How To Remember And Compute Well With Cheap Machines

A Verb About Herbs

Food is Food and Medicine is Medicine, let your dish be your life, so says Hippocrates, no he’s not dead even after 2500 years! He’s a PhD on FM stations.

One problem about taking supplements like soy flour, ribose, or other boosters is about timing. You want to think of food as food and medicine as medicine otherwise you may gain weight when you take your medicine as needed yet it has calories or even fat. Another problem is about taking some herbs only once a week. And what about reading your comic book or encyclopedia or remembering to practice music and to unplug the phone to perhaps limit business costs yet allow your wife to call? Research 100% not web research, finds most reading not as much for pleasure, so here’s a simple way you can read more and energise more otherwise than the implosion of the web.

You may read about why behaviour apps like for weight control don’t work. In research the poor millionaire asks for money by the bus and the strangers give twice as much money to the beggar earns more when they add the words, “but you can accept or say no if you want”. The apps don’t seem to work because you have to fit its agenda by changes more when it says you must eat or not eat.

You may have tried a schedule with like a calendar in the old days like most I assume, and you usually won’t continue with it. The reason would seem to be because all day we are constantly changing, for example your blood pressure in your arms or legs is changing all day. Like a budget, sometimes you can afford to buy somethings sometimes other. Often you are limited by other events. If you allow a more flexible schedule where you do what you want because you like it more when you can afford it, this gives you more life and celebration., you opt in or out, and if you miss it you find it on the next go round, the event isn’t just absent because you opted out sometimes, this is what tracfones were made for millions of auroras ago.

If a confined schedule thus seems more unviable, instead I used my tracfone calendar (not the alarm which has just a limited number of alarms and no way to name the alarms) to suggest what to do all day. I use the simpler alarm beep which also lets me have it my way, if Aunt Betsy has 257 stations, so be it! This is good for like soy flour (combining like with no fat milk for flavor cancellation, bread, or even decaf coffee, works for other herbs also). I have a whole list of supplements like foods I paid for but couldn’t remember to take, ribose, soy flour, decaf coffee (as I say green tea, ginger and chromium are a feel good combination. I was searching for a time release method to feel good all day by this like put the herb in my ear with the earstop since like 75% of herbs are skin permeable, how to put tea in my ear, right! The timer lets me schedule for many times a day, solving the problem.). One thing about Avemar is you aren’t supposed to take it within two hours on either side due to possible interaction like e.g. vitamin C. The LG solves this and makes it so the risk of other interactions is reduced as you take the herbs at other hours. You can list herbs that goeswith for value here also. With the calendar you can schedule different days of the week and remember important events, and you can take any day or month off off just by turning off the phone. (This hour of rest is often recommended for most herbs and suppliments for cleansing). And if you have interactions like say allergies, you can go back and find the cause, then either remove or change the time and so on.

One problem is if you use a lot of the alarms it’s more complex and even if of use a bit annoying, so I found that if I just stop the tracfone and I bought another LG501c then if I alternate one day of simple alarms and one day of more alarms, I don’t miss the alarms of most import. Another method is just to activate and deactivate the complex alarm all day, while this may much better than no alarm, with the complex alarm onky you may miss some important alarms.

You can get a tracfone for like 10 like my LG501c that is dropproof, and to keep the alarm always on or off I just keep the phone plugged in the charger since this keeps from wearing out the battery, and I even record some of my favorite songs as I’m a musician to the alarm, my sounds and cup of cash are hits on my answering machine! The LG501C is separate from the Android so it doesn’t have web distraction which can harm eye health and science shows web overuse may cause something like autism. You may want to use a timer box to solve this, and for other use as I say here, or click link at the end of this memo also. I can imagine using the timer box combined with the other methods to lose weight or change other behavoiur also.

My goal was how to find out how to use something like an app to change behaviour. This flexible timer method is for general use and then you use the other machine or activities as you like. Like with the invention of writing in ancient times or the Comedy machine, you may think of the timer method is an extension of mind, or what you own your brain thinks of as an extension of your brain as in research. (Even so other research shows those who spend more money on others have most pleasure in living. I would also say these are people who have more money in general, enough for themselves then others. You notice the people who spend on others spend on themselves also. Even so this isn’t the whole story either. I believe if I have much, I give of what I have, if I have less, I give of my heart.) Who can remember all the things to do otherwise, I’d rather be energised remembering whey is Velveeta when I moved to Ohio!

As I say on the link, beyond this you can go in loops with your machine, sort of like when you go to sleep by first a stimulus, then you zonk a bit, the stimulus, more zonk in the loop as you pass out. So too by using a machine like My Comedy Machine it’s like hypnosis, you get deeper and deeper in. Even so I see no reason why using these machines couldn’t be a way to change any behaviour you might want to improve. They are highly useful for solving any kind of problem either for reference as I say here about using an AZ indx plus a subindex for real fast access no cost method that will never melt down, or for more creative methods like Comedy with the Machine to help you find the best comedy to solve this or that problem faster. It’s real hysterical to sit and read the Machine. You can make an improvement and come back years and years later and improve it.

You can make the alarm interactive by using letters for the first of each word like acroynms to learn anything you want all the time. The limit of the field area is view where you list the “alarm name” is useful because you can use the next alarm down and list the letters to make a simple exercise by alternate reading of the letters and words so you know you know, and are forced to remember with a sort of interactive power reading museum of the year 2050! And you can make comic words out of the acronyms to rememer well.

Here’s the Link To The Comedy Machine (How I built My Own Comedy Machine, and Saved!)

 Here’s the link to the subindex, index AZ machine like for health, etc.

My Avemar Site Other Considerations (E.g Cautions like Blood sugar With Avemar).

Site; How To Make Your Own Avemar Bread and save 1000s a year if you have cancer.

Using The Timer Box To Lose Weight or For Other Use


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