How To Boost Avemar Absorption and Nutrition

Disclaimer; This Site Is For information Only, as In Comedy, and Not Intended To Diagnose Treat Or Cure Any Health Event. See Your Doctor Before Making Any Change in Health or Lifestyle.

As I say on my other posts (this is seems like 1987 I’m so wise!) Avemar seems superior to other methods like Graviola, Solanine, Una de Gato, etc. for me both because it’s more powerful and without problems as much like neural symptoms, and also because I used a lower dose for just 35 dollars a moth or so, moths cause summer there seems to be association! In addition as I say here  (or see link at end of post) you may be able to make your own Avemar bread with a bread machine from Ebay and save more/higher dose of Avemar. I haven’t yet tried this but according to the Denver Naturopathic site Click Here (or see link below) this may be possible.

PS As of here in April 018 I don’t believe making your own Avemar bread may be of value since you only get like 6 grams for a whole loaf of sourdough bread and you’d need 5 loaves a day, far about the RDA As I say here, (or see link below) due to the cost of industrial machines to make Avemar, and not knowing what you might be missing in your own brew, it may be better to leave this to the pro chefs who vend the provender your whey! This high cost while lower on Ebay may not be because of evil or greed just the economies of scale needed to make and sell Avemar, rather like why low fat or low sugar foods are so expensive at the store, it takes a big bread machine!

Avemar seems to modulate mitochondria as I say on the link as well as herbs like Una De Gato, and if you take healthy cells and put cancer mitochondria in them the get cancer 97% of the time, but if you put healthy mitochondria in cancer cells nothing much happens. And after all the mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell and cancer seems like a sort of hyperactivity of the cell that these methods slow down.

Here I want to discuss absorption of Avemar and other nutrients.

On the Avemar box it says it won’t work with malabsorption syndrome. Most people absorb only 5 or 10% of the food they digest. If like me you may start with Avemar and you may not realize the absorption is reduced. For this you may consider Diatomaceous Earth, DE.

The Livestrong site says DE has a long and safe history of use e.g. in agriculture as like a cleanser. Diatomaceous Earth has strong antiparasitic, antibacterial, antiviral, and even perhaps anticancer power. Here I consider only some use sometimes for improving gi cleansing (and more people go to the doctor for digestive problems than any other cause.) This, improved digestion, is the main “symptom” reported right away all month seen with DE a good sign perhaps. This may save money and lives. You may know that more than half of cancer deaths are caused by malnutrition. The cancer doesn’t kill by tumors rather by acting like a parasite and using all the energy up the rest of your physiology would otherwise use. (Only 1 in 100 cells is a cancer cell.)

DE is antibacterial by cutting up the bacteria or viruses mechanically like in your gi. It’s made of diatoms. These are ancient tiny silica lifeforms that are changed by erosion, and they have supersharp edges that literally cut up bacteria. And they also scrape your gi clean by this cutting action so digestion is improved. Your own cells are too small to cut yet it cuts larger cells like bacteria.

Some sites claim that since DE has silica, it’s anticancer itself since they say it’s impossible for cancer to survive with the right amount of silica in the cells. Other sites say this isn’t so, and I’ve seen no cure with DE. DE also has a PH of about 8 (alkaline). Some doctors say if you get the PH somewhere around or above 7.4 or so cancer is cured in two or 3 weeks. Note that because of all the acidity of the bacteria and viruses as they die, you won’t be basic right away with DE, eventually you may. Wouldn’t it be great if DE not only cleans out all the dairy products, parasites, viruses and other junk in your gi and your system, and also the cancer itself? I don’t know the answer even so this seems interesting to me. You may know that most have 20 or more pounds of dairy products stuck in their gi, that parasites and bad bacteria hold on with. There are few side effects ever seen for DE and food grade DE is literally dirt cheap. (Food grade is safe for use not other DE used for agriculture etc.) One known problem with DE like in the DE industrial business has been about the silica dust that can cause chronic silicosis, lung inflammation. DE can be dissolved with water in the jug, I punched a small hole in the wide mouth jug so easy to pour in without much dust, dust without dryness is mud!

