estrogen. And as above it also may cause bleeding, while if your blood pressure is higher and your risk of cancer as you age with more fibrin, for me the advantages of nattokinase may be more relative to the risk.

Other uses of broad spectrum enzymes or Green Barley Grass/High grain Vino/ Plus Avemar used externally;

It’s good for joint health;

Reduces pain

Staph/Eczema/skin itching

97% who have eczema (itching) also have staph. High grain vino not only stops 95% of bacteria, it’s also an enzyme to dissolve more of the problem. The other main aspect here is about inflammation, the eczema/staph are like an allergy/autoimmune problem. While a daily soak for one week e.g. in vinegar for itching feet will kill most of the staph, using Avemar/nattokinase, (or green barley grass where and K2 staining isn’t an issue, eg for great dental defense by dissolving the bacteria REAL efficiently with temporary green teeth, they’ll know you’re a veggie by your wuv! in addition to high grain vinegar (one part vinegar/two parts water) will modulate and boost your immune defense. Modulating the immune defense as with Avemar is considered to be a deeper way to solve eczema these days by many dermatologists. Not to kill the biology completely but to more like coexist with a broader lever of defense like nature used for millions of years, broad spectrum was like wearing sound surround RV visors.


The majority researched have parasites and don’t know it, or the other way round, hope the parasites don’t know! At any rate enzymes dissolve parasites, and Avemar is a strong way to defend since the immune system always tries to remove parasites. While as some say “when the nutrition arrives parasites soon depart” (it’s not this simple) to nourish is also to nourish the immune defense, and Avemar is, you guessed it a Nobel winning German Powdered beer! I used thyme for some value, but thyme is not for long term use since it’s addictive and has bad side effects like alcohol.  Zinc Oxide cream you can get at like Rite Aid is real powerful, but you need to take it with copper also.


Avemar not with nattokinase but a broad spectrum enzyme formula when used on the upper sides of the nose (no vinegar here (irritates eyes)) literally dissolve out the mucous from the outside in. Not being able to breathe at night is related to higher risk of sleep apnea, and AHDD. Natto/Avemar will clear out your breathing for waves of months over your wave bed, or your spinning gyroscope bathtub, you always sail out to the shore of the cosmic beach..
For years I used ceyanne and olive leaf, which stopped 9/10ths of my symptoms for months at a time. Finally after years it seemed it started to fail, so it seems enzymes may be another solution. Even so ceyanne cuts through mucous at a fast rate, and I would use the olive leaf to dry my nose if needed, one wet the other dry, to adjust my nose just right and cheap for months. Only for other reasons did it reduce its power (I was sometimes taking allergic herbs). Clay is also considered wonderous for breathing issues, this in combination with baking soda and the other methods may be better yet.


Emotional health

People who eat fermented soy (not unfermented junk food which is harmful) feel better about life findings show.


One method I used for years was to put Olive Leaf (powerful cheap immune booster/antibacterial, no side effects other than low blood sugar long term higher dose but a long list of amazing advantages) plus MSM (wonderous cheap sulfur compound that’s been processed out of our food) in my ear, the itch would start, I’d scratch which automatically reduced the inflammation, fight flower with flour! Even so since other immune boosters aren’t for use with Avemar, using Ave/Vino/and En-zymes have finished it well. If you can’t solve your otitis or other inflammation keep in mind a method like this you might devise from the web to automatically shut down the itch by way of some safe herb or method you put in your ear if this fails type in the outbox! I would say olive leaf and MSM may also be safe if used a while even with Avemar in other hours of the day. I’ve used immune boosters like echinacea (heals dental gum issues not just controls them) tart cherry (reduces tiredness 80% after exercise without edginess, though toxicity if used like for weeks) or even flax high lignan which reduces inflammation and cancer proliferation 87% (costs just 1 dollar more than usual flax oil which is worthless against cancer).


In addition as I say on my Enzyme and Avemar posts, nattokinase is strongly anticancer (for both see cautions however) if 2 out of 3 have it and it reduces systolic blood pressure by 20 points in a week, and is good for heart health. As we age, more fibrin clots up our circulation and fibrin is the mass of a tumor,  a hide out the bad guys use to operate away from the immune system’s influence. Nattokinase reduces fibrin dramatically, and while it doesn’t kill any cancer cells, Avemar is a super immune booster that removes or tries to improve all types of cancer once the cancer cells are “out in the open”.

Enzymes are’t as valuable for me at any rate as another method I use, Una De Gato, it’s as powerful as chemotherapy  but much less harmful to the immune system and other health zones of your Amazon. Click here for more  or see link at end of the post.

Note while some sites say nattokinase is amazing in its limitation of metastatic cancer, Web MD says this is not yet known. Even so cancer cells have more than fifteen times the fibrin coat of other cells, and Avemar/and the En-zyme  formula/green barley grass have worked well for me so far.  As I say on my other site about Nattokinase/Avemar, Nattokinase is like bombing the hornet’s nest, so it seems while it’s good to gradually gently try to dissolve tumors by using a broad spectrum enzyme formula while limiting the cancer cells outside this area between the tumors as it’s considered by some to achieve, putting nattokinase directly on a tumor isn’t my common use of nattokinase. In addition, Avemar doesn’t circulate that well once added dermally, so I take my PM Avemar, on my legs, stomach, and shoulders before sleep. And I use it in the daytime in just a dab of Avemar when needed. See your health care provider my other sites and web Phds if you have savvy here or doubts, if you have both you’ll win on Wheel of no more!