You may be aware that antioxidants are found to not only protect your cells they protect the cancer also so research has found survival rates are actually lower than it was believed with antioxidants. You may ask about absorption of food and starvation with cancer. If the DE makes you absorb more food well won’t the cancer like a parasite absorb more of that food? First, if that food contains silica and is alkaline, you may win out here. Even so while it may improve absorption of Avemar this seems to be a concern so personally I’m taking DE only sometimes for the time being/and at lowest dose. It seems to cleanse the gi fast, so perhaps it’s not even needed long term. DE being also absorbent also may absorb out other herbs or like Avemar used at that time so the powerful residual effect of DE to boost the absorption of Avemar may be best. As usual see your doctor or RN for advice.

One thing that may help is ribose, a sugar your body reserves for energy alone. Your heart alone goes through 14 pounds of ATP (the main energy source for metabolism) a day the ribose is the spark for this, and wimpy ATP supplements with 1/2 a gram or ATP are worthless compared to ribose. It’s been proven that ribose bypasses the cancer to give you nutrition and energy and it also gives your immune system power especially with Avemar. Read on about cheap methods of changing how to remember of you’ve taken your herbs and for solving other problems well.

You might wonder about good gi bacteria, if DE kills bacteria why won’t it harm your own good bacteria? The answer you commonly see is that DE is negatively charged like nimble faster lighter computing electrons, and almost all that’s bad for you in your life is positive (that landlord or boss, who knows!). Heavier protons don’t compute as fast so they lost out in evolution. Cancer is also positive. So the DE has super absorbent minus power with a honeycomb of land of shredded wheat and milk and honey, and all the bad combines with the DE, and are removed from the system.

Even so DE absorbs out many perhaps 50% or more types of prescriptions (this is actually good for an absorbing or cleansing method most other such cleansers e.g. chitin to absorb fat also absorb out most other prescriptions etc.) like you guessed it Avemar, and while for me the effect was mild and Avemar is mostly strong and while I don’t know if there’s even any basis to the anticancer claims for DE, it may at any rate improve absorption of Avemar a lot even if used like 2 days a month. Something has much reduced my blemishes. I’ve gotten real results with DE and Avemar, my blemishes are like 1/3 or 2/3 better, at vs lower dose and no DE. I took DE for about 5 weeks, sites that say how to take it say to start with just 1 teaspoon so you body can adjust without strain, and then work up to two teaspoons, etc. It reduced my other herbs (e.g. Activive energy booster from Hello Life, solves 97% of tiredness without edginess even severe tiredness like CFS, and Avemar) somewhat and not that much even though I was taking a higher dose.

Also about nutrition you may want to consider rye flour. Rye contains phytase an enzyme that breaks down phytic acid a common antinutrient found in foods like grains and beans. Even if you eat a lot of healthy food you may not be getting a lot of magnesium, zinc, or other important nutrients due to phytic acid. Rye flower causes permanent or changes of duration of value for prostate health far better than methods like saw palmetto and much sooner. Magnesium alone improves health 364 ways including cancer defense. This is real magnesium. Magnesium oxide often found in multivitamins can cause kidney problems and this often limits the ability to take the vitamin supplement because the magnesium like paint blended with oil is tough to unblend the antinutrient without an unblendor!

You can also take an enzyme formula with phytase with your breads or grains to counteract the phytic acid without the calories of the bread.

Another good boost to Avemar may be fermented soy, like tofu or miso, or like I use fermented soy flour from S Korea. This boosts chemotherapy power 5 to 10 times without harm to your own cells. Unfermented soy like junk food is poison, fermented may be a treasure, like in ancient times in Sumeria they were all starving and they learned how to brew beer by fermentation and had a potent portable with a great source of real nutrition they could always eat, like bread, like Avemar.


Vitamin C and Avemar

One important caution with Avemar is that it’s important to reduce vitamin C since C reduces Avemar’s power. The Avemar sellers say to take it more than 2 hours from any vitamin C. I do this and the Avemar seems somewhat stressful to adjust, even so I found that water and or ashwaganda (the soothing adaptogenic herb, whole herb seems cheaper and better) help if it’s a bit stressful. To change the time I set my bed clock alarm to 12:00 and wait till 2 hours or ect. I reuse this timer, and hours won’t wear out in 1000 years, for laundry, exercise, and so on, it’s real, it’s been real says the gossip,  will be real audio reels!

I found that reducing Vitamin C made the Avemar much stronger against the cancer. Even so this was after I’d been taking it about a year at almost the maximum (8 tabs a day for about 100$ that last about 40 days on Ebay direct from Hungary where it was invented and is now subsidized for just 2$ for all the citizens.) It may take you 3 months for it to improve your defence, even so limits I discuss here on vitamin C have helped most. It never seemed to catch on or at any rate just held the same before I reduced the vitamin C.

If I sometimes eat a bit more vitamin C to imbibe I just try it with decaf coffee, this reduces C absorption. I’m wondering if having coffee all day may be of value since many of the jugs of juice I drink have an extra vitamin C additive, if you have to do this or are involved with vitamin C this might boost the Avemar a lot, this seemed to be caused by use of a bit of lemon juice (with vitamin C) to reduce itchy skin and it also increased the pain beside it of a blemish on my foot about 3/4 and so you may want to reduce your vitamin C with the decaf coffee more often. The common use of Avemar like on your skin is also of value more where it might hurt. I simply put three tabs in a 2 oz bottle and soak overnight store in the refrigerator so it stays beautious and meritorius, mom says a word is so! (She’s a professor/author). This might last several weeks and has often given real relief from my pain. 3/4 of herbs are skin permeable and Avemar works to advantage while the citrus seems to counteract the same, and this may be important since it means not only does Avemar absorb less than perfect by the usual GI method, it also isn’t guaranteed to be in general circulation, so Avemar  both dermal and by mouth may be optimal.

Another option for more Avemar might be to use the tablets soaked in water in the bottle method and then using it in the spray bottle for more general absorbtion like on your leg. If you can afford it you might try an Avemar bath, and I don’t know if the spray bottle wouldn’t clog up. At any rate you may get more Avemar where it hurts or you need more if you use more of it around the general area you want to improve.


The Avemar vendors say Avemar is not for use with vitamin C, 2 hours on both sides of the time, which is 8 hours a day without juice, with a bit of change of habit, if I just eat other foods while I wait I like, this is no problem once I got used to it, there are 100s of thousands of other foods in evolution’s health food shack! Even so after it seemed to make my foot sore, I wonder if it’s a good idea to limit Vitamin C all day, if you get a large amount and use decaf coffee, this might boost your Avemar so much you live and thrive more often..

I use decaf coffee because caffeine causes hormone damage, and it atrophies your adrenal’s ability in the long run, your energy is more shaky and if you have the DT’s, spray on powdered caffeine won’t wake you up at the wheel!

One problem with coffee used to limit vitamin C is the caffeine also limits absorbtion of other vitamins like calcium, D, and B complex. For this reason it’s not advised to use too much coffee, I just use moderate amounts with just a moderate level of aspirin.

Aspirin limits most vitamin C absorption. I found that decaffeinated coffee has caffeine while caffeine free has, coffee! It’s not easy to find enough juices with no vitamin C, so I’ve tended to limit the C absorbtion “on the other side”.  Since vitamin C has been found to gowith vitamin D (they boost each other, and deficiency of one causes limits on the other) it’s important to limit C with only enough aspirin or coffee to keep the otherwise elevated C levels in healthy moderation to get more out of the Avemar in addition to no vitamin C foods within two hours of the Avemar. This use of lower doses of coffee and aspirin to boost Avemar might only be for those without access to foods that have no vitamin C, as in healthy juices, that are cheaper, cheap foods cost less than more healthy foods and I list this about aspirin and coffee only with a doctor’s care and advice, more for the sake of complete use than for what most would be about. Even so, this isn’t medical advice, see your doctor before you try this.

Another way to remove Vitamin C might be by fenugreek, which even so reduces absorption of anything you eat. I was originally using fenugreek extract, this was expensive and lowers blood sugar so much it’s drowsy, so I tried the whole herb, cheaper and without this side effect I wasn’t aware of being woozy about! (Whole herbs seem like uncooked fresh food to me compared to canned foods, the canned foods have reduced nutrients, and here the unprocessed non extracted herbs are often both cheaper and without so much harm caused by side effects. Not always but in general the way evolution has set it up seems best for us.) I generally would favor the other methods over fenugreek since as you absorb out the vitamin C with the fenugreek, you also may absorb out more nutrients, and as I say above this is important with cancer. Even so fenugreek is a male libido booster if used over months and it also lowers high blood pressure.