There are few super germs in evolution because natural defenses like herbs have thousands of  antibacterial compounds they are “broad spectrum” so the bacteria never can build up much resistance. If you have cancer likewise you may want to consider broad spectrum enzymes, that are both more gentle and with presumable reduced risk of resistance with time than with use of one enzyme alone.



The duodenal sleeve  cures the curse! 1 in 3 have blood sugar woes and 82% of type II diabetes as recognized by ADA. The sleeve is merely a small poly tube that fits inside the duodenum the zone below your stomach and the upper/lower gi. I believe this might involve bad bacteria inflaming the duodenem, reducing its ability to send the sugar signal to the pancreas to send insulin at the right time. Like a bully who always might hit where it hurts most, bad timing for the defense might make insulin cause more harm than good, while good timing may be just right to balance the body’s use of insulin. I was woozy after sugar, and then I tried green clay and baking soda after sugar, and this completely stopped this for about three years. Medicinal clay and baking soda are strong antibacterials, and clay also acts as an enzyme, speeding up reactions. Three years later the wooziness started again, to no avail by this method. Finally I started with green barley grass by my bed before I would get sleepy otherwise and it works well! So perhaps low blood sugar is often caused by prescription drugs and tends to get worse with time because the bacteria get more resistant and the drugs artificially ferment the bad germs. If so as I say, the enzymes in green barley or other enzyme broad spectrum formulas may be of value since if bad bacteria are involved with low blood sugar they won’t be able to get resistance for more duration. This is only  a possibility, be sure to see your RN, you know, the ophamologist who hugs you!

Dental Health

As on my dental health page, 10 years of improvements have led me not to a fountain of breath rinse, yeah En zyme is a word I can pronounce well. I tried many tricks, yet a simple trick of putting my fingernail between my teeth, even with all my tricks would nine times out of ten yield that bad breath odor, like a toothbrush odor. Green barley grass is the first I’ve seen that removes it right away, and it’s a continuous effect, days or weeks in duration, even with sweets. The only other thing I’ve ever seen that comes as close as I say on my dental page, is to separate the sugar from the other food and the teeth by using a special small straw, starving the germs out. While the separation by using more liquid than solid for dental health etc. is a good trick, even more powerful than just one trick without other tricks, Enzymes of more broad value have the advantage of being able to eat more types of sweets continuously.

Adjusting To Other Herbs

This can be edgy or uncomfortable e.g. when starting OTC ‘s. Changing timing can be a time of adjusting edginess if you miss the time, and I used ginger the herb since it boosts liver function 8 ways and relaxes the body 7 ways. I think much of the edgy adjustment nausea for me at any rate is about the liver adjusting, and your renal function is also downstream in the filtration process so if you shield your liver, you might also improve your renal defence if it’s an issue. Enzymes seem to do this even better for me though it may not for you. For first line of adjusting, you may want to just eat a salad you can get like from Amazon, herbs like cabbage or other healthy herbs are wonderous for liver cleansing/boosting.


Use a small dose inside the cap for suppository. For hemorrhoids clay is of worth.

Energy/General Good Health

This is common with nourishing immune boosters. There are three general types of stimulants, adrenal (edgy) brain boosting (edgy) and nutrition (Ahh Word of What Breath!)

As I say I use vinegar/Avemar/En -zymes externally, vinegar isn’t for internal use, while Natto or En- zymes and Ave both can be used internally and externally. Even so with blood sugar wooziness Avemar has due to beer’s high carb level, I use it externally mostly (Like most herbs or OTC’s Avemar is skin permeable). I’ve found that using barley grass externally is good for many uses and it doesn’t seem to absorb much deeper in. So for reducing blood pressure by fibrin etc., you may want to watch the doses you take internally with more caution, since while they may be valuable they may be more harmful if caution isn’t used.

Enzymes can be long acting, like weeks with small doses out of the cap so it’s cheap, it’s powerful for about 8 dollars for a years worth, though caution is advised with blood thinners and K2 found with green barley will also thin the blood, so unless you have high blood pressure or high viscosity oil flow in your circulation, you may much more like  a broad spectrum enzyme formula  without the K2 a formula easy to buy on e.g. sites like Swanson Health on Amazon. I’ve had chest discomfort that sometimes would start, just a bit more K2 with the low dose nattokinase for a while removed it. So I have K2 on hand use as much as I can or as I need since it also counteracts solanine, a compound found in potatoes, tomatoes, and other nightshades considered to be the only food other than sugar or phytic acid that’s also a poison, slowly replacing the good neurotransmitters in your synapses like nerve gas, so K2 etc is great for emotional cheer, and it counteracts 87% of heart problems by way of counteracting solanine’s other main problem about calcium, clogging up your heart and joints etc. NOT a natural illness of aging, See my sites and/or the Weston Price site for more.  Avemar might cost 150 for 300 tabs, but using it lower dose brings my cost down to just 10 or less a month. The vino might cost 10 dollars. For phytic acid, rye flour mixed with grains or beans counteracts it.

More About Una De Gato


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