   You may find while the tabs will keep well for years, since the Avemar is rather like sourdough bread it sours when soaked in the jug in about 5 or more days. I’ve seen sites that say to preserve food, use thyme or Grapefruit Seed Extract, GSE both strong antibacterials. Even so thyme is addictive and has problems like alcohol, and since GSE can cause harm perhaps temporary or not to the P450 cytochrome pathway of your liver, this is the main way your body processes prescriptions, like right Avemar, so this isn’t so good.

My alternative for stopping the herb spoilage is by cayenne and Olive Leaf OL. While these combined may not have the most flavor cheeze, ceyanne/OL is better than a putrid bacterial odor and more cost of Avemar that would be with more value for us not the bacteria in the jug, and they are so strongly antibacterial they can control sinusitis for months at a time between my breathing fire like an el Torro! OL sets up a permanent structure germs can’t function inside and it has a long list of amazing advantages, e.g. antiparasitic, builds bone, strengthens and cleanses out the heart, boosts immunity etc. and only one known side effect, low blood sugar only at high dose and over extended use. (There may be other side effects than these we don’t know about.)

Ceyanne is great for wound healing and many consider cancer to be a would that can’t heal since damaged immune cells are found much around tumors. Ceyanne is also a great way to cut through mucus as in sinusitis, and so on, and both OL and Ceyanne are cheap, You can buy years worth of OL at Swanson health online with the ceyanne for 15 dollars, they’re both considered to be good for health in general.

This method of using Ceyanne with OL for a good preservative may not work as well for lots of food since it would all have the same flavor, and mega doses of any herb aren’t recommended, what herb is a vitamin! Even so it works well for just a spray jug or a few tabs of Avemar. OL and ceyanne go well with the Avemar and the coffee in the jug without brewing and it’s twice as convenient more and more..


Finally consider ginger, super anticancer relative of the herb turmeric. Ginger reduces tumors by 57% in the lab and it tricks cancer cells into self destruction. Ginger also improves absorption of any food (like Avemar) and pepper itself boosts ginger by 1000s of times. It relaxes the body 7 ways and boosts the liver by 8 methods. Like many you may find you don’t tolerate turmeric but you tolerate ginger well. While not as good for absorption, Ginger was a good earlier herb I used before DE. If you want to take pepper with the ginger, be sure to take it at another time of day than the Avemar since it may interfere with the powerful immune power of the Avemar by like allergy (sneezing, or etc.) I also take green tea non decaffeinated, it always is here! I got caffeine rich green tea from the discount store and it works fine for feeling good and energy both, but with some caffeine so I tried decaf green tea from Swanson Health for 12 times the cost and it may have been “counterfeit” as it’s believed 1/3 of OTC herbs are. This cost me two months of feeling good and reduced energy, so you may like more usual tea, than eating flowers, flowers have flour, right!

Green tea is anticancer and it feels good with ginger and is energizing by nutrition more than caffeine. Since it only lasts for several hours you may like the calendar timer method as I say since you can use multiple alarms and feel good all day.


Exercise like Avemar is considered to be a “magic bullet” for cancer, both may harm the cancer not you. I had been exercising for 10 years before I got cancer, and I think of it as saving me often in other ways of power. Even so after my foot had a tumor in the heel before I reversed this with the Vitamin C Avemar method above, I learned something more about exercise. Exercise doesn’t have to be fast, like walking even so I love to walk also. If your foot is hurt too like I was, you can use weights that make a short distance you travel the same about as a long travel like if you walk. It’s the equivalent, so you can target, or get around areas like me with my foot and get more exercise. I don’t use expensive exercise machines since they would take up space in my appartment and I think they look ugly (even so I once incvented a ceiling fan exercise machine you go around and around and it takes up up up no floor space, even so I think I would clunk my head on a storm vapor!). Instead I just use a magazine bag like the reusable grocery bags and use the handles to lift and then use them sort of like other machines with more flexes. And no doubt weights and bands are of value.



If you want to exercise you don’t need to be out of it for days just for doing the right thing by exercise. Here I list two methods that strongly counteract muscle soreness after exercise.

(A third more elaborate method is by Activive, an all natural formula that reverses 97% of even severe fatigue like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, CFS. It has no side effects and even completely reverses enzyme deficiency common to most fatigue and cancer. I used Activive for years with no side effects other than a bit of edginess if I like missed a dose by an hour. Even so Activive made by Hello Life is more expensive than the following two natural herbs, and these being simpler may also perhaps be “safer”, even so you use this site at your own risk, and these methods may not work the same for you as they have in my own life. See your doctor before making any changes in diet, fitness, or lifestyle. This is by no means a list of all possible or known side effects of all these herbs);


Because of a wrong 100 year old frogleg experiment Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness DOMS (which is the usual soreness a day or so after heavy exercise) was believed to be caused by the buildup of lactic acid in muscle a byproduct of exercise. Instead it was found to be caused in recent R and D by free radicles from the joints. So a real improvement while you are conditioning and are in shape may be tart cherry, the most powerful antinflammatory food known. Even so tart cherry has problems if used over weeks about renal toxicity. Since 57% or so of renal problems are known to be about neural health, I use an adaptogenic herb with few or no known side effects called ashwaganda, it reduces neural harm caused by “outside influence” like a boss yelling about how you are so rich in fish oil! by 80% in research (Adaptogenic means a herb like ginseng that helps the body may ways without causing harm, ashwaganda is indeed named indian ginseng). I’ve never had any side effects other than more calm with ashwaganda, whole herb seems better and cheaper than the extracts like from Swanson health online. Ashwaganda also reduces tumors 80 to 100% in vitro.

Another way to reduce muscle soreness may be by passionflower. It acts like benzodiazapine, a CNS soother, but it’s not habit forming, and works fine “at shutting down the insomnia talk show” that often goes with insomnia. I’ve never had any side effects in years other than good sleep when I used it sometimes at night. Here though I want to say passionflower is good also for restless legs, a problem sleeping millions of Americans have, so it’s a super soother for muscle soreness also. Like Ashwaganda, passionflower is quite cheap at Swanson Health online.


A Verb About Herbs, Proverbs And Pronounciation

Food is Food and Medicine is Medicine, let your food be your medicine, so says Hippocrates, no he’s not dead even after 2500 years! He’s a PhD selling R and R business inventions on FM stations.

One problem about taking supplements like soy flour, ribose, or other boosters is about timing. You want to think of food as food and life as life otherwise you may boost your weight when you take your medicine as needed yet it has calories or even fat. Another problem is about taking some herbs only once a week. And what about reading your comic book or encyclopedia or remembering to practice music and to unplug the phone to perhaps limit business costs yet allow your wife to call.. Research 100% not web research, finds most reading not as much for pleasure, so here’s a simple way you can read more and energize more otherwise than the implosion of the web.

You may read about why behaviour apps like for weight control don’t work. In research the Poor Inventor asks for donations by the bus and the strangers give twice as much money so the beggar earns more when they add the words, “but you can accept or say no if you want”. The apps don’t seem to work because you have to fit its agenda by changes more when it says you must eat or not eat.

You may have tried a schedule with like a calendar in the old days like most I assume, and you usually won’t continue with it. The reason would seem to be because, all day we are constantly changing, for example your blood pressure in your arms or legs is changing all day. Like a budget, sometimes you can afford to buy somethings sometimes other. Often you are limited by other events. If you allow a more flexible schedule where you do what you want because you like it more when you can afford it, this gives you more life and celebration… you opt in or out, and if you miss it you find it on the next go round, the event isn’t just absent because you opted out sometimes, this is what tracfones were made for millions of auroras ago.

If a confined schedule thus seems more unviable, instead I used my tracfone calendar (not the alarm which has just a limited number of alarms and no way to name the alarms) to suggest what to do all day. I use the simpler alarm beep which also lets me have it my way, if Aunt Betsy has 257 stations, so be it! This is good for like soy flour (combining like with no fat milk for flavor cancellation, bread, or even decaf coffee, works for other herbs also). I have a whole list of supplements like foods I paid for but couldn’t remember to take, ribose, soy flour, decaf coffee (as I say green tea, ginger and chromium are a feel good combination. I was searching for a time release method to feel good all day by this like put the herb in my ear with the earstop since like 75% of herbs are skin permeable, how to put tea in my ear, right! The timer lets me schedule for many times a day, solving the problem.). One thing about Avemar is you aren’t supposed to take it within two hours on either side due to possible interaction like e.g. vitamin C. The LG solves this and makes it so the risk of other interactions is reduced as you take the herbs at other hours. You can list herbs that goeswith for value here also. With the calendar you can schedule different days of the week and remember important events, and you can take any day or month off just by turning off the phone. (This hour of rest is often recommended for most herbs and supplements for cleansing). And if you have interactions like say allergies, you can go back and find the cause, then either remove or change the time and so on.

One problem is if you use a lot of the alarms it’s more complex and even if of use a bit annoying, so I found that if I just stop the tracfone and I bought another LG501c then if I alternate one day of simple alarms and one day of more alarms, I don’t miss the alarms of most import. Another method is just to activate and deactivate the complex alarm all day, while this may much better than no alarm, with the complex alarm only you may miss some important alarms.

You can get a tracfone for like 10 like my LG501c that is dropproof, and to keep the alarm always on or off I just keep the phone plugged in the charger since this keeps from wearing out the battery, and I even record some of my favorite songs as I’m a musician to the alarm, my sounds and cup of cash are hits on my answering machine! The LG501C is separate from the Android so it doesn’t have web distraction which can harm eye health and science shows web overuse may cause something like autism. You may want to use a timer box to solve this, and for other use as I say here, or click link at the end of this memo also. I can imagine using the timer box combined with the other methods to lose weight or change other behaviour also.

My goal was how to find out how to use something like an app to change behaviour. This flexible timer method is for general use and then you use the other machine or activities as you like. Like with the invention of writing in ancient times or the Comedy machine (link below), you may think of the timer method is an extension of mind, or what you own your brain thinks of as an extension of your brain as in research. (Even so other research shows those who spend more money on others have most pleasure in living. I would also say these are people who have more money in general, enough for themselves then others. You notice the people who spend on others spend on themselves also. Even so this isn’t the whole story either. I believe if I have much, I give of what I have, if I have less, I give of my heart.) Who can remember all the things to do otherwise, I’d rather be energised remembering whey is Velveeta when I moved to Ohio!

As I say on the link, beyond this you can go in loops with your machine, sort of like when you go to sleep by first a stimulus, then you zonk a bit, the stimulus, more zonk in the loop as you pass out. So too by using a machine like the timer so I more access and reliably remember use of My Comedy Machine it’s like hypnosis, you get deeper and deeper in. Even so I see no reason why using these machines couldn’t be a way to change any behaviour you might want to improve. They are highly useful for solving any kind of problem either for reference as I say here about using an AZ index plus a subindex for real fast access no cost method that will never melt down, or for more creative methods like Comedy with the Machine to help you find the best comedy to solve this or that problem faster. It’s real hysterical to sit and read the Machine. You can make an improvement and come back years and years later and improve it.


You can make the alarm interactive by using letters for the first of each word like acronyms to learn anything you want all the time. The limit of the field area is view where you list the “alarm name” is useful because you can use the next alarm down and list the letters to make a simple exercise by alternate reading of the letters and words so you know you know, and are forced to remember with a sort of interactive power reading museum of the year 2050! And you can make comic words out of the acronyms to remember well.

I’ve found the schedule method is good to remember more jokes, and it’s rather like an efficiency expert, not for all the time, even so you get more out of it for the worth it’s worth.

Here’s the Link To The Comedy Machine (How I built My Own Comedy Machine, and Saved!)

 Here’s the link to the subindex, index AZ machine like for health, etc.

My Avemar Site Other Considerations (E.g Cautions like Blood sugar With Avemar).

Site; How To Make Your Own Avemar Bread and save 1000s a year if you have cancer.


Using The Timer Box To Lose Weight or For Other Use


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